The best glitches of 2018: A year in nightmare fuel


  1. zdeleter

    zdeleterIl y a 7 mois

    What is the music?

  2. Alex Smith

    Alex SmithIl y a 8 mois

    What ever tha horse was at 1:34 , im sure its a subnautica creature

  3. OlafttheGreat1998

    OlafttheGreat1998Il y a 11 mois

    There weren't nearly enough Fallout 76 bugs...

  4. Fomalhaut

    FomalhautIl y a 11 mois

    [Dramatic orchestral swelling, as if at the beginning of a lush 1940s hollywood film]

  5. Qudaci

    QudaciIl y a 11 mois

    I watched it more for the subtitles then the glitches xD

  6. Luke Taylor

    Luke TaylorIl y a 11 mois

    You really need subtitles on to appreciate this video, trust me.

  7. Prettypinkdork

    PrettypinkdorkIl y a an

    It’s beautiful

  8. Elijah H

    Elijah HIl y a an

    0:58 majestic

  9. The Chaotic Phoenixx

    The Chaotic PhoenixxIl y a an

    1:34 That's just an inflatable horse in action.

  10. Matt Schumacher

    Matt SchumacherIl y a an

    Spider-man ps4 has some way better glitches. Like when Miles just does a random Jesus pose or when Spider-Man replaces Mary Jane in a cut scene.

  11. V. M.

    V. M.Il y a an

    horses are one glitch away from being eldritch abominations

  12. Yeaeun Park

    Yeaeun ParkIl y a an


  13. Lord Baphelon

    Lord BaphelonIl y a an

    The moral of the story is that 4 legs are harder to program than 2

  14. Phoebe

    PhoebeIl y a an

    the close captioning on this video makes this already great video 1000x better

  15. M12GProductions

    M12GProductionsIl y a an

    We Happy Few and 76 are just cheating, they're broken messes already.

  16. Samuel Tankersley

    Samuel TankersleyIl y a an

    of course mama simone has got to have her hemingway quote

  17. Bradipo Panzuto

    Bradipo PanzutoIl y a an

    what is this song?? i've been trying to google the lyrics but i'm finding literally nothing adshjbfjhf did you just conjure it from the ether for this video or what

  18. Trashbender

    TrashbenderIl y a an

    Anybody know the name/artist of that Italian song about beautiful things at the end? Shazam doesn't seem to know it and I actually kind of like it a lot XD

  19. Maximus The Dude

    Maximus The DudeIl y a an

    You realise the homing briefcase in Hitman is a feature, right? I mean, I wouldn't blame you for thinking it's a glitch...

  20. Fopenplop

    FopenplopIl y a an

    This video brought to you by The Society for the Prevention of Boneitis

  21. romeinprogress

    romeinprogressIl y a an I just discovering the beauty that is Polygon's captions? How long have they been doing this? Now I have to go look.

  22. Amygdala

    AmygdalaIl y a an

    It's been a great year for digital horses

  23. Justin Gedde

    Justin GeddeIl y a an

    The captions are pretty good 👍

  24. Rob-2

    Rob-2Il y a an

    I was expecting to see some Car Boys

  25. Trashbender

    TrashbenderIl y a an

    Simone, you are a national treasure.

  26. Katisnotaneyeball

    KatisnotaneyeballIl y a an

    Didn’t know Junji Ito made video games

  27. Archie Boye

    Archie BoyeIl y a an

    The subtitles are gold

  28. sethraptor

    sethraptorIl y a an

    bless you subtitles writer, a hero of accessibility

  29. drollchild

    drollchildIl y a an

    whoever put the subtitles on this video...i appreciate you

  30. rafael ramos

    rafael ramosIl y a an

    2:40 The meaning of this video explained on a second.

  31. Luiz Corrêa

    Luiz CorrêaIl y a an

    1:15 i didn't knew the third impact was like this

  32. J. Owen Woodruff

    J. Owen WoodruffIl y a an

    This is so good it gave me an asthma attack

  33. Tobasco da Gama

    Tobasco da GamaIl y a an

    These games may not be perfect, but this video is. I'm especially glad that I always have closed captions on.

