Preakness Stakes 2019 (FULL RACE), jockey John Velazquez thrown from horse | NBC Sports


  1. CynthiaSantovena CynthiaSantovena

    CynthiaSantovena CynthiaSantovenaIl y a 3 heures

    Where is Bodexpress now? I hope they didn't sell him at auction

  2. 高田圭司

    高田圭司Il y a 3 jours


  3. TV 369

    TV 369Il y a 9 jours

    wow run too fast. Vietnamese horse is slower.

  4. Sashimiroll

    SashimirollIl y a 10 jours

    What would have happened if the horse without a rider won? I’m genuinely curious

  5. smalltown 777

    smalltown 777Il y a 11 jours

    Would been a legal win if riderless had won?

  6. wolfgang friedle

    wolfgang friedleIl y a mois

    BodeExpress my Number1 on Smart Nice Horse!

  7. JP Collider

    JP ColliderIl y a mois

    I'd love to see a jockey have a horrible death at ascot. Id post the pics of it all over the internet just like you bloodthirsty, animal hating fucks post the photos of the grand national bloodbath 😀

  8. Sarah Miller

    Sarah MillerIl y a mois

    I love the fact that the horse who unseated his jockey completed the race. That genuinely would’ve been hilarious if that horse had crossed the line first.

  9. Ikinararangal ko ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo

    Ikinararangal ko ako'y Iglesia ni CristoIl y a mois

    Is it possible that a horse without jokey win?

  10. May and Winston

    May and WinstonIl y a mois

    I hate that people race horses

  11. Ahmed Baig

    Ahmed BaigIl y a mois

    The Bodexpress has won lot of attaintion of the media as he finished seventh in the race. He participated in Kentuchy derby in which Maximum Security was denied the ist position due to obstructing Country House.

  12. Amalgamaite

    AmalgamaiteIl y a mois

    WHAT would have happened if Pony Express had won the race? Would it have been disqualified?

  13. Yvon Bolduc

    Yvon BolducIl y a mois


  14. Marco Deo

    Marco DeoIl y a mois

    I watch these 3 races to see a triple crown. I dont care if a horse cut another horse off to win. People worry about horses getting injured by changing lanes need to look at how horses are drugged to run, in the USA(not allowed in Europe) and hundreds are killed by these injecting Doctors, Horses are than sold for meat. 🥩 Look up a recent story by Bernie on Real Sports on HBO

  15. SidJustice1

    SidJustice1Il y a mois

    Horse #9 is my hero 🐎

  16. Tessa Dixon

    Tessa DixonIl y a mois

    3:09 killed me😂😂 I misheard what the announcer was saying.

  17. robbie davis

    robbie davisIl y a mois

    Horse racing...the only business that kills animals in full view of the fans and they cheer on. Would love to see that in any other pro sport. On track fatalities are documented ON CAMERA and by the industry as well as under FOIL. do they get away with this. Lets add to that the thousands f TBs that were shipped to slaughter annually. Let's thank the pompous, arrogant industry and the mindless fans.

  18. Tazinova

    TazinovaIl y a mois

    Did War Of Wills have Man Of War breeding?

  19. Issac F

    Issac FIl y a mois

    Pretty sure that Starter was fired..!

  20. Jon Davis

    Jon DavisIl y a mois

    I was thinking about Southern Preakness cuz it’s my favorite horse racing event and here I find it lol I always watch it every week

  21. Red Card

    Red CardIl y a mois

    This is bizarre to look at. Because BodeExpress, sans Velazquez, I'm not sure if he was being scored or not.

  22. Todd Shaw

    Todd ShawIl y a mois

    No jockey? Hold my oats.

  23. B M-Y

    B M-YIl y a mois

    I really wanted the horse with no jockey to win. That would have been something.

  24. J.J McQuade

    J.J McQuadeIl y a mois

    if the horse with no rider won, would it count?

  25. Gail Goettl

    Gail GoettlIl y a mois

    Wow that horse is dang smart to bad he did not come in first place

  26. Brady Dog

    Brady DogIl y a mois

    Why wasn’t the Derby winner in this race??

  27. Brady Dog

    Brady DogIl y a mois

    I’ve never seen this in a major stakes race before. Anyone remember another?

  28. Spidey Boi

    Spidey BoiIl y a mois

    Lmao, that’s what you get for abusing horses.

