The Wildest NBA Facts No One Has Ever Told You


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    Boys, we made it. #50 on trending! 🔥🔥

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    Walter Williams yea that’s the last time he scored single points

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    JxmyHighroller you’re very successful using NBA footage I wanted to do the same thing while educating people about the game do you have any tips I can use

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    @DiegoTheKing 21 Trap Sax

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    Yeahhhh boyeeee

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    Does anyone know that LeBron is he youngest play to get 1,000 points, 5000,1000, and even 30000. It helps that he came into the league after highschool and was the star of the team

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    MJ is the Goat Wait keep scrolling , no scroll some more , yes I know keep going up , oh ok there he is LBJ at the top of damn near every stat when it's all said and done I'll wait just like you will have to when scrolling up the stats charts to find LeBrons name MJ is the Goat LeBron - Hold my Beer

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    they inducted yao so soon because china is a big market and a lot of potential revenue for the NBA and it builds hype over there

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    Never change the backround music

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    Lebron from the free throw line lol still a goat 💯 y’all follow me on ig @ shifty_jj I’ll follow back thanks lol

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    Lebron the goat

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    Lebron is the goat

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    is nobody gonna talk about how ALL THOSE LEGENDS (and current all stars) have only 2 two td's while westbrook got 2 td's IN A GAME.

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    So your telling me that Draymond Green have the highest winning percentage in the league today but he can't guard Pascal Siakam in the finals? Seems legit

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    Wait, Wilt didn't even make the list for 2-digit scoring streak??? Inconceivable!!

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    Rest in peace John Havlicek A true winner and legend

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    The Ending was Perfect!!

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    Also active

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    Draymond greens other record: kicking nuts two times to the same person

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    Bro bring back the sax

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    Most shocking to me: Horace Grant was the 3rd highest paid player in the league in 97/98.

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    Damn that last fact set with the chart was cool

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    Wilt not on the list at the end?

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    LeBron is overated

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    Who else got a rocket mortgage ad

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    The end was fucking fire

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    13 three pointers per game. Pete Maravich accidentally set a record that didn't exist. Legend.

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    Great video. +1 subscriber

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    Lebron has 1k more playoff points, but 3 less rings than Jordan..........smh

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    I was looking for JAMES at the end, I’m like what the hell. Lol

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    Damn ur videos be 🔥 Yao Ming was that shit!

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    That last Rodman stat.... :-O

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    This is one of the best videos i've ever seen.

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    God that ending...

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    I live in SA and the One and only time I ever got to watch Lebron in person he scored 6 points against us. I just wanted to see him go off it sucked

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    like the last part bro I literally cant believe mj is in the top but lebron is no where near xD and then oh I forgot xD #TeamLebron #MJrespect

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    The greatest sound track ever... 🔥

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    Kawhi broke draymonds record

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    Damn this video was just so silky smooth... I was expecting something far less interesting and definitely more *(obnoxious mike korzemba voice) nUmBeR oOoNnNnNeEeEeEe....* By the way great voice for narration.

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    not anymore, KL is the most winning player now.

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    omg are blatantly pushing your ties to the do other ppl not see this? lol

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    This video was GREAT! The transitions from one record to the next were fluid as hell and the LeBron flex at the end made me laugh out loud because it’s so crazy!

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    Yao Ming only inducted to hold interest in China 🇨🇳 NBA is a business more eyes tha better!!!

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    Yo wat beat is td hat in the background 🙏🔥🔥🔥

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    6:55 history changing before our eyes. 7:53 everyone loves to pretend they hate Boston. 8:26 just ignore the Jazz scoring 151 there vs the 148 of den... look at those scores. pause the video and look at them. Where's the defense at?

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    Lebron scored 8 points in game 4 of the 2011 finals

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    Who the fuck doesn’t call Lebron the GOAT

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    11:57 He got them airpods

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    great ending to the video to be fair , it was intense 😄