Why Planes Don't Fly Over Antarctica



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    Hey there, Brightsiders! Which of these places would youlove to visit?

  2. Cynthia Chan

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    Area 51



    oh i would love to visit your computer so i can burn it while @ROOTZDNB can delete your channel

  4. canmield

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    Doug Selsam Yeah, there is so much wrong with this video I had to stop somewhere. B-29’s flew over the Himalayas (near Burma not Tibet) in WWII. Mountains do create dangerous weather patterns but oceans create hurricanes/typhoons. We still fly over them, Pacific included BrightSide. Daocheng Yading Airport is higher than the tallest mountain in Colorado. Almost 2500 feet higher than the Lhasa airport.

  5. Doug Selsam

    Doug SelsamIl y a 4 jours

    @canmield And there is an airport in Lhasa, Tibet. so planes fly there.

  6. Kun Shang

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    where is the most famous bermuda triangle😂

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    But ..... East or West, Bright side is the best....

  9. Banzer 0123

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    According to you whole USA is no flying zone it's is fake

  10. Greg Belcher

    Greg BelcherIl y a 9 heures

    Google the claims made in this video. They are almost all wrong.

  11. Tou Xiong

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    They won't fly over Antarctica and the Pacific because the world is flat and flying over it will send you off the edge. Then you will find the elephants and the turtle. Then the turtle will fly off and the plane will be stranded.

  12. Sammuel Parungao

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    Bruh the earth is not flat its round

  13. Lewis Johnson

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    -shows three parallel runways which therefore have the same heading

  14. hariprakash devaraju

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    Tirumala in India no fly zone

  15. lisa

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    Lol😂the penguin Penguin:your not in Hawaii!!

  16. Fatbardha Dushallari

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    Why u are wrong u can pass over Florida like its my fav place

  17. Fatbardha Dushallari

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    They cant even fly over the Bermuda triangle because its a deaf zone

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  19. Sir Cheesy

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    A n o t h e r o n e b i t e s t h e d u s t

  20. Anthony Moss

    Anthony MossIl y a jour

    You can fly from LA, USA to Sydney, Aust. Also for no-fly zones there is a area in Australia called Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility.

  21. Bal Loney

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    not flying over Pacific ocean is not true... I always go home from FL to Manila via Pacific ocean route.

  22. Dee L

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    Area 51 is ran by the military, guarded by the military with military planes, how can it be a no fly zone for military? It's a no fly zone for UFOs. ha ha ha

  23. Dee L

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    Because Antarctica is off limits to the public and it's secrets they do not want to disclose to the public are bound by an agreement between 52 nations, even enemy nations are in agreement with the Antarctica Treaty. That alone should make you wonder......why. Admiral Richard Byrd and his exploration discoveries, Hitler's submarine and UFO base, Operation Fishbowl, Operation High Jump.

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    I laughed at the end when said his majesty (for some reason )

  25. Random Me

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    Thought it was gonna be 100% about Antarctica, and maybe some spooky theorys, but got more than one place, not dissipointed.

  26. John Bennett

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    Didn't take too long for me to find flat-earther comments here lol

  27. Devon Opden Dries

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    Commercial pilot here... just checking in to say 90% of this video is total garbage. Most of the no fly zones listed have a ceiling and you can still fly above them if you're high enough.

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    that is the worst video on bright side

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    I'm surprised that the Bermuda isn't in here

  30. Arun Thomas

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    How about the Bermuda Triangle?

  31. L T

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    I flew over india once and all the curry fumes created lots of turbulence.



    Planes will go on Pacific ocean from Los Angeles to Sydney(flights). Don't convey false information to the viewer's who are watching

  33. The Mad MGTOW

    The Mad MGTOWIl y a 2 jours

    Air New Zealand flew tourist scenic flights to Antarctica during the late 1970s until one of its DC10s ended up crashing into Mt Erebus killing all on board due to the white out conditions and Air New Zealand itself altering the flight path coordinates some 9 hours before take off and failed to tell the flight crew.

  34. Eljan Rimsa

    Eljan RimsaIl y a 2 jours

    Somebody has made a list of interesting factlets why planes won't fly over places for various reasons. Then somebody else has reorganized the list to make it a list of places, wanted to fill in the details but didn't understand physics and geography, and now the logic doesn't fly.

  35. KlebestiftLP

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    odc we know where area 51 is. . . then how come that there was a raid at it? hm?

