Rashida Jones - working with Steve Carell & The Office - #SRShow

  • 19 janv. 2016
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  1. michaelinsanantone

    michaelinsanantoneIl y a 21 jour

    So gorgeous. Love her

  2. Joyce Gibbs

    Joyce GibbsIl y a mois

    Ok, you morons want to play that game, Emily Blunt or Rashida Jones, (John Krasinski's other halves), let's show how we respect women even more.

  3. Joshie301

    Joshie301Il y a 3 mois

    july 2019 and shes still my wife

  4. Chris D

    Chris DIl y a 6 mois

    I hate commercials I keep getting redfin from queer eye, I find it disturbing

  5. 0112kjh

    0112kjhIl y a 8 mois

    Ann is so pretty she’s not used to rejection ☺️

  6. Jon LaFontaine

    Jon LaFontaineIl y a an

    Why is a good chunk of the comments just you ragging on how Jewey Sam looks, Jesus Christ

  7. Moe Shak

    Moe ShakIl y a an

    One man I wish I could meet Steve carrell. He is too funny

  8. Chris Alvarez

    Chris AlvarezIl y a an

    Goddamn this girl is so cute. Bangs and Freckles. Oof

  9. lauren laplume

    lauren laplumeIl y a an

    Knowing shes Karen makes me dislike her more....

  10. dtopandgo

    dtopandgoIl y a an

    This man looks so Jewish..all my change fell outta my wallet." That was the most fuckin funny line I have heard all month. He does have the JEw fro and Jew face

  11. summer20105707

    summer20105707Il y a an

    What a classy beautiful lady.

  12. John Sykes

    John SykesIl y a an

    She could get it.

  13. Michelle Cox Photography

    Michelle Cox PhotographyIl y a an

    Love her! haha.. And I love Steve Carell too

  14. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    Michelle Cox Photography So which one will you choose?

  15. Joe McKim

    Joe McKimIl y a an

    Rashida is only actor to be a regular on office and parks rec. Thats quite an accomplishment.

  16. kkkfts

    kkkftsIl y a an

    I wanna touch her

  17. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    kkkfts I wanna let my fists touch you or just plain smash a piano cover over your wiggling fingers.

  18. CazMatazz

    CazMatazzIl y a an

    I have never seen her with a good haircut.

  19. YuriOnEdge

    YuriOnEdgeIl y a 5 mois

    You must have poor taste in hair then.

  20. dylan technoGeek

    dylan technoGeekIl y a an

    Love Steve carrell

  21. Carlos Carias

    Carlos CariasIl y a an

    She's hot

  22. Killer Waspy

    Killer WaspyIl y a an

    Ann Perkins

  23. Ruin Reyking

    Ruin ReykingIl y a an

    She’s hot 🔥

  24. Rr rr

    Rr rrIl y a an

    Rashida was the hottest person on the show - hands down.

  25. Danny

    DannyIl y a mois


  26. buu Ho

    buu HoIl y a 2 mois

    Jim and you have no taste bro, this chick look like a trans.

  27. Puppy

    PuppyIl y a 3 mois

    Jenna Fischer was 10x hotter imo

  28. HybridZeroo

    HybridZerooIl y a 4 mois

    karen, pam, and angela were all hot

  29. tejah rana

    tejah ranaIl y a 4 mois

    Peter Jackson i’m crying and dying you are so amazing-

  30. John Mackens

    John MackensIl y a an

    She was way hotter than Pam. I never understood why Jim didnt stay with HER instead of going back to pale, bland Pam. Yawn!

  31. Joyce Gibbs

    Joyce GibbsIl y a mois

    @Chris Yorahee I don't think these idiots are intelligent enough to understand that.

  32. Joyce Gibbs

    Joyce GibbsIl y a mois

    @evilhag shows you how the male brain "works" doesn't it. God help us.

  33. Joyce Gibbs

    Joyce GibbsIl y a mois

    Maybe because Jim loved Pam. You know love ??? Jenna wasn't that bad, she was made to look bland. Anyway John Krasinski dated Rashida in real life, so don't get too upset, hehe.

  34. Shane Gray

    Shane GrayIl y a 2 mois

    @Steven Hulbert u seem super stupid.. and "racist"

  35. ItsTimeIDisappear09

    ItsTimeIDisappear09Il y a 6 mois

    Pam/Jenna is thicker

  36. ßlαçk Ðîâmöñd

    ßlαçk ÐîâmöñdIl y a an

    This man looks so Jewish..all my change fell outta my wallet..

