Stranger Things 3 | Summer in Hawkins | Netflix


  1. 這種情況

    這種情況Il y a 47 minutes

    People still watch this

  2. chloe

    chloeIl y a 47 minutes

    this is the clip we get... we couldn’t have gotten a mil even scene... THANKS NETFLIX

  3. sanyog shenlong

    sanyog shenlongIl y a 48 minutes

    ZZ series

  4. Zachary Scheuerman

    Zachary ScheuermanIl y a 49 minutes

    I smell affairs😤😤😤

  5. Diabetic_ Dino01

    Diabetic_ Dino01Il y a 49 minutes

    Oh no 🙈

  6. Horiole ?!

    Horiole ?!Il y a 49 minutes

    caca poopi

  7. von ryan

    von ryanIl y a 51 minute

    what if it's dad's instead of mom's and a high school girl lifeguard? would the same people still like this video?

  8. Cheeze berries

    Cheeze berriesIl y a 51 minute

    The guy in the thumbnail kind of looks like Anthony Padilla lmao

  9. SidtheKid Brickz

    SidtheKid BrickzIl y a 52 minutes

    Stifler's mom is shook

  10. Fintan

    FintanIl y a 52 minutes

    Can't be the only one who thought the mom's were lesbians.

  11. Knight Zanir

    Knight ZanirIl y a 52 minutes

    billy = kakyoin

  12. Üf Da

    Üf DaIl y a 52 minutes

    Anyone old enough to remember that new coke?

  13. Jonny H

    Jonny HIl y a 53 minutes

    I feel like Billy turns out to be Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

  14. Raven Banesidhe

    Raven BanesidheIl y a 53 minutes

    For anyone wondering, the first song is Rock this Town by Brian Setzer, and the second is Moving in Stereo by The Cars

  15. §hąřpśhøõțëŕ

    §hąřpśhøõțëŕIl y a 54 minutes

    Def Sandlot flashback

  16. Jane Doe

    Jane DoeIl y a 54 minutes

    Cougar Town, watch the movie called The Graduate, it is the definition of what a cougar is like

  17. Jamie Lu

    Jamie LuIl y a 56 minutes

    Can't wait!!

  18. Lord Ganja

    Lord GanjaIl y a 57 minutes

    What's the name of of that song? Please

  19. JoeJoe ThePotato

    JoeJoe ThePotatoIl y a 58 minutes

    I am disgusted

  20. Mitch Hardw

    Mitch HardwIl y a 59 minutes

    Kakyoin legacy lives

  21. Daft Punk

    Daft PunkIl y a 59 minutes

    Whos the life guard girl but

  22. Ghosty Pup

    Ghosty PupIl y a heure


  23. Nisa Rumaisha

    Nisa RumaishaIl y a heure

    I swear I thought Anthony Padilla was in the thumbnail

  24. Wasausky

    WasauskyIl y a heure

    Uuum excusme wtf?

  25. einc70

    einc70Il y a heure

    Something gonna happen between these 2 i can feel it.

  26. Breyanna graves

    Breyanna gravesIl y a heure

    Ms .wheeler being cougar oh nahh sis that’s not the wave 😭😭👎🏽

  27. ninjitsu 101

    ninjitsu 101Il y a heure

    Sure getting strange!

  28. Sadia Ali

    Sadia AliIl y a heure


  29. David Benavides

    David BenavidesIl y a heure

    Kakyoin would be proud

  30. Ronnie P

    Ronnie PIl y a heure

    I smell a scandal

  31. Unknown

    UnknownIl y a heure

    Milfhunter season

  32. Ivy J.

    Ivy J.Il y a heure

    WHY do they have them thirsting after Billy who may I remind you is a MINOR I don’t want to see this shit why WHY why

  33. neamh U-M

    neamh U-MIl y a heure

    If it wasn’t obvious he was gay it is now

  34. Gamer Time

    Gamer TimeIl y a heure

    Noriaki kakyoin would like to know your location


    YEET YEETIl y a heure


  36. KiddJerichoXO

    KiddJerichoXOIl y a heure

    Comments: BILLY IS A MILFHUNTER! Kakyoin: *Ya'll hear somethin*

  37. mxnalxndr

    mxnalxndrIl y a heure

    Hide yo mommas

  38. Aloy Chloe Price

    Aloy Chloe PriceIl y a heure

    The last trailer was better.i just hope the season is good.

  39. Skidaddle Skadoodle

    Skidaddle SkadoodleIl y a heure

    Who else forgot like everything from the past seasons

  40. Real Deal

    Real DealIl y a heure

    Mrs Wheeler looking like a snack , I can dig that.

  41. The Curious Sapien

    The Curious SapienIl y a heure

    Demi-gorgon, Mind-flayer, Cougar! 😂🐆

  42. namra khan

    namra khanIl y a heure

    I haven't watched this show before but I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Anthony Padilla with a wig 🤣

  43. Winwin’s Lines

    Winwin’s LinesIl y a heure

    It’s like riverdale season 1 all over again.

  44. Mr Ious

    Mr IousIl y a heure

    1:19 I say the same Mrs. Wheeler.

  45. Matt561

    Matt561Il y a heure

    know we know how they fill the pool

  46. Deku Heroic

    Deku HeroicIl y a heure

    Eww gross. Not the guy, he's a cool looking dude. I mean all the old ass women drooling over him.

  47. Che Alejandro

    Che AlejandroIl y a heure

    I am a lifeguard and can confirm......I mean this doesn't happen to me but still

  48. Johny English

    Johny EnglishIl y a heure

    Who thinks this'll be any good?

