Resident Evil 2 is not the remake you think it is


  1. SaviorAssassin1996

    SaviorAssassin1996Il y a 3 mois

    Graphics shouldn't matter at all.

  2. Keith Adam

    Keith AdamIl y a 3 mois

    Sum the game up in few words as possible. Third person easy to control and camera is good. Story-telling is good along with great options on audio, music and giving nods to the original along with decent puzzles. The bad, gameplay is boring bullet sponge no real element of fun in the gunplay this is a big thing to consider because this is gameplay here.

  3. Keith Adam

    Keith AdamIl y a 23 jours

    @_Tim_ __ its a good game for a few playthroughs, it just lacks replayability. I get the fact they wanted to appease the original fans of the game, but compared to other third person shooters it really does lag behind. Could have done more, they're obviously scared of the RE6 backlash.

  4. Melty Boys

    Melty BoysIl y a 5 mois

    no fixed camera -= not real resident evill PERIOD

  5. mrroasty666

    mrroasty666Il y a mois

    agreed... back in the day i was so exited wen re 4 came out.....: ( if only i knew it was the trend that would kill classic fixed camera angle incredible detailed style of re.....

  6. 鬼竹ヴェルゴ

    鬼竹ヴェルゴIl y a 6 mois

    It is just another generic over-the-shoulder action shooter game, which uses nothing more than jump scares & some Teminator wannbe with a Fedora!

  7. Cagatay Ocal

    Cagatay OcalIl y a 9 mois

    Did you know that resident evil was going to be a first person perspective but due to the lack of greater technology back then they had no choice but to make it fixed camera 🎥 so don't know why people fussing over this I'm all for change

  8. Brad Bradson

    Brad BradsonIl y a 10 mois

    if you turn on auto aim, you are left with the good parts of the game

  9. Ren Amamiya

    Ren AmamiyaIl y a 10 mois

    Theres one difference in the remake its worse

  10. ISetYourFaceOnFire

    ISetYourFaceOnFireIl y a 11 mois

    The game is a re-imagining, not a remake. A remake is resident evil 1 remake. This game is drastically too different to be a remake.

  11. mrroasty666

    mrroasty666Il y a mois

    @Demon Hunter finally someone who feels the same as myself.....

  12. Demon Hunter

    Demon HunterIl y a 8 mois

    And personally I believe the Resident Evil 1 Remake (2002) was the pinnacle of remakes and how a remake should be made. As for Resident Evil 2 Remake it didn't like it as a RE game. It's a great game horror game, beautiful meticulous graphics, dark, gritty and atmospheric settings, the survival horror is certainly there, but for me it strayed too far from the original by being completely re-imagined, I did give a go but didn't enjoy it so I sold it.

  13. Lizz Newman

    Lizz NewmanIl y a 11 mois

    oh mercy, no auto aim, but what if I want to kill zombies all night a la SPACED ?!? Oh, I have the old'uns...nm

  14. Bondan Ilham

    Bondan IlhamIl y a 11 mois

    Total necessity 3:43

  15. Mark

    MarkIl y a 11 mois

    I wish they would release a resident evil 2 remaster aswell as I still lo e the tank controls and the first resident evil remaster on the PS4 looked fresh and the mansion looked eerier.

  16. Demon Hunter

    Demon HunterIl y a 8 mois

    Yes I agree, I admittedly was anticipating the RE2R to have the same developed approach as the Resident Evil 1 Remake (2002) which is why I unfortunately didn't like it all. Well it's a great horror game, amazing detailed graphics, dark, gritty, tense settings, the survival horror has certainly returned but because it strayed too far from the original by being completely relayed out it just didn't cut for me as a Resident Evil game. I'm not going to fault the developers for their tremendous efforts but I would have preferred to have seen a RE2R from Shinji Mikami, I'm confident it would have been done the right way.

  17. DeadRat Productions

    DeadRat ProductionsIl y a an

    tank controls aren't bad

  18. Demon Hunter

    Demon HunterIl y a 8 mois

    I didn't find them an issue to be honest, yes I come from that era but that's not my reason. I just enjoyed playing the game like that and I don't have an issue with the RE2R movement mechanics.

  19. chentenesta13

    chentenesta13Il y a an

    Why the intro wasn´t included talking about what happened on the mansion or Marvin explaining what happened to the stars members?. By the way, Gamecube´s resident evil remake , that was an awesome remake.

  20. Mattie Martini

    Mattie MartiniIl y a an

    For flips sake polygon

  21. Bugmen Fan

    Bugmen FanIl y a an

    ... Maybe you don't know what "remake" means?

