Speaker Nancy Pelosi: I Don't Hate Anybody


  1. B L

    B LIl y a 16 jours

    Isn’t there enough politics garbage on MSNBC and FOX? Do you have to keep obssessing about trump and shoving down your poor audiences throats

  2. Debbie Allport

    Debbie AllportIl y a 17 jours

    What a disgrace the whole world is watching you all tear down the POTUS , who was elected by the people get over it liberals you are destroying your selves and Stephen Colbert could give a rats ass he works for the globalist cabal he is just one of those clown aka court jesters he mocks and lies for a living dear god what the hell happen to you America you have become so divvied you are all like SHEEP they are LYING TO YOU WAKE THE HELL UP a country cannot stand if it is divided what the hell are you doing ? Grow the hell up and stop your crying Hillary lost GET THE HELL OVER IT stop acting like whiny children Obama spoiled you all look at your selves if your country gets destroyed and nothing is left don't blame Trump you did this all of you are guilty of this every single one of you

  3. Chris

    ChrisIl y a 19 jours

    When Trump hired Cambridge Analytical to manage his campaign, they told him to use certain slogans to win over voters.1. Lock Her Up, 2. Crooked Hillary 3. Build the Wall 4. Drain the Swamp

  4. usernamedkjah

    usernamedkjahIl y a 20 jours

    MTV, VH1, BET?! They have the Monopoly on music networks I'm probably still nothing musical that will come out between them that is actually good

  5. Your Friend

    Your FriendIl y a 22 jours

    Why is it in New York and California I have turned into shit holes oh I know it’s Democrats!

  6. Da Di

    Da DiIl y a 23 jours

    Like Joy said, "Don't mess with an Italian grandma!"

  7. ideaquest

    ideaquestIl y a 26 jours

    Pelosi is a hypocrite. If she loves everyone in the world, why is she not fixing the homeless in California? Let’s not talk about the world, evil witch and lousy politician.

  8. Tom Thumb

    Tom ThumbIl y a 27 jours

    Nancy Pelosi Hates her own grandkids and family. Why else would she hate and vote agaist Trump and all republicans? Is her love for no wall and more cocaine stronger then her love for her own grandkids?

  9. Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek SharmaIl y a mois

    She does hate him very very much.....but does not wanna screw up her reputation by declaring it in public. What a joke when she says she prays for Trump.....on idiots n morons can believe it.....

  10. slowrider30

    slowrider30Il y a mois

    In liberal comedy today lol. This shows a joke

  11. 65wiseman

    65wisemanIl y a mois

    God Bless Speaker Pelosi; Let her toy with our crummy president.

  12. Emmanuel Gaviero

    Emmanuel GavieroIl y a mois

    The problem is Jesus loves Trump.....but he does not loves him back!!!

  13. Martin Smith

    Martin SmithIl y a mois


  14. Yukimura Sanada

    Yukimura SanadaIl y a mois

    I wonder if he was forced to do the first 3 min

  15. LeavingIt Blank

    LeavingIt BlankIl y a mois

    0:55 What Stephen looks like on weekends when he doesn't have Hair and Makeup.

  16. Omegaperfectstorm !

    Omegaperfectstorm !Il y a mois


  17. Stoic Epictetus

    Stoic EpictetusIl y a mois

    Nancy's (and Joe's, frreporter.com/v/vid%C3%A9o-nRwXkzAqWNM.html&feature=em-comments) agression are typical for people who have a lot to hide. They maybe can fool all the people some of the time and maybe some of the people all the time, but they can't fool all the people all the time.

  18. Creamapera

    CreamaperaIl y a mois

    Nancy's been a naughty girl!

  19. ML Nags

    ML NagsIl y a mois

    Being raised in a Catholic household! Why did no one ask her as a Catholic why she supports abortion? Joe Biden no longer can take communion due to his stand on abortion. Can't have it both ways.

  20. AlwaysMorenZi

    AlwaysMorenZiIl y a mois


  21. YoYO Semite

    YoYO SemiteIl y a mois

    TRUMP 2020 AND 2024

  22. Andre's

    Andre'sIl y a mois

    Wow, they really merged, I smell a monopoly.

