1. WHT-Flicks NBB

    WHT-Flicks NBBIl y a jour

    Jcole wit da bunny’s

  2. Jarrett Evans

    Jarrett EvansIl y a jour

    That was thrash. Thanks

  3. Batman Beyond

    Batman BeyondIl y a jour

    Doesn’t make the celebrity all star team*

  4. Halo Genisys

    Halo GenisysIl y a jour

    Damn 😭😭😭❤ i love cole so much bro one day ill meet you and talk to you face to face ❤

  5. Anthony Figueroa

    Anthony FigueroaIl y a jour

    Cole trying to be slick and drop a mixtape for his basketball career...

  6. Team Vexil

    Team VexilIl y a jour

    I just voluntarily watched a 4:55 minute ad

  7. Kevin Duran

    Kevin DuranIl y a jour

    This is why we play

  8. Sa'akiim Arnold

    Sa'akiim ArnoldIl y a jour

    Me and J. Cole got something in common: *We both used to not have front teeth when we were Young.* but that was him, right?

  9. Zettabyte

    ZettabyteIl y a jour


  10. Golden Goddess

    Golden GoddessIl y a jour


  11. The Empty Hour Podcast

    The Empty Hour PodcastIl y a jour

    Dagnabbit Cole you’ve done it again

  12. muhirwa christian

    muhirwa christianIl y a jour

    Sitting still watching like an idiot scrolling through comments saying this is not a song 🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. J E F F

    J E F FIl y a jour

    This was just beautiful

  14. MR Lathrop

    MR LathropIl y a jour

    white men can't jump

  15. Bobbi Thicc

    Bobbi ThiccIl y a jour


  16. Brendan Woodley

    Brendan WoodleyIl y a jour

    I almost cried, that little kid hooping at the court after dark was me thousands of nights when I had no family to get home to after school.

  17. Alex Pacheco

    Alex PachecoIl y a jour

    Ayo why I just watch a near 5 min long commercial voluntarily

  18. raekwon banks

    raekwon banksIl y a jour

    Thank you j cole i vant be the only one how neen waiting now need an album 👍if you feel me

  19. Tom 329

    Tom 329Il y a jour

    I just dedicated 4:55 waiting for J Cole to start singing but instead watched a Puma add instead

  20. Travis Alston

    Travis AlstonIl y a jour

    I was ready for some 🔥🔥🔥 lol but still dope

  21. Damond Lockett

    Damond LockettIl y a jour

    This how it be though, just a boy tryna shoot and the 8 try hard never made it basketball players out there getting mad

  22. Mr.B

    Mr.BIl y a jour

    Wtf I was waiting for the intro to finish but the whole song is a intro

  23. Thony Arrieche

    Thony ArriecheIl y a jour

    Fire 🔥Thanks for the nostalgia King Cole

  24. Lil'RobForever — #ForeverGang

    Lil'RobForever — #ForeverGangIl y a jour

    Why they show the rim when my guy Cole got stuffed, but not when he yammed it🧐? Yeeeeeen shlicccccc, Cole👀😈!

  25. soze x

    soze xIl y a jour

    Kanye west vibes

  26. King 0n1

    King 0n1Il y a jour

    J Cole just tricked me into watching a 5min puma ad Thinkin it was a new f$&@ing song...I’m sleep 😴

  27. Aqsa Saniaa

    Aqsa SaniaaIl y a jour

    absolutely amazingggg

  28. Khumbelo Mulumbela

    Khumbelo MulumbelaIl y a jour

    I cannot believe I just watched a whole 5mins ad!

  29. Jameson W

    Jameson WIl y a jour

    Gotta stay relevant somehow

  30. João Mendes

    João MendesIl y a jour

    rip kobe

  31. Ogmamared 2

    Ogmamared 2Il y a jour

    Awww tears man I want my childhood back

  32. King Aki'L

    King Aki'LIl y a jour

    Who else thought he was gone pop out the blue with some fire barz

  33. Bryce Reeves

    Bryce ReevesIl y a jour

    That shit was beautiful with a good message

  34. Titlebreaker

    TitlebreakerIl y a jour

    This is why Ben Simmons couldn't shoot 🤧😢

  35. paul kiarie

    paul kiarieIl y a jour

    1st time I'm disliking a J Cole song. If it's a song at all

  36. Nephibis

    NephibisIl y a jour

    Damn. This hit the feels. I don't see how it got over 1k dislikes.

  37. Charles the dancer

    Charles the dancerIl y a jour

    This so beautiful

  38. matt kasztner

    matt kasztnerIl y a jour

    Made my day lol

  39. VibeWithDiggi

    VibeWithDiggiIl y a jour

    this is so precious 🥺

  40. Jonathan Boyd

    Jonathan BoydIl y a jour

    This is a dope little short film I was Waiting for the drop so I could hear J.cole Rap maybe next time

  41. April Smith

    April SmithIl y a jour

    I'm literally mad.

  42. TheDrEaM34_PRM

    TheDrEaM34_PRMIl y a jour

    Damn that’s one of the rawest vids I’ve seen

  43. Jeanette Glenn

    Jeanette GlennIl y a jour

    This kid is genius....

  44. C4FUS10N

    C4FUS10NIl y a jour

    This would be wholesome. But its a Puma Ad.

  45. James Boone

    James BooneIl y a jour

    This is art.

  46. Keyshon Brock

    Keyshon BrockIl y a jour

    Cole please play in a celebrity game

  47. Kassandra C

    Kassandra CIl y a jour

    mannn this is why i love j cole😔😔💞

  48. okeke Pascal

    okeke PascalIl y a jour

    Where’s the song dawg?

  49. tarik hanton

    tarik hantonIl y a jour

    That commercial was hard

  50. JD Harrs

    JD HarrsIl y a jour

    Fucking love you J.Cole

  51. Julian Lozano

    Julian LozanoIl y a jour

    Lil cole so mf cute bro

  52. Röçk

    RöçkIl y a jour

    Oh so in the three point contest I cole was actually taking it seriously

  53. Grey Goose

    Grey GooseIl y a jour

    This guy

  54. Svyat Svyat

    Svyat SvyatIl y a jour

    cool 4K HDR

  55. Lebron James

    Lebron JamesIl y a jour

    i feel like kobe inspired this also this was me the kid on the sideline learning how the grown folk play tryna take a move smh lol

  56. Bille

    BilleIl y a jour

    This commercial was deep & inspiring all at the same time. Whatever your heart desires go chase it we only get one life 💯

  57. Renton Sanderson

    Renton SandersonIl y a jour


  58. zoneout records

    zoneout recordsIl y a jour

    check us out and subscribe we are a newly developed record label company tryna take music to the next level

  59. clownthony clowntano

    clownthony clowntanoIl y a jour

    this is the i wonder sample

  60. Halsey Lumen

    Halsey LumenIl y a jour

    ... yeah.. 🖤☄️