Why So Many Airlines are Going Bankrupt


  1. Marshall Islands G

    Marshall Islands GIl y a 15 heures

    Hearing the words Malaysian Airlines gives me the creeps.

  2. Ashish Jindal

    Ashish JindalIl y a 16 heures

    Jet airways - INDIA

  3. mrdabbleswithpotion

    mrdabbleswithpotionIl y a 17 heures

    Look, I'm not about giving charity to weak businesses. To me the businesses should be let to run on their own, to which other critics would say I'm too laissez faire. If they fail, then they do. Absolute freedom, other than criminally illegal, also is not ideal, as certain practices would have adverse effects in possibly several markets & the economy. Though I'm not so strict, to say giving grants or financial support to businesses that are cultural, but you have be very, very careful with those things. It's so easy to attribute very soft (sometimes stupid) policies with me coz I primarily identify as liberal.

  4. Mahek Tailor

    Mahek TailorIl y a 17 heures

    In India 2 airlines collapsed into bankruptcy .

  5. Jefferson Jefferson

    Jefferson JeffersonIl y a 18 heures

    Someone is a little pissed at losing a 900 million loan🙈

  6. Apte Varad

    Apte VaradIl y a 18 heures

    In India many airlines are also going shutdown due to money crisis Like jet airways, Kingfisher and many more

  7. moutan100

    moutan100Il y a 18 heures

    The whole world will bankrupt soon

  8. Purpleoceangnome

    PurpleoceangnomeIl y a 19 heures

    And they want to commercialize space. Just hope your Mars cruiser line doesn't go out of business before you get where your headed

  9. Wischmopps

    WischmoppsIl y a 19 heures

    Worst customer support of the world. Fuck you Airlines

  10. Lesbian Amazon Sister

    Lesbian Amazon SisterIl y a 21 heure

    This is a very well put together video, thank you

  11. Aman Panda

    Aman PandaIl y a 22 heures

    Kind of forgot to mention Asian airline collapses.

  12. Kalas Atwater

    Kalas AtwaterIl y a 22 heures

    They have to lower their prices

  13. Michael O'Keefe

    Michael O'KeefeIl y a 23 heures

    I played airline simulator and airline bankrupt MISSION FAILED!!!!!!!

  14. Studa Baker

    Studa BakerIl y a jour

    I've flown on 3 defunct airlines: Eastern, TWA, Midwest Express


    ALBER PAJARESIl y a jour

    Cause people crash us down,.. socialism, anti-liberalism, jerking,..

  16. Smiley TV

    Smiley TVIl y a jour

    Thomas Cokks history was 150 years not 50

  17. B737FLY

    B737FLYIl y a jour

    As far as Cook is concerned... I feel you missed a big reason for their downfall. Huge overhead. Whereas most airlines moved to the online environment for ticket sales, Cook had a shitload of brick and mortar locations and agencies. Dinosaur style....

  18. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus GonzalezIl y a jour

    You failed to mention Germania, a leisure carrier which failed in February, not autumn...

  19. Remo Kiltol

    Remo KiltolIl y a jour

    Cough cough, jet airways, Air India, Kingfisher airlines, all from India.

  20. Azraai Azuha

    Azraai AzuhaIl y a jour

    Fellow proud Malaysians, where you at?! 🇲🇾

  21. Flash 🇿🇦

    Flash 🇿🇦Il y a jour

    I actually watched a Thomas Cook plane loaded and taking off on the 13 October 2019 at YVR Vancouver 🤔... (i.imgur.com/OfyvrZf.jpg) I heard about the bankruptcy in September, so I found it pretty odd. Maybe they've already re-leased the planes leased by Thomas Cook?

  22. Apfelbaumuniversum 69

    Apfelbaumuniversum 69Il y a jour

    You even forgot Germania which went bankrupt in 2019

  23. just1desi

    just1desiIl y a jour

    Are you on another channel? You’re voice is really familiar

  24. TNARG 1998

    TNARG 1998Il y a jour

    what font do you use?

  25. Karl Hans

    Karl HansIl y a jour

    better no airplane flying because there destroy the earth by creating polution

  26. Mr. Cheesecake

    Mr. CheesecakeIl y a jour

    What's about Germania?

  27. Hxcgangster2011

    Hxcgangster2011Il y a jour

    I blame uber

  28. Dorian G

    Dorian GIl y a jour

    And then you have Croatia Airlines which has soo much debt, isn't profitable, and yet the government is giving tens of millions of taxpayers' €€€ to save it.😫

  29. Si4mon

    Si4monIl y a jour

    Sam, I have already written you a DM on your instagram but I got no reaction.. I am looking for the references of the two other flight videos you made "How airlines price tickets" and "How budget airline works". I really need it for my studies, we have to do a seminar work and we are only allowed to use scientific literature. It would be a great help for me.

