The Giant Bird That Got Lost in Time


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    Calvin BarrettIl y a 17 heures

    I saw an unbelievably large bird at a landfill in Richmond Virginia. It look like an eagle but the wingspan was bigger than 12 ft. It was in the air and we had no idea for perspective of how big it was until it came down there was a tractor there I thought the bird will fly in front of the tractor. Because of its eyes but it flew behind the tractor and when it did it gave me the ability to estimate how big it was I was freaked out there were two other people in the car with me when I saw this and when I mentioned it to them they looked at it and they saw the same Eagle but they didn't see it with the perspective of the tractor and they just thought it was an eagle if it was an eagle. so it would be easy for a huge bird to hide in plain sight because in the sky you have no perspective of size. but it would still have to have food source and ever since I wondered what something that big could eat to keep it alive. the James River at Richmond is about 100 miles away from the beach. however the river is still brackish all the way up till the falls of the James. At Richmond. I was surprised to find out that it was still saltwater that far away from the beach. could it be possible that these things are eating fish from the James River. another interesting thing about the James is there are some really big catfish and fish. maybe these things are eating fish.

  3. Paul M

    Paul MIl y a jour

    Really interesting! Wish they’d shown more photos of condors instead of illustrations. Maybe it’s a copyright thing? Also an image showing the scale compared to a human would be very informative!

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    It will be a sad day if “Steve” ever stops supporting the channel on Patreon, because I always listen for “and Steve!” during the credits.

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    I saw one it was number 23. It was over the Colorado river.

  6. Rhys Ford

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    Fun fact, when the condors were taken into captivity to save them from extinction the conservationists inadvertently drove 3 other species extinct, as part of keeping the birds healthy they were all wormed and deloused, sounds sensible until you realize 3 of their parasites were exclusive to the condor and didnt occur anywhere other than in these birds :/

  7. Shaka Dakine

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    I live near Pinnacles and I've seen em there. So cool.

  8. Paul McEwen

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    Only a chicken compared to the extinct Haast Eagle in New Zealand 🇳🇿

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    Please do a whole video on biological anachronisms!!

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    haha still remember doing a school project on this bird when I was 8. Biggest carnivorous bird in North America? Yes please. Wasn't super excited about the fact that it looked like it had a turkey head

  13. Jordan Smith

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    Thankful ive been able to see this ancient bird in my lifetime. But I also think some creatures were supposed to go extinct. Humans becoming gods that decide who lives and who dies Is so unnatural. Based on the information in this video, we weren't the main contributers of their downfall so let them fade with their peers.

  14. Cynthia Nicola

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    The California Condor is disappearing due to death from poaching.

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    Wow! Beautiful video thanks.

  16. nancy barnes

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    ionly have one last request,please tell the story of the extinction of the independent american farmer/. please explain to the readers how the changing socio economics, po;itical imperatives blind consumerism and callo elitism of the congress have destroyed the most productive , loyal , and independent among us. reduced from millions to now only 700,000. thank you.

  17. Gabe Morehouse

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    We could breed them to be smaller.


    RELANDRELIl y a mois

    should we protect endangered species by nature ? (not by us!) i mean if nature and the environment isn't suitable for X species for example, should we save it only for our own gain? maybe nature current status isn't beneficial from this species.

  19. Patty and Buster Show

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    They were hunted by California farmers

  20. Frodo Baggins

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    So basically, seeing it is as rare and beautiful as when Ash and Pikachu saw Ho-oh on the first episode?

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    I get surprised by seeing a usual bird found everywhere.

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    23. Only 23. Feewww. Close one

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    In Tennessee, my cousin and I ran across a vulture unexpectedly. It flew out of high weeds in front of us and scared the hell out of us. It was massive.

  24. Fabio Lacerda

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    Ancient remains of horses in America? Horses came with the Europeans in the 1400... 🤔

  25. JD

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    America had its own species of wild horses during prehistoric times. They died out along with other large animals- such as mammoths-, about 10.000 years ago. Then much later, Europeans introduced horses again- but it was the domesticated horse of Asian origin, a different species from the original American horses.

