Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectIl y a 6 jours

    Pumped y'all like the vid!! Which shot was your favorite? Y'all are the best.

  2. Virginia Smith

    Virginia SmithIl y a 5 jours

    How you land it on a boling ball

  3. Leo Burger

    Leo BurgerIl y a 5 jours

    Dude Perfect WHAT happend of saying WHO’S PANDA ?🐼

  4. Christopher Remy

    Christopher RemyIl y a 5 jours

    The number didn't work for me

  5. Jamie Hay

    Jamie HayIl y a 5 jours


  6. aiden mosher

    aiden mosherIl y a jour

    I LOVE dude perfect

  7. Harshul Cool bro

    Harshul Cool broIl y a jour


  8. TJ Geertsma

    TJ GeertsmaIl y a jour

    So 3 days ago I got dumped, and I've cried everyday since. I've even cried at school and it's not easy. And that's the reason I watch dp because it gives the the hype I need and it really helps with my day, and it drowns out everything, so thank you to everyone at dude perfect

  9. 냉동참치

    냉동참치Il y a jour


  10. Daniel Jenkins

    Daniel JenkinsIl y a jour

    SO COOll

  11. Riley Byrne

    Riley ByrneIl y a jour

    Like if the best vid should be stryotypes

  12. Cahkonyol Bocah

    Cahkonyol BocahIl y a jour

    Please be given this translation of Indonesia. Om from Indonesia

  13. Filbert Avw

    Filbert AvwIl y a jour


  14. Kent Matthew

    Kent MatthewIl y a jour

    Drinking game Take a shot everytime someone says "Let's go!"

  15. Phat Vo Duy

    Phat Vo DuyIl y a jour

    Nearly 50mil subs

  16. Ayden Cooper

    Ayden CooperIl y a jour

    The super high skinny rail flip

  17. Apon Tv

    Apon TvIl y a jour

    nice video

  18. Suhail Abdulla

    Suhail AbdullaIl y a jour

    تانت سمبوللل يا فقاحح انت

  19. Krishna Dimri

    Krishna DimriIl y a jour

    india have jay ho bholinath

  20. Jame' SanGeorge

    Jame' SanGeorgeIl y a jour

    Almost 50 million subs

  21. Ilman the movie

    Ilman the movieIl y a jour

    Please subcribe my chanel ILMAN THE MOVIE 🤗🤗🤗 thank's 😙😙😙

  22. Brooke Harris

    Brooke HarrisIl y a jour

    please do baseball and football stereotypes

  23. Koko the foxdeer

    Koko the foxdeerIl y a jour

    I liked 3:06. Yeah protein 😄

  24. Zoya Kamboj

    Zoya KambojIl y a jour

    Plot twist:The bottle had a magnet and every surface had too

  25. Jinx

    JinxIl y a jour

    Dp bout to make water bottle flipping relevant again

  26. Joe hildreth

    Joe hildrethIl y a jour

    “LETS GO!” *and they actually went*

  27. Paul Norrie

    Paul NorrieIl y a jour

    include the editors on all of the vidios, thier funny

  28. خالد باشا

    خالد باشاIl y a jour

    هلو عرب اكو عرب

  29. Duyên Hoàng

    Duyên HoàngIl y a jour

    Hay quá

  30. Alberto Gutierrez

    Alberto GutierrezIl y a jour

    Obviamente el último esta muy bien practicado y por lo tanto es el mejor.

  31. Ethan Lee

    Ethan LeeIl y a jour

    Dude perfect is my favorite!!

  32. AC - 03ML - Silver Creek PS (1362)

    AC - 03ML - Silver Creek PS (1362)Il y a jour


  33. Ayden Pelle

    Ayden PelleIl y a jour

    Why was the water colored

  34. JohnBrodie12 Johnnyunitas19

    JohnBrodie12 Johnnyunitas19Il y a jour

    We need more stereotypes vids

  35. Carsten Paul Gameplay

    Carsten Paul GameplayIl y a jour

    Super high skinny rail flip

  36. Dana Clark

    Dana ClarkIl y a jour

    You should do skatk

  37. Young Don Music

    Young Don MusicIl y a jour

    Let's go .. let's go 😂 let's go ... Where are we going ?😐

  38. Trev Man

    Trev ManIl y a jour


  39. Potato

    PotatoIl y a jour

    Why everbody say LET'S GOOOOO??

  40. Hatclt RIP FAN

    Hatclt RIP FANIl y a jour

    Its clear The bottles are paid actors

  41. Zuzu Myra

    Zuzu MyraIl y a jour


  42. เบญจมาต พ่อบำรุง

    เบญจมาต พ่อบำรุงIl y a jour


  43. Robbie Laing

    Robbie LaingIl y a jour

    2016: water bottle flips 2017: water bottle flips 2020: water bottle flips future??: coment what you think!

  44. Beni Carideo

    Beni CarideoIl y a jour

    I subscribed 🤖

  45. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    Me llamo ethan jeremy gracias por ver mis comentarios estupidos gracias para que puedas hablar en español y ingles 👍👍👍

  46. Yessenia

    YesseniaIl y a jour

    The one that landed In the car cup holder

  47. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    But what english papu ha ha 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  48. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    Pero que ingles papu ja ja👏👏👏👏👏👏

  49. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    I really mean that epic video ☺

  50. Jose Rivera

    Jose RiveraIl y a jour


  51. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    Ya enserio que epico video ☺

  52. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    Who sees it in 2020 ha ha I do not understand what really happens to me sorry i need a girlfriend

  53. Dark Light

    Dark LightIl y a jour


  54. 海绵宝宝

    海绵宝宝Il y a jour


  55. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    Quien lo ve en 2020 ja ja No entiendo que me pasa enserio perdon necesito ya una novia😭😭😭😭😭😭

  56. Andry Stinky

    Andry StinkyIl y a jour

    Please make behind the scenes😂

  57. Honggang Yi

    Honggang YiIl y a jour

    do you just text "energy" to the number?

  58. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    It stings me cutete

  59. porowrow garreeya

    porowrow garreeyaIl y a jour

    In the slinky one why did it look like he hit the woah

  60. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    Me pica el cutete

  61. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    I do not know how to speak english

  62. Wences Villatoro

    Wences VillatoroIl y a jour

    No se hablar ingles

  63. Alien

    AlienIl y a jour

    You should try learning new sports that u don’t know about from Australia

  64. Ghost-King-8

    Ghost-King-8Il y a jour

    Favorite Shot: The Tiny Cup Bottle Flip