  37. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    BrandonDime Are you o vey, i mean okay? That's like saying this guy looks so black i nearly yada yada yada. That'll do, pig. That'll do.

  38. Yomama Bin Fartin

    Yomama Bin FartinIl y a an

    BrandonDime LMFAOOOOO, I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING. Damn 1942 Germany would've had a field day with this dude holy shit. He literally looks like an adult version of Kyle from South Park

  39. beardown2489

    beardown2489Il y a an

    Didn’t know Garfunkel had a show

  40. James Sterm

    James StermIl y a an

    Man, is this an interview but he is doing all the talking. Incredibly annoying. Just a wave of interruptions.

  41. savage t Aesthetic Knight

    savage t Aesthetic KnightIl y a an

    She's so hot. Lol.

  42. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    savage t Aesthetic Knight Ha ha! I'm laughing out loud. Now YOU lol!

  43. Joshua Dowse

    Joshua DowseIl y a an

    "One of the great comedians Ricky Gervais"...REALLY?

  44. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    Joshua Dowse He sucks.



    I hated her character

  46. Prahlad Karun

    Prahlad KarunIl y a an

    Very exotic looking.

  47. Mr. Peanuts

    Mr. PeanutsIl y a an

    it's coz her dad was a jedi

  48. News that matter

    News that matterIl y a an

    Rashida looks old. Omg. She's still pretty.

  49. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    News that matter You look older, and it ain't....

  50. Mark

    MarkIl y a an

    She doesn't look anything like she did on the office. What happened?

  51. Joseph Bastidas

    Joseph BastidasIl y a an

    Mark I mean there's a thing called aging. It's been like 10 years since she was first on The Office

  52. Brian Kim

    Brian KimIl y a an

    Mark time? Wtf kind of question is that

  53. Info

    InfoIl y a an

    Had a crush on her nvm still do

  54. George Heppel

    George HeppelIl y a an

    Thumbs up was for Rashida. You could say, in spite of the fact that Sam was also in the video.

  55. Charles Cinco

    Charles CincoIl y a an

    She is beautiful!

  56. alex j

    alex jIl y a an

    she was used to extend the tension of jim & pam not dating. Jim finds out Pam is single again soon after he goes to the Stanford branch but decides to start dating Karen anyway .

  57. Chad Kase

    Chad KaseIl y a an

    I want to face dive between her thighs

  58. Shane Gray

    Shane GrayIl y a 2 mois

    @webapp31 gross

  59. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    webapp31 You would rather be aped and raped by a fat, gay inmate with hiv positive qualifications.

  60. webapp31

    webapp31Il y a an

    I would rather dive between her butt cheeks!

  61. Moaz

    MoazIl y a an

    Who doesn't man

  62. Richard George

    Richard GeorgeIl y a an

    I started smiling from the interview but stopped smiling when I saw this.

  63. Matt Wolff

    Matt WolffIl y a an

    man i'd love to see all these michael scott extra takes that are all "Different."

  64. mylinh bui

    mylinh buiIl y a an

    Matt Wolff Ii

  65. Matt Wolff

    Matt WolffIl y a an

    True.... maybe i am interpreting what she's saying incorrectly... or not explaining myself right. There are absolutely office bloopers. However, I think what she is saying is that Steve would do certain lines different ways, or with variation that aren't really bloopers, just experimental lines.

  66. Tartuffe the Spry Wonder Dog

    Tartuffe the Spry Wonder DogIl y a an

    Pretty sure there's outtakes and blooper reels here on FRreporter.

  67. Digital Box

    Digital BoxIl y a an

    Matt Wolff SAME

  68. Ron Happold

    Ron HappoldIl y a an

    This man looks so Jewish my German Shepard started barking

  69. Jon LaFontaine

    Jon LaFontaineIl y a an

    Someone please show Jim that HAHA

  70. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    Gerry Dooley God bless you.

  71. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    Ron Happold Please sit down (and shut up) before you hurt your uncircumcised pee pee!

  72. B Carty

    B CartyIl y a an


  73. Jon Doe

    Jon DoeIl y a an

    Ron Happold I’m dying right now thank you.

  74. Rashad Sims

    Rashad SimsIl y a an

    I had A crush on her

  75. Dan Johnson

    Dan JohnsonIl y a an

    I care. Do tell. 'You had a crush', and then what happened?

  76. TheRanhughes

    TheRanhughesIl y a an

    She is beautiful. Her mother is beautiful. They are both beautiful.

  77. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    TheRanhughes So what do you think about her father... on shaving day?

