Why Machines That Bend Are Better


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    Hey byu, shout out to my mormons. EDIT: i mean members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

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    Ok, yeah, interesting video but...mate, wind your neck in, turn your mouth off and let the interesting people talk. Yeah, I get it, you love yourself and you love the sound of your own voice and you have a massive ego to feed but FFS the professor is way more interesting than you but you just wouldn't let the guy talk. I nearly turned off this video because of you annoyingly interrupting the interesting guy all the time but I stayed with it because I wanted to hear what he had to say.

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    *thinks of Beder* awww it is NOT about futurama steel bending bots? XD

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    okay youtube, i have watched the video now.

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    Okay. I'm impressed. Doesn't happen that often.

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    I want one of those elephants

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    How cool is this!

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    I am really into bicycles. And to see a freaky bicycle already makes my head turn. But to try and imagine what such mechanisms could do on bikey ... that makes my mind spin. And that is just the small application I could relate to, but ... I never say that, I just avoid that term whenever I can, but this is AMAZING.

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    Wow, they have an Original Prusa i3 Mk2/3 there

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    so there's no bad aspect of making bending material ? what about the wear ?

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    Ok FRreporter, I’m watching it. You can stop recommending it to me. Goddamnit.

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    God these are INCREDIBLE. What an amazing video.

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    This explains AND/OR gates.

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    My main concern is fatigue at the bending point. While their tests show it can handle millions of cycles, it would have been nice to have a reference against a hinged equivalent. Does the lower price, weight and complexity of the compliant mechanisms bring with it a lower durability? For example, being ten times as cheap, but 100 times less durable than hinges, would (depending on application of course) make it the lesser option. Either way, a very interesting video.

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    A helicopter for a breaking and entering? That would cost a lot............nothing I have ever heard of.

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    I'm downloading the files right now! Anyone with any similar resources of STL's to print?

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    Did apple pay you for this endorsement about how it's better if stuff bends? 😂😂😂

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    I thought this video is sponsored by Apple when I saw the title.

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    I'm sure that will make mechanical keyboards super cheap, and hopefully beat cherry MXes in perf

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    ...but how would you repair it?

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    3:54 "I got a quiz for you" "Oh-oh" Natural reaction.

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    this wouldn't leave my recommended...

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    Sponsered by Apple

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    You meet smart people as you live your life. It is easy as a relatively intelligent person to not see the gap in other smart people and yourself all the time. (the obvious mega geniuses not included) "You are smart, that girl is sharp, what about my old professor?..... sure he is brainy too!" But when you see a guy like this making simple devices that are conceived and executed so perfectly, you can't help but be proud to be human... i'm not him but i'm on the same team as him. GO HUMAN KIND!!!!

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    Why am I seeing no comments on how he randomly started filming the back of his head during the middle of the interview

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    The comments are hilarious

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    7:56 tf

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    This dude looks a whole lot like sam Riegel, anyone else seeing that?

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    1:55 -"Would you like to try?" -"I would actually like to feel the force.." *prof Larry smirks in Darth Vaderish*

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    came here just to see what the machine in the thumbnail did

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    I was gonna question the structural integrity of the plastic and its shape but once I heard it go through 1 million cycles I felt ashamed

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    A machine that bleeds is better

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    fuckign awesome

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    one thing i learned, never trust gimballs, look i don't really know why but if it moves it will need fixing eventually.

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    The thruster thing kinda feels like a gimmick. Super cool tho

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    good video, shitty title

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    Yay, I guessed the elephant right!

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    This gives me so many ideas for scifi art

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    The elephant thing actually blew my mind, I'm sitting here with my jaw dropped.

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    This all looks incredible, but what's really scratching at my suspension of disbelief is how there is not one mention of metal/plastic fatigue - the single largest apparent obstacle to flexible machines, apart from the little bit where they claimed to have so reached so many repetitions in their stress testing. I'm not saying it's impossible, or even casting doubt on their ability to do it, I just wanna know how exactly they make it not an issue.

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    I don't mean to trivialise it, but these are "springs", right?

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    I love that there is a fence for a change. I don't think we need to have a-bombs on wikipedia.

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    Sorry but this wont be possible in the US once socialists take over and make it so no one can use oil anymore... Good ol' socialists and their moronic ways of ... not thinking.

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    Nu-cu-lar, it's pronounced nucular sweetheart!

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    Thanks youtube suggestion

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    Space tools :) ANYONE?

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    We already have bendable machines like goosenecks and bimetallic strips.

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    That's cool! Bending machines are much more natural. In the future we could make such parts and machines using genetically programmed bacteria or something like that..

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    lol 1:38 those guys in the background

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    Question: Why do you people have nuclear weapons?

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    this link leads to their Thingiverse account. www.thingiverse.com/BYU_CMR/about

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    have not seen video yet but it's because Bender is great!

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    Is it too late for iPhone jokes?

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    10:00 A centrifugal clutch is very common

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    That feels when you accidentally release classified nuclear secrets to the public.

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    Clicked on this video to dislike it, because I am sick of seeing it in my recomended for a week. If I havent watched it in two day, that means I am not interested. Don't know if it's because the author is paying FRreporter to force his content to everyone, or some other reason, but I am not wathing it!

