The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained


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    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellIl y a 11 jours

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    feeling cute today... might start ww3 later... no biggie

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    hmmm... a tungsten bullet in a railgun might work but the atmosphere is going to f up my trayectory...

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    Hmm... how much powder does it take to shoot a bullet into space and how do I calculate the trajectory of the bullet in correlation to a satellite...

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    Please do one on baby formula

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    I love that intro, Kurzgesagt team! Kreu? I should be a patron soon, and thanks for doing the work of Lightbringer

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    the animation style and the narrator always reminds me of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy when they are accessing the actual hitchhikers guide to the galaxy in the film ;)

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    Doesn’t strange quark decay too then???

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    How is this not a thing in SciFi?!!! Is this what the red matter from that Star Trek movie is?

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    Stramge matter will be found in parrol universe

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    Kurzgesagt: says literally anything My mind: blown

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    This music made the subject topic even more ominous, really spooky

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    Ah, more existential dread. Thanks for having me covered. Exurb1a hadn't posted in a while..

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    Amazing and cool concept

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    Plz do about the most likely thing to kill all humans

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    Giant gamma rays, strangelets... it seems the universe is very passionate about destroying itself and us

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    Can strange matter decay into regular matter?

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    In every single video of theirs, Kurzgesagt contributes to SCP.

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    so wait if it turns everything it touches into strange matter (supposedly) then the crust or the mantle of the neutron star change into strange matter too?

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    My lecturer showed the video on tech taking over labour, was very cool that I saw it on the big lecture screen instead of on my phone usually

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    Plz remove subtitles 😑😑

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    except because all the stuff about strangelets being super common and flying about the universe making other stars go strange doesnt seem to be happening does it. bcus we've never seen even one strange star.

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    So, if the Large Hadron Collider creates a strangelet by accident we're all screwed.

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    It seems unlikely that the principles discussed here would come to bear, seeing as the universe tends towards disorder and expansion.

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    Except, as you said, THEORETICALLY speaking, Strange matter could convert everything else into more strange matter, BUT, no one knows.

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    What a great video!! You lost me with the Kessler Syndrome video a while back but this definitely brought me back. What a great way of exploring a new branch of physics and finding something that looks entirely plausible in our universe! Edit: Kessler not Kepler

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    +Roberta ROBERTO You're right, thanks!

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    Neutron stars are the densest things that are not *U R M O M*

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    So if a strangelet hit a star what you would get is a perfectly stable perfectly stable dense indestructible star that gives of very dim light. So in other words and infinite (but weak) energy source.

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    I have so many questions, why would strange quarks only exist inside of neutron stars if they convert everything they touch? Wouldn't they convert the outside too? why aren't we observing stars wink out all the time if this is a real threat and they've existed since the birth of the universe? why hasn't it happened to us yet? how could we possibly know of all of these qualities of strange matter if its never been observed? how can we tell it even exists?

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    how could human understand something that may or may not happens in billion years?

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    Wait nuetron stars are ways denser than our sun so wouldn’t it have more mass?!.

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    2:40 All other quarks(including strange quarks) seem to decay away quickly. 4:05 Strange matter(which is made of strange quarks) is perfectly stable. Lol look at this perfect logic.

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    If strange matter is perfectly stable, then why did matter overpower it when the universe formed?

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    Go through the comments and you'll see all the joke templates kids (and bigger kids) use these days.

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    Cool but how can we prove it? Why do you sound so sure of yourself all the time?

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    I had a trip on DMT one time where I was shown the equation for how all matter in the universe works. If you ask the ultimate question while going into a DMT trip you can possibly see this as well. The ultimate question is: "Why does the observer effect the outcome?"

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    I actually believe you could've witnessed something like that. I'm interested as to how you know what it was though.

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    What'd it look like?

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    so the blob is a real fucking thing.... so much for sleep

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    This all seems very speculative and i see many holes in a lot of these theories

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    this is one of the best science videos on youtube.

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    +Edp 445 that's true to a point, but we do have knowledge that is pretty settled at least at a surface level. We know how to do chemical reactions even if we don't exactly know how atoms formed. We may not know all the workings of the universe but honestly we don't need to. Understanding what's inside neutron stars is exactly crucial information.

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    +Crawlz well to be fair everything we see is speculative.

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    Welcome to this channel. Bunch of speculative bullshit under the guise of "science." There's no proof for any of this, just like there hasn't been in a lot of them.

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    +Edp 445 yeah he says at the very end "or maybe not. It's hypothetical." But he really should stress it more. He's gonna create a bunch of people who think they understand astronomy and physics when all they're getting is a summary of theoretical ideas with no proof backing any of it. I wrote a paper about the differences between applied and theoretical science and I talked about the fact that many modern "scientists" make their living by making up theories that don't really bring us any further as a species. This stuff is all interesting but I think we need to accept the fact that were not gonna leave the solar system, and most of this stuff is just cool to think about, not to pour millions of dollars into.

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    +Crawlz you're exactly right. He doesn't really put any disclaimer that these are all theorized scenarios.

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    +Edp 445 the issue is collisions aren't very efficient so it's hard to believe that the mass would efficiently be compressed to singularity. However its quite possible that a black hole could be formed. We have no idea what happens. That's the problem with this channel. He often says things as if they're certain, but unfortunately we just don't know.

  117. Edp 445

    Edp 445Il y a jour

    +Crawlz hmm... I guess that's maybe assuming the neutron stars have the same mass but that wouldn't be true in most scenarios. the smaller neutron star would be ripped apart and slowly increase the larger stars mass while orbiting it. Then a black hole would be created and would pull the rest of the ripped matter into itself.

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    Wait so I spent my time teaching myself particle physics out of boredom and figured it was all useless... when really it’s not?! What about charm top and bottom...? What?!

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