What is Federal Land?


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    Are United States Territories federal land ?

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    Constitution only allows the federal government to own land for military bases or post offices. If it's not one of those tow then they can just shove it.

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    Being a Californian, I’m glad that the coastline is Federal land, so that a few really rich people cannot keep everyone from using the beaches. But oh how they try! They lock beach access gates, they put up rock barricades to make it seem like private property, they use every trick in the book. 😡.

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    land belongs to no one. land belongs to all creatures including humans on earth.

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    This is more of a political view on the federal land in the west. I grew up in Idaho, and everyone I knew didn't mind how the land was controlled by the Forest Service/National Parks/Fish & Wildlife/Bureau of Land Management

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    Listen to bundiville if you're interested in the conflict between states and the federal government

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    This video literally came out the same week I was researching and preparing for a presentation about the Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah, and it helped me understand all the shenanigans a lot better. So, thanks Grey. I know you did this video just for me.

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    The United States: we have a LOT of land!

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    You should make a video in Law and how it can differ in different countries and stuff, like I know I’d go to jail if I murdered someone here, but what would my punishment be elsewhere 🤔

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    Got a question (Can’t states buy federal land?)

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    Did you know they gave away land as late as the 1960's. Maybe later. I just know about a book from the 60's that talks about "homesteading". I think they might still do it in Alaska

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    A huge downside to so much federal ownership in Western states: much of the land could be economically viable (thanks to new innovations unavailable at the time of the Homestead Act) & could offset housing crisis if feds back off & let local communities develop.

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    *_The Government Taketh your Income, and Taketh your "Rights" Away, blessed be the name of the Government!_* *_Home Grown State Sponsored Terrorist Groups - Judges, Prosecutors,Congress, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, NGA, TSA, DEA, DHS, BLM, EPA, IRS, Judges, State & Local Police, etc!_*

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    Philippines was an American territory (1901-1946).

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    TL;DR: 5:24 and "the best way to think about Federal Land is that while it may be in a state, it is not of the state."

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    Not sure who else may have already chimed in on this - but some eastern states/municipalities that are more land poor/dense deal with PILOT in another way, as it is often a way local property taxes are reimbursed for things like hospitals, state universities, and other organizations that are exempt from paying local property taxes. PILOT is annoying for EVERYONE.

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    Me and all my buds lean pretty conservative and live in the very federally owned state of Colorado but even we know that the forests and mountains would go to shit if it stopped being federally owned. All it means to us is a wide open place we get to shoot guns, go explore and camp in unmapped areas, and not many can live except hobos.

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    According to American Historian Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, “The reason it is Federal land is it was never legally taken from the Native Nations by treaty. It was simply occupied. So legally, they can’t privatize it. They can’t sell it… But they lease. They lease for mining, for uranium mining, copper mining, coal mining. They just refuse to repatriate that land to the Native people.” (retrieved from “Why America?” Empire files interview [22:40] frreporter.com/v/vidéo-XdhIYWb3XVU.html?t=1358)

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    Native tribes fought and killed EACHOTHER over territory for hundreds of years, and they both agreed that was fair. The reason it's such a difficult issue to talk about us "taking their land" is because Americans didn't even do anything wrong. Natives were no more peaceful than the Americans of the day. You should do a video on this topic.

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    +Bright Garinson We all came from one living organism that doesn't change the fact that some humans were in a place on planet Earth first. And being somewhere first doesn't give you the right to the land. If a stronger force takes it, you're fucked. And if you can fight back you do. But the natives were no stranger to war before white men even arrived in a North America.

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    Honestly disappointed that you chose to skip over the presence of Native peoples in a video about Federal Land, which affects them very profoundly given that these groups have experienced the type of fundamental threat to sovereignty in a even greater scope than the state vs. federal dynamic. I hope you do plan to make it a "story for another time" and make a follow-up essay on the topic.

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