  23. Verum Anceps

    Verum AncepsIl y a mois

    The Dems want a civil war. Keep pushing, you are almost there. I'm sure it will work out well for you LOL

  24. jb888888888

    jb888888888Il y a mois

    I guess I've been out of the loop for quite a while, I thought Viacom and CBS merged years ago. Turns out they did; then they split, and now they're back together again.

  25. baerleon

    baerleonIl y a mois


  26. PlumBerryCherries

    PlumBerryCherriesIl y a mois

    Love when Stephen Dances.

  27. Grandpa 43

    Grandpa 43Il y a mois

    Nancy Pelosi don't hate anybody except the Chinese people !

  28. Eao Ryan

    Eao RyanIl y a mois

    Don't mess with me says the gansta's moll. Lizard head sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  29. JoeCnNd

    JoeCnNdIl y a mois

    Nancy was doing karate chops as she talked.

  30. Artificial Sweetener

    Artificial SweetenerIl y a mois

    This is all a charade. Republican senators will not vote to impeach the president. This is just a way for establishment democrats (ie. moderate Republicans) to appear to be #resisting while continuing to vote in favour of corporations over the people. It has the added benefit of taking Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren off the campaign trail for several weeks leading up to the nomination.

  31. Adamant Forge

    Adamant ForgeIl y a mois

    "wait lets have make up sex" I will be sending a bill for my therapist for that mental image.

  32. junglechick13

    junglechick13Il y a mois

    oh yay another multi conglomerate merger that does eff all for anyone who isn't a stockholder or employee. Think I'll go have a Moki-coke

  33. Daniel Ponder

    Daniel PonderIl y a mois

    I pray for the president too, "May G-D bless and keep him, far away from us!"

  34. MURR DOG

    MURR DOGIl y a mois

    Grandma nasty PaLucy, can hide her own Easter baskets...few eggs short...ohio

  35. Patrick McCune

    Patrick McCuneIl y a mois

    The silent majority will elect anybody but trump in 2020

  36. Cameron Ward

    Cameron WardIl y a mois

    Politics should not be in our relaxing time. President trump is a gift from god.

  37. Dylan Waller

    Dylan WallerIl y a mois

    That has to be the most firm and unwavering Nancy Pelosi has ever been. There really is a first time for everything

  38. Grace Flowers

    Grace FlowersIl y a mois

    UTI streaming service !!! 😂😂☠️

  39. N. J. Walker

    N. J. WalkerIl y a mois

    It's too bad that I'm late joining this episode and the comments here. SO many Trolls! How to recognize Trolls: www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/russia-troll-2020-election-interference-twitter-916482/

  40. Hector G

    Hector GIl y a mois

    Anyone else gear mr.magic???

  41. RoughThief

    RoughThiefIl y a mois

    What was that, negative Nancy? Did she just say no for the sake of saying no? Stop beating around the bush, we ALL hate that guy.

  42. Kevin T

    Kevin TIl y a mois

    Colbert be like *boing*

  43. aurora t

    aurora tIl y a mois

    clean the swamp lmfao

  44. angela bluebird60

    angela bluebird60Il y a mois

    McConnell refusing to protect our elections. Amy McGrath is running against McConnell in KY. Jaime Harrison is running against Graham in SC. We can support these quality candidates, and others, regardless of which state we reside in. Phone banking and other volunteering is critical, so those who cannot donate $ can still take part. We should do all we can through civilized, civic action, as the safety and well being of our People, nation and the greater good of the world depend on it.

  45. annellev

    annellevIl y a mois

    Stephen is so much fun!

  46. jmorrow6406

    jmorrow6406Il y a mois

    More TV Monopoly, yay!

