The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?


  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellIl y a 2 mois

    Dive into sources and further reading here: Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover - we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously. Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

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    Clint Ofray did your brain kill itself because it knew you were no hope

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    vaccines are not subject to the safety rigors undergone by other pharmaceuticals in the FDA approval process. There are no large scale, double-blind, placebo controlled studies. And, in the one 1930 human study of thimerosal that predated its use in vaccines, all the subjects injected with thimerosal died. In 2004, an FDA official acknowledged in testimony before a Congressional committee, that no government or privately funded study has ever demonstrated thimerosal’s safety. On the other hand, there is plenty of science suggesting that thimerosal is NOT safe. Several hundred studies available on PubMed link thimerosal exposure to the neurodevelopmental and immune system diseases that are now epidemic in the generation of American children born after the CDC dramatically increased childhood thimerosal exposure starting in 1988. My book, Thimerosal- Let the Science Speak, summarizes these studies. The scientific literature inculpates increased thimerosal exposure as a culprit in the explosion of ADD, ADHD, speech delay, narcolepsy, SIDS, ASD, seizure disorder, tics and anaphylaxis, including asthma and food allergies. According to the CDC, one in six American children-the so called “thimerosal generation”-now suffers from a developmental disability. We have published a compendium of 80 published, peer-reviewed studies that strongly suggest a link between thimerosal exposure and autism.

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    I'm sorry, but we are the sickest species ON THE PLANET. Just think about that for ONE minute. Our gut microbiome is being sterilized by pesticides like round up, and we are told they are safe(yes, they kill the bacteria in your gut - shocker), but DON'T WORRY, they have something you can buy for that. We are developing autoimmune diseases left and right. A study was just released that shows how millennials health plummets at around age 27, and no one is concerned that it's something to do with out healthcare? "healthcare" - that's a misnomer at this point. The SAME people that push round-up as being safe(now proven to cause cancer in a court of law), "provide" us with cancer treatments and vaccines. The same people who sell us vaccines, treat our children of these chronic illnesses. NO ONE is brave enough(or intelligent enough) to raise an eyebrow to that? Oh, wait, they are, but then they are told they are just crazy conspiracy theorists who are probably literally hitler and voted for trump. And people fall for it because it makes them FEEL safe. Meanwhile over FIFTY PERCENT of our youth(YOUTH!) have chronic illnesses that the AMA says they will NEVER recover from. And it's not enough for these mega corps to make millions or billions, now they are pushing for trillions. That's not fishy to you guys? I swear, people have thrown common sense directly out of the nearest window for, "double blind published data" We will NEVER get it. There are too many variables involved and you know this, that's why you keep asking. Honestly it makes me sick and people who are working for them should be ashamed of themselves. They aren't, because they have money in the bank, but one day, people are going to have had enough and they will be found and prosecuted. How many more of our loved ones have to suffer and die before it gets to that point?

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    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell epic

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    thank you for making this video, its been a great help for my social justice project. I hope to use this as a source to help write my letter to a politician, (who is undecided as of writing this), I really hope to make a change and to make vaccinations more mandatory in the united states!

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    Hey remember polio and how nobody gets it anymore?

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    God, this video is the perfect bait for antivaxers. The thumbnail and title perfectly attract the karens. You add an enticing hook about the "risks" and then go into how vaccines are an Amazon creation. 10/10

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    It’s fucking bullshit that I can only like this once

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    All dislikes are from anti-vaxxers

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    Why the hell does FRreporter not put THIS on the trending page?? (Ok, I know WHY, but still)

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    7,9k of anti-vax mothers

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    My child is allregic to seatbelts. I don't even have a child.

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    Bu video cok önemliydi aşı karşıtı bir video olsaydı kanalı engelleyecektim. Teşekkürler kurgesagt.

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    Fortunately, smart people are in the majority; )

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    It's 2019, and we have to make this video

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    my professor once said, “you’re basically injecting a mugshot of the bad guys into your body for the good guys to fight off.”

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    *has the most dangerous disease* Doctor: put a band-aid on him this is only a animation



    Still get vacintated it good 👍

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    , before the vaccination i had developede an allergie and when go for the vaccination of the H1n1( French name) i go internationale hospitol

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    The only thing you will catch from Vascine is being alive

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    As modern days gets more advanced, some people get dumber. Vaccines exists for a reason. In third world countries, it's especially necessary as diseases like measles is still pretty common.

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    There’s a vaccine in Area 51 that doesn’t cause autism

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    Wonder what would happen if an antivax mom watched this?

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    I have been vaccines to autism yet I still have it

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    There is no vaccine for autism because it's nothing material - not bacteria, not a virus, not a fungus. It's a psychological problem. So they're is nothing to fight off with vaccines! It's a game of the mind...

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    Please do more videos dudes!!!

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    Please someone make bulgarian subtitles!

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    how about you learn some english

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    Vaccines cause a… adulthood…

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    Video: the risks of vaccines Karen *oh yeah* Karen during disease part: these effects aren't so bad, why are people afraid? Karen during vaccine part: OMG THESE EFFECTS ARE WAY TOO DANGEROUS BIG PHARMA IS KILLING ME

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    This video explained vaccines so simple even retards can understand it... I see what you did there kurzgesagt ;)

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    Memory cells = PTSD cells

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    Can vaccines produce stronger bacteria/viruses every year? Can this lead to stronger vaccines every year? Does this have a limit? What if you forget to take vaccines as frequently as you should?

