Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends


  1. NoiseFire

    NoiseFireIl y a jour

    Justice, honor, Reinhardt Reinhardt REINHARDT!

  2. Markangelo Guevarra

    Markangelo GuevarraIl y a jour

    Ardyn in league ahsha ffxv collab

  3. NukeBluff

    NukeBluffIl y a jour

    Mom: You won't go out until you are finished with your homework Me:

  4. Natsu Fullbuster

    Natsu FullbusterIl y a 3 jours

    0:23 "After 15 years in the dark, I was illuminated" Nani? How did it need 15 years to escape the prison, when he could have had many other chances to steal other's ultimate and escape?

  5. Emperor Ampora

    Emperor AmporaIl y a jour

    i'm surprised it took demacia 15 years to decide to execute him.

  6. Mute Mon

    Mute MonIl y a 6 jours

    i legit recreated that garen kill and got a quadrakill with pykes ult in urf

  7. Eren Ünal

    Eren ÜnalIl y a 8 jours

    Demacia Revolution ✊

  8. Get Ganked

    Get GankedIl y a 9 jours

    hahahha garen ez 1 shot this dude what u mean

  9. Marth Vader

    Marth VaderIl y a 10 jours

    So basically communism

  10. Michael Garcia

    Michael GarciaIl y a 10 jours

    Those goosebumps

  11. Anxiety Cat

    Anxiety CatIl y a 11 jours

    Tbh I would date him,I mean who wouldn't?

  12. LoL Darth Ynot

    LoL Darth YnotIl y a 12 jours

    Google search: Lux buscu Sylas

  13. Dark Firer

    Dark FirerIl y a 13 jours

    This is in my opinion the single best league trailer you ever made. It feels so powerful and emotional. Really gets me hyped

  14. Kirk Santiañez

    Kirk SantiañezIl y a 14 jours

    He is hard to play champ, even sometimes never mastered

  15. Ren Mechs

    Ren MechsIl y a 14 jours

    riot pls more yordle instead

  16. Lux

    LuxIl y a 14 jours

    Oh, Sylas... Why did it have to be this way?...

  17. Doxics

    DoxicsIl y a 15 jours

    He would make a great communist leader

  18. Sylas Brautigam

    Sylas BrautigamIl y a 16 jours

    This is the weirdest thing. I have never met someone with my name before and I have never seen a character with my name before. Sylas has always been a unique name to me and now this...

  19. LowerSpider4725 PR

    LowerSpider4725 PRIl y a 16 jours

    Your ult? More like OUR ult!

  20. Sayanos o.o

    Sayanos o.oIl y a 16 jours

    To be honest in the lore he might be one of the strongest with that ability.

  21. I am M.A.D

    I am M.A.DIl y a 16 jours

    John Wick breaks out of prison and angrily murders people with their own powers. Ima go reach for my credit card.

  22. Chuck E Cheese

    Chuck E CheeseIl y a 16 jours

    Why does he look so strong in this trailer but ingame his E deals pp damage.

  23. Kozmik İmparator Kayn

    Kozmik İmparator KaynIl y a 17 jours

    Turkish voice acting is better i think

  24. Random account

    Random accountIl y a 19 jours

    I demand more black champions.... Lol

  25. P Sherman

    P ShermanIl y a 20 jours

    “Reclaim your birthright” Kaiserreich Canada is that you?!

  26. Andrew Penny

    Andrew PennyIl y a 20 jours

    Scorpion get over here.

  27. Jason Xiong

    Jason XiongIl y a 22 jours

    Lux bout to be sent to the 9th realm

  28. Axcel Styleon

    Axcel StyleonIl y a 24 jours

    0:56 Can you do this in a real game?

  29. Jonthan Yio

    Jonthan YioIl y a 22 jours

    yes u can

  30. Ike Garcia

    Ike GarciaIl y a 24 jours

    are they...are they running out of ideas

  31. Christian Indelicato

    Christian IndelicatoIl y a 24 jours

    Slam my salami the guy's a commie

  32. E Callahan

    E CallahanIl y a 25 jours

    I'm still watching because of 0:33. I wish they would release a full version of it (even though his login has it mixed in).

