Yummy Rainbow Dessert Ideas | Easy DIY Cakes, Cupcakes and Lollipops by So Yummy


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    so yummy on kanava,joka on mielestäni ihana suosikkireseptien tekemiseen...olen huomannut että kaikki reseptit eivät ole epäterveellisiä ja siksi pidän siitä niin paljon

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    R.I.P gummy bears

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    Supere tari

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    Mischa MccarthyIl y a 5 heures

    Is it odd that one of my reccomended topics is cake...?

  5. Poncho102

    Poncho102Il y a 6 heures

    For the rainbow one though, if you cooked all the layers on top of each other, wouldn’t the bottom layers get burned? I’m not a cake person so I might be wrong. So maybe not over cook them, lol thanks I’m probably wrong

  6. Heather Barnett

    Heather BarnettIl y a 7 heures

    I am 9 years old and I love this kind of stuff I am on my mom's phone right now.

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    😋😋😋so yummy


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    Yummy yummy😋

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    Hmm Yummy

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  13. Amara Snell

    Amara SnellIl y a 20 heures

    Cute rainbow cakes nice good

  14. 132 Nelson

    132 NelsonIl y a 22 heures

    how to make crepe cake ?

  15. Lupita Gonzalez

    Lupita GonzalezIl y a jour

    I don't know why I watch these recipe vids if everytime I try telling my mom something she'll ignore me

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    besnik bajramiIl y a jour

    i love your recipiese thay are amazing you are my favorite food chanel

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    I’m feline grate It’s not my birthday My cat didn’t die My puns coulda BEEn Gouda If you liked that would Brie grate But I don’t mind So no hate But if not You cheddar be nice to other peeps Ps these r all my puns in emojis 🐱🧀🐝

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    5:20 and thus jammie dodgers were invented

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    اعطيني شوي🚴

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    蜂bqmbleIl y a jour

    I will be making these during pride month for sure


    ALI ROSHAANIl y a jour

    So tasty

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    so yummy

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    Now she is 0 year old . 1like=1age . Like to see how old is she

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    I just watched it not make it lol

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    ❤So Yummy❤

  27. Tracy Robinson

    Tracy RobinsonIl y a jour

    Oh I can't wait to try these! Lol at 6:45 was I the only one who flinched when the berries got dumped in and splattered all over?

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    Aruna AnilIl y a jour

    I lova lova love it

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    So Yummy! ・o・

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    swapnaletharani narayananIl y a jour

    I 💓 that 3rd one

  31. Denice Comeau

    Denice ComeauIl y a jour

    How do u mix so fast

  32. So Yummy

    So YummyIl y a jour

    The video is sped up!

  33. Denice Comeau

    Denice ComeauIl y a jour

    How do u mix so fast

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    U make me so happy and next Tuesday is me B-day

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    Happy early birthday!

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    Prank for you down 👇 👇 Read more

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    You always make my day🌞😁😌🥳👌🏽

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    Yummy cake marry Christmas ples

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    Apik apik wes

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    Lol I thought this was for the pride lmao

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    Luv your vids very creative

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    Ow so beautiful

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    I can make these only in my dreams

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    Liking my one comment because no one else will

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    Мне so ymmyy нравится а что это значит не знаю

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    ♥♥♥♥♥I LoveYuo

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    For the ice cream do you have to use cold condensed milk?

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    Omg jummm

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    Trop cool😉j 'ador☺😊😉👍💖👌😘

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    its relea yummy

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    7:54 😋

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    ymmy 😪😪😪😴😴😴

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    So. Yummy. Really. I. Love. This. Chanel. .,

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    The last one just has rainbow sprinkles but I’m an assistance And I getchu

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    I like these types of videos but I would like them to make new ones more different

  59. Rachel D'Souza

    Rachel D'SouzaIl y a 5 jours

    In the rainbow cupcake it shows that you were making purple frosting but when you frost the cupcakes there is no purple. Why???

  60. DZ Bk_008

    DZ Bk_008Il y a 5 jours

    Is it just me or is 6:41 a lot for a cupcake 😂

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    I like this channel because their thumbnails are real

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    It doesn’t show the comments but SORRY

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    Is it just me or when I start scrolling threw the comments I just find a hate comment and spend the entire video looking threw the comments towards that 😂

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    I remember when you have 500k subscribes😘😊

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    Same! Thanks so much for all the support.

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    ياربي💕لذيذ من شكله

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    U r the best

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    I am fan of your channel But only one l do not like is chemical So plz do one food with out chemical

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    Not gonna lie but i got scared at the sudden music change

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    it look yummy

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    I love the cakes

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    Сделай торт радугу

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    I wish I was there to taste that Yummy look rainbow

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    Русиш? Вы де?

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    The change in music at 7:47 scared me so much 😅

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    Too much work for a damn lollipop

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    But i love u yummy ;)

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    It kinda looked like a murderer scene when she threw in the Raspberry in the bowl

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    Am I the only boy here?

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    CAUTION: ⚠ CUADO: ⚠ Remains Hot After Use,Keep Young Children Away From Hot Surface 8 And Under

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    I got in a car accident today it was so scary 😖

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    I can't make it but I definitely can eat it! ;)

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    If you have headphones u with volume all the way you can, at 7:47 ⚠️BEWARE⚠️

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    I'm going to make them all and send them to my honey Jungkook ❤

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    Yum-yum!💖q💖 It's seems that it's not a food,because it's so BEAUTIFUL 😍😍

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