Shannon Sharpe thinks Tom Brady's mediocre play is holding the Patriots back | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDIl y a 13 jours

    Is Tom Brady to blame for New England's struggles on offense?

  2. Vice TOLUCT

    Vice TOLUCTIl y a 8 jours

    Considering what some sports players get away with? Yes!

  3. DirtBikeDevil

    DirtBikeDevilIl y a 11 jours


  4. RXS

    RXSIl y a 11 jours

    Yes, he cry’s when he does bad.😢😭😰🥵

  5. Derek Jones

    Derek JonesIl y a 11 jours

    yes he should have retired while he was on top.... last year.... GO CHIEFS

  6. starzandearth

    starzandearthIl y a 5 jours

    You guys always be doubting this man. I don't trust your opinions but I do trust actual NFL players. Ain't nobody saying Tom's done and nobody's saying Tom Brady is not the man for the job. Stay doubting him and he's going to win a Super Bowl again.

  7. Iyzlo Kenobi

    Iyzlo KenobiIl y a 5 jours

    They had gronk

  8. kim blauvelt

    kim blauveltIl y a 7 jours

    I listened tp Shannon just yesterday, 7'12'2019 say that Brady is throwing balls to his receivers but that the receivers are not on the same page as Brady. He said that Brady has got the talent but he hasnàt had time to develop a relationship with his receivers which is costing their offensiv e production. Shannon in this video is saying that Bradyàs play is costing NE. Well, what is it_ You can't have it both ways man!! Fact is Shannon hates Brady with a passion and no matter what Brady does Shannon will be down on him. If Brady plays a great game Shannon has something to say about how he had all the protection or the defnese played bad. If Brady plays what seems like a bad game it is all his fault. Shannon, Brady has mostly all new players around him year in and year out. That is a problem with any qb. Somehow Brady has been able to get around that obstacle like no other. This year he is unable to work his magic. Get off his back!!!

  9. Mc LOVIN

    Mc LOVINIl y a 7 jours


  10. Jayden R

    Jayden RIl y a 7 jours

    I got the chief's 33- 20

  11. Olive Augustin

    Olive AugustinIl y a 8 jours

    Yup!! Shannon Sharp THINKS!!! Opinions are not facts and we have proof!!

  12. John Wiggins

    John WigginsIl y a 10 jours

    Tom Brady could be retired, and skip would still be saying he is the best qb in the league

  13. Lola Lopez

    Lola LopezIl y a 10 jours

    Im so tired of Tom Brady and the Patriots. Actually, I can't stand them. But, i think we are writing him off too quickly. Watch....

  14. Orlando Padilla

    Orlando PadillaIl y a 10 jours

    NE might lose this weekend.

  15. streetdisciple30

    streetdisciple30Il y a 11 jours

    Its really stupid to say Toms game is holding the patriots back when he has the BEST record in the league and im not a Patriots Fan...if Carson wents or nick foles had that record we would be crowning them the best quarter back ever ...smh...The last time i heard this type of talk it was with payton manning who actually won a super bowl and walked off in the sunset...the diffrecne is that i heard this last year and they won the super bowl and loook at their record now..

  16. ricecakejohnson

    ricecakejohnsonIl y a 11 jours

    Shannon talking about he likes to be honest when it comes to talking about players, so what about all the "lack" of weapons TB has, and what about all the drops balls from his receivers? Shannon dont wanna bring those up.

  17. TheRedneckSage

    TheRedneckSageIl y a 11 jours

    I agree with skip but I have really come to love Shannon Sharpe. I am from the south too but have lived in cali and lost my accent. Shannon's makes me miss home.

  18. Sitranine

    SitranineIl y a 11 jours

    These people never learn. It doesn't matter what you think or say. Brady is going to prove you wrong and run DEEP into the playoffs.

  19. Markus Patients

    Markus PatientsIl y a 11 jours

    Time for Tom Brady to take a seat and Drew Bledsoe to get back his starting QB role...

  20. Kevin Costello

    Kevin CostelloIl y a 11 jours

    I think the Patriots are holding back Tom Brady

  21. Chris O'Reilly

    Chris O'ReillyIl y a 11 jours

    Nobody: Jenny: HmOkIntristing.

  22. Jeffrey Chives

    Jeffrey ChivesIl y a 11 jours

    Why Shannon can’t say “I’m concerned for Tom Brady he doesn’t have anybody to throw too which isn’t necessarily good for his age” nah Shannon just wants to hate 😂

  23. Vice TOLUCT

    Vice TOLUCTIl y a 8 jours

    Because he's not gonna Dynalkulshut up!