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    Pretty cool stuff

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    So, what this tells me is that my sphincter needs to be MORE flexible so it doesn't go off when I don't want it to? On a serious note though, very interesting video about a mechanism that has a lot of potential. I wonder how this will effect the tech industry, more reliable gating in micro chips could mean a whole new world of computing.

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    False, Trebuchets are the superior siege engines. Change my mind.

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    This is the perfect technology for modern age.

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    So I had two worries. 1. Plastic dries out. That got answered with metal. 2. Would these be less practica and more expensive in some situations since it seems like you'd have to replace the whole thing?

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    Great Video!

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    Are there applications to space-flight? I mean the horribly expensive launch vehicle itself.

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    Breaking the first rule of engineering: If it moves, its going to break.

  66. Robert Caldwell

    Robert CaldwellIl y a 7 heures

    I think the idea of 3d print-ability is what gives these things extreme credit....I imagine us going back to the mechanical computer age so that parts can be easily replaced with 3d printed materials. This would be, in my opinion, an absolute necessity for space travel and colonization, as a 3d printer is much lighter than bringing an entire microchip fabrication machine.

  67. Atomic Shrimp

    Atomic ShrimpIl y a 7 heures

    I found this really interesting and I wonder if it's a hard sell to convince some engineers to accept the reliability of compliant mechanisms (given that, in the real world, 'living hinges' have been extant for a long time in cheap consumer plastic goods, and are often very poorly implemented)

  68. Chris Colon

    Chris ColonIl y a 7 heures

    I think the only problem with these weird type of mechanism is, if they break, you have to replace the entire piece. I don't think its as easy as welding it back together, which it may, but the integrity of the mechanism wouldn't be the same.

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    These mechanisms are very un-intuitive!

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    fun fun fun! nEW sTuff tO 3d priNT! hehe very cool inventions, interesting ideas and concepts! Keep em coming! Keep em' coming!

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    I want a compliant machine as my car!

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    9:07 ... thats called Fliehkraftkupplung in german ... for your google picture search .... not a new invention ... just saying... and i d be more inclined to call them all advanced spring mechanisms .... not sure about this one now

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    My girlfriend has some nice bendy parts too

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    3:54 When someone asks you what you _think_ the outcome will be and list your choices for you, the answer is always none of the above. Especially when the thing has no obvious purpose for it to go in any particular direction, since...who cares. Why is the question even being asked at all.

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    This is cool stuff

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    I'm surprised you didn't get on your knees.

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    am i the only one that thinks the thumbnail looks like sexy time?

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    physics girls fry is unbearable, i better just read wiki on this thing rather watching this

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    This guy can't say the word 'nuclear' properly.

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    This is absolutely amazing

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    you'll never take our bendy nukes!

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    But when it breaks it's harder to fix

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    Witchcraft, Get the torches

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    I've often wondered about what life could look like on other planets, and about how the mechanical processes of animals could be enacted by different biological processes. Like, why does everything on Earth use flesh and bone and muscles? Could you have an animal that use gears and shafts and electric motors? How would it compare to an Earthly animal of the same size? Well, the more I learn, the more I realize that life on Earth is actually built EXTREMELY well in terms of overall design philosophy. Take the principles in this video, for example. Flesh and bone and muscles don't wear out nearly as fast as mechanical components like gears and hinges, don't really need maintenance, don't cause friction by rubbing on each other, don't have any gaps or seams where stuff like rocks or sand could get caught, and can absorb pretty hard impacts without sustaining major damage. With possible exception of bones and teeth, we're entirely built out of compliant mechanisms, from the protein to the ligaments. It's an ingenious structure, and it works really well. I don't know that human science will ever get metal robots that perform as well as human bodies do.

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    This is just beyond awesome! And 3D printed titanium that bends like that?! Crazy.

  87. Jeremiah Talks

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    Seems like the part count being that low is a recipe for unitaskers. Also seems like not being repairable and requiring replacement is bad for long term use and the environment. The portability, predictability, and size aspects make sense though.

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    That's why iPhone are better. They bend...

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    This isn't news to me. I have a pair of non-conductive needle nose pliers, molded as a single piece of plastic, that my father used in his TV repair shop in the 1960s. Companies have been manufacturing things like this for a very long time. Any trip to a dollar store will reveal dozens of "compliant mechanisms". The miniaturization aspect is cool, though.

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    He is a mechanic one? Meh second division!

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    Lol. I went to high school with prof Larry

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    Maybe don't give Mormons the power to bring about Armageddon?

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    Could somebody please explain to me how the flexibility of the gripper amplifies the force instead of reducing it?

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    Effing pop sockets man

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    1:45 mechanical porn

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    how on earth are there 800 people that don't like ? amazing

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    9:16 so that's a centrifugal clutch. But my question is, if it (Well, a real life scale) is attached to an engine with very high torque, like a big diesel of a semi, will it fail? I mean, centrifugal clutches are pretty low in tolerance, aren't they?

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    This host is unbearably annoying.

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    "I don't understand how this mechanism is gonna keep nuclear weapons safe."That's because you keep goddamn interrupting while he's trying to explain.