  49. 神话AwakeRelax

    神话AwakeRelaxIl y a heure

    I'll Tell You People, Its Harder Then It looks Cause Its A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock And Roll.

  50. PatrickMCcolley

    PatrickMCcolleyIl y a heure

    Does everyone in movie murica have the same f life. Wtf

  51. your local train wreck

    your local train wreckIl y a heure

    Okay wait a minute-

  52. magno

    magnoIl y a heure

    This trailer is better than GoT season ache.

  53. SHINee Velvet

    SHINee VelvetIl y a heure

    I hate Billy with a passion but I love Darce so 🤷

  54. Clorox Gel

    Clorox GelIl y a heure

    got excited for smth new than I felt disgusted not only by the cougar club lol but by Mrs wheelers armpits

  55. Jimmy Fudge Nugget

    Jimmy Fudge NuggetIl y a heure

    what the heckafino

  56. Woomy Dayz

    Woomy DayzIl y a heure


  57. Mohamed Kilas

    Mohamed KilasIl y a heure

    Milfer things

  58. Mario B

    Mario BIl y a heure

    forsenCD Clap

  59. madhu madhu

    madhu madhuIl y a heure


  60. robert rice

    robert riceIl y a heure

    Can't be obvious like this anymore, people are extremely sensitive. And that's sexual harassment these days! Boy how times have changed... 😂

  61. Console Whore

    Console WhoreIl y a heure

    Isn't he underage?

  62. Sherry Flavour

    Sherry FlavourIl y a heure

    Billy looks like a budget version of Zach Efron

  63. V H

    V HIl y a heure

    Wyf is this? I ain't watching.

  64. Duoc Dang Dinh

    Duoc Dang DinhIl y a heure

    trung ruôi

  65. Eduardo Perez

    Eduardo PerezIl y a heure

    James charles has kissed u Like to undo

  66. Nunu

    NunuIl y a heure

    This season isn’t gonna be as good in my opinion

  67. FL0ze

    FL0zeIl y a heure

    Billy is the ultimate chad

  68. gal pal

    gal palIl y a heure

    that’s just like not o.k.

  69. Neil Rischl

    Neil RischlIl y a heure


  70. jeonku

    jeonkuIl y a heure

    These moms are gonna be real perverts.

  71. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganIl y a heure

    She wants the "D"emogorgon

  72. Noel Villarroel Cruz

    Noel Villarroel CruzIl y a heure

    Nothing better than watching some mid age women flirting with a young man😂

  73. Anthony Swiss

    Anthony SwissIl y a heure

    Why the fuck is this a trailer for stranger things?

  74. Fred Flintstone

    Fred FlintstoneIl y a heure

    Anthony Swiss this is not a trailer - this is to get us use to the summer vibe of this season.

  75. despotic godmother

    despotic godmotherIl y a heure

    i hate that i actually find him attractive

  76. Dr

    DrIl y a heure


  77. Tamas Maklari

    Tamas MaklariIl y a heure

    Come on he's not even THAT handsome

  78. Pwebster7 7

    Pwebster7 7Il y a heure


  79. Sean Miffin James

    Sean Miffin JamesIl y a heure

    I got rid of Netflix after a decade-did this entice me to add it? Nope! Hulu.

  80. Arc Airsoft

    Arc AirsoftIl y a heure

    Ted Bundy is sure getting a lot of fame...

  81. J S

    J SIl y a heure

    ?? How does this promote the show? What does this do to make wantvtonsee the show more?? Absolutely nothing. Guaranteed this season will be garbage

  82. Annie Bejanian

    Annie BejanianIl y a heure

    Okay I thought Billy was gay 💀

  83. Wilson Gang

    Wilson GangIl y a heure

    Very fucking stupid this show is going to shit.

  84. Elfreda Doswell

    Elfreda DoswellIl y a heure

    I hate to be the person that stans problematic characters but fuck I love him sm

  85. Iona

    IonaIl y a heure


  86. Penta55

    Penta55Il y a heure

    oh classic ridgemont high feels

  87. Batuhan Serçe

    Batuhan SerçeIl y a heure

    Wtf is this

  88. Manuel Stoica

    Manuel StoicaIl y a heure


  89. kiddingme01

    kiddingme01Il y a heure

    It's Barb possessing Mrs. Wheeler

  90. Anna B.

    Anna B.Il y a heure

    You wanna be bad for life?

  91. spartacus36526

    spartacus36526Il y a heure

    Stranger Things 3: Cougar Town

  92. Fallon Jade

    Fallon JadeIl y a heure

    this is literally going to be a whole scandal. BAAHAAHA

  93. Beowulf Ares

    Beowulf AresIl y a heure

    That's how my 8th grade teacher looked at me lol

  94. savs aloha

    savs alohaIl y a heure

    i feel so uncomfortable watching the encounter with billy and karen

  95. matthew

    matthewIl y a heure

    Oh by the way...nice nod to ridgemont high!

  96. CrimeWave R6

    CrimeWave R6Il y a heure

    Billy: " I like the new suit Mrs. Wheeler.... 😎" Mrs. Wheeler: "thank youuuuu 😏🤤" ....... Chris Hansen: "hi."

  97. Elson B

    Elson BIl y a heure

    why mrs. wheeler a hoe now

  98. H1TMARK3R

    H1TMARK3RIl y a heure


  99. Nadeen L

    Nadeen LIl y a heure

    SMH. I’m excited for the new season

  100. Roy Jyvo

    Roy JyvoIl y a heure

    What thirsty ass moms gotta do with this season!!!

  101. Fake Justin. Y

    Fake Justin. YIl y a heure

    Didn't know Billy was Kakyoin's cousin