  24. Todd Vincent

    Todd VincentIl y a 11 jours

    Let it go shady Shannon. You just can't give props to THE GREAT WHITE HOPE can you. You can't wash this man's jock.

  25. pa_nxt

    pa_nxtIl y a 11 jours

    They keep talking about the old NE from a year ago and 2 years ago. But Lamar was so bad last playoff game vs the chargers. But this year he's MVP. Keep counting on the past like the cowboys that'll get u far

  26. Chayce Quintana

    Chayce QuintanaIl y a 11 jours

    Hes gonna sit here and say the patriots wr core is worse than the 49ers? 😂

  27. Keaton. Shaw

    Keaton. ShawIl y a 12 jours

    Baltimore Ravens Receivers dont scare people either.

  28. Chimou

    ChimouIl y a 12 jours

    Media: Brady in decline! Common sense: No o-line and rookie receivers

  29. Rungy

    RungyIl y a 12 jours

    Tom is behaving the way Dan Marino did in his twilight years...grumpy old man Tom...he had a guy wide open in the end zone, he held that ball and then hurled it into the stands, everyone else in the NFL is "getting it done" NICE TO HAVE THE SOFTEST SCHEDULE IN THE NFL ....INN'T IT

  30. Oscar R.

    Oscar R.Il y a 12 jours

    Thank you Skip and Shannon for making football exciting and funny at the same time. 😁👍

  31. laMar Horton

    laMar HortonIl y a 12 jours

    Once u say hes washed ......hes shows up. Smart not to say hes washed.

  32. Malcolm Little

    Malcolm LittleIl y a 12 jours

    They need to start showing us the clip when skip say's it

  33. Taylor Lee

    Taylor LeeIl y a 12 jours

    Skip is so pathetic always making excuses for Brady. His receiving core hasn’t changed much they literally lost Gronk. Who was good don’t get me wrong but if Tom is the “Goat” he won’t need a 6’6” behemoth to throw to. He’s supposed to Make everyone better around him. But starting taking away his weapons and we’ll see how good he really is. He is not the Goat and never will be.

  34. Jason Bembry

    Jason BembryIl y a 12 jours

    Skip get emotional with Tom Brady Dallas Cowboys San Antonio Spurs

  35. kathy Johson

    kathy JohsonIl y a 12 jours

    Perhaps, but Im not so sure

  36. Jack Torrance

    Jack TorranceIl y a 12 jours

    Our Patriots HAD Antoinio Brown and Josh Gordon!!!

  37. Jack Torrance

    Jack TorranceIl y a 12 jours

    Now maybe if they ran a QB sneak on 4TH AND INCHES,it could've been a different game!!

  38. Garrett Payne

    Garrett PayneIl y a 12 jours

    Here’s the thing, is Brady the best in the league? No. Is he top 10? Idk, maybe. The numbers don’t support it but aside from like Russel Wilson who is a god, most of the other top 10 have some serious weapons on the outside. Now yes, it used to be TB12 could do it all himself. 3-10 years ago you could give him anyone and they’d be looking just fine. Those days are over. Brady has now descended from the heavens and is now mortal. Much like many of the better qbs in the league today, he needs weapons to be a threat. We’re so used to just giving him nameless receivers, for the most part but yea we had Gronkowski which is no joke, and he’s a baller. Not so anymore. I really haven’t seen anyone bring this up. Has he gotten worse? Yea, he has. Is he doodoo like the numbers indicate? No, he just is expected to be exactly who he’s always been and that’s not gonna fly. People think like this bc of his recent super bowl wins and he was over 40 for them so he should still be able to do it but nah man he needs some weapons. God forbid AB didn’t act a fool and he been with us this whole time. I imagine it would be a whole different story. It’s sad to see TB12 on the slow descent to not-greatness but Father Time always wins

  39. Susan Klimaszewski

    Susan KlimaszewskiIl y a 12 jours

    He's washed up

  40. Richard Clark

    Richard ClarkIl y a 12 jours

    You Shannon are far from expert info on Brady. Brady has 2 rookie wide receivers with little playing time on the field, of which can you tell of another NFL quarterback that has a weaker wide receiver core than Brady. Brady has with also a very bad running core that has been a problem ALL year !

