The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant


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    bernette NuwusabIl y a 13 heures

    Would legalizing all drugs lower world population

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    >20K comments! People really love this vid.

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    "War is something humans decided not to do anymore." Sure

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    COntinue this ant series pleaseeee

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    wauuu so cool,can you make a video about bees?

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    Brian BobbIl y a 3 minutes

    This is pretty similar to my school Class vrs class. The winners get plus 5 respect, while the others lose their dignity

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    sofia cherry estudiosIl y a 16 minutes

    Cuanto drama y suspenso con esas hormigas😂

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    I heard the leaf cutter ant is getting nerfed in the next update

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    Why does this sound like it's such a good game plot?

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    i am but a single human therefore i am useless

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    They should make a movie or show on this. Like Game of Thrones Ant version

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    Imagine every single ant on earth was in one place at the same time.

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    Wtf ants are this wholesome?

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    Akashi MitsumotoIl y a heure

    Your video quality never stops getting better. It felt like I was watching a film this time! Really enjoyable and can't wait for pt.2!

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    Would be nice if you get your own channel and broadcast such videos all day long. I could watch it like Nat Geo Wild :)

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    WWA 2

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    ants are literally just the ZERG, but smol. imagine if big ants came about lmao

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    love from turkey

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    Please make a video about bionic

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    pls more ant videos

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    can you do what if the black hole exploded pls

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    And now to go back to watching ants canada getting stung lol

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    *Here's an interesting story about why I hate ants* One day when we were with scouts camping in European Alps on a hot summer day, our scout leader, whatever you whanna call it gave us a challenge The challenge was to pack things up and head directly to the highest peak we could climb and take a group selfie and then return the next day Since our campsite was in a V shaped valley we had a long way to get to the peak After 6 hours of walking up the mountain we found a farm, which was right next to the peak. We went by, took a group selfie, returned back and made a deal with the local farmer for an exchange of our labor he would provide us with a meal and a place to sleep in the barn. We helped him out with some task, got our meal and some food for the next day and headed to sleep The next morning he advised us to take his path down the mountain. We took his advice and decended down the mountain But as we were in decending the path was getting smaller and smaller and the angle of the mountain steper and steper. At some point we had to slide on our buts to make it safely downwards. It was one heck of a dangerous experience. My friend got hit by a falling rock about the size of a tennis ball, unfortunately it landed right on his head and knocked him out for a second. He was ok later, thankfully But the same could not be said for me, because when we were sliding down I landed face-forward into a giant surface ant colony I had ants of what appeared to me an enormous size all over my body. They were crawling in my ears, nose, hands, legs, and even the pp area I was so traumatized after that encounter that even now 2 years later if I see an ant crawling on me I scream like a teenage girl, for which my friends laugh at me I will never forget what happened that day and I truly hope this doesn't happen to me ever again or others around me P:S sorry for spelling errors, I'm on an phone and it's late so quite frankly I'm too lazy to correct anything right now

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    JoannaIl y a 2 heures

    Sad, in a way, but definitely badass.

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    D CheemaIl y a 3 heures

    There is an amazing BBC documentary, on ANTS I think it is narrated by David Attenborough.

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    Holy shit ants are fuckin cool

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    i like birds

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    Very interesting!

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    i want this to be a movie, now

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    I would like to know how we smell(verb) and why we like certain smells rather than others

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    Marc GertschIl y a 5 heures

    Der deutsche Untertitel wiederholt sich 3x? Vielecht ist das nur bei mir so, falls nicht wollte es kurz sagen :)

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    Please make a video about time dilation and the lurentz theory.

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    Moha JordanIl y a 5 heures

    ants kill species against other species of ants We are the only species that fights against others of the same species, you will never see a rat setting an anti-rat trap to another rat

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    CorrectColt8407 isthenameIl y a 5 heures

    It was like a movie

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    Benjamin PaulisIl y a 5 heures

    All the ants lived together in peace *until the fire ants attacked*

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    icemtelIl y a 6 heures

    That's super interesting topic, buuut in this case a footage from the field (there are plenty I am sure) is so much better than a cartoon! Of course, that's not a kurzgesagt style, but without real ant images this topic feels so incomplete.