  34. Matthew Fox

    Matthew FoxIl y a an


  35. Mish M.

    Mish M.Il y a an

    I cried

  36. Schuyler Dade

    Schuyler DadeIl y a an

    I missed the Attack on Titan Fortnite DLC.

  37. LolCat138

    LolCat138Il y a an


  38. stuart stevenson

    stuart stevensonIl y a an

    The good song at the end is Chiara by Vichenzo Orru

  39. Mia Vee

    Mia VeeIl y a an

    This is art, thank you.

  40. m

    mIl y a an

    kind of sad that the glitch in payday 2 in hells island where bain's neck grows like 10 times it's size isnt on here

  41. King Crow

    King CrowIl y a an

    What's the song at 1:55?

  42. No no

    No noIl y a an

    Well shit, now I have to go through all of Polygon's video back catalog with captions turned on in order to get more hints of low key ARG that seems to be happening.

  43. Julie Kavanagh

    Julie KavanaghIl y a an

    Of course Simone managed to sneak a fucking Hemingway quote in there.

  44. animanya

    animanyaIl y a an

    Credit music😠

  45. Nathan Kiefer

    Nathan KieferIl y a an

    Lost my shit at 2:48

  46. Cabe Skywalker

    Cabe SkywalkerIl y a an

    What r the songs in this trailer?

  47. ukiiukii

    ukiiukiiIl y a an

    I'm glad to see Red Dead Redemption 2 still has those beautiful, beautiful glitches

  48. Nicholas Boudreau

    Nicholas BoudreauIl y a an

    I just need more hitman flying briefcases that are too slow and can follow people behind corners please

  49. toni

    toniIl y a an

    as soon as i saw that hemingway quote i didnt even need the "video by: simone de rochefort" because i KNEW

  50. Emily!

    Emily!Il y a an

    Song Info: First one [dramatic orchestral swelling, as if at the beginning of a lush 1940s Hollywood film] & [DRAMATIC FINISH] is Tales of Adventure by Clive Richardson - Second one [soothing shopping music] is Shopping Around by John Charles Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - Third one [emotional New Age music with flutes, conjuring the dancing on a hillside in slow motion while wearing flowing clothing] is Ethno Lands by Isabella Colliva & Cinzia Donti - Fourth one [A cheerful Italian tune with masculine vocals, singing about how things are beautiful] is Chiara by Vichenzo Orru - These are all pretty obscure artists, so if you like any of these songs enough I'd encourage y'all to try to check out more of their work; I don't know why but FRreporter seems to have the biggest accessible library of relatively forgotten or unknown songs Good on you Simone for finding fitting hidden gems for background music

  51. Adan 13

    Adan 13Il y a an

    You are racist you are stupid baech

  52. Mike Braun

    Mike BraunIl y a an

    2:56 when you try to go to sleep drunk

  53. Caitlin Walsh

    Caitlin WalshIl y a an

    0:34 me watching all my friends have fun over the winter break while im stuck at home

  54. owlpip

    owlpipIl y a an

    son of a glitch!!

  55. That Hybrid Guy

    That Hybrid GuyIl y a an

    O dip that me!

  56. AnotherWesley

    AnotherWesleyIl y a an

    i'm a simple man with simple tastes and absurd ragdolling game glitches are to me are the pinnacle of all visual humor. that, and motion blurred pictures of chickens.

  57. Riley McKinley

    Riley McKinleyIl y a an

    1:21 this is a deity

  58. fullmetalwindbreaker

    fullmetalwindbreakerIl y a an

    2018 was not a good year for horses

  59. Vincent Slater

    Vincent SlaterIl y a an

    glitches are my worst fear i litteraly will throw my phone if i saw a glitch

  60. FlyingTarantulas

    FlyingTarantulasIl y a an

    2:14 "We can't fight gravity"