Solskjær confirms extent of Rashford's back injury | Liverpool 2-0 Man Utd Post Match


  1. The Chisvo Fam Chisvo

    The Chisvo Fam ChisvoIl y a mois

    Rashford should be back for today’s game

  2. Thomas Ma

    Thomas MaIl y a mois

    Ole actually a funny guy. He cannot stop smiling out of nowhere and trying to laugh it off. Maybe he is in a state of disbelief on how shite the club became... The players at disposal is far from the hey days when he still playing as a footballer for Man Utd.

  3. Trishna Banerjee

    Trishna BanerjeeIl y a mois


  4. Jay P

    Jay PIl y a mois

    He just can't stop smiling. Great!

  5. innecobuilt

    innecobuiltIl y a mois

    We love Ole. Please let Ole be MU manager for 10 years more

  6. Tito isme

    Tito ismeIl y a mois

    1:48 did he compare himself to mou?? LOL are u serious ole??

  7. Kg25 W

    Kg25 WIl y a mois

    This guy has broken 2 of our best players by playing them when injured the guys a clown

  8. Diego Loera

    Diego LoeraIl y a mois

    The squad still has Greenwood and Madison, but we definitely need attacking midfielders, wing players, or strikers. And they have to be physically proven players... I’d take a look at the Championship league or the Dutch league.

  9. Bong jun ting

    Bong jun tingIl y a mois

    ole: the match should've been replayed because they wore red and we were confused

  10. perry loo

    perry looIl y a mois

    The difference between Klopp and Ole in handling of the players is obvious. Klopp is like a father to his players taking care of their health whereas Ole just neglect this point in endangering the player's health. Even if Rashford wanted to play in the FA cup game against Wolves Ole should hold his stand not to play him knowing its a risk.

  11. Myllo Queen

    Myllo QueenIl y a mois


  12. ben maloney

    ben maloneyIl y a mois

    Well .there you have it ladies and gents .we pressed them .were unlucky .salah took his shirt off .and we played ok at times .we were unlucky..keep going ole its in the bag for ye.

  13. Björn

    BjörnIl y a mois

    Liverpool should have won with at least four or five goals if they weren't so damn inefficient. Yet Ole Gunnar says Liverpool really didn't carve through them, just played long balls etc. Liverpool literally dominated Man Utd. They were really lucky to not be embarrassed with the result, because for most parts of the game they were dominated. The only game where Liverpool dominated more in the league this season is Leicester away, as far as I can remember.

  14. Yusuf

    YusufIl y a mois

    How can any player take this joker seriously.

  15. Knappy

    KnappyIl y a mois

    It's not like they (lfc) carve u open, they really played through us??? To carve is to go through, is it not???? Oles at the wheel LMFAO... YNWA

  16. Jfhfhfhfhfndbch Cnfbvhfnshfhdh

    Jfhfhfhfhfndbch CnfbvhfnshfhdhIl y a mois

    “It shows how far united have come the fact that salah took his shirt off after scoring were on the right track I would say”

  17. Downunder

    DownunderIl y a mois

    Come on chaps. He is trying to be positive. How many Liverpool managers have suffered this ignominy over the last 30 years? Every dog has it's day and it is Liverpool with 2 dicks this season.

  18. BluuM8

    BluuM8Il y a mois

    This guy is deluded talking non sense 😂

  19. Julian

    JulianIl y a mois

    I am still pissed cos of the "foul" on De Gea, that was never a foul and even Neville said it and Tyler (which is the biggest prove). De Gea is so weak but he often gets away with it

  20. Doug

    DougIl y a mois

    You can only try to con everyone for so long. 7 years is overstretching it a little.

  21. BonoVox

    BonoVoxIl y a mois

    There won't be any cred to Liverpool for you Just some average players scoring one and two You may hate me but I rather die Baby bye bye bye Bye bye Don't really want to say it's tough I don't want to tell you that I've had enough It might sound crazy aiming on top 5 Baby bye bye bye

  22. Niclas Johannesen

    Niclas JohannesenIl y a mois

    Ole Gunnar Solskjær "We took the game to them and created chances - big chances - and we created a pressure on them." In 90 minutes United had two chances, Liverpool had at least ten big chances. And Ole Gunnar continues: "It's not like they carve you open". That is a delusional statement to come with. United were carved open again and again yesterday by Liverpool's intricate play; for example the marginal offside goal from Wijnaldum, the sitter that Salah missed in the 2nd half, the great chance that Mane missed in the first half with Shaw just getting his foot in, Firmino missing a golden chance in first half by shooting wide, Henderson's 2nd half strike that De Gea saved magnificently on the post; it all came from Liverpool playing the ball quickly on the grass with short passes; not "long balls" (except for Van Dijk's perfect "long pass2 to Salah that led to an open goal Firmino miss).

  23. Prasanth R

    Prasanth RIl y a mois

    I wonder what so many of them here expected to happen. Draw ? Win? Liverpool has not lost a single game this season , every one who blames Ole should know that. How does a developing Man Utd team without 3 of their best players beat a team like that? Be sensible when demanding.

  24. Halloween Jack

    Halloween JackIl y a mois

    Please keep Ole Utd give him a chance with the young ones

  25. Gearoid Collins

    Gearoid CollinsIl y a mois

    Is he the most deluded manager in premier league history?

