Siege of Vienna - Tunnel War - Extra History - #2


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    Winter was coming-that’s what had doomed Suleiman when he’d tried to take Vienna back in 1529. The bitter cold. The Grand Vizier swore history would not repeat itself. Because soon, his mining tunnels would be ready. Get early access to episodes at

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    You should cosider turning these into podcasts

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    ya don't say

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    exuse me can you look at the tet offensive during the vietnam war please that would be great and if you don't i'll eat you

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    Please start the next episode with Sabaton calling out: "THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED"

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    Human BeingIl y a 9 jours

    Hey EC, what are your thought on the Norte Dame fire. Personally I’m extremely saddened because 800 years of art, religion, history, architecture, literary work are all gone in an instant.

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    This is a really neat battle. Very innovative and unique.

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    The muslims never stopped

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    This is really interesting because I am from Vienna and never heard the Story with so much detail

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    8:73 ain't those Polish banners, not Ottoman ones...?

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    so this is ww1 and invasion of russia

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    The original Minecraft

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    We called them "lağımcılar".

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    0:31 Guy at the back = me when school ends and none of the teachers gave us homework

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    7:02 Oh F***

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    holy shit, imagine being a miner back then, tunneling under the ottomans hearing the screams and bombs go off above as the ground shook. Suddenly you strike the earth, and the ground opens, you hear hollering in a foreign language, and a turk runs at you swinging a pickaxe. He misses and you swing at his head, it splatters his brains all over the floor and he writhes and growls. You want to turn back and run, but you know the only way out now is forward through the turkish tunnel, your unit won't let you leave till you kill every other tunneler, and collapse the Turkish tunnel.

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    Bad Beard BillIl y a 2 jours

    Is this what dig dug is based on? Honestly this is hardcore. Tunnel warfare

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    Do you think you could run an old-school channel where you upload in the edited voice? I focus on different words in different styles and I at least would greatly appreciate it. My girlfriend and I rewatch all of your videos constantly!

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    "As the days are passing by and as the dead are piling high No escape and no salvation Trenches to explosive halls are buried deep beneath the walls Plant the charges there and watch the city fear Desperation Desperation It’s a desperate race against the mine And a race against time"

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    Spoiler alert: 911 came the Wingy Bois

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    Hey thats my Birthday! July 25...

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    BOMBERMAN 1683! 4:20

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    Trenches to explosive halls Are buried deep beneath the walls Plant the charges there and watch the city fear

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    This Rimbler fellow sounds like Rogal Dorn.

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    Grün ist unser Fallschirm, froh das junge Herz, stählern unsere Waffen, sind aus deutschem Erz. |: Drum Kameraden, hört die Parole und prägt sie in das junge Herz hinein. Fertig zum Sprung, Signal gegeben, das Leben will gewonnen sein. :| Gehen wir dann in Stellung, geht es endlich los, rufen wir "Hurra, hurra zum Gegenstoß". |: Drum Kameraden... :| Ist die Schlacht zu Ende, ist der Krieg dann aus, ziehen deutsche Fallschirmjäger siegreich nach Haus'.

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    I would kinda liked a reference to Ramsey Bolton in the scene when they hung the flesh over the walls

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    In this war, is yeet or be yeeted


    DIP BHUIYAIl y a 4 jours

    Still now no episode 03.

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    "boom room" all rooms with explosives or anything that could explode shall now be called a boom room

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    Me waiting patiently for episode 3 •_•

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    10:06 When -the- will the Winged Hussars arrive, for fucks sake.

