Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Tony Mbeler

    Tony MbelerIl y a heure

    where is your tomcat

  2. rellog83

    rellog83Il y a heure

    Angry video game nerd got me here

  3. Pulkit

    PulkitIl y a 3 heures

    Tom cruise is much better than Daniel Craig. One day I want to see Tom cruise as James Bond 007

  4. Jesus H Christ

    Jesus H ChristIl y a 4 heures

    Air Force must be needing pilots again

  5. junior76126

    junior76126Il y a 4 heures

    Top Gun might be one of my all time favorite movies of all time. I'm sure this new one will be the same if not more. #LoveTopGun

  6. BoussoleFire

    BoussoleFireIl y a 6 heures

    Sounds like dad. I fly commercial 20 years. Thanks Dad

  7. B1ACK0UT

    B1ACK0UTIl y a 7 heures

    Hold on I gotta see midway first

  8. Rob J

    Rob JIl y a 8 heures

    This gives me a hard on..!

  9. Fixedwing Airframer

    Fixedwing AirframerIl y a 9 heures

    Movie came out in 1986 I joined the US Navy in 1987 did 20 years working on fighters and served on 4 aircraft carriers. My first ship was the USS Midway stationed in Japan working on F/A 18’s. I flew in the EA6B prowler. Can’t wait for top gun 2020.

  10. Richard im

    Richard imIl y a 10 heures

    Merlin did you see a trailer? Negative ghost Rider looks like it's a single....

  11. Kevin L

    Kevin LIl y a 11 heures

    How much you wanna bet the hero badass pilot is going to be a black transsexual gay woman.

  12. mbelgedest great

    mbelgedest greatIl y a 11 heures

    That song make me flashback to the past

  13. Spirz

    SpirzIl y a 20 heures

    "Your kind is headed for extinction." The joke's on you, general. You can't replace everything with mindless drones. One day they'll fail you. A pilot won't.

  14. i cum and go

    i cum and goIl y a 2 heures

    Absolutely. If there's one thing humans are not, it's flawed.

  15. Joe Nitech

    Joe NitechIl y a 22 heures

    #TopGun ..

  16. Aphyrius

    AphyriusIl y a 23 heures

    Please no kissing....i wannt full action

  17. lyricist/destroyer queensboro

    lyricist/destroyer queensboroIl y a jour

    This movie better not be woke.... please god please don't make this movie woke🙏

  18. aboriani

    aborianiIl y a jour

    Oh come on! We are still in 2019?? God damn it!

  19. 이경민

    이경민Il y a jour

    한글찾다 내가 적고만다

  20. B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel

    B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,GavelIl y a jour

    Highway to the DANGAZOOONNEEE

  21. gandler

    gandlerIl y a jour

    This movie will gross a billion....why? Like the movie Joker....not catering to SJW and "woke" people.

  22. Zohaib Bashir

    Zohaib BashirIl y a jour


  23. 志在衝天的晨晨

    志在衝天的晨晨Il y a jour

    f14 in the end!!!!! \

  24. Glen Hesketh

    Glen HeskethIl y a jour

    Hollywood garbage.

  25. jakeh

    jakehIl y a jour

    i swear the aspect ratio changed for this trailer

  26. vivek bannu

    vivek bannuIl y a jour

    Cinematographer god level

  27. BoxyTheSpaceDog

    BoxyTheSpaceDogIl y a jour

    F-18 would shatter into pieces if it pulled sudden climb or Cobra maneuver as shown on the video,lol.Salty Jewnited Fascist States can't pull a Cobra,even F-22 struggles with it.

  28. BoxyTheSpaceDog

    BoxyTheSpaceDogIl y a jour

    30+ years of illegal wars for resources

  29. Golden Squatch

    Golden SquatchIl y a jour

    I think this film is about Drones taking over.

  30. Joseph Dizon

    Joseph DizonIl y a jour

    @Golden Squatch It is. It’s going be like the last few dogfights before drone warfare takes over.

  31. zer00rdie

    zer00rdieIl y a jour

    Does this mean there'll be a Hot Shots 3?

  32. Hello Goodbye

    Hello GoodbyeIl y a jour

    This movie looks promising, but why hasn't Tom Cruise been replaced by a woman!!!!! We need diversity!!!! We need inclusion!!!! Rise up, SJWs....Rise!!! Rise!!!

  33. Toirram

    ToirramIl y a jour

    looks like an 80's film with modern cgi. i love it.

  34. Fire eater 9107

    Fire eater 9107Il y a jour

    You want to know how to mess with an aviator? Put a single screw in the cockpit.

  35. Tom Brady126

    Tom Brady126Il y a jour

    Yes ❤❤❤

  36. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup WitwickyIl y a jour

    Paramount: “I was thinking of making a sequel sir.” Navy: “Top Gun?!” Paramount: “Yes sir.” Navy: “God help us. God!”

  37. Sascha Duckstein

    Sascha DucksteinIl y a jour

    Ich freu mich auf den ProbagandaFilm!

  38. bolo1989v

    bolo1989vIl y a jour

    This is Gpz 900R ?????

  39. Michael Macapagal

    Michael MacapagalIl y a jour


  40. Timothy Wall

    Timothy WallIl y a jour

    Man, they were really reaching for an excuse to have a sequel to this movie. lol

  41. Laszlo Szutor

    Laszlo SzutorIl y a jour

    Hollywood, if you F this one up too, I swear I never ever go to the movies again.

  42. Evgeniy Evol

    Evgeniy EvolIl y a jour

    кто реальный муж, ВВ, летал на истребителе, больше зассали никто не повторил