The History of my Hair


  1. Cesar H Gomez

    Cesar H GomezIl y a minute

    Hewo :3

  2. random guy

    random guyIl y a minute

    I get pierced by my own hair many times, and It hurt a lot, I had to grab my nail clipper and remove 70% of my skin just to get enough hair to pull out using tweezers

  3. Poundland Lydia Deetz

    Poundland Lydia DeetzIl y a minute

    I got pierced by a hair too!!! Oml.

  4. antisocial kid

    antisocial kidIl y a minute

    I had a hair ho through my tongue

  5. Spaghetti Noob

    Spaghetti NoobIl y a minute

    People in Baki have been stabbed by a hair

  6. Subscribe To CallMeCarson

    Subscribe To CallMeCarsonIl y a minute

    This is #1 on trending

  7. Shaelynn Kelley

    Shaelynn KelleyIl y a minute

    I have been pierced by a hair before too....... but ummm it was my dog’s thick hair lmao

  8. dyana

    dyanaIl y a minute

    - gets wat flashbacks when my mom friend decided to do some hair highlights and and some of them ended up as anime side highlights-

  9. Nori Hamilton

    Nori HamiltonIl y a minute

    My hair is like yours except no bangs (well, grown out) a little longer and always...ALWAYS..POOFY. My father has curly brown(cough cough BLACK cough cough) hair with a brown red white beard and my mother has straight silky blonde with ultra blonde (natural) highlights. When I was in my mother stomach I like to think that my dna couldn’t agree on what color to make my hair, so I have lots of blonde, brown and dark red underneath, ultra blonde highlights, red gold strands on top, and a hint a super dark brown at the nape of my neck! Q-Q I have LOTS of hair

  10. CrayToons

    CrayToonsIl y a minute


  11. BoomerangMiaro 777

    BoomerangMiaro 777Il y a minute

    I remembered that one time my parents said that if i didn't take a shower after getting a haircut that the hair would start growing on my body, XD

  12. Angelina Kysil

    Angelina KysilIl y a minute

    congrats on #1 ON TRENDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kennedy Walker

    Kennedy WalkerIl y a minute

    My hair went from ringlet-curly-down to-my-butt to a short bob with bangs to a really boring, straight shoulder length thing to a pixie cut with a big streak down the front next to my face that I change the colors in. I’m trying to grow it out now so it’ll be easier to manage and less expensive when I have to leave for college in 2 years, but I literally hate it so much that I don’t even want to look at it so I might just give up, throw caution (and my pockets) to the wind and cut/color it again..

  14. Krieghandt

    KrieghandtIl y a minute

    I've pulled out lots of foreign objects from my skin, but never a hair.

  15. PikaPika 09

    PikaPika 09Il y a minute

    Rn my hair is pink

  16. Pascelle Gacha

    Pascelle GachaIl y a minute

    that was fast

  17. 8Bitcoins

    8BitcoinsIl y a minute

    congrats #1 on trending

  18. Samara Broere

    Samara BroereIl y a minute

    In the 2010 world cup I had my hair spray dyed bright orange.

  19. Spooky - Nu

    Spooky - NuIl y a minute

    Jaiden was chosen by the hair arrow and it cause jaiden's hair to become requiem

  20. Twisted storm

    Twisted stormIl y a minute

    I was pierced by a hair. Not. How is that possible?!

  21. Zoroark

    ZoroarkIl y a minute

    #1 trending

  22. Belle Claire

    Belle ClaireIl y a minute

    Changing your hair does not mean that makes you gay. Thank you.

  23. -Sahlø Følina-

    -Sahlø Følina-Il y a minute

    I have hair EXACTLY like yours! Like when you described your hair it was exactly like what mine is like. I hate how my hair works and I’ve never thought of doing an undercut and I might consider doing that cuz it sounds really nice

  24. SkullSkill - Geometry Dash

    SkullSkill - Geometry DashIl y a minute

    Just go bald

  25. MacroManiaPlays

    MacroManiaPlaysIl y a minute

    “If any of you’ve had colored hair” Me, with colored hair and it’s fading and I can’t drop $180 on another appointment: Uh oh I need to get it redone soon... NAH it’ll be fine

  26. Mark O.

    Mark O.Il y a minute


  27. Lulu nesses

    Lulu nessesIl y a minute


  28. London Tea

    London TeaIl y a minute


  29. Jacob Strebel

    Jacob StrebelIl y a minute

    Number one on trending

  30. David Smets

    David SmetsIl y a minute

    My grandmother was a hairdresser and always says hair can get stuck in your feet when you step in it

  31. Otsukai Nani

    Otsukai NaniIl y a minute

    I wish my parents could do hair save me so much money

  32. Meme Boi

    Meme BoiIl y a minute

    If you can’t decide what hairstyle you want, get a razor and shave it all off. You won’t need a hairstyle if you’re bald.

  33. Animated Angel

    Animated AngelIl y a minute

    Jaiden: you know the struggles of keeping your hair colour Me: well actually my hair has only faded slightly and hasn't faded anymore since.... my hair has been dyed brown for 3 years now and hasn't changed..... maybe I need a new haircut....

  34. Xenon

    XenonIl y a minute

    Jaiden became Ryuko

  35. War Doge

    War DogeIl y a minute

    My hair..

  36. Vntexan

    VntexanIl y a minute

    You are #1 trending

  37. The Blonde Chihuahua

    The Blonde ChihuahuaIl y a minute

    I die my hair every other moth because my moms friends best friends dose hair...

  38. //

    // lunar.beautyIl y a minute

    I was so happy that you mentioned the undercut idea thing because it gave me a solution to my hair problems. But I have to keep my hair up in a ponytail and other styles for school since my hair is long. Also I just like styling it when I go out.

  39. Elomementoplayz

    ElomementoplayzIl y a 2 minutes

    One on trending!