The Strokes - At The Door (Official Video)


  1. Skins

    SkinsIl y a jour

    Buenardooo Buenardooo

  2. ailton lins

    ailton linsIl y a jour

    Brasil ama vocês.

  3. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar SanchezIl y a jour


  4. Axel De jesus Gallegos

    Axel De jesus GallegosIl y a jour

    1M or subscribers 😻

  5. Carmen Trujillo

    Carmen TrujilloIl y a jour

    Video más hermoso

  6. rudtv

    rudtvIl y a jour

    Those synths sound so similar to the Usher track DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again

  7. MrLckyJ

    MrLckyJIl y a jour

    Goddamnit. I’ll always love The Strokes.

  8. Nirav Rai

    Nirav RaiIl y a jour

    bruhhh= this is trippy as fuck

  9. secret owl

    secret owlIl y a jour

    WhAts does mean the videos ?

  10. Daniel Aguirre

    Daniel AguirreIl y a jour

    Qué decepcionante. Julian Casablancas esta cada vez más loco que una cabra 😑

  11. Joshua Killfoil

    Joshua KillfoilIl y a jour

    Amazing video, boring song

  12. Brenda Fuchs

    Brenda FuchsIl y a jour

    we don't deserve u

  13. Aiman Durrani

    Aiman DurraniIl y a jour

    Yup. Still got it.

  14. bahari Pascal

    bahari PascalIl y a jour

    daft punk atmosphere's

  15. Dane Burlingame

    Dane BurlingameIl y a jour

    This song is so powerful..

  16. Raúl Morón López

    Raúl Morón LópezIl y a jour

    This video has big Love + Death + Robots vibes

  17. Joaquin Diaz

    Joaquin DiazIl y a jour

    What supposed that is the thing in the min 3:18??

  18. Dionizio Santos

    Dionizio SantosIl y a jour

    Strokes F. C. Sempre😍

  19. Emilio

    EmilioIl y a jour


  20. Lalo Diaz

    Lalo DiazIl y a jour

    Hay mucho nombre latino en la descripcion? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  21. Riley Naehu

    Riley NaehuIl y a jour

    I can't be the only who doesn't know who tf this is?right...

  22. Juani Froemel

    Juani FroemelIl y a jour

    Alguien encontró parecido el coro a "No Me Hables De Sufrir" de los Bunkers????

  23. DoctorDisco [SweetTv]

    DoctorDisco [SweetTv]Il y a jour

    No one : The otomatone:

  24. Gli Urcia

    Gli UrciaIl y a jour

    Dios mio, que belleza🌙🔥

  25. jahhaahaha12

    jahhaahaha12Il y a jour

    We're all still broken inside and it affects in ways that we feel have an invisible fight, and we feel fragile to these feeling so I'd understand he depict himself as a kid. His Melody and poetry is what made me wait for home to drop stuff like this

  26. jahhaahaha12

    jahhaahaha12Il y a jour

    Unless he's saying he's ready to pass and his life is in a realization state

  27. Luciano Ribeiro

    Luciano RibeiroIl y a jour

    Beautiful! But put drums and guitars

  28. Hilmi Ali

    Hilmi AliIl y a jour

    Ello Ze Strokes!

  29. Zack Zallie

    Zack ZallieIl y a jour

    I can't believe this is not on trending, but Justin Bieber's Yummy was. Not surprised consider how music industry was like.

  30. Isa ac

    Isa acIl y a jour

    I dig this musically but damn julian lighten the fuck up.

  31. mikeymike4sophie

    mikeymike4sophieIl y a jour

    Your opinion is important

  32. Dżon Watson

    Dżon WatsonIl y a jour

    This is such a great comeback!!!

  33. James Stewart

    James StewartIl y a jour

    After hearing this I’m really looking forward to the new album

  34. Andrea Ximena Robles Moquillaza

    Andrea Ximena Robles MoquillazaIl y a jour

    Alto trauma pero lo amo dou 💕🥴

  35. Gustavo Aguila

    Gustavo AguilaIl y a jour

    Strong Daft Punk vibes on this one

  36. François Fillon

    François FillonIl y a jour

    Get freaked out from a knock AT THE DOOR ...

  37. Ace Miller

    Ace MillerIl y a jour

    Watership down? o-0

  38. Eye of modernity

    Eye of modernityIl y a jour


  39. shane michaels

    shane michaelsIl y a jour

    this song sounds like it should’ve been on Angles. That was their last good record...still my favorite band

  40. P Burrows

    P BurrowsIl y a jour

    Christ this sucks

  41. Jaime Moreno

    Jaime MorenoIl y a jour

    Loving the Heavy Metal influence and references

  42. Jefferson Gomes Moreira Morais

    Jefferson Gomes Moreira MoraisIl y a jour

    Cara, que saudade desses caras!!! Clip impecável me fez sentir nos inícios dos anos 2000.

  43. i am not a virgin

    i am not a virginIl y a jour


  44. Alan Francisco García García

    Alan Francisco García GarcíaIl y a jour

    Dis is: 60% daft punk 20% de strokess 20% de voidzz

  45. A C

    A CIl y a jour

    The parallels between daft punk's discovery and the evolution of Julian's expression continue to populate

  46. BadJovi praying

    BadJovi prayingIl y a jour

    i am in love with this song

  47. Dexxa

    DexxaIl y a jour

    Is evolution baby

  48. スニーカー

    スニーカーIl y a jour


  49. Alan Ayazyam

    Alan AyazyamIl y a jour

    Love you guys so much....

  50. Alan Ayazyam

    Alan AyazyamIl y a jour

    That look of confusion that the bunny has when it gets slashed across the face, as if confused as to why anyone would want to hurt someone like’s heartbreaking.

  51. The Bunker

    The BunkerIl y a jour

    I don't know which I like more the song or the video. This is a masterpiece!

  52. Alan Ayazyam

    Alan AyazyamIl y a jour


  53. Todd Carlson

    Todd CarlsonIl y a jour

    watership down?

  54. Paige H

    Paige HIl y a jour

    I could watch a whole series like this, just stunning weird and emotional animation. Alternatively I'd pay a lot of money for a full colour poster.

  55. Hard Work

    Hard WorkIl y a jour

    Podría considerarse que para llegar a la fuente de nuestro poder, debemos atravesar incluso la espesa niebla de la muerte. Y entender que hundirnos, es también levantarse...

  56. dario HC

    dario HCIl y a jour

    Brandon flowers is into spanking

  57. Dalia Cadena

    Dalia CadenaIl y a jour


  58. FuckinLibertine

    FuckinLibertineIl y a jour


  59. Cristobal Bragagnolo

    Cristobal BragagnoloIl y a jour

    Chet faker on bad acid playing Daft Pink instruments?

  60. Lycan

    LycanIl y a jour

    the strokes deliver, as usual

  61. Marky Mark

    Marky MarkIl y a jour

    Shout out to the animators for the video

  62. podemos llegar a 10.000 sub con una avioneta?

    podemos llegar a 10.000 sub con una avioneta?Il y a jour

    1.000.000 Subs