  41. :BULLET:

    :BULLET:Il y a 12 jours

    Yes, Tom is 42 years old. Yes, he isn't quite the same because he is 2 years old. But look at who he's throwing to! These guys are not good enough (besides White and Edleman) to be on a Championship team. He is not to blame here. If he had AB, Josh Gordon, and Gronk we'd be talking about how there isn't a team in the NFL that could stop the Patriots.

  42. TonyHamilton Ck

    TonyHamilton CkIl y a 12 jours

    Lets focus on the Bengals

  43. akosh1976

    akosh1976Il y a 12 jours

    TonyHamilton Ck so what u saying we shouldn’t even care about the KC game and just give it to them???;)

  44. Calvin Darrington

    Calvin DarringtonIl y a 12 jours

    Play 2 bad games they say Tom is “losing his touch”. Lmao 🤣 We shall see

  45. Forgotten

    ForgottenIl y a 12 jours

    The pats are having 1 bad season and all of a sudden that erases the fact that they have 6 rings?

  46. Aaron Jacobs

    Aaron JacobsIl y a 12 jours

    Zero credit given to the Texans smh

  47. Antonio Camargo

    Antonio CamargoIl y a 12 jours


  48. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceIl y a 12 jours

    Hello, Humans. "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." -Niccolo Machiavelli TERRANCE OUT

  49. Milk Duds

    Milk DudsIl y a 12 jours

    *Sulking outside of stadium* Anyone got tickets?

  50. J Hart

    J HartIl y a 12 jours

    Why do you think Brady wanted Antonio Brown so much? They have fewer playmakers at receiver than in the past. Brady might be losing some edge also, but really missing a deep threat

  51. Sergio Autozone

    Sergio AutozoneIl y a 12 jours

    Last year was 11 5 and won super bowl

  52. Sergio Autozone

    Sergio AutozoneIl y a 12 jours

    Not Tom is receiving team dropping the balll man

  53. Stephen Calhoun

    Stephen CalhounIl y a 12 jours

    Skip doesn't care about numbers that don't speak to his narrative.

  54. JD87

    JD87Il y a 12 jours

    Holding them back from what exactly at 10-2 record.6 Super Bowl championships out of nine appearances what exactly is he holding the patrons back from again when Tom Brady retires the patriots are finished

  55. ItzSwagalicious

    ItzSwagaliciousIl y a 12 jours

    He's like 41 what do you expect

  56. Rahul Yalamanchili

    Rahul YalamanchiliIl y a 12 jours

    shut the up

  57. randy K15

    randy K15Il y a 12 jours

    When the pats win yall say tom is the best they're going to the superbowl blah blah blah then they lose a game now tom is washed and everything is his fault 🤦‍♂️🤡

  58. Amadou Roukayatou

    Amadou RoukayatouIl y a 12 jours


  59. John Hatchel

    John HatchelIl y a 12 jours

    Aaron Rodgers has always been better than Brady.Even Brady knows it.

  60. --

    --Il y a 12 jours

    Absolute garbage. No respect for the GOAT

  61. zach sabri

    zach sabriIl y a 12 jours

    Patriots 2020 Superbowl champs

  62. Kevin W. Brown

    Kevin W. BrownIl y a 12 jours

    anybody should be an expert on mediocrity it is Shannon his career was very mediocre and they have him talkin about such a great quarterback in the way he does because he has a personal agenda

  63. gerard savoie

    gerard savoieIl y a 12 jours

    It's hilarious how they constantly contradict themselves.Skip.."He has no one to throw to,it's not his fault." Skip.."Brady could take 3 people from the stands and turn them into superstars." hilarious.Someone please explain to me why New England went 10 years without a superbowl..if Tom Brady is the reason they win!

  64. Deborah Nadolski

    Deborah NadolskiIl y a 12 jours

    Brady is way worse this year than last year. There is NO comparison. The Texans let Brady score at the end because the Pats were out of time outs! Plain and simple,

  65. Camaro 1968

    Camaro 1968Il y a 12 jours

    It’s 100% not Brady’s fault...looks at almost every 3rd down he was rushed and sacked, nobody got open, WR’s running the wrong routes and he threw a ton of balls away so he wouldn’t turn the ball over on turnovers

  66. Food For Thought

    Food For ThoughtIl y a 12 jours

    Jenny is always glaring at Shannon and gloating when his his team loses or he’s wrong, however, typically looking Skip adoringly.