  22. Andrea Rocchi

    Andrea RocchiIl y a an

    This is the Remake of Run A or Stage A only. This isnt the Remake and it is worth what it costs!

  23. 10s

    10sIl y a an

    That's not what tank controls are.

  24. conartist07 Hernandez

    conartist07 HernandezIl y a an

    My childhood game besides God of war

  25. JLabz

    JLabzIl y a an

    I think some definitions were confused here.

  26. FurryCutest

    FurryCutestIl y a an

    Actually its a Reimagined version.. It's NOT a Remake...

  27. Jose Figueroa

    Jose FigueroaIl y a an

    I like pretty much everything they did with Remake except how you play it, which is why I probably won’t buy it and play it.

  28. Trevor Jackson

    Trevor JacksonIl y a an

    I'm a big fan of that thumbnail

  29. geneirai

    geneiraiIl y a an

    "why would you use an accessibility option? lol" stay classy polygon

  30. Rlgrşide Rlgmiroğlu

    Rlgrşide RlgmiroğluIl y a an

    I love leon kennedy

  31. Phyre Fly

    Phyre FlyIl y a an

    The person who edited the hearts on Leon is me

  32. Chaloner

    ChalonerIl y a an

    Sadly you can't kick and stomp on zombies head on remake.

  33. Demon Hunter

    Demon HunterIl y a 8 mois

    Head stomping in the original was brutal huh? Head completely obliterated into hundreds of tiny pieces.

  34. HECTIC

    HECTICIl y a an

    now get this....its not a remastered......its a

  35. Gurdulu

    GurduluIl y a an

    ''which is why Resident Evil 2, looks so damn good; I mean look at all those polygons'' I see what you did there, I see

  36. Tyler Haggerty

    Tyler HaggertyIl y a an

    This is an unbelievably stupid argument.

  37. iequalztehgod

    iequalztehgodIl y a an

    So many snobs in the comment section lol

  38. Daniel Emery

    Daniel EmeryIl y a an

    "As a result, the tension isn't quite as persistent as it was in the original." Biiig disagree.

  39. gmakerc1

    gmakerc1Il y a an

    Guess Polygon will be the next to lay people off.

  40. lnflnltyLegend

    lnflnltyLegendIl y a an

    It's a Remake, not a Remaster...

  41. mrroasty666

    mrroasty666Il y a mois

    its a re-imagining not a remake ....

  42. Brad Richard

    Brad RichardIl y a an

    Its a shooter so it sacrifices exploration and ideas...yeah for modern gamers because we need dummy shooters all the time. I'm tired of that crap. Why do people think Dark Souls and Smash Bros are so popular? Not shooters?

  43. Jason Christian

    Jason ChristianIl y a an

    In the original resident evil 2 there was no auto aim they decided to do that with resident evil 2 duel shock, Nintendo 64 and game cube to have auto aim.

  44. Adam Schoales

    Adam SchoalesIl y a an

    This video answered all my questions about this game, so thanks Jenna. I now know that I will buy this (once it's on sale because I'm BROKE A.F. right now!)

  45. roninpawn

    roninpawnIl y a an

    I think I'd prefer the tank controls, tone, and atmosphere to the "fix." I don't know, somehow the idea of exiting a police precinct by rotating dials on a statue, after matching the ancient keys found strewn about the building to their jewel-embossed, playing-card shaped, door-knobs -- as the means of opening the precinct's parking garage... Is less an intrusion on reality when the game is a proper horror-piece, and not a generic zombie-shooter.

  46. Augusto Arismendi

    Augusto ArismendiIl y a an

    i really liked the game, the only problem i have with it is that they tell you, you have two separate campaigns to play trough, but in reality your have the exact same campaign with a few different touches here and there.... other than that, good game

  47. charliethegent

    charliethegentIl y a an

    All these reviews seem to think the tank controls in the original resident evil games were bad. They weren't. It was just a different style of gameplay. It's like saying checkers has bad controls compared to chess. You wouldn't say that anymore than you would say the controls in Zelda breath of the wild "fix the controls" from a link to the past. It makes me wonder if the people who complain about the tank controls from the original games are people who played and enjoyed them in their entirety or if they're people who look at them like curiosities from another era, relics to be tried out for a few minutes before moving on to something else.

  48. Ricardo Wesker

    Ricardo WeskerIl y a an

    Fortunately.., there are already some modifications to allow the game to be played with Fixed Camera Angles(just search for a FRreporter channel called "Enveloping Sounds"), to give it more of a touch of survival horror & make it look less like a shooter/action that mixes RE4 with something like DOOM.

