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  1. MzGothic Misdreavus

    MzGothic MisdreavusIl y a heure

    I remember hearing a similar story my Mr. CreepyMcPasta..... The story had a young man tho & the horse was on the other side of the river... & 3 other creatures who would try 2 lure him in 2 let the Kelpie get him.... he fights it in the water & survives.... but is 4ever scarred by the bites..... Another Scotish legend Ik about is the Banshee.... ik u did 1 4 the siren but i 4got if you did a Banshee.... I made this short poem 4 it: Never go out @ night alone. Never pick up a silver comb! Never again will u roam. For SHE will take u, flesh & bone...!

  2. Nele Plays miitopia/Techno_Rose

    Nele Plays miitopia/Techno_RoseIl y a heure

    Kelpies are magical Harry Potter creatures. but they can drown people but when you get on its back you're glued. and that's how to drown

  3. Nele Plays miitopia/Techno_Rose

    Nele Plays miitopia/Techno_RoseIl y a heure


  4. Ashuteria

    AshuteriaIl y a 2 heures

    So this is off topic and all but the where the red fern grows is actually a really good book it was recommended to me by my fourth grade teacher that was a long time ago though anyway you should read it if you can ^^

  5. ZONE Dixidia

    ZONE DixidiaIl y a 2 heures

    Damn granny

  6. Zen Tron

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    Looks like a demonic pony

  7. LaurenTheGreat

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    Where the Red Fern Grows made me cry and now I'm crying.

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    +mr pybro 6701 lolol

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    I heard of a kelpie before I didn’t really care After this OH HECK NAW No more of these videos before bed

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    That scared the mess out of me

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    Podcast 💜💜💜

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    The horse looks cute then if it turn into something creppy i would say "NEIGH" :3

  17. LaBelleDame DuManor

    LaBelleDame DuManorIl y a 3 heures

    There is an old Scottish fairy tale called the Water Bull of Benbecula, it's a story about how a young girl rescues a fairy bull calf from drowning in a bog & years later that same bull (now full grown) saves her from a Kelpie.

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    It's funny that their sponsor can help me sleep But their videos don't Meh... I love the show anyways

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    What’s the truth!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!??!??!?!'!!!!!!?!?!?!

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    Your vids make me scared and go under the covers I mean your not scary but I think it’s the story

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    The mares of diamedes?

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    You said f a b i t c h you meet me screen😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    I wish you could do Rokurokubi the long necked woman the Japanese Urban Legend:3

  24. Lyn An

    Lyn AnIl y a 7 heures

    I thought the Kelpie's a food xd

  25. Pastell wulf

    Pastell wulfIl y a 8 heures

    Isn't the kelpie in the fantastic beasts and where to find them book?

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    Just a coincidence someone must of busted their nut on the horse

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    I have camp at 8:20 am In a forest By a lake Then this video pops up in my recommendations Me: *WHY DO I HAVE CAMP AT 8?!?!?*

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    okay usually i just fine these story's interesting but im going to a cabin in the middle of the woods next to a river... for my 13th b-day...... WISH ME LUCK

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    Who reads in the woods? I'm fine playing videogames in my room.

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    Ok... I will buy purple matress after watching this video at night

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    Can you please do more dark 5 with Rachel

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    I love your FRreporter videos I binged watched all day.

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    You can see at 2:09 she had to mentally prepare herself to say that.

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    You know how this won’t happen think of all the crap you would smell like

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    1:14 V... Tae? 😂😂 I'm sorry (._. )

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    Scary monsters kelpie odd1stout

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    She said odd-odd1stout

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    New music

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    OML i love that book!!!! ( where the red firm grows)


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    Equestrians, next time you see a your or someone’s horses me careful if you a horse rider in Scotland O.O

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    Wooo! A revolver wielding grandma!

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    Want to hear something scary? I missed the notification. The most scariest part in my life.

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    The question WHY DAT GRANNY HAVE A GUN?!?!?!?!??!

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    *What's so bad about a horse? I mean it can like kick you and stuff but.. Its a horse... OH SHOOT NEVERMIND.*

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    The parent and grandmother are dumb, if the mom would stay and watch her child and tell her to never talk to ANYONE,and the grandmother could've talked to the mother.

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    What's the use of the mattress when we can't sleep because of your videos?

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    6:02 I jumped of my bed and now I have stitches thank u

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    The thumbnail made me think it was a Whole Unicorn

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    *'bout time!!!*

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    I went on a walk with my friend Bella and her sis who was 14 Jess so I was a year younger than Bella and Bella 2 years younger than her sis we went on a walk in the forest we got deep into it and the sand mixed with rock trail was fading

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    Hiiiii I love her vids❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    I have a story

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    1. Why Do We need Purple Pillow? 2.Nice Animation 3.Your Voice is Weird (no Hate) 4.I Subbed Becouse I love Horses 5.My Brother Got a Kelpie On Growtopia

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    Hahahahahahaha **makes plans to get rid of my aunt's job so we move further fron the ocean** hahahahahahahahahahaha

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    What have we learned? Don't touch horses 😊

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    Demon horses yay

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    I like your glasses😊😊

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    Could you do "The ten dreams curse" its really interesting and I think its true it came true for me and my friends (we all read it)

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    What dA fliP. iS a KelPie. ?!!???????? *me:looks like what a white horse/ kelpie means* *me again: oH thaT heLLa scArY!!!! IM NEVER GOUNG NEAR MEH. HOUSE POOL AGAIN BOI

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    My computer stopped working listening to your podcast (I’m listening to them again so I’m at “What you can’t see”

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    V? TAE?

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    I love where the red fern grows

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    Uh, Isn't a kelpie something that takes form of a few different things, It's a water spirit..? Maybe it's the dad! Right..? It drowns them! It is the father, It has to be!

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    Why didn’t she take her to the hospital 😑

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    I’m Scottish I live in Scotland and I was just at the kelpies for a Scottish Newfoundland society meeting.....

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    The thing that's not scary in the video the title music it's kinda chatchy

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    Kid: i like horses Mother: TrAtIoR

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    "inspired by V" *Kim Taehyung wtf*

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    Wanna hear something scary? sike you thought

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    Reminds me of the Norwegian Nøkken!

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    The red fern grows is a great book and movie,it’s also sad

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    When I grow older I will go to Scotland where my dad is from and I like horses so I might come across a kelp horse uwu

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    1:04 to skip ads and get right into the story

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    Wanna hear something scary? That one soda can under my bed for 3 weeks I didn’t put away.

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    Is this legend realy real😖😖😖😖😖😞😞

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    5:15 God that music is so haunting I want it as my ringtone!

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    Why these kids be trusting random things that look sus

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    Wow!!! Great story! Say... Make a video a bout the Loch Ness monster!

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    that girl is my spirit person XD (i love where the red fern grows!!!!)

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    Me before watching: *OMG ITS A UNICORN!!!!* After the video: it still a unicorn?

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    Anybody an army and thinking that the story came from v was our Kim taehyung and then you see the story ain't Korean doo.. ..why am I still writing this comment at this point.

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