Ryan Newman hospitalized after terrifying crash at Daytona 500


  1. G ford

    G fordIl y a 23 heures

    Rubbings racing people


    MEAN GENEIl y a 23 heures

    Hambone doing donuts in the infield, & BOOM confetti, ...while about 100 yards away, Rocket Man is in a fighting for his life, trapped in a burning heap of a car. Banner look for Nascar / Toyota. Classy!

  3. C D

    C DIl y a 23 heures

    you called him scott newman at the end instead of Ryan (1:50)? Don't say heart stopping crash if it didn't stop his heart because often times they do? CBS is trash

  4. Classic WWE 2k Matches

    Classic WWE 2k MatchesIl y a 23 heures

    That scumbag took him out on purpose!

  5. CapturingCars321

    CapturingCars321Il y a 23 heures

    It ain’t a 500 without a massive wreck!Woooooo turn left! Yee hawwww 🤠

  6. Anselmo Dinero

    Anselmo DineroIl y a jour

    Yeah I saw that live, I have footage of the crash. It was frightening. I was cheering for him too. I was extremely worried that one of my favorite drivers ended up in the hospital. Luckily nothing is life threatening.

  7. sparky101985

    sparky101985Il y a jour

    Seeing Ryan Newman's crash/wreck reminded me of 3 other NASCAR crashes: Dale Sr. in 2001, Dale Sr. at Talladega in 1996 where he hit the wall, landed on the drivers side door and then got hit on the roof by another car, and Bobby Allison in 1988 at Pocono he was hit directly in the drivers side door after blowing a tire. I'm wondering if perhaps NASCAR will take Newman's car to their R & D center for inspection to add/modify safety features. Prayers for Ryan Newman and his recovery.

  8. Sous’s Missing Finger

    Sous’s Missing FingerIl y a jour

    “Finished 9th” lol

  9. Yung GooseJuice

    Yung GooseJuiceIl y a jour

    Add this to the list of lives save by the martyrdom of Dale Earnhardt

  10. mrzack888

    mrzack888Il y a jour

    Killed by own FF

  11. douglas steele

    douglas steeleIl y a jour

    roll cage saved Ryan Newmans life. thank God for roll cages.

  12. Bleed Orange

    Bleed OrangeIl y a jour

    I remember how upset Jr was when he won at Daytona when Austin Dillon has that terrible crash. He didn’t even celebrate he was so upset. I wish Denny had done the same.

  13. Mr. Gustav

    Mr. GustavIl y a jour

    I truly believe in my heart that it was Dale Earnhardt Sr. driving behind Ryan Newman.

  14. William Jennings

    William JenningsIl y a jour

    That was racing he wasn't spun out

  15. OwlsShadow

    OwlsShadowIl y a jour

    Had that been any other type of race car, we would have another dead racer.

  16. William Henderson

    William HendersonIl y a jour

    Wow they need to apologise for this crap, he got way to many things wrong.

  17. Ryan Somwaru

    Ryan SomwaruIl y a jour

    1 like on this comment is 1 prayer for Ryan Newman I am already praying for a strong recovery of his accident 😢😢 👎

  18. Bill Clitoris

    Bill ClitorisIl y a jour

    When I saw this it made me feel like this was going to be another Earnhardt..

  19. domino2009ful

    domino2009fulIl y a jour

    🙏🙏🙏 for a speedy recovery

  20. talon501

    talon501Il y a jour

    That is NOT a fair statement. Newman was Not intentionally spun out.

  21. Joshua Ford

    Joshua FordIl y a jour

    Ricky bobby: I'm in the air not good

  22. Lloyd Coleman

    Lloyd ColemanIl y a jour

    Still finished 9th! Hope he’s ok

  23. John Snow

    John SnowIl y a jour

    "Spun Him Out" That comment is irresponsible and lays so much blame on Ryan Blaney These drivers were doing what they do but the slightest bit of air pressure change or an incorrect bump will send them flying. I would bet the farm that when the dust settles Ryan Newman will hold no grudge against Ryan Blaney. Hoping for the best for #6

  24. Gustavo Arango

    Gustavo ArangoIl y a jour

    pronta recuperación Ryan newman

  25. Mr Gilmore

    Mr GilmoreIl y a jour


  26. Andy Pullar

    Andy PullarIl y a jour

    I think Austin Dillion’s fence crash is still #1 but it’s hard to see cars flipping like this and just wondering what’s going on through the drivers minds as all of this is happening #prayforRyan 🙏

  27. itchy dope

    itchy dopeIl y a jour

    Pro wrestling and demo derby have a baby and call it NASCAR.

  28. Andy Pullar

    Andy PullarIl y a jour

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Newman

  29. jay07

    jay07Il y a jour

    I like Newman he one of the original Young Gun's Gillette...I have a cap with all the YoungGun's autograph keep it in a safe place going to be my little nephew when the Good Lord call's me home... 🏎💨💨💨 speedy recovery Newman 🏁🏁🏁🏎💨

  30. AzaGameplay

    AzaGameplayIl y a jour

    Well this isn't like the ending of Cars at all

  31. Syrnian

    SyrnianIl y a jour

    It was Hamlin that caused the crash.

  32. josh pashia

    josh pashiaIl y a jour

    So the soab that bumped and caused the wreck won... smdh

  33. Gringo

    GringoIl y a jour


  34. Laurie Faith Prescott

    Laurie Faith PrescottIl y a jour

    I dont watch nascar but my prayers r with Newman..glad he is okay!!!!

