Owner Has To Drain Customer's Dish Of Oil | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Kelly Woodhead

    Kelly WoodheadIl y a 13 heures

    She reminds me of that Abby from dance mums the lady with black hair

  2. Leonardo Cucchiara

    Leonardo CucchiaraIl y a 2 jours

    An owner who is afraid to tell his employees what to do?! Umm how about not owning a restaurant then?

  3. poopoo Johnson

    poopoo JohnsonIl y a 2 jours

    Tommy gets me depressed

  4. blessyourealgood

    blessyourealgoodIl y a 3 jours

    And this guy says he’s “afraid” to stand up for himself. He’s a big dude!! Sh**, if I was him, I woulda been like “*DS voice what the hell is this?! Have you guys lost your freakin minds?!”

  5. LLL M

    LLL MIl y a 4 jours

    Can tell tommy suffers with anxiety

  6. sam kater

    sam katerIl y a 5 jours

    Im so sad for you tommy gordon is trying to help but i think they need some succes and as soon as they have it just send tommy on vacation or something just let him relax it looks like he hasn’t had sleep for 3 years and is on the edge of doing something stupid

  7. Silent Rocks

    Silent RocksIl y a 5 jours

    Patient customers!

  8. Silent Rocks

    Silent RocksIl y a 5 jours

    It's easy. Ask yourself if YOU would eat it!

  9. Flame Caster

    Flame CasterIl y a 5 jours

    I like how the restaurant owners are like “OUR FOODS AMAZING!”, like EVERY RESTAURANT OWNER HERE DOES THIS

  10. bluepeng889

    bluepeng889Il y a 6 jours

    Here comes the “train” comments

  11. Kook Kook

    Kook KookIl y a 6 jours

    🙎‍♂️. This is chef Gordon Ramsey | | | this is how much bad food he has gotten V

  12. IDK IJS

    IDK IJSIl y a 7 jours

    what is wrong with that guy? does she beat him? tf? hes like super punky

  13. Bigchopppaz Z

    Bigchopppaz ZIl y a 7 jours

    “I’m already embarrassed in life, you cant embarrass me more “- Tommy

  14. Shrimp Shell

    Shrimp ShellIl y a 7 jours

    Hello, @Kitchen Nightmares, can I have some advice on training my oil, they just seem really lifeless I use vegetable oil, might it be something to do with veganism?

  15. Labo Lad

    Labo LadIl y a 7 jours

    0:55 You can tell he slammed that door. We just don’t hear it.

  16. JustDave

    JustDaveIl y a 7 jours

    She's doing her best. He's being a bitch.

  17. Camiel08Erin11

    Camiel08Erin11Il y a 7 jours

    He has anxiety and depression and it shows. You can tell by the way he talks that he’s given up.

  18. Bame Maiketswane

    Bame MaiketswaneIl y a 7 jours

    It’s greasy and watery!” John: *its dringy and littery!* Whhhaaaat

  19. Mathew Ward

    Mathew WardIl y a 8 jours

    THE IRONY: I had a Mazzola Vegetable Oil commercial just before this 😅😅

  20. EvesFTW

    EvesFTWIl y a 8 jours

    “ no one gave a shat” past tense Gordon ?

  21. puta chinga

    puta chingaIl y a 8 jours

    Canta cuti fot eudya gagagag 😂

  22. • ßLÒÖDŸ_FLÕWĘR• FRÍĒÑD• òwó

    • ßLÒÖDŸ_FLÕWĘR• FRÍĒÑD• òwóIl y a 8 jours

    TOMMY WTF Y do u give up Ò-Ó

  23. BêrryLøvēly

    BêrryLøvēlyIl y a 8 jours

    Remember, you have to _train the oil to drain_

  24. AfroItalianSaboteur xo

    AfroItalianSaboteur xoIl y a 8 jours

    Ill say it again american food=anerican chef. Lol picking cultures that just throw food together is the wrong choice.

  25. straightest of jacks

    straightest of jacksIl y a 8 jours

    2:17 I'm not sure why they left that in, but are they implying that reaching a level below rock bottom instantly converts you to judaism?

  26. Emma

    EmmaIl y a 8 jours

    A husband who hides behind his wife. Pathetic.

  27. Jordan

    JordanIl y a 9 jours

    I got this and it says it was uploaded four minutes ago..

