The Wildest NBA Facts No One Has Ever Told You


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    Boys, we made it. #50 on trending! 🔥🔥

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    JxmyHighroller nice slight to Jordan about 66 players with perfect finals records but how many have 6 with perfect records, probably very few that aren’t bulls. Lebron has the most playoff points but played longer , jordan has highest playoff score in history, lebron has most double digit games? Big deal his finals losses and career meltdowns make him look like a cry baby, wonder what his excuse next season will be. The best scorer in history is mj , also one of the best defenders in history, still waiting on lebron to get a dpoty and mvp in the same year or even dpoty period. How bout practicing your foul shots, I probably shoot better lol

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    JxmyHighroller You might be wrong about Lebron's streak. If I remember correctly, Lebron scored 8 points in the Dallas-Miami NBA Finals.

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    Aye let's go

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    @JxmyHighroller who are you a fan of?

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    I hope Jimmy will read my request for a school project that I e-mailed him He's a GOAT

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    Yo a vid on Lillard!!!! Especially after last night

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    i bet you jerk off to jordan

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    20 20 21.... 735 shots.

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    Can u make a video on tamir Goodman the Jewish Jordan

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    Yooo make a video on the Bol no body talks about. His name is Moses Bol

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    Now THAT"S how you end a video!!!!!!!!

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    The Utah Jazz blew a 3-0 lead to the Phoenix suns in 2k

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    Yao Ming made it into the HOF so quickly to boost viewership and support for the NBA in China. Duh!

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    LeBron is the GOAT

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    Lebron !

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    That back ground beat ooooh

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    That Lebron reveal at the end shocked tf outta me 😳😳😳🤯

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    I tried to go back and watch videos of jimmys that I havent seen yet, couldn’t find any.

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    The song in the beginning name?

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    I m d e p r e s s e d

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    Yao Ming went in so fast because of the NBA expansion into China. He was a key to all those extra dollars made there. It was definitely TOP PRIORITY to the billionaire owners.... He was SO big there he basically walked in every Allstar appearance just based off votes.

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    Most satisfying FRreporterr voice ever.

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    My guy knows how to end a video

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    Make a video on how good jcole really was

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    what's the song at 0:55?

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    Yo I went to high school with you. It's cool seeing someone from CHS make it on youtube

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    Anyone know what his new background music is called???

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    7:12 Magic Johnson looks like Kyrie Irving

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    Considering basketball is completely a team sport, the first stat is not impressive at all.

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    Draymond never carried a team

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    None of these are auprosin

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    There is 20 Celtics on that list of undefeated list another 10-15 Lakers. So not that crazy.

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    Did you hear that Lamelo Ball and Carmelo Anthony May be playing in China or Australia? Hoping they go to Australia

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    Change the background music already🙄

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    This is false Kyrie has the highest

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    Do more 1v1's!!!

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    Yeah the end of the video can duck my dick wtf. Good shit tho

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    Stop saying shit everybody know

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    Absolutely love these.

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    i love this ending so much...

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    The "super stacked" team of Miami Heat had Joel Anthony as their starting center and had to face the starting fives of Fisher Bryant Artest Gasol Bynum and Rondo Allen Pierce Green Garnett. So yeah that Miami team was soooooo stacked having that bum as a starting center and even their bench... Guys like Pittman old Bibby old Miller old Eddie House old Mike Dampier just attrocious.

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    How is only Draymond Green the winningest player? Why not all the rest of them?🤔someone explain!

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    Justus Bearden it’s counting the games HE actually played in. Don’t count injuries and all that. When he ACTUALLY played in those games 74.% out of 100% were wins. Hope that helps because I’m probably wrong Idk Man. 😂😭

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    LeBron goat don't @ me

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    What about Greens triple double with no points

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    Austin Sweatt is so biased against Russ. To that faggot 20/20/21= overrated

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    Yo Jimmy, here's a suggestion: a video about what if a disaster draft happened to any of the teams

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    Jxmy pls react to the "Why LEBRON JAMES is SUPER OVERRATED", from Sports live channel, he is such a hater

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    I think the real question is what was Wilts streak?

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    Where's Wilt on the streak chart?

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    That’s weird the nba rule said you had to be retired for 6 years to get into the Hall of fame

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    Holy crap your channel blew up man, I am happy for you!

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    13:10 what about wilt?

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    What about Stephen Curry's Consecutive games with double digit scoring record? How high is his?

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    I guess lamelo ball has a 222 streak🤣🤣🤣🤣12:12

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    tv watchers that’s Carmelo Anthony

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    Fun fact: Pau Gasol holds the NBA record for 3 point percentage in a season with an absurd .538% in the 2016-17 season. He shot 56/104 threes, thus qualifying for the record. He beat Kyle Korver's previous record of .536% in 2009-10, where Kyle made 59/110 threes. This makes Pau Gasol one of the greatest three point shooters of all time lol

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    What's the song in the intro??

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    But Yao just played 8 seasons so if you play 20 seasons you are already 12 seasons later in the HOF

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    good assed facts

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    your voice is so soothing :)))

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    Did you know that several people have been voted MVP without making the NBA first team?

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    That last bit was basically chart party lol.

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    Bro the call ending😳😳

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    About yao, he had short career and that is why the gap between rookie year and HoF is so short

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    he can't even get past the first round.. big deal

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    G.O.A.T. JAMES

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    What’s wilts streak at tho

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    Didn't Lebron score 9 points in a 2014 playoff game?

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    Bill Russell 11-1, goddamn

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    928 games damn LeBron

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    Fact 1. Get the fuck out here, trynna diminish Jordan's 6-0. Bitch gtfo here Fact 2. You tried to make Jordan look like he lived in a weak era with that 30 win playoff team Fact 3. Rodman hype train to make it seem Jordan had a better supporting cast than Lebitch Last Fact. you made Jordan look second to Lebitch for a longevity record? You Jordan hatin, Lebron loving ass bitch. Unsubscribing

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    4:53 to 5:00 why Michael Jordan's the MVP

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    Please do a video about Gilbert arenas

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    Russell Westbrook this year: I want to get a 20-20-20 Russell Westbrook next year: Fuck that 30-30-30 is coming

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    I went crazy when lebron was not in that list.... lmaoo

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    Top players with consecutive games with double digit scoring... JORDAN:866... *AWESOME* LeBRON:928... *INCREDIBLE* THE FACE OF ALL THE JORDAN FANS WHO HATE LeBRON... *PRICELESS*

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    Didn’t lebron score like 7 in the finals one time

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    FUCK LeBron.. He's a pretender

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    That last fact gave me goosebumps that’s crazy basically king James scored double digits from his debut til now ?

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    Not exactly, its just pretty much the last time he didnt score at least 10 which was back in January of 2007 up until now is the streak of games.

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    That last bit should include games missed. If you miss a game you scored 0 points.

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    How does that make sense at all? If you play 0 seconds how is that going to count against you? Thats like saying your PPG should go down after every game you missed because you scored "0 points."

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