North American P-51C Mustang - Part 1 - Kermie Cam


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    cool :))

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    One sexy plane!

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    P51 camaro! You have ?

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    J'ai le mal de mer, avec la prise de vue... ^^

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    +Kermit Weeks Hangar J'ai lu, qu'un pilote comparait le ressentit d'être dans un cockpit d'un avion de chasse, à l'impression d'être assis sur l'extrémité d'un crayon à papier. O>-=-=-=-<0>-=-=-=-<O I read that a pilot compared the feeling of being in a cockpit of a fighter jet, to the impression of sitting on the end of a pencil.

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    Sorry! Imagine how I feel in the cockpit. :-)

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    So many seat belts

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    Part of that is the seat cushion parachute.

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    How does the flying of this compare to the D-model? Other than the visibility out of the cockpit, I've read this model is marginally faster in level flight and climbs faster because of the drag of the D's canopy and the extra fuel weight. The main advantage of the D-model seems to the bubble canopy and extra range because of the added fuel but as I understand it these planes and the B-models (same plane; just built at different factories; this C-model is a Dallas Mustang, isn't it?) did the escort mission until the D's starting arriving. NOt every squadron transitioned to the D-model and they did modify some of these with the Malcolm bubble canopy. The one in this video obviously has the original canopy and really well-taken care of. Personally, I think the D is a prettier plane because of the canopy but when the bullets start flying you might be more comfortable in a P-47!

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    The walk around on my Cessna takes 10x longer 😂😂

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    I love those Mustangs.

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    Very nice aircraft. I love those Mustangs.

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    why only 2 .50cals in the wings and not 3 each?

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    That’s the bomb release....... we don’t use that

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    Es inagotable basada en. la fuente mí género tres capítulo y no muestras l cultura pisco


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    One of the most beautiful aircraft ever built.

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    come on... i keep waiting the fly moment

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    Do you guys adapt modern hydraulic parts or do you use original/refurbished parts?

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    Original as much as we can.

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    Great video!!! Such sensitive people on youtube....


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    God ! So many controls

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    7:31 too long

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    Goiânia brazil

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    It has an ejection seat ?

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    Hermosa nave

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    guauuu,the polish surface what steel is?

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    What kind of loser dislikes this video...I hate people

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    Произведение искусств!

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    Thank you, didn't knew the Submariner works in planes aswell :D

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    How could you jump out when it's twisting around and falling toward the ground? Seems like it would be very difficult.

  39. Kermit Weeks Hangar

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    It would be. Hopefully, neither one of us ever finds out!

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    In P-51C, what does the "C" designation mean?

  41. Jnl B

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    These letters were used to denote subtypes of a particular airplane. The first one, with the Allison engine, were P-51A's. They stuck that Merlin up front and they were P-51B's. The C's were simply B models that were built at North American's new factory in Dallas. I don't know why that demanded a change in sub type letters. They put the new bubble canopy on it, gave it two more 50 calibers and made changes to the wings, and you had the D model. The last one was the H.

  42. Kermit Weeks Hangar

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    It's just a model version name . . . A, B, C, D.

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    So, if pilots had to scramble during the war did they really go through that long procedure of flipping switches, priming stuff, etc. or was that already set and ready to go?

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    That is the most beautiful piece of machinery I have ever seen!

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    That’s pretty much the same procedure I do when I strap my Z06 Vette on but I have to simulate the sound of pre oiling the engine by squeezing a hogs nuts in a vice. 🇺🇸😎🏁

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    I built many Mustang models growing up. Thank You for the tribute to the TAM.

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    The pre oil engine process sounds like a mosquito repellent... God damn! That hurts my eardrums.

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    "That's the bomb release, we dont use that" 😂😂

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    My bad Will look for part two and three

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    Check out this clip too . . . I do a voice-over of the flight.éo-05GB8ET7DXU.html

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    Wtf Thought you were going to fly it

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    Guess you didn't note that it was Part 1! There are 3 Parts. Flight is in 3.

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    Beautiful machine. Have you ever found a leak or damage during a PMCS? Cheers

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    It's a beautiful airplane. I like the whistle it makes.

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    That is a beautiful airplane!

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    What are the swastikas for?

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    I guess no one reads any further than their comment in the thread. It's been answered numerous times. The swastikas on the plane side are enemy aircraft the pilot shot down.

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    Does it have an ejector seat?

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    +Kermit Weeks Hangar Sorry I didn't hear that the first time I watched I had the volume turned down. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Let's hope none of us ever have to face that decision.

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    +Kermit Weeks Hangar Yes, I guess you would have to make a quick decision as to which would be safer, staying with the plane or bailing out.