  26. Laurel Cook

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    At my school we are going to see a condor at a zoo by my school in June. One misconception about zoos is that they are for entertainment. While the animals at my zoo are used in education programs, they are never for putting on display. The condor we have is always an injured one being rehabilitated so they can be released later on. The zoo by my school has created 3 amor tigers to help revive the population.

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    The title looks like a good game name or something

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    Do you know I’ve never heard of the pronghorn Learn something new everyday

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    If only there was a virtual world for animals who can’t survive this modern world by that I mean a world for just the animals

  31. Bernadette DeStefano

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    And almost 10 ft

  32. Bernadette DeStefano

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    I have turkey vultures around my house I swear they can get to 7ft they are huge

  33. Tornagh Malumenis

    Tornagh MalumenisIl y a mois

    Idk if this will get an answer but: when the numbers of a species start to decline/survival becomes a harder struggle, usually they start to adapt to that? Big animals usually become smaller to prevent from dying out. Plants change their taste or their way of reproduction. How come these examples of animals didn't adapt/start to adapt yet?

  34. Nick Chancellor

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    How did they capture the condors?

  35. Cole Mair

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    I know people say that they eat the lead from bullets but it's illegal to shoot and leave an animals dead body but California still passed a law Banning lead bullets even though all bullets are made out of lead ... using pesticides on the farms actually did more damaged to our bird populations anything else really and poisoning animals has been illegal for a long time.

  36. lavindra laljeet

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    Thinking about it, colonization of their hunting land by humans causes their food source to disappear, leaving the condors with even less food. So humans are one of the causes for their decrease in numbers

  37. Coolnicknameguy

    CoolnicknameguyIl y a mois

    you are wrong, they do hunt. I had one try to attack my GF's 9 year old!!!! then it circled our neighborhood for the next 3 hours before grabbing someones chuwawa. I live in south orange county .


    MILES RARDINIl y a mois

    If you're gonna make a video about a giant (flying) bird, the Andean condor is significantly larger and would make a better vid

  39. Fitzy Goodnight

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    Being a war minded spices, war would have been a reason for a apex increase, cause off survival less humans.

  40. Ash Lol

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    U ploncker the bison is still alive

  41. Javier Mendoza

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    they doing good in south america and are bigger

  42. noblesicks

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    Move some to Africa it see if they thrive there

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    Hey Vsauce! Michael here

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    Still sad only a few hundred are left

  45. RegalTeratorn

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    Birds are so cool, it's why I wanna be an Ornithologist

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    I am quite willing to sit through interesting videos like this for an extra five minutes if ONLY you would slow down the rapid-fire voice-over. It completely detracts from the value of an otherwise fascinating and important topic. Please, SLOW DOWN!!!

  47. Ben Silverman

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    I wish there was a video game mmo with oldschool big creatures of days past.

  48. y a mois

    For scavengers to live.. you need predators.. but since humans wants them all dead.. they have killed off most of earth's predators.. thus much less cadavers can be found (which mean less food..)

  49. urmamaisnoob

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    That intro got me hooked.. i wanna see creatures that i didn't know existed

  50. a1hawaii

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    Another scavenged resource? It could very will be that some native human groups provided these birds with regular "meals". In former times, many indigenous groups, upon the death of tribe members, would perform tree or platform exposure to the elements for their departed ones. Call me crazy if you like, this was an excellent way to recycle human protein. In fact, in various cultures around the world, this was a widespread practice. Even the cave internments in the American Southwest had the intention of exposing deceased relatives to the elements. Then, nature would take its course (no pun intended!). Something to think about.............

  51. Donnell Vickers

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    Let's hope they are around for the next eon or so

  52. Arella Camryn

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    Just remembered about people opinion that looking down on scavenger it turn out they're a lot more important than people think. And old too.....

