Switches are Clicky; Here's Why


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    do you have nothing better to do ?

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    "Like a lightswitch" Me: "Just go click, it's a cool little Mormon trick"

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    Damn, American switched and sockets are odd and dangerous I like your comment at the start about some being safe and less than completely safe

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    *makes note* Flick my switch, to give them a long life....

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    Thanks for another great video, Electroboom.

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    BEAR wires! \0/

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    12:23 Probably not. They are more expensive so they usually just cheap out and use a normal relay. Never seen one with a latching relay.

  8. Ronald Garrison

    Ronald GarrisonIl y a 10 heures

    Oh yes, the house where I grew up had those hard-clacky switches. Never did care for them. My aunt and uncle had a house with silent switches. I think they used mercury.

  9. Ronald Garrison

    Ronald GarrisonIl y a 10 heures

    1. In an office environment, using a fidget clicker can certainly make sparks fly. 2. The question of how to avoid sparks when turning things on and off is a complex and interesting one. One thing you might want to discuss in another video is how reactive loads affect this, and also how smart outlets could help with this. 3. When I was growing up, we had an electric range and, as you might expect, it was connected to a 3-wire, 220 V line. It had several discrete levels of heat, with click stops. I knew it had to do with having two different rings on each burner, and connecting each to either both wires, one wire, or none. Later, most ranges I encountered had continuously varying controls. I always wondered how that was done. To the best of my knowledge this is done with SCRs, which became available, I suppose, around the Sixties. 4. BTW I wonder how they handled burner control in the UK and some other places before SCRs, where AFAIK it's all just 2-wire, 220 volt service in residences (but 3-phase in some industrial cases).

  10. Paul F

    Paul FIl y a 11 heures

    The humble switch.... much more than meets the eye! The simplest and quickest way to de-bounce a switch, is to place a capacitor across its contacts. A better way is to implement a Schmitt Trigger circuit, which latches the change to the output on first contact, eliminating all that make-and-break action of an analogue switch.

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    I really admire the amount of effort you put into the production of your videos, you even go as far to make subtitles and as someone who watches everything with subs if it's available i appreciate that a lot, thanks for making such interesting content man.

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    That was interesting even though I thought I knew the answer to start with. Which I did but hadn't ever really taken a good look at the innards of a switch

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    What about mercury switches?

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    very fun vid, thank you.

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    I don't understand how you can make a 15 minute video about switches.

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    Jokes on you we use knife switches exclusively in this household!

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    heres another question: why is the voltage lower in the US than here in europe? lower voltage means more current for the same power.

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    I have a panel from an elevator and its switches can take literal seconds to click after flicking. Scary but cool.

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    It's so blind people know when they've turned the light on

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    You should do a video on printing calculators

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    Haha thank you for the information , I'll be more rude with switches

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    IF there was a light switch which was Quantum in nature, would the light be both on and off? Don't even go there with the cat example…!

  23. Matt Carrell

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    Personally I've never liked mushy switches. Switches that mush won't last long as such…. :)

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    I was hoping it'd explain why my old house has switches you can hear from a mile away and modern switches are quiet... oh dang it does. 10:32 I thought this video was going to be some useless information but it's actually pretty relevant.

  25. MyTech

    MyTechIl y a 20 heures

    Those super clicky switches, with real spring loading, in your old house are still available. They are out of favor because the cost a few cents more and some folk do not like the loud clack noise. Also insulator-conductor spectrum is not really true, at least it is an over simplification. While it is true that most conductors have some resistance(exceptions are called super conductors) the resistance should be thought of like wind-drag on a car or water-drag on a boat. A true insulator on the other hand has zero electrical leakage within its design envelope(mainly temperature and voltage gradient), an insulator is not simply a high resistance conductor. To be sure many materials have manufacturing defects that allow some leakage but this is generally not the bulk of the material but isolated channels, most notable on very thin insulation such as those found in capacitors, where the defects have a high chance of being the full depth of the insulation layer. Now under certain conditions the insulation property can be broken and allow electron flow, thus turning an insulator into a conductor. Think of the insulator like a brick wall to the car, which prevent the car from moving at all up to a certain effort at which point the wall crumbles. This is what happens to gases in an arc, the voltage gradient becomes so high that the outer electrons of the gas are popped loose creating charged ions, charged ions will allow substantial electrical flow and the heat generated by the resistance helps keep the gas ionized even though the voltage gradient is much lower with conduction than it was before conduction. Now you may be say "Wait! What about surface leakage on PCBs?"; Well that is not flow through the insulator that is flow creeping across the surface of the insulator due to the molecules at the edge of the material having loose ends so to speak, without a matching neighbor the charges may not be fully bound and the surface becomes a high resistance conductor. And to cover another point, insulators generally do not block the electromagnetic field around electrical charge and flow which is capable of transferring energy without any exchange of electrons. Thus electricity can [up to a point] appear to flow through a capacitor or transformer though no electrons are actually crossing the capacitor or transformer.