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    I think I'd be worrying about a lot of things if I ever had to bail!

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    I'm sitting on the chute. You can see me buckling in when I buckle up the seat belts.

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    What's with the swastikas at 1:29?

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    +Kermit Weeks Hangar Thank you!

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    The symbols on the plane side are enemy aircraft the pilot shot down.

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    So beautiful lady 👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻

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    In tears Kermit. Thank you!

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    👨‍💻That pre start pinging noise is what you here After a loud Rock concert Tinnitus ? TOOK 10's of years for it to slow down comes & goes

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    You have it for 10 years?, and what concert of rock was the one you damaged your ear?

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    The Battle of Britain pilots would have been in trouble with that starting procedure when "scrambled".

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    What an awesome video! Got a smile on me a mile long :)

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    I thought he said "if there were a hundred Mexicans after me"

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    At 5' 24" and 5' 27", what is dripping out onto your leg? Fuel?

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    The greatest plane ever made, in my opinion.

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    Ma cazzo come si fa ad usare un obiettivo "occhio di pesce" per riprendere un aereo così bello?

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    That’s he shinest plane I have seen ! I can do a proper shave looking at the reflection !! Nice job !

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    If the wing came off it would be highly unlikely you'd be able to get out of the plane because of centrifical force of the spin

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    You made us sit through 2 full minutes of that goddamn pure-oiling sound, then the video ended!!! Shame on you. I’m not cruel enough to wish you a crash landing, but I won’t watch any of your videos ever again.

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    I guess you didn't see the Part 1 of 3 Parts. Oh well, your loss!

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    he didnt check the M2/AN Browning machine guns in case of Luftwaffe

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    beautiful plane, slightly excessive swastikas. slightly.

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    Enemy aircraft the pilot downed.

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    What a gorgeous P51. Thanks for sharing.

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    That's not a plane, that's a work of pure aerodynamic art.

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    Did you test those machine guns? Got a couple nazis I see.

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    1:24 Why are there 5 Swastika on the plane ?

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    But the video, with curved picture, is annoying from the begining. I am prone to believe that annoying is, in fact, the only purpose of this video. Both thumbs down.

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    Absolutely heartbreak gorgeous plane Sir!!! Thank you for my first in a lifetime view of the P-51 if I were riding with ya. Update: So excited watching your vid, that I'm sitting here shivering in my seat. 0.0

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    Our great uncle flew a P51 Mustang for Canada 🇨🇦 Now he sleeps with the fishes in the English Channel War sucks ✨👽✨🛸💨

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    Superb video. Thanks

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    The history of the plane points to the several British modifications/improvements that made it such an excellent fighter. The engine. The Merlin engine was superior to all others in performance. The name Mustang was selected by the Brits. The bubble canopy, to replace this C model greenhouse one, was more aerodynamic and offered superb visibility. Seems as if globalism did well for the exciting D model variance. THE best P-51 model. Thanks.

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    i love it ...

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    I prefer them with the bubble canopy this type looks old and was changed due to it bad visibility

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    SuperYidne well if you eject from your plane, you’re going to want to be strapped in! LOL

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    Some are for seat parachute.

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    FWIW FYI Designed by a German who came to the US in 1931 - Edgar O. (Ed) Schmued (Schmüd), German-American aircraft designer (1899-1985) was famed for his design of the iconic North American P-51 Mustang and, later, the F-86 Sabre while at North American Aviation. He later worked on other aircraft designs as an aviation consultant.

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    and the proper watch to fly with that mustang...

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    love the British Spitfire and with the resources the US had during the war, this super updated mustang version is the most exciting plane built ever. Beautiful.

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    i am not suggesting the mustang is a spitfire, before you guys ride me :) . i have the racing at Reno on my bucket list, if they haven't banned it by then. I am lucky to live on the Kent Coast and in the summer hear that merlin engine as Spitfires fly to the Shows along the Kent Coast. Not that many left now. "Never so much owed by so many to so few"

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    Amazing video!!! I would like to ask you a question. Where I can get a helmet like the one you wear in the video? Thanks!

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    " or the wing came off ". LMAO!! Wow is she sweet!!

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    I love this video thanks for posting. By the way the pre-oiling the engine, yes that is a really annoying sound lol overall I love the engineering of that machine

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    Amazing to think the aircraft is close to 80 years old. Compare it to 80 year-old motor vehicles; while the cars seem 'vintage' and 'old-fashioned' the Mustang (for me at least) still appears 'modern'.

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    Apart from saving on metal during WW2, was there a reason they used fabric on the elevators/ rudders during those times??

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    It's not a bad idea to use a small flashlight when doing your preflight. It can really help you spot any problems