  29. Mitch Popiel

    Mitch PopielIl y a mois

    Who cares about the actual race... the loose horse is much more entertaining

  30. chuck brooks

    chuck brooksIl y a mois

    where is Patrick Husbands, mark? only at woodbine?

  31. Bell Wolf

    Bell WolfIl y a mois

    For those who say these horses are forced to run is totally uneducated. Yes some are but most of the time these horses just LOVE to run. If the horses did not like to run then all the horses who lost there riders would have stopped and walked not kept on running.

  32. razorback9926

    razorback9926Il y a mois

    Lol, at 5:16 you can tell that Bodexpress was interested in the female horse. Hey, you’re a girl !!

  33. Phillip T

    Phillip TIl y a mois

    Imagine losing to a horse with no jockey at all. I’d probably quit

  34. Brady Dog

    Brady DogIl y a mois

    That riderless horses next ride will be to the glue factory for not being in the money....

  35. Cruise Control

    Cruise ControlIl y a mois

    Uh...this Bodexpress (9) trotted a good race ! (strange happenings in horse racing !!)

  36. hey it’s megs

    hey it’s megsIl y a mois

    The kentucky derby and now this.. this year’s racing is just a mess😂 the riderless horse has my heart.

  37. Payton vlogs

    Payton vlogsIl y a mois

    Who else is against whips for horses because I am

  38. Far From Fantasy

    Far From FantasyIl y a mois

    First of all he wasn’t thrown he fell off. Even so it’s amazing to see how well trained these horses are to keep running and go in the circle they are use to going in. A less trained horse would have probably run spermatic and made it dangerous for the other riders. I mean it sucks he fell off he stayed the pace and I’m sure with a rider he could have won or come close to winning I’m sure the horse was waiting for his cue to go. Either way interesting race congrats to the race horse who won. And I hope the rider who fell off is okay this has certainly been an interesting year for horse races

  39. Breyer and Schleich Dreams

    Breyer and Schleich DreamsIl y a mois

    2:47 wow this woman yanked the horses face off...

  40. vambo13257

    vambo13257Il y a mois

    Owendale will win the Belmont

  41. proggerjohn

    proggerjohnIl y a mois

    I was in Vegas that weekend and yes I had money on Bodexpress (just $40 to Show). I was so pissed when I saw his jockey fly off of him at the start. I said "it figures." Then I thought "I want my $40 back!" (I tried for a refund later but the machine just said "Not a winner.") The good news is that I also had War Of Will to Win. So all's well that ends well! First time ever betting on the horses. I'll never forget it.

  42. ToneM

    ToneMIl y a mois

    I know why BodeExpress bucked 5he jockey off.. See how the last jockey at the Kentucky Derby held Bode so hard you could see his neck twist. Right at the last turn😣..

  43. Carol Wells

    Carol WellsIl y a mois

    Great job war of will! He was the horse I wish had won the derby

  44. Gene Paulk

    Gene PaulkIl y a mois

    No DQ in this race ? DQ the riderless horse !!!! ✌🏻😎✌🏻.

  45. Rocky Mountain Farms

    Rocky Mountain FarmsIl y a mois

    I was cheering on War Of Will after what he had been through in the derby 😂😂😂😂

  46. sean patterson

    sean pattersonIl y a mois

    Riderless horse " i better get a participation award."

  47. Kay Lewis

    Kay LewisIl y a mois

    Just goes to show you they will race without getting beaten and abused .

  48. Ken Young

    Ken YoungIl y a mois

    Jockey...what Jockey? LOL

  49. music fan

    music fanIl y a mois

    What an unusual first 2 legs of the triple crown so far in 2019, first the weird ending of the Kentucky derby & now this. I have a feeling another fluke will happen in Belmont. why did the starter hold on to Bodexpress for so long which cause him to buck & an outrider entering the race to deter Bodexpress while he wasn't interfering the other horses. I have been watching all 3 legs of the triple crown race for the last several years but have not seen anything like this.

  50. Jerry Rose

    Jerry RoseIl y a mois

    THE HORSE with no jockey....I nicknamed him TRUMP.....cause he clearly wasn't going to let that Hispanic get a free ride!!! 🐎🐎🐎.......🐒.👈 I LOSE MY HORSE AMIGOS! MAGA 2020!!!!

  51. William McKenzi

    William McKenziIl y a mois

    Can u imagine the jockeys who was being passed by the horse wit no jokey what there thought was like wtf were is his jockey at