  33. Strakee

    StrakeeIl y a 25 jours

    Discount Communist Rubick

  34. Manny Dineros

    Manny DinerosIl y a 25 jours

    If Demacians hate magics but lux has magic and she's a demacian

  35. Eduardo Azevedo

    Eduardo AzevedoIl y a 27 jours

    His voice on portugues-br is best

  36. Kelvin Castillo

    Kelvin CastilloIl y a 27 jours

    His looks dosent look so menacing, and scary

  37. Jacques Ntongo

    Jacques NtongoIl y a 27 jours


  38. Jacques Ntongo

    Jacques NtongoIl y a 27 jours


  39. Dex Tro

    Dex TroIl y a 27 jours

    Weird Communism, but okay

  40. Alexander Von Engelberg

    Alexander Von EngelbergIl y a 27 jours

    Sylas is basically a communist

  41. Dustoe McDust

    Dustoe McDustIl y a 27 jours

    This isn't communism. This is anarchism.

  42. Liu Francis

    Liu FrancisIl y a 29 jours

    The new hottest champion

  43. Jack Cawley

    Jack CawleyIl y a mois

    So he’s an communists of this world

  44. Nicholas Przeslawski

    Nicholas PrzeslawskiIl y a mois


  45. Nicholas Przeslawski

    Nicholas PrzeslawskiIl y a mois

    for real though this guy is straight from kaiserreich. He also talks about claiming the Birthright

  46. Саньок777 Вайфай

    Саньок777 ВайфайIl y a mois

    По видосу выглядит шо герой берсерк какой-то. Уже в не терпении, хочу сыграть за него

  47. bader alfarhan

    bader alfarhanIl y a mois

    im waiting for the champion who doesnt have to buy items cuz he can steal them

  48. Castigar Reviews

    Castigar ReviewsIl y a mois

    The Shang Tsung of LoL

  49. Lars Visser

    Lars VisserIl y a mois

    Fricking Lux

  50. Pro Sia

    Pro SiaIl y a mois

    Chain holder looks like galio

  51. Alonso Hidalgo

    Alonso HidalgoIl y a mois

    Dark souls 2 The Lost Sinner GG

  52. jaskicd

    jaskicdIl y a mois

    so this magic schakle can somehow make you do every ult. Some creative people made this champion happen

  53. Filip M

    Filip MIl y a mois

    DELETE THIS CHAMP, He have big life steal -_-

  54. Chase Langkilde

    Chase LangkildeIl y a mois

    This dude skipped leg day way to much...

  55. Matisse Platford

    Matisse PlatfordIl y a mois

    so moody

  56. Raymone Bashar

    Raymone BasharIl y a mois


  57. mini.

    mini.Il y a mois

    still coming back because of the background instrumental from 1:01

  58. Maximilianus Number 69

    Maximilianus Number 69Il y a 21 jour

    Lmao me tooo :o

  59. Krystek

    KrystekIl y a mois


  60. GhostBlitzkrieg

    GhostBlitzkriegIl y a mois

    In latin spanish is better believe it or not

  61. Bora Kanısıcak

    Bora KanısıcakIl y a mois


  62. Javi

    JaviIl y a mois


  63. Lone Wolf

    Lone WolfIl y a mois

    dude...if you have a stealing ability, you dont steal Lux's steal her panties. Kazuma is the true senpai

  64. Tomato Myster

    Tomato MysterIl y a mois

    Report Lux

  65. Wan Yie

    Wan YieIl y a mois

    is that ending a reference to WoW's BFA?

  66. Sterling S

    Sterling SIl y a mois

    🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂🅱️😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️🅱️😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️😂😂😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️🅱️ 🅱️😂😂😂😂😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️😂😂🅱️😂😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️😂😂😂🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂😂😂🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️ 🅱️😂😂😂🅱️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🅱️🅱️ 🅱️😂😂🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂🅱️🅱️😂😂🅱️🅱️ 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

  67. Ahmed Samy

    Ahmed SamyIl y a mois

    i never get tired watching this !

  68. Stealthy Bleach

    Stealthy BleachIl y a mois

    sylas is communist

  69. Calvin

    CalvinIl y a mois

    Makes me feel like Kakashi sensai

  70. Kratos D Mart

    Kratos D MartIl y a mois

    En español suena muchísimo mejor xD

  71. Fujimaru Takagi

    Fujimaru TakagiIl y a mois

    *Sylas copies an ultimate* Rubick: (in-game voice) Pathetic *copies everything + 75% skill amp talent*

  72. Станислав Христов

    Станислав ХристовIl y a mois

    rip lol

  73. The Womping Wampa

    The Womping WampaIl y a mois

    So...Sylas is a communist?

