The Lighthouse | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24


  1. Jr

    JrIl y a 18 heures

    They said What so much it doesn’t even sound like a word anymore

  2. Zufed

    ZufedIl y a 3 jours


  3. heusker

    heuskerIl y a 4 jours

    Ok Boomer

  4. Giuseppe Il Falegname

    Giuseppe Il FalegnameIl y a 5 jours

    Pattinson "WHAT" Dafoe "WHAT" Playboi Carti "What"

  5. bobo42024

    bobo42024Il y a 9 jours

    Loved it. 10/10

  6. Matt Barrowes

    Matt BarrowesIl y a 10 jours


  7. Thanos X Escrow

    Thanos X EscrowIl y a 11 jours

    So is this movie actually scary or is just another lame artsy borefest?

  8. Pixel1962

    Pixel1962Il y a 11 jours

    Go see it! It’s ‘Eraserhead’, set in a Victorian lighthouse...

  9. Moobs Mcgee

    Moobs McgeeIl y a 13 jours

    I found out about this because someone used the footage to convince me it was footage from the misadventures of flapjack movie.

  10. Evie K

    Evie KIl y a 13 jours

    Is it all in black and white? Oh how wonderful!!!

  11. Fantastic Fluffy Unicorm

    Fantastic Fluffy UnicormIl y a 16 jours


  12. Andrew Wollenburg

    Andrew WollenburgIl y a 17 jours


  13. Mikki O

    Mikki OIl y a 18 jours

    lighthouse ,once upon a time in Hollywood, motherless Brooklyn are all shit movies to me they are all in same category.

  14. Liam Beale

    Liam BealeIl y a 19 jours

    Looks like a comedy sketch off the fast show 😂 Not surprising same director as Witch as it was an absolutley terrible movie!

  15. Leethecomicbookmaker

    LeethecomicbookmakerIl y a 19 jours


  16. Jerónimo Casco

    Jerónimo CascoIl y a 19 jours

    And here i am, saying wot for the last four months trying to imitate Dafoe's voice.

  17. AJ Robinson

    AJ RobinsonIl y a 20 jours

    This film will make you re-evaluate life. I can say without a doubt this is a masterpiece

  18. chris beyer

    chris beyerIl y a 20 jours


  19. Nicer

    NicerIl y a 20 jours

    That's the villain from Spider-Man

  20. Pekrosha

    PekroshaIl y a 22 jours


  21. Wheresmyeyebrow

    WheresmyeyebrowIl y a 24 jours

    It's even greater watching this for the first time *after* seeing the movie

  22. lrod9393

    lrod9393Il y a 24 jours

    Wot tf did I just watch

  23. smoozerish

    smoozerishIl y a 25 jours

    So good I watched it 3 days in a row at home on my tv. More and more to see every viewing.

  24. Matthew Nodar

    Matthew NodarIl y a 25 jours


  25. Breece Pancake

    Breece PancakeIl y a 25 jours

    John Cleese would have been good in this movie … 'What?'

  26. Son

    SonIl y a 27 jours

    knuckle draggers

  27. Tom Buchanan

    Tom BuchananIl y a 29 jours

    I just finished this movie it was amazing and so disturbing I loved it

  28. yorkaeth fake

    yorkaeth fakeIl y a 29 jours

    -Que ? -Que?


    MORGAN CAMERONIl y a mois

    Stone Cold Steve Austin approves of this trailer

  30. Rebeca Lizarraga

    Rebeca LizarragaIl y a mois

    what kind of Béla Tarr is this -____-

  31. Bob Berch

    Bob BerchIl y a mois

    Laugh? Nearly went to brexit

  32. Reef2480

    Reef2480Il y a mois


  33. Yusuf Rai

    Yusuf RaiIl y a mois

    Wot? Pardon? Wot? Pardon?

  34. Robert DiRocco

    Robert DiRoccoIl y a mois

    Mine...mine..mine mine mine mine mine mine!!!!!!

