Rashida Jones Teaches Stephen How To Be A Feminist


  1. YangarXII

    YangarXIIIl y a mois

    Feminism is plain garbage. Men don't give a shit and that is a noble trait of men... Anything you say nowdays a woman might get offended

  2. Rachelle Gray

    Rachelle GrayIl y a 2 mois

    “To be ‘feminist’ in any authentic sense of the term is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression.” bell hooks made this clear and powerful statement in her 1981 study of sexism, racism, and the feminist and civil rights movements Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism. www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(19)30239-9/fulltext

  3. D

    DIl y a 3 mois

    Thank fuck for the dislikes. I was beginning to lose faith in humanity.

  4. Random Guy

    Random GuyIl y a 5 mois

    Rashida Jones may be a very likable person but this video is the cringiest thing I've watched today.

  5. Ch Pe

    Ch PeIl y a 7 mois

    I'm a huge fan of Rashida. Not of her politics or her Feminism. One thing she has in common with most Feminist is that she claims to want equality while living a live that is far more privileged than your average man in the United States and on planet earth. Her looks are something that the majority of men can't compete with. She's gotten where she is by being a woman.

  6. Corey Hanson

    Corey HansonIl y a 9 mois

    Please accept one of my testicles....not🤣

  7. JeaIous

    JeaIousIl y a 9 mois

    There is no good type of feminist

  8. silver garcia

    silver garciaIl y a 10 mois

    When he said it's hard being a man I think he meant it's hard being a human. But humans in marginalized groups have it a little worse off at this point in time

  9. Lee Sun hun v chai

    Lee Sun hun v chaiIl y a 10 mois

    this bitch is absolute lie like every feminist - "Who you wearing" was asked to men for years or red carpert

  10. Joshua Brendlinger

    Joshua BrendlingerIl y a an

    Even stephen colbert knows hows retarded this

  11. matt cullen

    matt cullenIl y a an

    There will never be true equality because women wont step up to that sort of responsibility. What they want is all the pros with non of the cons. They want all the rewards of being a male but none of the hardword or responsibility. In other words they are as self entitled as ever but you have stupid wankers like this bloke agreeing wirh them

  12. Jhvon Ferguson

    Jhvon FergusonIl y a an

    Cool interview rashida

  13. Biscuit Apocalypse

    Biscuit ApocalypseIl y a an

    Funny, informative and thought provoking... DOWNVOTE!!!one!!!!!!oneity one!!

  14. Bugler55

    Bugler55Il y a an

    Surely someone so critical of the groupthink pervasive in anti-feminism would be aware of the groupthink present in feminism...

  15. Biscuit Apocalypse

    Biscuit ApocalypseIl y a an

    There are women who have had a worse life than Rashida. Therefore feminism=false

  16. Krista Star

    Krista StarIl y a an

    For such a non-offensive video to get so many dislikes, it's both hilarious and discouraging.

  17. Lizz_yyy

    Lizz_yyyIl y a an

    It's just ironic that she says to be a feminist you have to stay educated because feminists are one of the least educated groups in existence

  18. TSM Craze

    TSM CrazeIl y a an

    I don't think people understand that there will never ACTUALLY be ANY "gender equality" between the sexes. That's why Men are men and girls are girls. If not then we'd be the same. Biologically speaking we will NEVER be alike in ANY way. So NO we will NOT have equality but but some to an extent.

  19. Semper Fortis

    Semper FortisIl y a an

    FUCK feminists

  20. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaIl y a an

    Funny scene, she can't remember she has a baby that is a male. True, it's had to be a man or a woman. It's hard to be human.

  21. H8FULL

    H8FULLIl y a an

    Damn. I just lost a little bit of respect for Rashida Jones. Not much, but a little

  22. Pokey Soggybottom

    Pokey SoggybottomIl y a an

    It sounds like there's a minefield out their to try and navigate, but I just use my good old-fashioned intuition and common sense and I've rarely ran into trouble. There was a time though when a female friend of mine took umbrage when I used the word 'mankind'. That was unexpected. I didn't care though. I was just like, it's an age-old term, deal with it!

  23. DewDee

    DewDeeIl y a an

    Men who are intellectually inferior to intellectually superior women tend to lash out like the anti-feminists they are. In these shallow minds, the only possible way a woman can be taken seriously is if the man can dominate and control her every thought and sentiments, and if not, deem those uncontrollable woman as anti-man! Fuck you, you dishonest, alpha male, biblical creatures of heavenly hell!

  24. dbreardon

    dbreardonIl y a an

    She is gorgeous . I thought the same thing about her mom, Peggy Lipton when I was young and watched the Mod Squad.

