Rashida Jones Is Co-Writing Toy Story 4


  1. Jeff Nasser

    Jeff NasserIl y a mois

    so sad rashida you loved her and here your mom was still alive -she died 2019

  2. ooYvan

    ooYvanIl y a mois

    2019? Anybody??

  3. Matthew Scholnick

    Matthew ScholnickIl y a mois

    RIP Peggy Lipton

  4. Chris Murillo

    Chris MurilloIl y a 2 mois

    She is beautiful 😍

  5. Vinny Paciello

    Vinny PacielloIl y a 2 mois

    99% of comments: about how hot rashida is 1%: anything else

  6. Novella

    NovellaIl y a 4 mois

    Toy story 4 was great. Cried within the first 10 minutes and thought damn it-here we go. And I cried in the last 10 minutes. It was fun, very funny and the team did a great job.

  7. Novella

    NovellaIl y a 2 mois

    Jack McFeely hey genius it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t used. She worked on it. And as I said you contradicted yourself. People who work on drafts get credit. Again- BE SMARTER.

  8. Novella

    NovellaIl y a 2 mois

    Jack McFeely so you just contradicted your previous statement she wasn’t involved in it at all. Use your brain. She did drafts then. She WORKED on it. Be smarter.

  9. Novella

    NovellaIl y a 2 mois

    Jack McFeely really? She helped right it. Hence she shows up in the credits. Do some research.

  10. Lulu Harshie

    Lulu HarshieIl y a 4 mois

    Anyone here after the toy story 4 trailer dropped?

  11. Lunch

    LunchIl y a 9 mois

    Um, hello?

  12. Georg7ie '

    Georg7ie 'Il y a an

    A reboot of parks and rec?

  13. Casual Introvert ❶

    Casual Introvert ❶Il y a an

    I don't know where TS4 will go story wise after the clear closure from TS3, but I cant help but think with her co writing it that its going to have some feminist activism in the movie.

  14. Casual Introvert ❶

    Casual Introvert ❶Il y a an

    @Matthew Fuller oh thank god.

  15. Casual Introvert ❶

    Casual Introvert ❶Il y a an

    and that activism will be to the downfall of the movie too, just like with star wars.

  16. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad JosephIl y a an

    Pixar is genius ....THE BEST AMERICAN FILM STUDIO!

  17. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad JosephIl y a an

    Matthew Fuller did other pixar original writers contributed to this like Andrew Stanton or Pete doctor help wrote the script

  18. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad JosephIl y a an

    Matthew Fuller did younknow what she wrote for other movies

  19. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad JosephIl y a an

    Matthew Fuller who is

  20. Acerbane

    AcerbaneIl y a an

    Not anymore, TS4 was rewritten by Stephany Folsom and the original script was scraped after Rashida and Will McCormack withdrew from the film.

  21. Jessica

    JessicaIl y a an

    Rashida and craig is sooo much better

  22. Margaret Tejeda

    Margaret TejedaIl y a an

    To my sister Mishelet Tejeda 😵😵😢😢😓😓😴😴😍😌😌😂😂🎅🎅👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💗💗💖💖👄👄👬👬👭👭👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦.

  23. Raul Alcantar

    Raul AlcantarIl y a an

    But She’s No longer writing Toy Story 4 Because of What John Lasseter Did

  24. Hope Clarkson

    Hope ClarksonIl y a an

    Not anymore.

  25. wicklow abby

    wicklow abbyIl y a 2 ans

    I want to sleep with one of them... And saw the other one's head off. Venture a guess?

  26. Mill Burray

    Mill BurrayIl y a 2 ans

    She's beautiful, intelligent, talented, and a woman!

  27. Nicolás Henriquez

    Nicolás HenriquezIl y a 3 ans

    Oh Rashida, you beautiful rule-breaking moth

  28. Seahorse Radish

    Seahorse RadishIl y a 3 ans

    Leslie much 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Sean Collins

    Sean CollinsIl y a 3 ans

    she legit has the roots,shes a Sista

  30. Kassandra

    KassandraIl y a 3 ans

    She is very pretty !

  31. John Schwartz

    John SchwartzIl y a 3 ans

    She is so pretty and hot.