  74. daniel okpapi

    daniel okpapiIl y a mois

    identity crisis. He has no ult. How can he lead?

  75. Random User SMH

    Random User SMHIl y a mois

    Welp. He stole Luxana's Ultimate

  76. Calvin

    CalvinIl y a mois

    This is a copy champion by far the coolest champion released.

  77. Poot is

    Poot isIl y a mois

    Really fun to play

  78. Zip Crocks

    Zip CrocksIl y a mois

    Zoe i can copy their summoner's spell Neeko i can copy their appearance Sylas i can copy their ultimate New champion i can control the enemy computers😂😂

  79. Dohvahkiin OMG

    Dohvahkiin OMGIl y a mois

    One does not simply steal the death mark - zed

  80. TheDada Channel

    TheDada ChannelIl y a mois

    What the heck! What you need is a single spark... My favorite quote in life.

  81. Paladin Gaming

    Paladin GamingIl y a mois

    So did lux purposefully release sylas by going to his cell, or did she just accidentally walk by to look at him, because if you know that he is known to be able to easily learn and use everyone's abilities, why would you ever go near him if you are one of the people he can steal from? Logically I'd only send normal human beings near him if it was for checking up on him and whatnot.

  82. Ahmed Samy

    Ahmed SamyIl y a mois

    they don't know what he does they only know "he is a dangerous magicman"

  83. Ci

    CiIl y a mois

    Rule34 Sylas or Communism

  84. Michael fromPH

    Michael fromPHIl y a mois

    That girl on the front gate that wanna seen sylas is lux right read his back story



    Destiny hero dreadmaster

  86. ImFriendly

    ImFriendlyIl y a mois

    The whole video sounds like the fantastic beast movie fighting for the pureblood and all

  87. NEMONI T.M

    NEMONI T.MIl y a mois

    He ' s an Op character but that Final Skill he has the word "Hijack" mhmm a little bit...mhhmmmm let say its a cheat move I don't mean its a cheat or hack its just that other players will buy sylas and use it forever because of it's final skill or ss

  88. Chae Leen Park

    Chae Leen ParkIl y a mois


  89. DragonFartMaysa

    DragonFartMaysaIl y a mois

    How is he so buff if he’s been shackled for 15 years?

  90. Darcus DMO

    Darcus DMOIl y a mois

    Yes Riot, make more champions YES, but dont balance it to keep gaining money, and they say (Not pay to win) OH PLEASE DONT MAKE ME LAUGH, all people pay to win, such a bank game.

  91. Lukos0036

    Lukos0036Il y a mois

    Literally eat the rich. I like this guy. >=3

  92. A Box

    A BoxIl y a mois


  93. EL TiRNEkO

    EL TiRNEkOIl y a mois

    Rubick the Grandmagus in League.... Interesting

  94. Colorlessie

    ColorlessieIl y a mois

    He's like a communist cult leader who's also very hot

  95. Mesut Dilek

    Mesut DilekIl y a mois

    Türkçe dublajı kat kat ve daha iyi olmuş.

  96. Commander Shepard

    Commander ShepardIl y a mois

    Is that Shaun Kangz?

  97. VivaLA Vida

    VivaLA VidaIl y a mois

    "RISE UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS!" I got chills hearing that.

  98. BECAUSE I'm bat

    BECAUSE I'm batIl y a mois


  99. Natron Abi Hatırası

    Natron Abi HatırasıIl y a mois

    what is music


    DANIEL OKOYEIl y a mois


  101. Aecavius

    AecaviusIl y a mois

    0:43 Huey Long?

  102. Elise Vinter

    Elise VinterIl y a mois

    Thanks Lux, you broke it..

  103. Inky

    InkyIl y a mois

    This champ made me lost 7 ranked games already. And he was in my team in 7 of them.

  104. Beverly Quiatchon

    Beverly QuiatchonIl y a mois

    Luxxxx ,!

  105. Melo White

    Melo WhiteIl y a mois


  106. Will Pongase

    Will PongaseIl y a mois

    Riot: lets make a balanced hero that has 144 ults :) obviously not op Me: