Unqualified Advice: Rashida Jones (Holiday Edition)


  1. John Murray

    John MurrayIl y a 5 jours

    Rashida Jones is so sweet. Always makes me smile. Congrats to her and the new baby. Wish I were the lucky guy. I'll dream another dream, it always seems

  2. Austin Starke

    Austin StarkeIl y a 29 jours

    I would give my life in exchange for one night with Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones at the same time

  3. John Murray

    John MurrayIl y a mois

    Facebook doesn't owe me a cent. From the heart, I was honored to have an audience.

  4. Ramza

    RamzaIl y a mois

    I'm so in love with Aubrey

  5. Philippe Bouchard

    Philippe BouchardIl y a mois

    I don't know what everyone has for that Aubrey, Rashida Jones is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her personnality goes so well with her looks. Where do I apply to get married?

  6. Sarah Likes Music

    Sarah Likes MusicIl y a 2 mois

    Aubrey is GRIPPING that wine glass

  7. John Murray

    John MurrayIl y a 3 mois

    "Living like ice on fire, what you fear is your desire." John Rzeznik (The Goo Goo Dolls) These beautiful people scare me LOL. No thanks, I'll just FRreporter them and stick to my own pathetic, lonely life.

  8. Chun Chi Liu

    Chun Chi LiuIl y a 3 mois

    just when I thought Aubrey couldn’t be weirder

  9. Vizual Warrior

    Vizual WarriorIl y a 4 mois

    I saw Aubrey Plaza in the thumbnail so I clicked. Rashida Jones is cool too I guess.

  10. Lulu Harshie

    Lulu HarshieIl y a 4 mois

    Who misses the Ann and April antics? #ParksAndRec4Life

  11. Debra Wilson

    Debra WilsonIl y a 6 mois

    Rip Grumpy 🐈 Cat 💔

  12. ••

    ••Il y a 8 mois

    My penis is overwhelmed.

  13. thersten

    therstenIl y a 9 mois

    Aubrey for a fling and Rashida to marry have my babies.

  14. J7M2M

    J7M2MIl y a 10 mois

    Double Goddess/Queens amongst us

  15. Fast paced Teller

    Fast paced TellerIl y a 11 mois

    They are so cute together. I was smirking the whole video.

  16. aakar88

    aakar88Il y a an


  17. Christian  Smith

    Christian SmithIl y a an

    The next people that could kill me brings me the greatest of news. I've never anything I could live better then we hard after I die

  18. Christian  Smith

    Christian SmithIl y a an

    There is no pain anyone for me they could bring then the pain I've already been

  19. jesssssie

    jesssssieIl y a an

    Rashida is so funny 😂

  20. Zishawn Malik

    Zishawn MalikIl y a an

    Honesty only came here for Aubrey Plaza

  21. berry baptiste

    berry baptisteIl y a an

    I'm a simple man I see Aubrey I click

  22. Amine Sadek

    Amine SadekIl y a an

    aubrey plaza is just sexy !!!

  23. Juno Wilson

    Juno WilsonIl y a an

    I only watched this because Aubrey was in it

  24. AdanDevon

    AdanDevonIl y a an

    Vieja latosa, la amo!!

  25. GrumpyKid03

    GrumpyKid03Il y a an

    Rashida Jones was saying "My *friend's* on twitter" like we don't know who Aubrey Plaza is.

  26. Murmurs of Blaustein

    Murmurs of BlausteinIl y a an

    That was LITERALLY the best advice ever given from one human to another! So refreshing!

  27. Joseph Yang

    Joseph YangIl y a an

    Aubrey Plaza is more interesting than Rashida, even when she is just silently drinking wine and playing on her phone.

  28. Philippe Bouchard

    Philippe BouchardIl y a mois


  29. Lexi Blesi

    Lexi BlesiIl y a an

    Lost a whole lot of respect for rashida when she incorrectly pronounced Regina phalange

  30. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an

    Kraft time!!! Its electric.

  31. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an

    I totally saw your porn documentary Rashida...it was really good kiddos. Dominatrixes are less stigmatized than other sex workers, there job looks way funner too...and they can be never nude too!

  32. Justin Bocci

    Justin BocciIl y a an

    I feel like this was more advice from Ann and April.

  33. Jason Guzman

    Jason GuzmanIl y a an

    Aubrey fucking Plaza. damn. even when youre not doing anything your expressions...your coyness

  34. Santiago Martin

    Santiago MartinIl y a an

    Why is it there a spanish map of the earth on the wall?

  35. A.sweetpea C.

    A.sweetpea C.Il y a an

    Santiago Martin, I noticed it, too. And I like it!

  36. Scott Crosby

    Scott CrosbyIl y a an

    Rashida is a goddess

  37. priscilla darling

    priscilla darlingIl y a an


  38. Lord Macpherson

    Lord MacphersonIl y a an

    I wanna fuck both these chicks in the ass. I bet Aubrey's gaping asshole looks great

  39. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an


  40. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an

    ask blondie from connecticut

  41. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an


  42. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an


  43. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an


  44. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an

    do you have your hpv shot?

  45. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyIl y a an

    Take it away old friend!!!!

  46. Nikkie Huber

    Nikkie HuberIl y a 2 ans

    Aubrey plaza is perfect. I know it's not her video, but she is.

  47. Sam Gourhan

    Sam GourhanIl y a 2 ans

    When in doubt blow his d##k

  48. noah zaifman

    noah zaifmanIl y a 2 ans

    you cansay it's a tradition in my family rashida jones do you have freinds from west vragina

  49. Grendel Sloth

    Grendel SlothIl y a 2 ans

    What did Aubrey say that was bleeped?

  50. ameliorated

    amelioratedIl y a 2 ans


  51. nox

    noxIl y a 2 ans

    Rashida and Aubrey are literally Ann and April

  52. BellyBro

    BellyBroIl y a 2 ans

    Aubrey is the greatest person to ever exist

  53. bob bob

    bob bobIl y a 2 ans

    "meow. meow. meow meow meow"

  54. Dop Lint

    Dop LintIl y a 2 ans

    How do I get the boy I like to make out with me under the Mistletoe? *Fuck Him*

  55. lizette garcia

    lizette garciaIl y a 2 ans

    They're both awesome

  56. Jeremy Gee

    Jeremy GeeIl y a 2 ans

    The A team!!

  57. Hannah

    HannahIl y a 2 ans

    aubrey at 1:41 im screeching


    BEASTRON CARPIOIl y a 2 ans

    0:38. 1:46. I was hoping she was gonna make Rashida lose her composure.

  59. whethead646

    whethead646Il y a 2 ans

    Aubrey plaza could catch this pipe

  60. avinotion

    avinotionIl y a 2 ans

    If I didn't have to see Jimmy's face at the beginning or end of this video, I'd give it a thumbs up.

  61. avinotion

    avinotionIl y a 2 ans

    I think the only good actress in Parks and Rec. is Rashida Jones. She's the only one not playing herself (not that I have ANY problem with the rest of the cast)

  62. JD1010101110

    JD1010101110Il y a 2 ans

    Is her advice on how to rip off a better sitcom's story idea for your naff episode of Black Mirror? #MeowMeowBeans!