  35. Mary S.

    Mary S.Il y a mois

    A24 never ceases do amaze me!! Just watched it and I'm blown away. This movie is terryfying, gruesome, epic.. damn, it's a masterpiece. The actors, the story, the cinematography, the sound effects, the suspense - WATCH IT - you'll be in for a treat ;) I'm still numb from what I just watched, can't really put it in words.

  36. Roberto Holanda

    Roberto HolandaIl y a mois

    Batman X Joker multiverse

  37. Derek Steinke

    Derek SteinkeIl y a mois


  38. sfericwaves

    sfericwavesIl y a mois

    This is probably one of the best trailers ever made.

  39. SHAWKLAN 27

    SHAWKLAN 27Il y a 11 jours


  40. nicejob

    nicejobIl y a mois

    Snubbed way too hard.

  41. ٰ ٰ

    ٰ ٰIl y a mois

    seriously no one talk about The Martians

  42. Casey G

    Casey GIl y a mois

    After watching the movie, I really don't like this trailer. It totally misrepresents the film, it makes it seem goofy and even calls it a "dark comey" when it's absolutely not. The few moments of humor only serve to humanize the characters so it's more disturbing when they come unhinged, not to mention they completely spoil the rant scene, which is one of the film's best. The first trailer did a way better job representing the tone.

  43. Kemuel Sinahon

    Kemuel SinahonIl y a mois

    this is such a weird movie ughhh 🤦‍♀️

  44. fiqipraramadhan

    fiqipraramadhanIl y a mois

    Man how to enjoy this film, dafoe's character's such a weird annoying old man... i felt unenthusiastic watching it just like Pattinson's character in the movie

  45. Mr. Reanu Keeves

    Mr. Reanu KeevesIl y a mois

    It's too deep haha it looks like a great film though!

  46. I want You to know

    I want You to knowIl y a mois

    Not the worst movie ever made. But pretty darn close to it

  47. Dechef Mane

    Dechef ManeIl y a mois

    No it isn't light years close to being the worst. Try out the Epic movie

  48. Gert Tobing

    Gert TobingIl y a mois


  49. Shawn O'Brien

    Shawn O'BrienIl y a mois

    Masterpiece...will go again and again

  50. Uncle Jane

    Uncle JaneIl y a mois

    I really like when a movie is in black and white like this. Similar to when an electric band performs acoustically. When some of the modern embellishments are taken away you are left with the soul of the performance. True art will still stand tall.

  51. MrUrkel0730

    MrUrkel0730Il y a mois


  52. William Frederick iversen

    William Frederick iversenIl y a mois


  53. David Brown

    David BrownIl y a mois

    This has got to be the crappiest movie I have ever sat through. I'm already 15 minutes in and want to blow my brains out because it's deathly boring. unfortunately my fiance is making me sit through this. HELP ME Sincerely, Mary

  54. Mark Arandjus

    Mark ArandjusIl y a mois

    When he said 'HAAARK!', I felt that.

  55. al g

    al gIl y a mois

    It's a damn shame this movie wasn't put out in 4k. The hdr would have been amazing... I had to buy it in lame Blu-ray.

  56. asjad2002

    asjad2002Il y a mois

    Snubbed by the golden globes 😔

  57. Joshua Kaplan

    Joshua KaplanIl y a mois

    It’s bad luck to kill a sea bird ...

  58. Toby Leatherface

    Toby LeatherfaceIl y a mois

    This was my face expression the entire movie😟

  59. itaketheSQUARE

    itaketheSQUAREIl y a mois


  60. Thomas Kaupish

    Thomas KaupishIl y a mois

    "alright have it your way... I like yer cookin''

  61. Joe Lenders

    Joe LendersIl y a mois

    As the millenials "discover" vinyl records, they now "discover" 4:3 and B&W? There is good reason we left both those formats behind. Pretentious as a Micky Spilane remake, as visually stimulating as an episode of "Gunsmoke" this movie was only on my screen 30 minutes...

  62. Nick Doss

    Nick DossIl y a mois

    Joelenders What?


    iLLxEGO AMIGOIl y a mois

    Reminds Me Of That Playboi Carti Song "What"