The History of my Hair



    ROSITA ANNAIl y a 23 heures

    Oh God


    ROSITA ANNAIl y a 23 heures


  3. chris

    chrisIl y a jour

    I dont know about you but my hair is like wire and I have alot too. I remember one day my dad was crying in pain because somthing stabbed his foot through his sock. I had to be careful when helping him because I thought it was a nail from him working in his shed. After removing the sock I started to laugh as I saw my hair peirced in his foot. I'll never forget the look on his face.

  4. Gian Vlasac

    Gian VlasacIl y a jour

    The hair dye stuff has happened to me so many times cause I have colored my hair like 5 times so this is kind of relatable love the vid

  5. Katelyn Claws

    Katelyn ClawsIl y a jour

    Omg I dyed my hair purple and then 3 weeks later it became GREEN!? I looked like a crazy woman at school TwT

  6. Nancy Hernandez

    Nancy HernandezIl y a jour

    Ya people always well mostly say my hair is long and their are always spring of my hair n mostly all my clothes and ya I know how you feel

  7. Mystro Loomsnist

    Mystro LoomsnistIl y a jour

    Oh god I relate to that I have green hair and I couldn’t wash it for 3 days

  8. Pancake

    PancakeIl y a jour

    I’m never more than 3 kilometers from a jaiden hair wow strange

  9. Alex Chicago

    Alex ChicagoIl y a jour

    When you had the short and uglycolor hair, you looked like a boy, no offense.

  10. SuperBLAZE33

    SuperBLAZE33Il y a jour

    Well, dude you still have your hair and you're still young. So you got time to learn

  11. Alex Chicago

    Alex ChicagoIl y a jour

    Hey, why do I think that James the odd1sout and Jaiden are the perfect couple?

  12. Pokémon Potato Alyssa

    Pokémon Potato AlyssaIl y a jour

    5:34 It's Snom :D

  13. Kelly FREMLIN

    Kelly FREMLINIl y a jour

    I HAD PINK,THICK,CURLY HAIR!!!! oh by the way curly hair is not as fun as you think iv lived with it from birth trust me!!!!

  14. Danny Alvarez

    Danny AlvarezIl y a jour

    There was a typo

  15. Danny Alvarez

    Danny AlvarezIl y a jour

    It’s funny how to meet a reference to Fullmetal alchemist so basically her mom is her philosophers stone

  16. Janice Ahlers

    Janice AhlersIl y a jour

    When I got my hair dyed blue my butt was a blue for like an entire week

  17. Nile

    NileIl y a jour

    I feel your pain about having dummy thicc hair, and it grows back in like 2 weeks after I cut it

  18. Vapor Claw Playz

    Vapor Claw PlayzIl y a jour

    When it showed the into purple Me: Laurenzside much

  19. Bts Army

    Bts ArmyIl y a jour

    Your mom is not Hercules she is HAIRCULES HAHAHAHA (I have no friends😭😭)

  20. Gymnast

    GymnastIl y a jour

    i have had colored hair i love it and hate it

  21. Kirby

    KirbyIl y a jour

    Your never more than a mile away and can hear me say "i love kirby"

  22. Twentyeight Emer

    Twentyeight EmerIl y a jour

    *Looks over the bed sheet and sees a long hair* AHHHH

  23. RoPlays

    RoPlaysIl y a jour

    5:34 look at the tv, protect the snom

  24. Hannah van Deventer

    Hannah van DeventerIl y a jour

    Jaiden: my mum's hair pierced through some of my skin.... First image that pops into my head was when as a kid you would pierce a needle through you thumb's thin skin...

  25. Sean Hays

    Sean HaysIl y a jour

    I have been stabbed by hair

  26. GD Dalton

    GD DaltonIl y a jour

    I had blue hair once. It was terrible.

  27. thong pham

    thong phamIl y a jour

    C. C F. V

  28. Justin Marcinuk

    Justin MarcinukIl y a jour

    Nice use of an image of Snom.

  29. Elias Sam rojo

    Elias Sam rojoIl y a jour

    Am i only one to be mansturba wint jaiden's avatar? I look at her big tits of jaiden

  30. problemecium

    problemeciumIl y a jour

    I've been impaled by my hair too. In fact in a few places it's so unreasonably wiry that if I brush the back of my hand against it too hard I get a laceration. ...and yet the hair on my scalp is basically a tan dust bunny barely clinging on. Heredity, why?

