Van de Graaff Generator in Slow Motion


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    The biggest pair of socks on the worlds carpet 😂😂😂😂 never change gav lol



    You are scientists.😕👍👍👍👍👍

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    Need a high-speed camera to capture your VERY hidden product placement warning.

  4. ⃠

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    They wearing rubber gloves when my badass put my whole hand on it.

  5. Mahin Miah

    Mahin MiahIl y a 15 jours

    No you didn’t

  6. Ev. CW

    Ev. CWIl y a 19 jours

    3:48 wtf are his legs doing, look at that wobble

  7. macronencer

    macronencerIl y a 21 jour

    Strangest episode of The Simpsons I've ever seen.

  8. Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingIl y a 25 jours

    I've never noticed no ads until now. I was today old until I found out. Now I love them even more for it. TY slow-mo guys!

  9. Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingIl y a 25 jours

    People watching this after April 25/26th better not tell no spoilers... Prof. Liew through a bad setup for that one. 3:40 **plugs ears, covers eyes🙈 🙉 I don't wanna hear it!** (Endgame, most anticipated movie ever.)

  10. Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingIl y a 25 jours

    "He who plays and runs away, lives to play another day" ~Prof.Liew

  11. chesster423

    chesster423Il y a 26 jours

    can capture a shooting star?

  12. Sam Dilworth

    Sam DilworthIl y a 27 jours

    10:30 Thats what she said

  13. taejun kim

    taejun kimIl y a mois

    The scientist guy looks like Will Ferrell

  14. UHFStation1

    UHFStation1Il y a mois

    7:00. Don't Phantoms go up to 1 million F/S?

  15. Obiwan Kanblowme

    Obiwan KanblowmeIl y a mois

    UHFStation1 the do but I would assume that it’s killer on the battery

  16. ninjaman5j5

    ninjaman5j5Il y a mois

    For anyone interested yes, that is infact destin's camera. If you check on their seccond channel during their 10 things you may not have known about the slow mo guys at about the 3 minute mark he talks about the largest file he has ever made and talks about the ram limitations that cause him to not break that. He then goes on to state the ram of certain cameras they use, namely the phantom flex 4k which they have, and the v2511 that they borrow from destin.

  17. Alex Landherr

    Alex LandherrIl y a mois

    At 4:20, I use the very same model of keyboard!

  18. Don ovan

    Don ovanIl y a mois

    Could that camera you used to film light film lighting??

  19. Yavuz Akkuş

    Yavuz AkkuşIl y a mois

    If an electric arc is so fast that when it is filmed at 25.000 fps it's only visible for just one frame, how is it that we are still able to capture the arc with an ordinary cam and still get an image of it at least for a frame?

  20. Daniel Huddleston

    Daniel HuddlestonIl y a mois

    Singapore has done a fantastic job by incorporating nature within their architecture. It has literally brought back ecosystems of animals

  21. Erik Hendrych

    Erik HendrychIl y a mois

    Van der Graaf Generator - Flip it upside down. I think they explained the VDG wrong. Below is tldr version of wikipedia and what I remember from school. It is possible that I am wrong. An experiment would decide. I think it actually creates charges by friction (triboelectric effect). The polarity of the charge should depend on used materials not the orientation of the device. The charge on the belt is transfered inside a conductive sphere. Then you use something called Gauss law to figure out that the potential inside the sphere is zero and that all the charge goes to the outer surface. This means that inside the sphere there is still room for more charge and therefore it is not travelling back to the belt. This means the electric potential on the outer surface will just grow and grow until you discharge it. (Instead of using the Gauss law you can just imagine the repulsive forces force the charges to the outer surface)

  22. Blus cream

    Blus creamIl y a mois

    Look on the footage it says "Smarter every D" xd

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    Hey Gav, you should trim your neckbeard before you do big shows like this. Just a grooming tip for next time. Cheerio and pip pip!

  24. Sho Am

    Sho AmIl y a mois

    2:50 When it's so high the units stop mattering. "30,000 degrees Kelvin or centigrade".

  25. Garrison Pendergrass

    Garrison PendergrassIl y a mois

    30000-273=29727. Round that.

  26. Ben Cronshaw

    Ben CronshawIl y a mois

    Dan starts a handshake way too early

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    Speed kills.

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    "It's like the biggest pair of socks on the world's carpet" very nice! :)

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    Would be cool to see a 3d model of the stage where its fanning out

  31. Wasif Zafar

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    I captured lightning using burst photo on an iPhone 5s😎😂

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    Thanks for the laughs, Dan! 😂😂

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    "he who plays and runs away lives to play another day" is the best advice i've ever received.

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    Does Dan kinda look like Q from impractical jokers

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    I can't be the only person who watches the Slow Mo Guys on 2x speed, right?

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    Ayyyy we have the same wireless keyboard!