  32. Random Guy

    Random GuyIl y a 3 ans

    I don't know what it is about her. She's so fucking cute.

  33. president camacho

    president camachoIl y a 3 ans

    +calebalvarez1234 probably her face...

  34. Art Vandalay

    Art VandalayIl y a 4 ans

    she is so sexy.

  35. potato

    potatoIl y a 4 ans

    It's HOTWIRE

  36. David Gonzalez

    David GonzalezIl y a 4 ans

    She's so beautiful I have the biggest crush on her

  37. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad JosephIl y a 10 mois

    Shes so pretty

  38. Cristian Elizondo

    Cristian ElizondoIl y a 4 ans

    Her dad is black and her mom is Eastern European, and judging from Rashidas looks... It's a perfect fucking combo

  39. Terry Kane

    Terry KaneIl y a 4 ans

    They really do tho hover round and eat space food ,i've been there .

  40. adri b

    adri bIl y a 4 ans

    ANN PERkins

  41. Bob Mowreader

    Bob MowreaderIl y a 4 ans

    she could so sit on my face! I would so not kick her out of my bed!

  42. william hutton

    william huttonIl y a 4 ans

    @Bob Mowreader Try reading my comment again, Cap'n Oblivious.

  43. Bob Mowreader

    Bob MowreaderIl y a 4 ans

    @william hutton I think shes adorable,whats wrong with that?and no I don't like justen bieber! rashida's a pretty lady and ive heard shes nice! would you object to her sitting on your face or kick her out of your bed?

  44. william hutton

    william huttonIl y a 4 ans

    That's because her only competition in YOUR bed is your Justin Bieber blow-up doll. You wouldn't kick RuPaul out of bed, pansy.

  45. Bertha Lovejoy

    Bertha LovejoyIl y a 4 ans

    she's gorgeous omg and she doesn't look black at all wtf

  46. Christopher Aparicio

    Christopher AparicioIl y a 4 ans

    throughout this interview my eyes were glued to Rashida Legs they way she had her right hand on her leg, I can say that Rashida may have the best set of legs in Hollywood.

  47. darktennisball

    darktennisballIl y a 4 ans

    2:09 even the drummer is confused :D

  48. baxter yolo

    baxter yoloIl y a 4 ans

    uhm she's half African American? wow i can't see it. she looks 100% Caucasian. that and she's incredibly pretty

  49. Rizon

    RizonIl y a 4 ans

    She's hotter than the sun.

  50. Fritz Zimmerman

    Fritz ZimmermanIl y a 4 ans

    Ann Perkins!

  51. Goooodawgs561

    Goooodawgs561Il y a 4 ans

    She's awesome and pretty as hell.

  52. SinisterSkyline

    SinisterSkylineIl y a 4 ans

    Given that all the other Toy story films were co-written by at least 6 different people, I'm gonna go ahead an assume she's just hired as one of the many various people to punch up the script.

  53. TopherXC

    TopherXCIl y a 4 ans

    finally, a girl who is mixed with black but acts more white than black.. never thought i'd find one. no racism just admiring the rarity.

  54. TopherXC

    TopherXCIl y a 4 ans

    i'm pretty sure it's becuase white people are seen as plain where as ethnic people have some "flavor." i heart tia mowry, who is mixed say that she gets her flavor from her (black) mom. being white is like vanilla. if you mix it with anything, the whiteness goes away.

  55. Malia M

    Malia MIl y a 4 ans

    its probably bc black ppl are more accepting of mixed race than white ppl are. black ppl see a mixed chick as like creme of the crop MOST white ppl dont really hold them in that high esteem.

  56. TopherXC

    TopherXCIl y a 4 ans

    @Zoey E it doesn't matter what she identify's as. i said that in a previous comment that i don't know what she identifies as and that's not what my comment is about. I'm saying that she acts more white than black in my opinion regardless of what she identifies as. she doesn't act black at all which is why i was shocked to find out she was mixed. but you might see her differntly.

  57. ActionHank75

    ActionHank75Il y a 4 ans

    @TopherXC Was I talking black this entire time?

  58. TopherXC

    TopherXCIl y a 4 ans

    @ActionHank75 never mind. if you don't know then i'm done talking to you.

