World Record Basketball Shot 200m (660 feet) Guinness World Records


  1. How Ridiculous

    How RidiculousIl y a an

    We're so grateful to have the chance to go on such an epic adventure and set a ripper new world record. We never dreamed that we'd accomplish anything like this when we started making trick shots back in 2009 in our backyards. A big thanks to everyone who gets behind us by watching our videos, especially those legends in the #44Club who stay 'til the very end, you're awesome! We will put out lots more content from our trip including an extended video of the shot that tells a more detailed story and includes a commtest so stay tuned for that next month. If you enjoyed this vid make sure you give it a like and if you want to get on board and subscribe that'd be great! Cheers! - How Ridiculous

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    There better then dude perfect

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    @Cowboy From Hell i was about to say either pair up with em or do a VS video. It would be cool to see

  5. Zo Fryer

    Zo FryerIl y a an

    Be honest, getting there then like, being done 3 minutes after you started had to feel like, I mean, Please tell me you hung out a little bit and all tried the shot.

  6. Leo O’dare

    Leo O’dareIl y a mois

    1:37 that’s rude af

  7. Drew Shourd

    Drew ShourdIl y a 2 mois

    ...just watched this again....months later and is still by far the most epic video, imo, you three have made....good on ya M8's....

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    This guy's the GOAT screw Jordan and LeBron

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    Just as many comments as the number of dislike

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    which country is this

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    I have this for a EXPO thing om doing I have the contrary of Lesotho SUCH A BEUTIFUL SIGHT and I'm putting this in my research

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    You guys are awesome and that place looks awesome aswell, and I've just realised I have a friend who lives 8 hrs away from there by car, anyway u guys are absolute legends, keep up the amazing work. #44club

  14. Larkspeed

    LarkspeedIl y a 5 mois

    I'm sorry I watched this a few times to be sure I was seeing it right but that shot didn't go in, in the slow motion you can clearly see it bounce off the rim and go back up. If it had gone in it would not have bounced back up.

  15. Manoj Reddy

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    Who came here after Arun Surya Teja's video?

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    And you people broke dude perfect 's record, like if you are watching in 2019

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    Drums in opening:

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    Better than dude perfect records

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    Is that the angel falls

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    Another crushed world record. You guys are amazing. #44Club

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    OMFG But it's not in tho😕😕

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    This is so great. Love watching it. Everyone gets excited

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    Take the phrase "From downtown!" to a whole new level!

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    Every bit of footy from this trip is Solid gold. Love the work boys! #44club

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    Yooo i live in south africa

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    Dude perfect have left the chat

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    Will you go higher

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    They took 6 days to practice

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    Dude perfect is sHaKiNg

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    Dude perfect record broken

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    Beat dude perfect back

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    👍👍👍👍👍👍 молодцы!

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    how many balls were shot on the 6th day to make the shot??

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    Name of the song starting at sec 22???, loved it!!

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    44 - Awesome shot!!! Congrats!!!

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    Psh, i just did 201 meters, but forgot my lens cap on.

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    well done guys dude perfect got it back by now

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    awesome!! whats the song in the video?

  39. Laura Kenwell

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    Never mind the basket balls.... That's a bloody lovely intro, chaps. Nice work on the out sourcing!!! Transitions smooth as butter, yes lad!

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    perfect thing for these kind of videos, about 2 mins

  41. Michael Squires

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    next you guys should do a 1000 meter tower drop a nuke in ubleck if they did omg

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    Rip dude perfect

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    you blokes got nothing to do lol. good show

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    It didnt really go in the net it just bpuned on the net does that count anyway?

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    And I thought my half court was amazing

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    Why is this only at 1M views??!!

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    They remind me of dude perfect...

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    How Ridiculous vs. Dude Perfect

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    How many shots did that take?

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    I love you guys so much your so funny witch makes the experience more fun to watch

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    Fue un placer trabajar detrás de cámaras con todos ustedes amigos

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    What if labron James did this

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    Did it go in?

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    Scott vs trampoline

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    you guys are nuts love it. Keep being guys...

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    amazing video love it you guys keep the good job

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    Just curious, but does distance get counted on these or just height?

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    Haters will say it's fake

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    1:00 looks like it stopped in the middle of the air lol

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    Name of the song?

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    İdk :(

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    Bro I would have freaked from random tribal music playing

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    No swish?

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    Ho its fake