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    As Willy Wonka would say: _"strike that - reverse it."_ Actually unvaccinated people are what promote new strains of pathogens. Vaccines prevent an active infection occurring. An active infection = means the pathogen in you is replicating beyond your immune system's capacity to destroy it. So no active infection = no replication. Meanwhile when unvaccinated get sick they are allowing the pathogen in their body to replicate = which can give rise to new mutations occurring. So anti-vaxxers are the one actually promoting the rise of new and potentially worse infectious diseases - not the vaccinated. I'll give you an example. The MMR has been around since the early 1970's. All MMR vaccines employ the Type A genotype of the MeV virus which causes measles. All current genotypes found around the planet today causing measles outbreaks = non-Type A strains. So Type A MeV was eradicated from human populations via decades of vaccine employment. Meanwhile we see other strains exist solely as a result of endemic measles infections around the planet as a result of unvaccinated people = infections which the MMR could eradicate if people would only use the vaccine. So 40+ years of MMR use has not given rise to a more virulent strain of the virus. What is actually sad is that the MeV virus - like the Variola virus which caused smallpox = only exists in humans. Accordingly we could eradicate measles within a generation if people would simply get their MMR shots as they are supposed to. Have a nice day.

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    (a) no (b) no and (c) your immunity lapses or gets weaker so you're at higher risk of infection

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    i sure hope there are only 35 000 000 anti-vaxxers out there 35 000 000 out of 7 000 000 000 is 5% of our population

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    who else alr know how vaccines work but just want to see the video?

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    If I showed this to my anti vaxx mom she would just say this people are making it up and doing it for the money. It annoys me so much and I can’t do anything about it to get vaccinated. She also says “look I didn’t get vaccinated and nothing happened to me”. It pisses me off so much

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    The dislikes are anti-vacs

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    Surprisingly my dad was the anti vaxx one but since they were divorced and my mom had full custody, I made it to 13! I just now showed him this and I hope it will change his mind

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    Good for you. I hope your dad well, and i wish your comment gets many likes.

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    Saying vaccines and autism are linked is liked saying school causes disabilities (like being in a wheelchair)

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    What if the anti vaccination thing was started by coffin company

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    There is no risk (unless your allergic but that’s just something made up by antivaxxers, I think)

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    and go figure the comment section is an echo chamber

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    Dont vaccinate your kids,you could kill them Just let a doctor do it, dummy!

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    Nice joke.

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    Me: God can we have some of our extinct animals back. God: Ok. Anti-vaxxers: Makes God accidentally bring measles back instead.

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    And some idiots will not even watch this, and continue their unvaccinated life. What the fuck do you think, Karen? Go on, go to that useless Restaurant and eat your shit. When you come back, pay the goddamn Babysitter her money. She probaly caught the measles too, because of your stupid parenting. No wonder why your husband left you. When that Babysitter comes home, takes care of his kids, then tomorrow, they all will probaly be infected with fucking measles. They also have a chance of dying. While you are posting false shit on social media, saying that 'mY kId Is UnVaCcInAtEd AnD hE iS fInE', They might die. After that, will you say sorry? Will you feel sorry? Or just complain that the Babysitter is not coming to work? And this could all be prevented by a vaccine... A. Single. Vaccine. Is it THAT hard, Karen?

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    The 7.9k dislikes are anti vaxxers

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    7:09 "so we vaccinated 10'000'000 kids"


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    We should isolate anti vaxxers for 10 years and see if they live through it and if they change their minds about vaccines

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    Well they have feelings to you know.

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    I actully think i know why this video has such a click-baity title. Its made so that Kurzgesagt can trick Anti-Vaxxers in order to watch this video. And learn that Vaccines actully help us.

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    @Fredric Bagguette It is not clickbait. But the tiltle sounds like clickbait.

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    Milka Bogovac how is this clickbait?

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    0:40 Wow. Did not know that the human body works like a C&C game. (The more you know :D)

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    Strange, but i am unvaccinated, i have a very weak immune system but i was vaccinated only when i was borned. I never was infected with Flu or any other serious disease except chikenpocks. I do not use vaccines because virus is often mutating, and there is chance to get complications, so if i have a vaccine from flu stamm in 2018, i won't be protected from 2019 stamm, but newborned have to be vaccinated because their immune system is to weak to protect themselves.

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    Приморский Маппер You live in Russia where you don't really have to worry about measles outbreaks.

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    well the anti-vaxxers are a part of a grand scheme devised by them old diseases that are making a comeback~

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    I died laughing at 3:03. Damn you guys are RUTHLESS.

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    Karen who wants the planet to shrivel up and die: I think I should create anti vaccinators so more people die. Dumb people who dont care about their children's safety: YES

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    Before I was vaccinated I was sick all the time it was repetitive and annoying taking medications and pills and later in my school they did a vaccination program I told my parents about that and accepted now I get hardly sick.