  25. Ty Cobb

    Ty CobbIl y a an

    1:00 IDK the comedy isn't working for me

  26. SillyRiffRaff

    SillyRiffRaffIl y a an

    Wait she's saying those questions are sexist? lol what...also aren't those questions regularly asked by women...to women? Also aren't those questions just stupid shitty small talk at the completely vapid awards (awards these people give themselves) to begin with? Lmao this shit dumb af

  27. Daniel Kohl

    Daniel KohlIl y a an

    Rashida is awesome.

  28. Rowan

    RowanIl y a an

    Stephen: "It's impossible for a python to bite a woman's penis" Rashida: "That's not true" I love Rashida even more now, lol

  29. Hammad Ali

    Hammad AliIl y a an

    So it's wrong to ask girl who she's wearing? STFU, it's such an innocent question. How about I ask women a manly question like how much can you bench press or how many horsepower does your car have? If her bench press is under 225-lbs and if her car has less than 500 horsepower she's a little bitch. That should be masculinist enough for her.

  30. multiBurnfire

    multiBurnfireIl y a an

    For the life of me I don't understand how feminism makes so many people angry. It's literally the concept of gender equality. Christ

  31. Shreya Patil

    Shreya PatilIl y a an

    She acts like she owns feminism

  32. martman123456

    martman123456Il y a an

    I think most men can get on board with women's empowerment, equal rights, equal opportunity, equal pay for equal work. You lose men when some feminists tell men that they can't tell certain jokes, can't form or join male-only clubs, have to atone for past offenses by other men, can't hit on a woman without advance written consent, can't have sex with a woman without a notary public present to witness, or can't write youtube comments about feminism because they're not women.

  33. gigimc

    gigimcIl y a an

    dang, I’ve never seen even one second of Angie Tribeca... 😕

  34. Booyaka9000

    Booyaka9000Il y a an

    I just came here to see all the glass jawed, super fragile man-children who collectively pissed their pants in impotent rage because they saw the word 'feminist' in the title. Never fear, your mommies will be along any minute now to untwist your man-panties.

  35. Eden

    EdenIl y a an

    She looks like Marion Cotilard, or Cotilard looks like her, I can't remember who was first.

  36. Stephen Cotton

    Stephen CottonIl y a an

    My impression is that women check out other women more often, than men check out women. And women wake up and look in a mirror and decided to put makeup on - because they can see how makeup transforms them. As a man I am always trying to be conscious of the effect that makeup has on me. I see a woman with striking eyes... but to see those eyes without eye shadow and without false eyelashes attached or mascara to make the eyelashes longer... I intellectually understand that her eyes would be less striking - but I am still captured in that moment by her striking eyes... or her glossy lips - which might be dry and peeling with no lipstick applied. So makeup has a transformative effect and women want this - because they look more appealing. After how many dates is a woman comfortable to appear without make in front of her date? That is a test that women do. They wear makeup on the first or second date... and if they want to test your character - they wear less makeup or no makeup to test your reaction. For most men - we wake up ugly and go outside ugly and go to sleep ugly... on that superficial physical layer... no way to hide our physical flaws with makeup. So is makeup and a beauty regime an empowerment of women - giving them a tool to manipulate men - to appear more beautiful or is it telling women you need makeup to appear beautiful and thus they don't see themselves as beautiful unless they are wearing makeup? I think it is a bit of both. I want women to embrace their natural beauty - but I also think makeup can empower women - allowing someone with a scar or bad skin to cover up the scar and feel beautiful. And I think more men should be asked what their beauty regime is. I could benefit from some advice. And I think men should wear dress pants with a slit that goes all the way up their leg... just as Rashida Jones dress did. I love her dress and it did have a slit that went all the way up her leg, so you could see a flash of the full length of her leg as she walked... oops! I forget is that feminist to support her showing her legs off - or am I being sexist since I noticed it and commented on it? Maybe it's not sexist - if I just notice it, but not for too long (no more than 2 seconds) and don't comment on it - unless a woman comments on it and then ask for my opinion (only then am I allowed to look and reveal that I did see it and then I should have an opinion which states she is beautiful and courageous for wearing such a revealing dress - unless the woman asking for my opinion is scowling then I should say I don't like it) And they say it's easy being a man that wants to understand and support feminism? But maybe a feminist could explain to me - is it pro feminist to wear revealing clothes in public and what should a man say if asked for an opinion on such clothing? Am I being sexist just by asking such a question? Maybe I should allow women to walk around naked and try to repress the physical effects that nakedness has on me... Maybe feminists want men to become Eunuchs? What I am trying to understand is - a woman claims to be a feminist - but wears makeup and a dress that shows her curves and reveals the full length of her leg as she walks. So the message I get is that feminist are advocates for wearing makeup and revealing clothes - and I should embrace this... or is she saying feminist things - but her actions are going against the true mandates of feminism? I want to clarify that I totally respect Rashida Jones - I think her work and they way she speaks on a variety of subjects is engaging and intellectually stimulating - and I do think she is a handsome person.

