This Little Trick Keeps Netflix Running - Kubernetes & Containers Explained


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    Humm, looks like no one in Linus group understands those stuffs

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    Someone newIl y a jour

    Great video!!! It explains a lot very easily thank you!!

  3. Science on the Right

    Science on the RightIl y a jour

    So there are a few problems with some of this video. The most grievous error was that microservices were pioneered by Netflix. Services as an idea began way back in 2003 when Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was all the rage. Also, K8S uses pods. Docker uses containers. Microservices have pitfalls too, especially when you overdo it. Also, k8s pods are used to scale out services and provide availability. Ok, I should probably stop here... I've been a dev for 30 years, and I was part of the services movement back when you called services using the SOAP protocol. I certainly don't miss that pile of $%^#.

  4. Alexorip

    AlexoripIl y a jour

    The Greek word for captain is not pronounced like that but like kivernitis

  5. Jay Brooks

    Jay BrooksIl y a jour

    Um.. google stole it from docker

  6. darthclone2002

    darthclone2002Il y a jour

    Using containers: dont they teach that in basic programming?

  7. ParadoXxGER

    ParadoXxGERIl y a 2 jours

    Using "easier" and "microservices" in one sentence seems just wrong.

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    I need help locking for the perfect case for 2x or 4x rtx titan

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    God damm the thumbnail and the tittle are nuts, u really nailed it Yikes

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    Ewww fortnite the cancerous game all serious pc players hate

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    I just subbed to you 😭 but do as you wish and retire. Just put in the scraps that you have stashed into a video and don’t edit the video

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    Sellin out to Big Blue For shame lol

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    i love your videos. dont know why but i trust you but dont know why ....

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    Since we're on the topic of IBM and monolithic machines how about a red-eyed talking super computer which you call HAL, it recognizes your voice and knows what you're doing by way of its machine vision. Do this in an enclosure as close to the film as possible but hopefully without the space madness for the A.I. Use only IBM computing hardware and chassis. It could be older enclosures like what you might find in a scrapwars episode, at the local used PC parts store, online from Craigslist or eBay, on loan from an electrician who has been on the channel a few times, a computer museum, etc.

  15. Technotuna

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    People complaining about the title actually clicked expecting some kind of tip to keep *their* Netflix running? I don't understand Edit: also fuck off with "this was an ad" he said it was sponsored and you watched it anyway. Being sponsored doesn't invalidate the information in the video

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    Happy 10M

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    LINUS , i like your channel so much , your videos have taught me countless things I didn't know about electronics , I look forward to every new video . Мaybe i even started my youtube channel two years ago hoping i would someday be a big youtube like you , but now i know i will never have 10 million sub-scribers - this is an absolute achievement but i believe your channel is just the beginning, do not give up making your goal 100 million sub-scribers. Оf course, leave enough time to pay attention to your childrens and your wife because they are on first place , but also keep working on new videos. You have an acting talent that is very important for presenting electronics information in an interesting way that captures the viewer's attention. i know i will never stop watching your amazing videos.

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    people: Click bait me: ah nice to know what's keeping netflix effecient - sees IBM LINUSone at the end *clickbait ^^

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    Hurry up and retire you beta

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    Almost 10 mil

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    "κυβερνήτης" is the Greek word for pilot or helmsman, not captain. Here's a link that includes references from three ancient Greek dictionaries, including the most comprehensive ("LSJ"): Kubernetes' own website says it means "pilot" or "helmsman."

  23. Jack Powell

    Jack PowellIl y a 5 jours

    hahahahahhaa banks using containers for live transaction processing... hilarious joke. Most are still nightly batch processing on mainframes. especially in the US.

  24. Marshall Filmz

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    Bulid me the cheapest budget pc I’ll will pay you for your time my pc sucks so bad it’s a think pad and doesn’t run gta well at all

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    Why doesn’t IBM do more collaboration videos with you? They are great!

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    Has anyone noticed how the FRreporter “comments” section has “moved”? 🤫🤫

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    Clickbait, disappointed on you

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    This is a bad tech quickie.

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    Principles of Object Oriented Programming, KAPPA

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    Wow ur so close to 10m

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    On Linus tech tips

  32. zippymagee

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    The problem I have with Cloud Containers over Containered VMs. Is that I haven't had VMware just crash and take down dozens of VMs. But soon as we started loading our front end(PBX) on Google Cloud Containers it scales up from dozens to thousands of customers and Kerbernetes layer crashes causing massive outages. Makes support calls that go like "there is nothing I can do, you can pray to Google god that they restart their services and it runs correctly."

  33. Mib

    MibIl y a 6 jours

    Holy crap. A video about Kubernetes. This is my jam! I'm running a 24-node cluster on GCP with mTLS encryption provided by Istio, the service mesh, and running certmanager for issuing certificates. If you've got any questions pertaining to the cloud-native environment, gitops/devops workflow, or just Kubernetes/Openshift, please do reply to this comment! :)

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    Can you do a review on the Lenovo ligon t530 pls

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    What IBM has enough money to sponsor this video.

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    LTT team: thank you! This is the layman level info I needed. It makes everything I've been hearing of a more specific nature so much easier to digest.

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    You do realise that why you get all those thumbs down is because of your earring fetish don`t you?

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    Containers are another way to make you use someone else's computer 😆

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    Master Linus, here’s a question for you and Team Linus Media Group: What are some good PERSONAL Social Media Aggregators? Not for analytics, just so I only have to go to a single App to cruise my Social Media content, people I follow. You know, a lazy ass App⁉️⁉️ Much L♥️VE to You and the Whole of Team Linus Media Group‼️‼️‼️♥️♥️♥️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼💻💻💻🥃🥃🥃

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    Ma keyboard light AF

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    Why did this make me hungry god damit

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    If anyone was wondering about the code at 1:15

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    I would not run Netflix if you paid me...

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    What review system?

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    Linus do you still use liquid armor on your phone?

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    Can you build me a pc plz ??

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    There're so many things wrong in this video...

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    My liked container activated this video's thumb up button. Linus joke on containers made me activate the like container.

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    For all you complaining about the issues with this video: they already know. If they didn't before, the Floatplane comments were all the same but they must have figured that the clickbait, thumbs down and all the inaccuracies and controversies spawning comments would help the video/channel in the algorithm.

  50. Preston Goode

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    Here is a link to the Netflix architecture design: If you said the title was click-bait, you have to watch this video. PS: The title wasn't clickbait

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    make the most powerful rasberry pi ever

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    I never thought Linus Does Click Bait. Seriously matey..... you are a legend - and easily can do better than a click bait.

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    So can each of my 144fps be put into their own container? So if one has an issue I'm still left with 143fps?

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    Darn it, show us how you set up your own kubernetes for a job in your office Linus !

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    People commenting that the tittle is a click-bait does not comprehend at all. No offence. I am not saying that their brain has problems, but it is just that they do not comprehend.

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    does anyone else wonder if linus vapes outside of camera hours

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    This is exactly what we are doing ride now while studying Computer Science

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    I like listening to the Honey ads but I don't want to install it.

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    wow you get IBM to sponsor you? you should get a servercenter episode with showing cool servers or how they build them - that would be cool

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    Wait... no LTT store dot com plug?

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