  78. polarweiß

    polarweißIl y a an

    She has a great voice

  79. TyrantTitan

    TyrantTitanIl y a an

    She's so exotic looking, wonder if her dad was a G.I.

  80. thatl Chiponda

    thatl ChipondaIl y a mois

    Is she biracial? But I see her as full white lady

  81. wolverineiscool

    wolverineiscoolIl y a 4 mois

    general inspector?

  82. tejah rana

    tejah ranaIl y a 4 mois

    TyrantTitan bahahahha all these people are like “whAt? hEr fAther iS quiNcY jOnes” god damn it’s a reference ahh

  83. Isa Cece

    Isa CeceIl y a an

    @Continuu 2Amaze . Heehee!! I love Todd!!!

  84. Ucmh

    UcmhIl y a an

    +Jason Gafar "'exotic' is an adjective you use for an object and definitely not a person." That's not a fact. Maybe it's taken for granted in your circles, but if you want to convince the rest of us that we should correct our language you need to make your case.

  85. Andy

    AndyIl y a 2 ans

    Rashida has an impressive fucking life. She went to harvard, her mom was an actress /model and her dad was quincy jones!

  86. CazMatazz

    CazMatazzIl y a an

    "her mom was an actress /model and her dad was quincy jones!" Yeah, not really her accomplishment.

  87. Tartuffe the Spry Wonder Dog

    Tartuffe the Spry Wonder DogIl y a an

    Quincy Jones is an idiot.

  88. JP Surge

    JP SurgeIl y a an

    Her Dad was a QUINCY?!

  89. slash2jimi

    slash2jimiIl y a an

    It's hard to find but she peddled in porn for awhile, but under a different name...

  90. Alex Gomez

    Alex GomezIl y a an


  91. Ewolf5150

    Ewolf5150Il y a 2 ans

    She starting to look older now

  92. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    Alpha Thelema Oh well, that's your destiny too

  93. Peter Jackson

    Peter JacksonIl y a an

    Ewolf5150 Oh, boo hoo, so are you

  94. Alpha Thelema

    Alpha ThelemaIl y a an

    Jackson Lock She's also older though. And looks older too.

  95. Daniel Nelson

    Daniel NelsonIl y a an

    That's what happens when you get what's that word? Oh yeah older.

  96. Che1seabluesdrogba11

    Che1seabluesdrogba11Il y a 2 ans

    her Jim face is hilarious

  97. Evan Koshy

    Evan KoshyIl y a an


  98. Death Adder

    Death AdderIl y a 3 ans

    The first 6 or 7 seasons of The Office is some of the best TV in the history of television. Once they started bringing in people like Cathy Bates and Steve Carell left the show, you'd only get maybe 2 watchable episodes a season, it really took a fucking nose dive. I was always a Jim/Pam guy, but I'm glad Jim at least got to bust a nut on Karen's ass, after Pam gave him the fucking run around.

  99. Alex P 123

    Alex P 123Il y a an

    Death Adder with out Steve Carell there is no office.

  100. Jeremiah James

    Jeremiah JamesIl y a an

    Samuel Morse They didn't allow them to move in together, but some nuts were definitely busted

  101. Jas Gill

    Jas GillIl y a an

    haha best comment ever

  102. TheRanhughes

    TheRanhughesIl y a an

    You should be a television critic. I especially enjoyed your “bust a nut” comment.

  103. Samuel Morse

    Samuel MorseIl y a an

    dyami gerhold Mad Men might be better. Or it might be a tie.

  104. mylifeintheknifetrade

    mylifeintheknifetradeIl y a 3 ans

    Her math is terrible? You went to Harvard!

  105. Gerry Dooley

    Gerry DooleyIl y a an

    and you didn't.

  106. NhlProShawnPS4

    NhlProShawnPS4Il y a an

    mylifeintheknifetrade because.. rich privilege.

  107. Son Of Montreal

    Son Of MontrealIl y a an

    She studied Law and Drama, why should she be good at math?


    LINKART SMOKEIl y a 3 ans


  109. NhlProShawnPS4

    NhlProShawnPS4Il y a an

    LINKART SMOKE why she's got no tits. I wouldn't want to be married to a titless woman for the rest of my life.

  110. Juan carlos

    Juan carlosIl y a an

    bashzer0 her tits aren’t even big there just big in comparison

  111. Tysean

    TyseanIl y a an

    sciomancy6 her pam pams are beautiful lol

  112. Johnny Hot Sauce

    Johnny Hot SauceIl y a an

    bashzer0 Pam and her pam pams.

  113. Vino

    VinoIl y a an

    LINKART SMOKE I’d trade Pam for a bag of hot Cheetos