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    Sabaton:Winged Hussars

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    How do you spell the engineers bame

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    *When the winged hussars arrived* *A cry for help in time of need, await* *relief from holy league* *60 days of siege, outnumbered and weak* *Sent a message to the sky, wounded soldiers left to die* *Will they hold the wall or will the city fall* *Dedication* *Dedication* *They're outnumbered 15 to one* *And the battle's begun* *Then the winged hussars arrived* *Coming down the mountainside* *Then the winged hussars arrived* *Coming down they turned the tide* *As the days are passing by and as the* *dead are piling high* *No escape and no salvation* *Trenches to explosive halls are buried* *deep beneath the walls* *Plant the charges there and watch the city fear* *Desperation* *Desperation* *It's a desperate race against the mine* *And a race against time* *Then the winged hussars arrived* *Coming down the mountainside* *Then the winged hussars arrived* *Coming down they turned the tide* *Cannonballs are coming down from* *the sky* *Janissaries are you ready to die?* *We will seek our vengeance eye for an* *eye* *You'll be stopped upon the steps of* *our gate* *On this field you're only facing our* *hate* *But back home the sultan's sealing* *your fate* *We remember* *In September* *That's the night Vienna was freed* *We made the enemy bleed!* *Storm clouds, fire and steel* *Death from above make their enemy* *kneel*

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    Stop the constat showing of the narrator and cat pls they are 2 cringy 4 me

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    10:13 whos the baby in the bottom left corner?

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    I can’t wait for the next episode of the Siege Of Vraks

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    Their situation was always bad as The commonwealth and HRE signed a treaty so any attack resistance or peace hussar cavalry would come to vienna either way.

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    roof rabbits are called that way because a skinned cat looks similar to a skinned rabbit

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    Blows up earthwork not a big deal but Destroys the organ Shits about to buy the fan

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    So thats why the polish winged hussars are so famous... they basically saved the Austrians... so brave, so talented! Although I am an admirer of ottoman military might, I am an even bigger admirer of bravery. Good on you, poles!

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    can you make one about benito juarez he was a big part of mexican history

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    Do an extra history on the u.s. civil war

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    10:07 the ultimate foreshadowing...

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    nnice heckin ssssnek

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    Where's Shovel Knight when you need him.

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    I love all the episodes, they’re always so good, hope you guys make episodes about Operation Market Garden sometime in the future!

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    why you all gotta hate on bulbasaur

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    Get ready for winged hussar memes next episode

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    Then the whinged hussars arrived

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    The untold truth about world war 1

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    Do Gallipoli

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    I dont know why all say, "only 15k austrian against 100k ottomans wow !" you guys dont realize that defending is much easier than besiege. As the defenders you have big walls and you dont have to run into open fire from guns and cannons and you dont have to climb walls walk over spikes and palisades ....

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    Sabaton Bois ?

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    I dearly hope you get some music rights for the next episode.

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    My brother wants me to watch. I hated History until I found THIS!! 🤴🏻 😎

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    Turks and Austrians: Man, your side was brilliant, mate Poles: winged hussars when

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    #3 anyone?

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    8:36 something's wrong with those banners, it's Extra History, it has to be ;)

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    3:26 that’s called a “murder stroke” and it can be done without cutting the users own hands if done correctly

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    Ok i think i know what will come at the next episode...... The winged hussars will arrive

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    I hear from the horizons... the winged Hussar of Poland

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    Is there going to be one day an extra histori episodes about the first or the second Bulgarian kingdom

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    *AND THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED!* Next Episode of Siege of Vienna

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    I'd like to see an episode on Yasuke, the only recorded black samurai.

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    Where dis at

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    if you guys dont upload part 3 soon.... i might have to open a history book myself!

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    Then the winged hussars arrived

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    *Sabaton intensifies* i'm still waiting for WHEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED

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    Man if you don't start singing Winged Hussars from Sabaton when they arrived ,I will unsubscribe 🤣😂

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    Is there some trouble with your recording instrument ?? This second video of the series is also have stuttering issues.

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    a new, high budget movie is needed

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    You should cover residential schools in Canada

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    This reminds me of the Great siege of malta ottomans same mistakes.

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    Why do I get the feeling that the wall bombing that DIDN'T work is going to be glossed over or was glossed over?

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    Did anyone notice At the end did it say "Charge of the Winged Hussars"? Like if u did.

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    pls tell me they will play sabatons winged hussars next episode pls

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    Please do the story of the radical *_John Brown_*

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    It's always beautiful when you see an extra history video flooded with Sabaton lyrics. \m/

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    5:04 How in the tarnation did that thing didn't fell

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    3:26 when your team is full of F2P

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    Siege of Vrak... I mean Vienna!

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