  26. Aidan Flood

    Aidan FloodIl y a mois

    Stress fracture from carrying United

  27. R Mg

    R MgIl y a mois

    Ole only cares about his salary along with all the united players and owners

  28. Nitroze

    NitrozeIl y a mois

    Was he watching the same game? Clear foul? 'you don't need VAR to see that'. The delusion is real.

  29. Baskey Vision

    Baskey VisionIl y a mois

    Just say your not being backed by the board

  30. Chris Slint

    Chris SlintIl y a mois

    Ole: "we lost 2-0, i thought that was excellent, fantastic performance"

  31. Anthony Dunne

    Anthony DunneIl y a mois

    Ole get d finger outa Ed's arse and sign bruno!!

  32. Mojo K

    Mojo KIl y a mois

    He's probably on his knees

  33. David

    DavidIl y a mois

    Ole always finger Ed Woodward for free money to buy players this season

  34. Tarabas Zaratin

    Tarabas ZaratinIl y a mois

    How was it a clear foul? Van Dijk did nothing wrong.

  35. Alex Lazareski

    Alex LazareskiIl y a mois

    who on earth is exactly chomping at the bit, what Jesse Lingard and Tahiti Chong cause they're only two left like wtf...

  36. Tom Mc

    Tom McIl y a mois

    Playing a player when he has a stress fracture in his back. This man should be embarrassed.

  37. Mojo K

    Mojo KIl y a mois

    The fact he allowed Rashford to carry shows how weak Ole is that he let's players decide. Same with Pogba rushing him back too early just because Pogba said he was ready only after one training session but any other manager would had Pogba at least training for at least 2 - 3 weeks but Ole the coward just let players decide. Same witg Rashford saying he wants to play every game instead of resting him

  38. Syeed Hussain

    Syeed HussainIl y a mois

    They didn't do well! They were flipin shocking! At least when we weren't the team now we gave united a proper game ! No heart in this utd team!

  39. Gd2knw

    Gd2knwIl y a mois

    The golden child speaks. Shame on u for calling him out, he deserves more time not because he is a master tactician but because he is a friend.

  40. cian_brody6

    cian_brody6Il y a mois

    Mans back gave up on carrying them


    JDJHD GAMINGIl y a mois

    Zonal marking 🤨

  42. Rudes DruhýDych

    Rudes DruhýDychIl y a mois

    When asked about transfers, that deep breath says it all... joke of a club

  43. Kellys Heroes777

    Kellys Heroes777Il y a mois

    Created 2 chances and missed both. Liverpool never looked like dropping points. Man United just become a joke club

  44. bachajane logari

    bachajane logariIl y a mois

    Bye bye Ole 👋 👋👋 It should have been 6-0 for Liverpool ⚽

  45. Munaj Awake

    Munaj AwakeIl y a mois

    Would love to get Cavani on loan till June

  46. firesquadworld

    firesquadworldIl y a mois

    If u love the club resign, I know it’s just a sport but these guys get millions to let us down weekly , can u imagine if this was u at your job !!

  47. jeff lebowski

    jeff lebowskiIl y a mois

    Hes a horrible angry little man :)

  48. Nightmarish

    NightmarishIl y a mois

    We done as well as we could given the injuries we had. Some of our fans are just cry babies.

  49. ScousersAreShemales

    ScousersAreShemalesIl y a mois

    United should sell Martial, his style will always be continental and not Premier League

  50. J U

    J UIl y a mois

    Rashford would have 30 plus goals if he played for real madrid

  51. Don Jon

    Don JonIl y a mois

    Ole at where Jurgen was at over 2 years ago and look how patients with the manager bring rewards in due time .

  52. Wreckn Wenches

    Wreckn WenchesIl y a mois

    So many stupid plastic fans.... Ole is keeping this thin, young, injury ridden team in the hunt for CL, and the Glazers laugh their asses off to the bank. Who exactly could have done better today with that squad against the best liverpool team in 3 fukn decades? Get out ya fuckn plastics

  53. David

    DavidIl y a mois

    It's the plastic Utd fans fault letting Ole get the job

  54. Hero Of Bukit Padang

    Hero Of Bukit PadangIl y a mois

    Ole what are you waiting for. All out for Bale now. He is your golden ticket

  55. Bimal Sivadas

    Bimal SivadasIl y a mois

    What a disgrace.. admit it we were shite.. we need players

  56. ভাইসাব Bros

    ভাইসাব BrosIl y a mois

    Sack in the morning

  57. Joshua Thomas Kuriakose

    Joshua Thomas KuriakoseIl y a mois

    For all those fools in the comment section it becomes worse before it gets better

  58. slinkiegirl2001

    slinkiegirl2001Il y a mois

    poor ole he looks like he has aged 50 years

  59. Vellen Rungadoo

    Vellen RungadooIl y a mois

    Football is played 90 mins my friend Not only 30 mins

  60. ConariusKillgore17

    ConariusKillgore17Il y a mois

    2:06 a laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  61. John Harpur

    John HarpurIl y a mois


  62. Louis Corbett

    Louis CorbettIl y a mois

    Damn he's aged like 15 years this season

  63. musa osman

    musa osmanIl y a mois

    Almost half of the team needs an overhaul

  64. John Smith

    John SmithIl y a mois

    What's the story with Bruno Fernandes?