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    this video was awesome 'amit! ive been follwwingyouu for a while love your progression keep it uppp!

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    I turned the light which off in my room slowly on and off when I was little alot and it made sounds oops but it still works😉

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    Mr. Technology Connections man, I'm surprised you didn't discuss the old "silent" light switches which used mercury to make and break the circuit without noise.

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    ... there is one other kinda switch i can think of you didn't put in your switch bit

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    I have a light switch that dosent click at all

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    What about software buttons clicking?!

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    Yeah, don't make me go into keyboard switches, it would be a video on its own lol.

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    Actually you were incorrect about SF6, the main use of SF6 is to make your voice sound crazy awesome.

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    Great topic.

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    Just wanted to say this was the first video I've seen of yours and I instantly subscribed! Very informative and entertaining. I honestly had no idea I even gave a shit about light switches but hey, you proved me wrong 😂

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    Haven't watched it but if you don't use the word "detent" I'm going to be upset

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    *Sees title.* Oh. Sure. I kinda wonder that. *Sees the video is 15 minutes.* ...

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    “A switch is a handheld gay” - Technology Connections, 2019 1:27

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    5:18 hurts to look at, that is the most stupidly dangerous thing I have seen

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    Sleep? Nah, I'll watch a whole video about switches in my recommended... So happy I did. You've gained a new subscriber.

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    idk y but i expected a pen that doesnt make the click sound

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    4 years of electronic engineering and I still learn new things from this video.

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    They click because of the need to make a quick connection between the contact points in the switch. As the connection is made there is an arc between the contacts, a slow connection would reduce the life of the switch.

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    So blind people can know if they turned the lights on or off 😂

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    when i was 5 i played with a plug and i saw a blue spark

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    Leviton's top-of-the-line switches are quiet. A loud click isn't necessary to achieve fast make contacts. Also, does this video qualify as click-bait? 😁

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    This video is *click* NOICE

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    3 minutes in ive already subscribed. well done

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    do you film yourself or do you have someone film you since i would imagine it would be rather annoying to constantly get up move the camera and then sit down again

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    Decoupling caps for every switch!!!! !

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    When my physics teacher told me about dielectric breakdown, I knew I had been lied to.

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    Oh, so I guess that thing I did as a kid where I jiggled the switch back and forth to mess with the lights was a bad idea... Well, now I know.

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    I need that shirt so badly.

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    Never asked this question ger

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    so why?

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    Sorry this is click bait...TD and forwarding this vid to OSHA as... Only a moron would allow their eyes to be that close to an electrical arc without approved safety protection... BTW mercury switches do not make a click... and the electrical arc is insulated by being contained...

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    i want to breathe sulfur hexaflouride



    He looks tired

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    I like how he said 'nothing is a perfect insulator' because having nothing around a wire is not even air is literally a perfect insulator.

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    "Fidget clicker"

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    A switch is a handheld.. no *confused look*

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    there is another way to prevent arching in relay switches. a diodd is placed parallel to the coil of the switch so any remaining charge will go thorough the diode instead of the air gap

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    so my landlord should thank me for purchasing philips hue lamps, as they are controlled via their own switches/hue hub system. so i haven't basically touched my lamp switches for like a 2 years.

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    Toaster! About time one was mentioned again. :-) I also liked the brief mentioning of the "completely safe" plug but without saying that honor goes to the British plug. And there is a new possible episode. Plugs are amazing. Simple but very different all over the world. Technology Connections should in my opinion explore those in a future episode.

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    1:25 A switch is a person who enjoys both dominance AND submissio... no.

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    2:42 he's like a child on a mall tampering with toys

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    1:27 pay Nintendo for that!

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    Switches are *A S M R*

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    Love your shoutout to BS1363 plugs and sockets.

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    electroBOOM like if you know him

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    That feeling when you hear a nice CLICK. But you remember you were walking in a minefield.

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    When I watch a Technology Connections video, I almost always click like immediately.

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    Any clues as to why Seppo switches are reversed?

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    I didn't think I'd watch a 15 minute video about light switches... but I didn't think I'd watch that one about the toaster either and here we are. This channel is a rabbit hole. Don't send help, there's a lot of interesting stuff down here.

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    Serious question Does anyone try to click the switches while watching this video? Coz I just did that without any reason

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    I'm still in an old building that uses a much older toggle switch: buttons. Wonder why the buttons went out of style

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    I would purposely arch it as a kid like at 9:40. I would smell burning lol