  30. Gregorio Lobato

    Gregorio LobatoIl y a jour

    Answer: Ronald Raegan

  31. Romeo

    RomeoIl y a jour

    We have other modes of transport in Europe, the competition is split between air, rail and road. That's why the seasonality is higher during the summer - more long distance demand.

  32. Bhoom !

    Bhoom !Il y a jour

    You missed Jet Airways bankruptcy

  33. Alpali

    AlpaliIl y a jour

    It's the middle of October and I'll be damned if Norwegian Air survives the next two weeks.

  34. The Q

    The QIl y a jour

    Railroads be like: "I've been looking forward to this."

  35. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus GonzalezIl y a jour

    Funny thing is: All those American business pax in aviation? Yeah, they're taking the train in Europe...

  36. Forza223 Bowe

    Forza223 BoweIl y a jour

    Airlines are not profitable businesses

  37. Pranav Singanapalli

    Pranav SinganapalliIl y a jour

    looks at only european airlines that have gone bankrupt and says notice how all the airlines that went bust were European

  38. Queerzie

    QueerzieIl y a jour

    It's heartbreaking when I think of all the brothers and sisters working for these airlines, I almost cried. So sad!!

  39. Bob Kraft

    Bob KraftIl y a jour

    They go bankrupt because of PISS POOR MANAGEMENT

  40. Peter Widia

    Peter WidiaIl y a jour

    In 8:43, did anyone else expect him to say "this business model is a rather new phenomenon made possible by *sponsor*" 🤣🤣

  41. Ulysses Lee

    Ulysses LeeIl y a jour

    coz European Airlines almost rely on weather

  42. Zenochka Gaming

    Zenochka GamingIl y a jour

    India has jet Airways too

  43. Amri Hakimi

    Amri HakimiIl y a jour

    8:39, leaving this for future reference

  44. Shrey Bahuguna

    Shrey BahugunaIl y a jour

    Jet airways went away as well. Would love it if you did a video about the aviation industry in India!

  45. Gary Hawkins

    Gary HawkinsIl y a jour

    Outrageous fuel prices and solid gold commodes in a certain part of the world

  46. James KNIGHT

    James KNIGHTIl y a jour

    P a s s e g e r s

  47. Niska Magnusson

    Niska MagnussonIl y a jour

    clearly they aren't extorting people enough for pre-boarding

  48. Noriel Sylvire

    Noriel SylvireIl y a jour

    Winter is coming

  49. Jayashri Venketasubramanian

    Jayashri VenketasubramanianIl y a jour

    This is one of my favourite videos of yours! Thanks for your amazing content :)

  50. Exotic

    ExoticIl y a jour

    When UNITED goes bankrupt: *Yeetus Feetus*

  51. Shady Brady

    Shady BradyIl y a jour

    In other words, American airlines don't have this problem because Americans run businesses, work, and actually have money to spend. Capitalism wins again.

  52. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus GonzalezIl y a jour

    European business travelers by and large take the train.

  53. BLx Droid

    BLx DroidIl y a jour

    Europe is bad for doing business is because of EU's unnecessary regulations.

  54. Maarten van der Poel

    Maarten van der PoelIl y a jour

    Ryanair still going strong haha

  55. Kartik Setia

    Kartik SetiaIl y a jour

    Jet Airways also went bankrupt in India.

  56. J W

    J WIl y a jour

    Cause they jacked their prices so high people stopped travelling

  57. refresh fresh

    refresh freshIl y a jour

    Jetstar just went bankrupt btw

  58. Geo Jeff

    Geo JeffIl y a jour

    Keep the governments out of airlines and investors won’t be so risky. To many government backed loans. Socialism always fails. Central banks always find there real value of $0.00.

  59. esparda07

    esparda07Il y a jour

    10:00 That lady with the red luggage just wants to see the world burn.

  60. Bailey Hellmuth

    Bailey HellmuthIl y a 2 jours

    Qantas only survives & makes bank because it pays no tax & charges more to fly regional domestic than internationally.

  61. German Research Project

    German Research ProjectIl y a 2 jours

    All other countries pick one airline, make it their national airline, and subsidize it. The USA subsidizes them all, federally, through serial bankruptcy. This costs taxpayers billions of dollars. Make them all go Chapter 9 instead of 11 and this will end. Another problem, business expenses as tax deductions. End this. We have teleconferencing via internet now. No need to fly, eat, party, and stay at a five star hotel for businessmen----especially when they write it off as a business expense and you end up paying for it.

  62. João David Fortuna

    João David FortunaIl y a 2 jours

    My hunch is Cook has investors but with Brexit in sight they prefer keep the debt in UK and creating a new one in Luxembourg ou Netherlands, maybe. Just like the division of Varig in rot and healthy enterprises, as seen also the GM case or the portuguese bank BES. Cook doesnt seem to fall as the others. Well, it's just a guess. Sorry my sorry english.