  31. Wake_ Uni

    Wake_ UniIl y a jour

    “I had fun and got it all out of my system” *Proceeds to have a seizure*

  32. galaxy1212 shadow lady

    galaxy1212 shadow ladyIl y a jour

    Can you do a face reavil

  33. Phoenix Origins100

    Phoenix Origins100Il y a jour

    I have dummy thick hair to

  34. Audrey Helfrich

    Audrey HelfrichIl y a jour

    My hair goes through my skin too

  35. vicky dawes

    vicky dawesIl y a jour

    I Irish lol

  36. DeadFoxAnimamates originally bon

    DeadFoxAnimamates originally bonIl y a jour

    I can draw your hair pretty good

  37. universal aiden

    universal aidenIl y a jour

    do pokemon sword nuzlock

  38. XxStorMZz

    XxStorMZzIl y a jour

    Jaiden should make a FRreporter channel called Girlinaband

  39. Jonah Raggett

    Jonah RaggettIl y a jour

    I had a hair that went through my toenail Don't ask

  40. Andrew Eathan

    Andrew EathanIl y a jour

    3:38 getting slight vibes from a certain anime

  41. SimpleCanadian

    SimpleCanadianIl y a jour

    I colored my hair blue.. Eventually the dye faded and I had this golden/bronze (from the bleach or whatever) which I liked because it mixed with my natural dark hair. Wish I could do it again

  42. CasualFizz

    CasualFizzIl y a jour

    I literally got a bob cut because of my thick ass hair. And I dye it bright red.


    PIXEL RACERZIl y a jour

    I had about *10 CENTIMETRES* of a hair strand stuck in my *BALLS* ONCE!

  44. Strixer

    StrixerIl y a jour

    Yeah.. Getting pierced by a strand of hair... Been there XD.

  45. Anio TV

    Anio TVIl y a jour

    I’ve had a hair pierce my thumb once

  46. Agent P

    Agent PIl y a jour

    I got my belly button pierced by a hair strand..not a pleasant experience to say the least

  47. LuukTheGamer

    LuukTheGamerIl y a jour

    5:34 S N O M

  48. Shana Bissessur

    Shana BissessurIl y a jour

    3:23 - 3:30 That’s totally me everyday of my life 😐😑

  49. Beatriz Von

    Beatriz VonIl y a jour

    I have been pierced with a hair right on my face, and when I tried to take it out, it broke into a piece that made me look like I was with a single beard hair (I'm a Girl). And so I went to the dermatologist to take it out and guess WHAT? It was stuck, and now I have a mini-scar in my face

  50. Mirol

    MirolIl y a jour

    Just realized Jaiden styled on having more views than the number of subs.

  51. Crystal Medlin

    Crystal MedlinIl y a jour

    i have super long hair

  52. Caramel_Cat65

    Caramel_Cat65Il y a jour

    My hair used to be fluffy but I ruined it by cutting it in LAYERS!! I regret that cause my hair isn't floofy >:(

  53. stupidfinishgirl

    stupidfinishgirlIl y a jour

    Yes. One time my hair went trough the skin of my left butt cheek and my grampa had to pull it out😅😅

  54. Coolkiller :3

    Coolkiller :3Il y a jour

    5:04 a refference to dog jaiden

  55. Spectator Anon

    Spectator AnonIl y a jour

    I once tried to dye my hair hot pink and it instead became a magenta purple kind of color Once the hair dye completely came out I wanted to dye my hair black I ended up using so much black hair dye that it's now permanent I still have black hair till this day My hair used to be dark brown

  56. Herman Workman

    Herman WorkmanIl y a jour

    Mine to

  57. PurplePenguin 360

    PurplePenguin 360Il y a jour

    I've found a Jaiden hair... I live in Australia 💇🇦🇺

  58. Hẩu Cải Devil

    Hẩu Cải DevilIl y a jour

    2:41 thx for the eyes Jaiden

  59. mercy perido

    mercy peridoIl y a jour

    Hey do you know that arkeeen is a filipino animator

  60. —Bubbly Miilk_TeaWolf—

    —Bubbly Miilk_TeaWolf—Il y a jour