  53. jonathan verret

    jonathan verretIl y a mois

    This channel really makes modern conservation efforts seem strange, because extinction and recovery are natural cycles that have been happening for far longer than we humans have been around to shape it. An alien paleontologist will look at the history of life on Earth and classify the "Human-Induced Extinction Event" as just one of many, similar events that occurred throughout the history of life. The growth of our species resulted in the extinction or success of other species, but this seems like part of the natural cycle of things. Maybe the next era will be the Plastocine, where life learned to thrive on the massive amount of plastic waste that we produced during our brief success on the planet :)

  54. Princess Yarkor

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    I think I have seen them almost every year around spring I see at least one

  55. Herbert West

    Herbert WestIl y a mois

    10,000 years ago huh? Yeah... that was probably us. Good job humans. RIP.

  56. vh9network

    vh9networkIl y a mois

    fossils that date back 25 million years ago, back when the Earth was without form, dark, and a void?

  57. ThePartarar

    ThePartararIl y a mois

    Wonder if a Condor would appreciate understanding this video

  58. dominic coscarelli

    dominic coscarelliIl y a mois

    Yeah the bullet argument is crap. Other smaller vultures have been doing fine if not thriving. They eat gut piles and possibly bullet's. I think it probably more pesticides and other poisons. That's why the bald eagle weren't around in the southern states for years. Now that pesticides aren't used as much and are regulated the eagles have come back.

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    They got powercrept and couldn't keep up with the meta...

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    Sexiest bird alive.

  61. Miss Informed

    Miss InformedIl y a mois

    But why then didn’t the condor diminish in time? I would think evolution would favour the smaller birds.

  62. JD

    JDIl y a 7 jours

    There hasn´t been enough time for it to significantly decrease in size. Birds like the condor reproduce slowly and have very long lives, so any changes are going to be slow.

  63. Maru

    MaruIl y a mois

    Yeah 75% of all these massive mammals disappeared practically over night in terms of time from overhunting and warmer climate... come on, they found hundreds of Mammoths frozen to death in a literal moment, food still in their mouths.. there are hundreds of more examples like this proving it was a great natural disaster that caused the great extinction event, just like the dinosaurs..

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    Watching on 0.75 speed makes so much more sense...

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    Oh I thought he was going to say an argentavis

  66. arachnophilegrrl

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    This is very interesting. I am in North America and I've seen a lot of Moose, Elk and both sp. of deer but I've never seen a P.H. antelope ever. I've crossed the prairies over my whole life, and they are the more elusive wildlife. California Condors aren't the only ones in trouble. Even our native and wide-spread Turkey Vultures are struggling. They are hit harder by diseases like the West Nile Virus. :(

  67. Kevin Bohl

    Kevin BohlIl y a mois

    Saw one at the grand canyon last year. Such a great site!

  68. lukasz babinski

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    The bisons are almost killed off so no more scavenge for them i think

  69. himani arora

    himani aroraIl y a mois

    Why has the bird not adapted a smaller size over so many years, considering changes in it's prime environment and food resources?

  70. Jordan Weir

    Jordan WeirIl y a mois

    dude its the time lost protodrake

  71. Gelmir Curufin

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    johnny cash almost made the northern condor extinct single handedly

  72. Supergirly Sofia

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    I'm so glad that humans actually intervened to save these amazing animals :)

  73. TheImpetus

    TheImpetusIl y a mois

    Should we even intervene and prevent a the extinction of a species? Species have been going extinct en masse for millions of years - it's never been the end of life itself. We're just delaying the inevitable and spending resources doing it.

  74. 6026961

    6026961Il y a mois

    TheImpetus most extinctions are caused by us, not nature. It's our job as stewards to take care of mother nature

  75. xevious2501

    xevious2501Il y a mois

    what key is maintaining a food supply for the condors, and that means reintroducing large wild animals to places of which lands were encroached upon by humans. north america has lost 90% of its wildlife due to towns and cities, farming and land reclamation. we forget how we've prevented the migration of many animals across north america. animals which use to travel from canada's northern country to as far south as florida. today there basically no migration aside from birds that happen from the midwest states to the east coast.

  76. James Poff

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    Slestacks do one on slestacks because I saw them on t.v land of the lost...and I know they are real

  77. MrEmoImo

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    I just saw a California Condor flying above the Grand Canyon last week!

  78. Vitamin Memes

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    Should we feed bunnys and deer steroids now so they can survive?

  79. Gautam Sarathy

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    I thought bison still existed in the millions till the 19th century. Why didn't condors feed on them?

  80. Buggy Gamez

    Buggy GamezIl y a mois

    The biggest thing pbs eons has taught me is that Humans will only try to save a species once we know is going extinct

  81. Rory O'Keeffe

    Rory O'KeeffeIl y a mois

    Are you aware of Haast's eagle, Hapagornis, a eagle that was found in New Zealand until it's prey, the moa, disappeared, around 400-500 years ago. This eagle had a wingspan of up to 5m. Bigger than the condor.

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    *Crimson King Bird* *Accidental Fast Forward*

  83. selfie kroos

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    Wow we waited until there were 23 left!? Now they're all inbred.

  84. James Christopher Cirujano

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    Alabama: 100

  85. RetroGameReaper

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    Would it be at all possible to clone the condors? It might not be needed right now but it could help.

  86. Nick worster

    Nick worsterIl y a mois

    Why? What would be the point?

  87. 11jf111j1f1

    11jf111j1f1Il y a mois

    is a lack of food really the cause of their dramatic decline? i thought the primary reason was their susceptibility to led poisoning and dtt poisoning .

  88. Nick worster

    Nick worsterIl y a mois

    It's actually Donald Trump's fault

  89. Heather F

    Heather FIl y a mois

    Serious question: If they're an evolutionary anachronism, then why is it important to implement captive breeding, etc.? Why shouldn't we let them go extinct like the megafauna they evolved to eat? I think they're fascinating, but I wonder...

  90. Nick worster

    Nick worsterIl y a mois

    So the government can control the land in which they dwell. And in so doing can control the land outright

  91. Daniel Rayner

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    Paleontology brings me inner peace. I like to think about times in the past when our beautiful planet was ruled only by nature. These majestic and long gone worlds are far better to travel to than anywhere i could travel on the planet today in our man made machines, i wish i could infect every human mind on this planet with the addiction of paleontology. Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere - Albert Einstein

  92. Kelly Clark D

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    The way this video is presented makes me think that condors can live up to millions of years and that they were born millions of years ago and are still alive today.

  93. Nick worster

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    Just like every single other thing that has ever existed derp

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    this bloke is either an android or needs to lay off the adderal

  95. humbug swangkerton

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    the californian condor was going to go extinct naturally, just another episode in evolution.

  96. Mr Mister

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    So then it wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring mammoths back?

  97. Mr Mister

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    Poor California condor😔

  98. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Haast' Eagle would like a word.

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    Great video!

  100. Sparkitus Maximus

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    The condor is a dinosaur that is left over from the time before the great flood when the atmosphere had a 50% oxygen level. The thin atmosphere of today isn’t supporting the species.

  101. JD

    JDIl y a 7 jours

    Seems legit...

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    I'm so tempted killing animals so that I can left carcass for them to eat 😅

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    The recommendation video are gone...? Why..? I just see comment... need help...

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    Im becoming extinct myself....i know how the condor feels.....definatly from lack of mega fauna

  106. Lewis Goldsberry

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    How you imagine Pelagornis could feed on dead dinosaurs

  107. Lewis Goldsberry

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    I know, i just staying

  108. JD

    JDIl y a 7 jours

    Pelagornis did not coexist with non-avian dinosaurs.

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    Maybe I'd like to learn about flying gurnards and why they even have wings in the ocean

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    Great channel with lots of interesting videos. I'd love to see a video on the evolutionary history of the cat family.

  111. Isabel Nazario

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    a video discussing why so many deadly (venemous/poisonous) organisms evolved in Australia could be quite interesting

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    Awesome series!