  59. Goooodawgs561

    Goooodawgs561Il y a 4 ans

    I'd marry Rashida in a second

  60. have a nice day

    have a nice dayIl y a 4 ans

    He is AWFUL host, the worst. After a minute I had to stop watching. This is bad, just bad.

  61. Josh King

    Josh KingIl y a 4 ans

    i saw Toy Story 1 , 2 & 3 they were all great however i just have a feeling that 4 is gonna suck like the majority of movies now

  62. ThatPistOffGuy

    ThatPistOffGuyIl y a 4 ans

    I'll eat _her_ space food. _Mmmmmmm......._ 8P

  63. Dj510O

    Dj510OIl y a 4 ans

    How could Jim leave Karen?

  64. Truth Course #1

    Truth Course #1Il y a 4 ans

    She really takes care of her beauty. Fucking 38 and she looks like she's 28.

  65. Patricia Roca

    Patricia RocaIl y a 4 ans

    @Truth Course #1 SHE'S 38?? OH MY GOD

  66. Truth Course #1

    Truth Course #1Il y a 4 ans

    @Christopher Aparicio wild or while?

  67. Christopher Aparicio

    Christopher AparicioIl y a 4 ans

    @Hana K That's not entirely true Hispanics may say that they are a certain age but when you meet them you would think that they are older or younger. So no I do not buy into that while notion of black genes at all

  68. Truth Course #1

    Truth Course #1Il y a 4 ans

    @Hana K I agree, but don't forget that even if our genes make us look youthful some of us look terrible when we do not tend to our health or our appearance.

  69. Ok And?

    Ok And?Il y a 4 ans

    Her black genes lol

  70. Marquis Belton

    Marquis BeltonIl y a 4 ans

    Her legs are a work of art!!! I'd love to have them wrapped around my face!!!

  71. Dewoy1

    Dewoy1Il y a 4 ans

    Damn she is hot

  72. Dean Hurt

    Dean HurtIl y a 4 ans

    there was nobody better to write it?

  73. My Name is Not

    My Name is NotIl y a 4 ans

    does she boob

  74. Davide Sallese

    Davide SalleseIl y a 4 ans


  75. A dobbs

    A dobbsIl y a 5 ans

    goddess ...

  76. B M

    B MIl y a 5 ans

    office :3

  77. OptimistHunter Reel

    OptimistHunter ReelIl y a 5 ans

    I cried at the most amazing ending of the Toy Story franchise and now they want to come back and potentially ruin it!! They are jumping the shark on this one. They should just leave the amazing franchise the way it ended. I couldn't have been any more satisfied with how it ended. SMH. You know it's serious when a person in their 20's is getting riled up about Toy Story.

  78. Jordan A

    Jordan AIl y a 5 ans

    Rashida Jones is so pretty and funny and I'm actually excited for Toy Story 4! And Questlove's facial expressions at 2:09 and 2:17 were priceless!

  79. Echo

    EchoIl y a 5 ans

    boob job

  80. Damien John

    Damien JohnIl y a 5 ans

    I can't figure out if there is purple in her hair, or if my screen is weird. Either way it looks fucking fabulous.

  81. Jason A

    Jason AIl y a 4 ans

    It's purple ever since in Parks and Recreation where she dyes it in an episode

  82. Varun Singh

    Varun SinghIl y a 5 ans

    It's purple in your eye, you should probably see a doc

  83. Jordan A

    Jordan AIl y a 5 ans

    I was thinking the same thing!

  84. mikaylariley_

    mikaylariley_Il y a 5 ans

    Purple hair!! :)

  85. Jamie Martens

    Jamie MartensIl y a 5 ans

    Did she sign The Love Contract for after the show?

  86. greeksalad84

    greeksalad84Il y a 5 ans

    she looks Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  87. Steven Lawrence

    Steven LawrenceIl y a 5 ans

    Rashida Jones is a white supremacists worst nightmare... A beautiful woman, born to a Jewish mother and a black father.

  88. Ashante Hernández

    Ashante HernándezIl y a 4 ans


  89. itzel ceja

    itzel cejaIl y a 5 ans

    Jimmy's exaggerated excitement makes it seem as if he's mocking her. I really liked him on Late Night, but he acts fake on the Tonight Show