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    Lol I live In sg

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    I know someone who got hit by lighting twice and is still fine, that’s incredible

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    Wow im korea

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    10:02 you can see the spark

  42. Steve Doe

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    Should have use the top of finger / top of hand to make contact. 1. Electricity contracts muscles. This reduces the chances of uncontrollably grabbing something. 2. Great opportunity to promote electrical safety practices.

  43. 100 Subs without a single video challenge

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    Beacon of Maracaibo

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    2:22 Look at Gav face when Dan said he was not doing at😂😂

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    I had longish hair when I did this in science class however it did not look long to most when I put my hands on the ball and my hair stood up

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    should have had him put his hand on it and then he could have touched other people to shock them.

  48. Initiatenevada1

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    When Dan was walking up at 1:19 I was thinking that he was gonna say “I love Refrigerators” like if you get it

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    0:32 wait... *FREE GRUCHIE?!?!?*

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    That guy sounds like electricboom

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    Turkish under

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    I live in singapore

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    2:22 Dan: I'm not planning on it, but Gav: *Raises an eyebrow*

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    A burning question: how bright (in lumens) is lightning?

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    I love your videos you guys are awesome :)

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    I wonder do this guys get dreams in slomo too.

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    Dan is like beaker, the unlucky assistant of the professor on the Muppet show who always ends up badly in the professors experiments..

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    Sir nice video iam inspiration for you.. Keep rocking.....

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    6:10 we just gonna ignore the pink lightning

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    I think its reflection from lense or something

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    Baba bouey

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    لا تنسى المشروع 🤗🤗

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    Do the generator but with the chain of pain. What you do is get a chain op people linking arms (make sure no one has heart conditions) have one person touching it on one end of the link, turn it on for a couple of seconds, then have the other person ground themselves

  65. Caleb Weir

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    What's with the "Smarter Every Day (Offline)" on the screen at 10:17? Are you guys shipping the camera back and forth to shoot vids?

  66. Timothy

    TimothyIl y a 2 mois

    The reason you didn't see many sparks is because when you bring your hand closer really slowly, it starts sucking away the charges so when you finally get close enough, there's not enough left for a big shock.

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    Dans final moments of life caught in slow motion.

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    H uyên Tua chùa

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    Think you should make Liew an honorary AH member.

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    They did dans hair for the last scene

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    Why don’t you just use slow motion?

  73. imnewtothistuff

    imnewtothistuffIl y a 2 mois

    I'm sorry but your frame capture of a partial return stroke is inaccurate. All I saw was one frame severely over exposed when the step leader nears the rising streamer. Since lightning is not electricity but dielectricity it discharges instantaneously in zero time so shutter speed is irrelevant. If you can clean up the shot or find a camera with a faster frame rate and prove me wrong I will stand corrected but until then I stand by what I believe.

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    Professor Liew, was abselutetly amazing, he is funny and smart :) what a legend already :)

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    3 mins have elapsed this old dude hit goldeneye, cartoon run in place and the avengers somebody get him an oscar Or at least a guy named oscar so he can say '"this is my oscar"

  76. Jay's Brick Co.

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    When the 80 yr old guy makes a goldeneye reference 😂

  77. Jay's Brick Co.

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    +Archaean I AM INVINCIBLE!

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    What was the reference? I missed it.

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    Van Der Linde wants your muneh and faith

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    So Van def Graft Generator never showed up???!!!

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    Dan, take me!

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    You should try to do slow motion with this DIY One million volts generator :

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    Есть тут кто из русских 🇷🇺?

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    Baba booey

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    That neck beard on gav is filthy

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    Am i the only one that realized that the background from the first clip is from Singapore 'Gardens by the Bay'?

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    What’s lightening... the biggest pair of socks 🧦 on the worlds 🌎 carpet lol 😂

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    I wonder if you've ever considered doing Abbott and Costello, or Laurel and Hardy, just bc. So Hardy talks Laurel into doing the thing, but ends up getting zapped himself!

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    I'm from Singapore and legitimately saw uuu

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    I click on this video because I thought that guy is Q from impractical jokers 😅

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    When did Gav get so hairy?!?!!? Shave your neck!

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    저는 2019년5월에 싱가포르가요! 그래서 호텔은 거기로갈예정입니다

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    That professor was great!

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    That Dan zapping was so great, haahah.

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    Obviously Dan acquired superpowers - he hulked out of his lab coat.

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    Van de graff is seems like tesla

  99. THKB wood

    THKB woodIl y a 2 mois

    Van de graff is seems like tesla

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    I just realized that Gav and Dan looks like Phineas and Ferb all grown up

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    I played with a larger homemade one when I was a kid.

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    Cool content, respect from KZ

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    I only came because I though it was que off impractical jokers

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    Gavin.. Looks like Messi😂😂

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    Electricity always goes to ground. It doesnt go back up, when the first piece touches the ground the whole thing combines to hit the ground at the same time and KABOOM! That explains the bright flash.

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    Too much talk .. not enough slow-mo ..

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    Never use your left arm for such experiments to avoid the current way through your heart

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    Hey you guys should collaborate with Pecos Hank!