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    Jive JuniorIl y a 6 heures

    Sad, in a way, but definitely badass.

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    Samuel CarrilloIl y a 6 heures

    And now to go back to watching ants canada getting stung lol

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    Yes I was there....FOR THE started in my backyard...

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    The visuals really bring the video to life.

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    what software do you use? yours are the most interesting videos on the youtube

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    So good!

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    Lone survivor ant: its quiet now, they came with beast from the blackness, with their claws and fangs, they grabbed them. Leaf cutter ant: stares at the corpses left on a tree. Me: 😃 🍿 🍿

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    How do I make a bird that can be featured?

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    Who tf let them play videogames?!?

  49. Andrew Marx

    Andrew MarxIl y a 8 heures

    I think that we, as a species, have stopped investing so much in war _partly_ because it's rather unpleasant, personally, and our enemies are better to us alive than dead, economically, but _mostly_ because we have reached the point where our weapons technology have the potential to kill all of us, not just the enemy. The threat of mutually assured destruction is not only _completely insane_ but also _entirely necessary_ due to sheer pragmatism. If humanity lived on the interior of a Dyson sphere constructed with alien materials and technologies that are well beyond anything with which humanity can come up, would we still fight over essentially unlimited resources until we spread across the entire sphere, or would we at first live in harmony, then fight as our population approaches the high quintillions?

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    please do not ban Russian videos with translation

  51. The Vader that is Darth

    The Vader that is DarthIl y a 8 heures

    Humans: We are the most warmongering species on this planet Ants: Bitch am I a joke to you!?!

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    Out of 20k comments, you found mine Have a stale cookie 🍪

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    don't know if this is true but i like it!

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    Ok this is really cool! I love it

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    4:13 You could make an exact recreation of one of the Lion King scenes here... Such opportunity wasted :(... Great video nonetheless :D... Can't wait for the next ones.

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    More ant videos

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    Adi SiIl y a 9 heures

    nice video. one question: how do the attacked antspecies survive and don´t extinct?

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    Luijay TuazonIl y a 9 heures

    Fact:Smart ants use there brain to survive.

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    Plz do more space videos

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    These are humans but they don’t have rules

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    These ant mfs crazy bruh

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    War.... War never changes...

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    Who tf let them play videogames?!?

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    Next video They did surgery on a grape I know ,it's a dead meme

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    Sooo... Hodor was basically just a square head ant. 🐜

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    Kurzgesagt ia there away to make some sort of oxygen converter turning carbon/toxic fumes to turn into oxygen stong enough to overcome the negative effects of natural resource based genarater

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    World of warAnts

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    Assassin's Creed: Ants?

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    Meanwhile me thinking that bullet ants are literally just an army of Madara's

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    Why can swear words be offensive and what are the oringins of swear words?

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    Что, тоже в поиске русскоязычных комментариев под этим видео?

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    Ants produce more co2 than man does.

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    Also awsome vids

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    Hurry up

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    I've seen a huge battle before. Its nearby our sink. Its a big battle between fire ants and the black ants. As I watched, they both get very huge casualties. I can't see who won but I think the fire ants won. Today, all I see is them in a peacful truce.

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    Please sub Indonesia

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    Make a video to debunk alt medicine

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    Army ants are genghis khan's hordes basically

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    When is the part? Hahahah been waiting for like a week now hahaha been binge watching your vids lately

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    Would legalizing all drugs lower the world population

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    Long ago all ant nations lived in harmony then everything changed when the fire ants attacked

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    "humans have diceded that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore" are we living in the same word..?!

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    This video was antbitious

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    I love that this channel is getting in depth with evolutionary biology. And specifically on certain species

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    I'm the useless ant.

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    who was supporting peace

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    1981:in the future we will have lasers in wars 2019:we have big headed ants to seal their holes