  49. Ricardo Wesker

    Ricardo WeskerIl y a an

    The developers have confirmed more than once that it is not REMAKE, they even decided to remove the word REMAKE from the title, unlike the clickbait of the version shown by CAPCOM in 2015 that did have it. CAPCOM: “ With the camera on the shoulder, we're building a new game, this is not a REMAKE of original, it's a full new game, we really want to push! ”

  50. Minion X

    Minion XIl y a an

    The TOXIC fans of RE 4 always prefer to believe what they want to believe!

  51. CoreOfTheStar

    CoreOfTheStarIl y a an

    gotta say, guys. that’s the funniest thumbnail ive seen in a while

  52. riptekk

    riptekkIl y a an

    Yikes, you pulled a stupid on this one.

  53. iiXeno

    iiXenoIl y a an

    If we would have known remake meant different, we would have called for a REMASTERED VERSION!

  54. TheDiabeticGameMaster

    TheDiabeticGameMasterIl y a an

    I would like to see a new game actually try and pull off fixed camera angles nowadays. I am sure some clever indie dev could actually find a reason to implement that archaic ass system and to great effect.

  55. Demon Hunter

    Demon HunterIl y a 8 mois

    The thing is fixed camera angles can still be used, I mean take Resident Evil Origins Collection for example, that's a pretty solid example that fixed camera angles and pre rendered backgrounds are capable of withstanding HD quality. I don't have a problem with OTS perspective but for it to be considered "obsolete" is nonsense.

  56. Eixl Pixel

    Eixl PixelIl y a an

    I mean, you make it seem like they didn't change the jumpscares in the remake to add the flare of scare for the 3RD person perspective.

  57. Little Einstein

    Little EinsteinIl y a an

    Re2 add on the video, hmmmm

  58. Bamahut

    BamahutIl y a an

    Once you get down to the hidden statue stairs they the real horror start! Especially when the Tyrant comes out to play!

  59. Mauvia Modi

    Mauvia ModiIl y a an

    Oh thanks! I totally didn't know all this already! These are all things that were impossible to tell from the trailers and demo and innumerable playthroughs! Please Polygon, this video could have been made by an 18 year old with footage from the demo four months ago. Everything you said in this video has already been said ages ago!

  60. omer dassa

    omer dassaIl y a an

    reboot is also taken for cinema, it's when an instalment is not in continuity with the previous ones and REmake 2 presumably is. But there is no standardise terminology so fuck it.

  61. Luiz Saluti

    Luiz SalutiIl y a an

    WOW. One of the best video game essays I have ever seen. Congrats

  62. Mr Spaghetti

    Mr SpaghettiIl y a an

    surprised how off base this video’s premise is. polygon’s smart, insightful, and funny. this video made incorrect assumptions about me, was obtuse about what a remake is, and even if it wasn’t those first two things.. it was boring. hope this is just a fluke

  63. Ravin Nightingale

    Ravin NightingaleIl y a an

    That moment when they tell you what we learned since RE 4... This was... Useless lol

  64. Hawkins2220

    Hawkins2220Il y a an

    "Well, actually...I think you're confusing remake with remaster." [*Cheetoh bag ruffles*] Jeebus H. Crapdancing Christ these comments about Remake v. Remaster (2019) need to chill. You're just arguing semantics for the sake of arguing and condescension. The context and intent of the video are still understandable and interesting in a discussion about game design differences. Thank you, Jenna, I enjoyed your video.

  65. Chopped Cheese Deluxe

    Chopped Cheese DeluxeIl y a an

    No shit

  66. Nicholas Luck

    Nicholas LuckIl y a an

    Nah she's right. A remaster is the same basic code with a pretty new dress on. A remake is like the original REmake which takes the same core gameplay and assets, adds some quality of life fixes, some bells and whistles, and then gives it a pretty dress. This is a reboot. it shares basic similarities like characters, locations, and story points but the entire gameplay loop has been changed, a lot of the environment has been moved around and the story beats aren't all the same. There's really more different than there is the same. lrn 2 b more pedantic.

  67. TheClassyCharmeleon

    TheClassyCharmeleonIl y a an

    To be frank. This video feels forced and clunky, especially when its just a remake not a remaster as everyone already pointed out, this really feels like someone wrote a script for a video and just couldn't let go of it even though it clearly wasn't working. I kinda expect better than this out of you Polygon.

  68. Slapcity

    SlapcityIl y a an

    This game is far from a shooter cod is but not this

  69. commoDoggo 69

    commoDoggo 69Il y a an

    Like how they disabled comments for that horrible doom gameplay


    BONESOLVENTIl y a an

    This is scraping the bottom of the barrel for content to fill a quota.