  47. 柳岑焉

    柳岑焉Il y a mois

    其實大陸施東各国一国二制,尊重各处民選没错丫??,反而是暴民使英督所教伝,警制,法律,及宗教,而仼者只保存法律及宗教,暴民大慨不喜英伝授之警制?,但,以前电视剧很疯行迷,无多久即英督教港警失颜,而港警努力使英督教伝不失颜,,,??,都没错丫??,没毛病丫?,発生什麽事了?有出现什麽问题吗?,嗯,大慨只有英督在世界失颜面,,,而己丫?。 尊重一国二制,防被炒作介入,SO,英督失颜面之教育丫?,没毛病防坑,,,??。

  48. Davidm. Byrd

    Davidm. ByrdIl y a mois

    Delusional disorder is a generally rare mental illness in which the patient presents delusions, but with no accompanying prominent hallucinations, thought disorder, mood disorder, or significant flattening of affect.[1][2] Delusions are a specific symptom of psychosis. Delusions can be "bizarre" or "non-bizarre" in content;[2] non-bizarre delusions are fixed false beliefs that involve situations that occur in real life, such as being harmed or poisoned.[3] Apart from their delusion or delusions, people with delusional disorder may continue to socialize and function in a normal manner and their behavior does not necessarily generally seem odd.[4] However, the preoccupation with delusional ideas can be disruptive to their overall lives.[4] For the diagnosis to be made, auditory and visual hallucinations cannot be prominent, though olfactory or tactile hallucinations related to the content of the delusion may be present.[2] The delusions cannot be due to the effects of a drug, medication, or general medical condition, and delusional disorder cannot be diagnosed in an individual previously properly diagnosed with schizophrenia. A person with delusional disorder may be high functioning in daily life. Recent and comprehensive meta-analyses of scientific studies point to an association between a deterioration in aspects of IQ in psychotic patients, in particular perceptual reasoning.[5][6][7] According to German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin, patients with delusional disorder remain coherent, sensible and reasonable.[8][dubious - discuss] The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) defines six subtypes of the disorder characterized as erotomanic (believes that someone is in love with them), grandiose (believes that they are the greatest, strongest, fastest, richest, or most intelligent person ever), jealous (believes that the love partner is cheating on them), persecutory (delusions that the person or someone to whom the person is close is being malevolently treated in some way), somatic (believes that they have a disease or medical condition), and mixed, i.e., having features of more than one subtype.[2] Delusions also occur as symptoms of many other mental disorders, especially the other psychotic disorders. The DSM-IV, and psychologists agree that personal beliefs should be evaluated with great respect to cultural and religious differences, since some cultures have widely accepted beliefs that may be considered delusional in other cultures.[9

  49. Alex S

    Alex SIl y a mois

    Oh great... another giant conglomerate merger!! Where’s Elliot Alderson when you need him. These companies are literally becoming EvilCorp

  50. Foxy-CAM TV

    Foxy-CAM TVIl y a mois

    Ahh more monopoly,more corporate mergers.

  51. Ryan Harris

    Ryan HarrisIl y a mois

    Holy shit, I don't watch this show or any late night show, but are all the opening monologues ALWAYS about Trump? This would have to get old so quick...

  52. Ryan Harris

    Ryan HarrisIl y a mois

    Someone should remind her of the catholic church's stance on abortion

  53. Ryan Harris

    Ryan HarrisIl y a mois

    "it's like this room is soaked with gasoline, there's magic in the air." Wait, what? Did Colbert have several serious strokes between his show on Comedy Central and his gig hosting this piece of shit show?




  55. Sweetcherries

    SweetcherriesIl y a mois

    she does hate the president lol

  56. Richard Berriman

    Richard BerrimanIl y a mois

    Thank you Stephen Colbert and Late Nite team for making this crazy world funny :D

  57. David Parker

    David ParkerIl y a mois

    Why was Nancy Pelosi's son working for a Ukraine energy company just like Hunter Biden?

  58. Blade 33

    Blade 33Il y a mois

    Nancy looks like a walking corpse whose been free basing adrenochrome

  59. Vivek Anand J

    Vivek Anand JIl y a mois

    Surprising to see nobody commenting on the merger leading to reduced competition?

  60. Harris Baker

    Harris BakerIl y a mois

    look up "blister" in the dictionary. there's a picture of pelosi