  28. Logan Lee

    Logan LeeIl y a 9 jours

    Ghost |

  29. RoSe

    RoSeIl y a 9 jours

    Whoever makes the description is a comical genius

  30. •Questionable Vibes•

    •Questionable Vibes•Il y a 9 jours

    Niagra falls in a nutshell

  31. Anzelle Klopper

    Anzelle KlopperIl y a 9 jours

    My husband watches to much Kitchen Nightmare he’s gotten so critical 😂 lol but his food is straight up food poisoning 😂 marriage is fun

  32. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 62Il y a 9 jours

    *U.S.A would like to know your location*

  33. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 62Il y a 9 jours

    1:22 Gordon just confidently puts that on his ulna bone, how does it not fall?

  34. TheBluePanther

    TheBluePantherIl y a 9 jours

    "I can't be embarrassed anymore" *5 seconds earlier* "This is too embarrassing"

  35. Immortal

    ImmortalIl y a 9 jours

    The oil is fucking RAW

  36. TS13

    TS13Il y a 9 jours

    that tommy seems to have a lot of stress on his head, maybe some anti stress medication will do the trick.

  37. TotalyNotChris

    TotalyNotChrisIl y a 9 jours

    I missed the “train” title 😔

  38. Pablitoes ツ

    Pablitoes ツIl y a 10 jours

    I want to sign up for oil plate training :(

  39. Vanilla Vodka

    Vanilla VodkaIl y a 10 jours

    it would have been glorious if the waiter said, "ok maam, i will fix it." took the plate, drained it on the floor and put it back on the table while the costumer watched in horror. "there you go maam"

  40. Izlagalia

    IzlagaliaIl y a 10 jours

    Why does Gordon in the first second look superimposed into the frame lol

  41. Gamer Caleb

    Gamer CalebIl y a 10 jours

    the description wrighter is so funny lol

  42. Zwerkk's Studio

    Zwerkk's StudioIl y a 10 jours

    tell me why I get a Corn Oil ad before watching this video

  43. mama big

    mama bigIl y a 10 jours

    it must be bad to see gordon ramsay in a resturant when you are trying to eat

  44. Grandeur Zion

    Grandeur ZionIl y a 10 jours

    2:11 - 2:14 an hour after from getting grounded

  45. snehith uday

    snehith udayIl y a 10 jours

    How come these restaurants are always full even when they serve it total bad...

  46. Matt Williamson

    Matt WilliamsonIl y a 10 jours

    I thought Gordon was going to aid the hearing impaired at the beginning by doing some sign-language.

  47. that one asian dude

    that one asian dudeIl y a 10 jours

    What the heck is a trained plate of pasta?!?! Did i miss something?

  48. Danny Naddeo

    Danny NaddeoIl y a 10 jours

    That description though

  49. Fun4Bros Gaming

    Fun4Bros GamingIl y a 10 jours

    When you’re here and have no idea why people are talking about training a plate of oil. :/

  50. Toyah

    ToyahIl y a 8 jours

    Fun4Bros Gaming I think it’s because the title said “train” instead of drain before they changed it

  51. ChopsticKris

    ChopsticKrisIl y a 11 jours

    Description: "*ahem* Train your oil to drain" Love how they acknowledge it lmfao

  52. M P

    M PIl y a 11 jours

    I'm one the unlucky few who didn't get to see the typo ;-;

  53. Cohesive G-unit

    Cohesive G-unitIl y a 11 jours

    And he had to train the oil from customers dishes

  54. Isa Maria

    Isa MariaIl y a 11 jours

    Ah yes, good ol Mr. It wuzent me it wuzent me!

  55. Spider-Mang !!

    Spider-Mang !!Il y a 11 jours

    Your gonna have to get your head out of your ass 😂 swimming in oil . Indenial . Shut the door 🚪

  56. Kampbell Bryant

    Kampbell BryantIl y a 11 jours

    I love the description

  57. Daveon Gilbert

    Daveon GilbertIl y a 11 jours

    I feel for the dish washer 1:56

  58. Zack McClean

    Zack McCleanIl y a 11 jours

    Why does Gordon look really badly green-screened into the video at the beginning?

  59. jaryan bridgman

    jaryan bridgmanIl y a 11 jours

    The pasta looked good to much oil. What was the restaurant name ?

  60. Chris Simmons

    Chris SimmonsIl y a 11 jours

    I kinda feel bad for the owner, he clearly has anxiety.

  61. Derek Handson

    Derek HandsonIl y a 7 jours

    Yeah, from the looks, he wasn't meant to be an effective manager

  62. thomasthorpe1994

    thomasthorpe1994Il y a 11 jours