  37. Eriick Brown

    Eriick BrownIl y a an

    Some people are too smart for their own good. Feminism is like multiple choice questions: the answer should be "C" but you rationalize yourself out of "C" with all manner of sophisticated reasoning and get the answer wrong. Feminism = Social Science Female Nerd. Too smart for their own good.

  38. chuckm1961

    chuckm1961Il y a an

    When it's OK for men to stay home while women work ... when women enter the draft in the same ratio as men ... we will be on our way to gender equality.

  39. Space Wavves

    Space WavvesIl y a an

    "Feminism is about equality for the sexes." - Rashida Jones "You have to be sensitive to all types of women. Thats the point of feminism." - Rashida Jones

  40. Jeff Mcneill

    Jeff McneillIl y a an


  41. Jeffrey Tuura

    Jeffrey TuuraIl y a an

    That Penis Club joke brought me back to grade school, lol. Way to go Mr. Colbert!


    SOULREAVERIl y a an

    this feminist shit is so artificial ..


    SOULREAVERIl y a an

    if a woman is on the top or bottom .. the dick goes inside the vagina .. case closed ..

  44. dan taylor

    dan taylorIl y a an

    *Feminism isn't man hating it's just loathing the gender that isn't female. See?*

  45. CheezitsChrist

    CheezitsChristIl y a an

    If you cannot even concede the last joke on a comedian's late night show... At that point it isn't about expressing your opinion, it's about winning an argument that doesn't deserve winning- it deserves attention. I am all for feminism, but I think Maisie Williams' absolutely hit the nail on the head with: "I also feel like we should stop calling feminists ‘feminists’ and just start calling people who aren’t feminist ‘sexist’ - and then everyone else is just a human. You are either a normal person or a sexist."

  46. A Lo

    A LoIl y a an

    I want more Angie Tribeca!!!

  47. Alex Skywalker

    Alex SkywalkerIl y a an

    oh fuck... i used to have a crush on rashida jones... she's a feminist? oh man... i guess she wasn't as brainy as i thought... fuck me... a democrat, liberal and a feminist...

  48. Seamus O'Sullivan

    Seamus O'SullivanIl y a an

    Colbert, don't catch the disease that is feminism

  49. 1YangYing

    1YangYingIl y a an

    "Women are constantly patting themselves on the back about how difficult their lives are and no one corrects em, cuz they wanna fuck em" - Bill Burr

  50. Rob R.

    Rob R.Il y a an

    Feminism is a walking contradiction and is full of hypocrites.

  51. RealityCheck6T9

    RealityCheck6T9Il y a 2 ans

    I think a lot of us guys at one time or another have said to women "so what do you want exactly?" Then you realise what's coming back makes no sense whatsoever and you don't bother again lol

  52. eslee olmos

    eslee olmosIl y a 2 ans

    👄 ... She comes from a regenerational Mk Ultra mind programming / control family , notice her dress colors , Black / White , Illuminati code , for good and bad and Monarch butterflies trigger ..... she's been in training since birth ... all hollywood celebritie's children will become actors / actresses.. producers / directors / writers .... it all stays within the satanic circle .... and so on , and so on ...I do admire her though .

  53. Funky Monkey

    Funky MonkeyIl y a 2 ans

    If feminism is about gender equality why is it called feminism and not gender equality. Or masculine-feminine equality.

  54. jidmoore10

    jidmoore10Il y a 2 ans

    How are those questions sexist? They seem like questions that women would want to be asked, if they hated them wouldn't they speak out (other than just Rashida Jones) ??

  55. kzif

    kzifIl y a 2 ans

    Feminists can eat shit straight out of my ass, all day long.

  56. umop apisdn

    umop apisdnIl y a 2 ans

    Before I clicked on this video, just on the title alone, I knew the dislikes will be significantly higher than usual for a Colbert video. I guess I'm a clairvoyant now.

  57. Laurie Jean

    Laurie JeanIl y a 2 ans

    This bit didn't really represent feminism very well. it's not a list of dos and don'ts or just "be more sensitive". women deal with outright violence, higher levels of poverty, are treated as objects, and live in a system designed to constrain them. red carpet questions aren't the big problem. and men do have it tough too, but it's because of the same patriarchal system that feminism is trying to defeat.

  58. Duder

    DuderIl y a 2 ans

    i clicked for the comments :D

  59. Doyeon Kim

    Doyeon KimIl y a 2 ans

    So many angry men here hahaha

  60. Ryan Hale

    Ryan HaleIl y a 2 ans


  61. Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro

    Aaron Mijail Herrera CastroIl y a 2 ans

    Yeah a feminist is not a person that wants equally for both sex, is a woman that wants women be number one, that be more, better than the men, if you want equality for both you are an humanitariam

  62. Bryn Osborne

    Bryn OsborneIl y a 2 ans

    I really wish we could still have productive conversations about feminism without feeling the need to oppress or speak over each other.