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    1:54 u can see the finger if someone wants to

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    My dad is a magician he gave a rushes...

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    You’re wrong on the balloon trick 😂 it was inflated when he took it out😂

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    thanks for the 30-second intro into how people eat Oreos, really added to the video ...

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    Just say Oreo, it’s enough. No need to advertise it how u could eat in 1000s of different ways.

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    The Masked Magician


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    No that's a fake thumb look at he's hand before he put the salt in hand and after he put the salt then look at the thumb he use look At the right thumb after

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    Chris angel=paid people

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    Uhh i dont think oreos are that good im not a fan of chocolate well i do HATE chocolate ice cream but i think oreos are well ok... I guss

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    I still don’t forgive you about 10 reasons not to visit Australia 😡

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    what was that clip

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    The fake thumb trick fooled me so bad at school when i found out my friend had a fake thumb i was salty as shit😂

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    What a shitty concept ... Better keep it yourself. We are not fools

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    I still don't understand the salt trick... what does the fake finger has to do with it?

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    I finally had to click at this video coz FRreporter was recommending me time and again..

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    Face reveal

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    9:07 swag isn't it?😎😉

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    5:50 Wonder how many deaths this caused by a mistake

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    just get to the point we don't care how u eat a fucking oreo

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    I hate Oreos

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    The other is wrong

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    1.6k th comment 😂

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    I Guess THE ballon would work but HOW DOES A SWORD WORK?!??

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    Magic , ghosts and life doesnt exist

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    Tumbmail is not right!!

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    I will tell you the secret to do the coin trick

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    That’s a lie, there’s no such thing as a cool brit


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    Hey, a romanian youtuber called Simion Tomita copied your thumbnail and i think he translated your title in Romanian so.... yea... I love to live in Romania kappa

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    there, i watched it. Okay YT?

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    I hate stupid kids like this guy because they ruin it for any magician(like me) out there

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    I will give you a challenge if you are really smart on revealing magic secrets.. can you reveal all magics of dynamo.. do it and I will believe you

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    It can be best explain by doing it. Just to prove it For me it looks real.


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    ...Wizard is doing a cool trick... Sees this video:,, AM I A JOKE TO YOU?"

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    Magicians: this is how we fool people. (I watched this channel) Me: Hahaaa f**ker

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    You just hating on smoothny

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    pretty cool magic trick but other magicians are real

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    My favorite magic trick is the dissapearing shaft. I need a female volunteer over 18 plz cdfu

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    How about shin lim?How about shin lim?

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    i really dont like tricks being revealed but nowadays people think magicians are helped by demons so thanks for making them religion nuts look a bit more crazy

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    Dynamo one of the greatest.

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    Lul.. This channel don't believe magic .. This channel so cancer

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    0:54 thats *EASY* i didnt even have to see how he does it...

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    how can u tell when Dynamo transfers the coin on his other finger?? EXPLAIN PLEASE!!

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    it's not correct especially the balloon explanation hahahha. how can you explain the already inflated balloon coming out of mouth after swallowing it.

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    I used to believe in magic now I don’t thanks for ruining my adulthood🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

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