  35. Pierce Rice

    Pierce RiceIl y a jour

    You can see #12 slow down so he wouldn’t win the race and have the guilt


    FLA-TEXANIl y a jour

    The way Hamlin was acting after like it was a regular win was off putting, Every other Driver was looking at Newman’s scene concerned and Hamlin did the burnout and celebratory stuff and it just looked so unprofessional And no I’m not buying he didn’t know how bad it was narrative, They have radios and everybody knew what was going on

  37. Riya And Ray Play

    Riya And Ray PlayIl y a jour

    Newman is going to throw hands.

  38. milton deering

    milton deeringIl y a jour

    when you hit someone to and spin him out it is someone fault. You can avoid hitting another car.

  39. Ferd Burfle

    Ferd BurfleIl y a jour

    How crazy do you have to be to even get in one of these cars and go 200 miles an hour on the ground? The only place I want to go 200 miles an hour is in the sky.

  40. Zach Early

    Zach EarlyIl y a jour

    Ryan's parents are my next door neighbors. So sad to see this happen and prayers to a swift recovery

  41. Dan Star

    Dan StarIl y a jour

    Blaney at fault. Newman took the inside line for the turn; he was not blocking. Sleep well arsehole.

  42. RacingPower19

    RacingPower19Il y a jour

    #prayforryannewman 🙏


    SHARKIES GIRLIl y a jour

    These cars are trash getting flimsier and flimsier. IVE Never seen so much flex in car chassis before scary i wouldnt ride in one if you paid me 1 mill bucks... 🔥🚘🔥🔥🔥🚘🔥🔥🔥🚘🚘🔥🔥🔥

  44. DOE John

    DOE JohnIl y a jour

    Trump is a bad luck demon.

  45. Katie Hatt

    Katie HattIl y a jour

    Never been so scared in my life I’ve watched nascar since 2007 and I’ve known Ryan Newman for that whole time definitely the worst crash I’ve ever seen. I literally thought I just saw Ryan Newman die when I saw that the roof on the drivers side was caved in.

  46. Kyle

    KyleIl y a jour

    I love these crashes this was awesome

  47. Torey Rozela

    Torey RozelaIl y a jour

    Why would anyone say something like that what if Ryan Newman died I think it's terrifying to hear or see these crashes my heart goes out to the Newman Family. Ryan hope you will retire

  48. margaret humphreys

    margaret humphreysIl y a jour

    We were cheering him on to win and a few seconds later we were all praying for him to survive. We are all praying for Ryan for a quick recovery.

  49. jeff martin

    jeff martinIl y a jour

    Hopefully Ryan makes a full recovery! personally I think Daytona is a pathetic display of racing! they need to fill the place full of water, stock it with Bass, and have fishing tournaments!

  50. Elite Soulfly

    Elite SoulflyIl y a jour

    Damn I can’t believe Newman finished the race that way. I didn’t know he crossed. I know it’s dark at times like these but the fact he salvaged 9th in that condition is amazing and I think he will someday be telling that story. Someday at a RIPE OLD AGE RYAN. We’re not letting you go like this.

  51. Jack Lincoln

    Jack LincolnIl y a jour

    Had the race ended Sunday. This may not have happened. Or, maybe something worse. No one knows. Either way. It’s hard to accept death during a sports event

  52. Jason Johnson

    Jason JohnsonIl y a jour

    Ok I know absolutely nothing about racing so I’m coming at this as an ignorant lil bean so if this is wrong keep that in mind: Shouldn’t the driver who bumped him be held responsible in some way? I mean who thinks bumping somebody going nearly 200 mph is going to go well in any scenario especially one with a ton of cars around who won’t be able to react at top speeds to another car spinning out. It just seems like he was selfishly risking his competitors life for the sake of a potential win (when he still lost in the end) and I don’t see at all how that’s okay but idk anything about cars like I said so 🤷

  53. Maria Garcia

    Maria GarciaIl y a jour

    “Fighting for the win” yeah sweetie that is not what happened. Blaney was trying to push newman for the win. He just hit him in the wrong spot. Its really no ones fault. Get your story right before you televise it.

  54. Yo Mama

    Yo MamaIl y a jour

    He wasn't REALLY hit by a car going 200mph since both cars were in motion the same direction.

  55. J Jilla 093

    J Jilla 093Il y a jour

    Wow and they were celebrating like nothing happened.Smdh

  56. Random Reviews

    Random ReviewsIl y a jour

    Ryan Newman is not dead

  57. Kay F

    Kay FIl y a jour

    They didn't say he was.

  58. deez nutts

    deez nuttsIl y a jour

    One way to win. Make the leader crash

  59. 862057

    862057Il y a jour

    That's the way it's done. Too bad people get hurt bad. I don't consider this racing, more like demo-derby.

  60. LarryH

    LarryHIl y a jour

    Time to take another from the world of F1, Only one block move allowed. Making the second move would have gotten him penalized in a way that would change the outcome of the race for the driver. Double block moves are not allowed due to safety reasons. Glad to see all the other safety designed into the car that saved his life.

  61. Tony Kavla

    Tony KavlaIl y a jour

    Nice Ryan. I guess you have been watching police videos on how to pit cars. My thoughts and prayer are with you for a quick recovery.

  62. Vincent Vaughan

    Vincent VaughanIl y a jour

    I feel sorry for newman fans and family. it was like a flipping a cheeseburger not in a good way.

  63. TheBigHase

    TheBigHaseIl y a jour

    :-O Big one! All best wishes for recovery for Ryan! But it is a fact that NASCAR have a improved a lot in safety-issues. And what a tragedy - he was about to win...