  36. William long

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    they dont fly over airports or big cities

  37. Mathias Schou

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    If the zones in us is as big as they say you can’t fly over usa

  38. JAMES D

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    As a retired aircraft dispatcher, Continental/United Airlines, just let me share with you that commercial airliner polar flights are a fact jack!. I used to plan flights from Newark to Asia via the North Pole. Our flights from Newark to Narita would sometimes be Polar and other times over Alaska. Our flight from Houston to Narita would be over Alaska. All returning flights from Asia to the US would be over the North Pacific because of a combination Jet Stream and Great Circle. Yeah, buddy, our B777-200s were hanging it out in the middle of no-where. One last thing, how do you think airliners get to Hawaii and Guam, they fly over the Pacific Ocean? As for flying between Australian and Africa/South America, overflight of Antarctica is required by "Great Circle". You can verify this by using the "Great Circle Mapper" web site.

  39. Athar Sutiyoso

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    AREA 51????????,?,

  40. Ioane

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    Flat Earth?

  41. Jerry Jamnadas

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    Some of these facts are false. And some are not explained properly.

  42. Glenda

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    The magnetic field around Mecca is no stronger than any other area. The reason planes don't fly over it concerns Islam.

  43. Noir

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    It’s because the government is covering up the giant Godzilla monster froze under the ice 👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲

  44. iqbal othman

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    there is a no flight zone at the most famuos soccer player home in BARCELONA SPAIN

  45. Matt Pannell

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    Am I believing the reasons not to fly over Antarctica. At 5 miles I don’t think weathers going to be a reason. And the point regarding emergency landing, well, what would you prefer, the Southern Ocean. Haha. 😀

  46. chad fukumitsu

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    1. Hawaii is in the pacific ocean. 2. To get to hawaii by plane, it must travel across the pacific ocean. 3. Plans CAN travel over the pacific ocean.

  47. Linzo 91

    Linzo 91Il y a 2 jours

    Nr #3. So wrong. Search for Grid Navigation! That how they navigate over the poles. Also the magnetic north not at the north pole but just east of north Canada.

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    Bermuda triangle

  49. Angel Zavala

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    Planes aren't allowed to fly over or land on North Korea.

  50. Bob Taylor

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    Are you freaking kidding me! WHat an absolute Joke! maybe you should title it, agenda lies and planes from the 1940's

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    I guessed Area 51

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    what's the world in looking for... oh yeah, lame.

  53. Mayur Chaudhary

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    Lie. This is lie. I flew air China form new York to bejing, exactly over north Pole

  54. Yang Nian

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    Why does Mecca 🕋 has a stronger gravity?

  55. Strong Delusion

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    Planes don't fly over the center of earth because Mt Maru the (Magnetic Center) of "Flat Earth" and our Government have a treaty with the occupants/fallen ones of the area known as the N.Pole?, and also because compasses don't work there! Their is no Antarctica, that is a bald face lie! Wake up, quit falling for the MSM/TPTB/luciferians lies, leave the Programming behind, leave the Matrix and the lady in the Red dress!

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    'They' are afraid we'll see the edge of the earth and discover the truth.

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  59. The Dusty Shredder

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    Wings do NOT generate lift via pressure differential. If they did, wings would be larger to create as much of a differential as possible, and planes would be far more efficient. Instead, they are not. The reason for this is in the name of the craft itself! Plane! The wings are actually a very fancy inclined plane. The angle of the wing relative to the fuselage is called the angle of attack, and it is THIS that creates lift. At the angle of attack, the wing pushes the air down under the plane, pushing the plane up. However, this also creates drag. The higher the angle of attack, the more drag is created due to vortices. The only time pressure differential has anything to do with lift is once the plane is at maximum cruising speed. At that point, the wing only has to keep the plane in level flight, and so the angle of attack becomes so minimal, the curvature of the wing actually provides most of the lift that is needed. Also, have you ever wondered why most airplanes have a vertical stabilizer? It is actually because of the wing. You see, the plane is controlled by flaps called control surfaces. When these surfaces are used, they create drag. There is more drag when the flap moves up than when it moves down. At the wing, this causes yaw, which the pilot then has to correct using the rudder. Efforts have been made to reduce this, and fly-by-wire systems now automatically adjust the rudder during a bank.

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    I ❤bright side

  61. Naa'ilah Abraham

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    It is not Mecca it is Makkah

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    Why don't you put an aluminum can in the freezer for too long....

  64. philip helman

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    ...lol...don't drink the kool-aide kids..that's not why, the "powers" in charge of the world don't want anyone to see what's really there.

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    It's very simple sheeple, the earth is flat

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    Planes have no problem flying right over the top over my house every 5 minutes

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    only google can fly above those location :D

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    u r really funny


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    So many incorrect things in this video lol