North American P-51C Mustang - Part 1 - Kermie Cam


  1. iampilot21

    iampilot21Il y a 4 jours

    Interesting how different the power setting during landing differs from your P51D video Was this just simply different approach? Love the videos please keep them coming Salute -Brad

  2. Shawn Brown

    Shawn BrownIl y a 5 jours

    Great the Red Tail configuration. Great video.

  3. Idfk tbh I want to kms ,

    Idfk tbh I want to kms ,Il y a 6 jours

    Nice watch

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    dampmakyIl y a 9 jours

    is it just me or it looks kinda like a messeschmit

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    Great. Thanks. Hi Tech by USA in time II World War.

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    i cant say i care for the chrome finish

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    You know haw many kids you could put through college for the cost of that alone?

  9. Юрий Из Юрьева

    Юрий Из ЮрьеваIl y a 20 jours

    В 40 х летчики их были как инопланетяне,я выпускался в 80 м технарем на Су 7 , так вот у этого мустанга кабина выглядит гораздо современнее.

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    Mago AviadorIl y a 21 jour

    Conservadissimo! Lindo!

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    Seen it ten times, everytime a pleasure!

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    Kane HiraIl y a 25 jours

    flexing with the rolex :) love it

  13. Robert Farrar

    Robert FarrarIl y a 26 jours

    "The bomb release, we don't use that" Hah hah! Kermit you are the best!

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    Shayne ShuttleworthIl y a 27 jours

    Very kule

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    James RomanoIl y a 28 jours

    unbelievable machine thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Mrityunjay Mishra

    Mrityunjay MishraIl y a 28 jours

    If I was a pilot I would never pre oil the engine..... Sooooooo annoying

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    Олег ВольскийIl y a mois

    Меня так тёлка не обламовала,пиндос.

  18. Robert Chance

    Robert ChanceIl y a mois

    That wide angle lens on the camera really distorts the perspective. The fuselage is much longer that what it appears in the pictures.

  19. Miguel Severino

    Miguel SeverinoIl y a mois

    Ese avión me encanta. Soy piloto y fui oficial de la Fuerza Aérea de la República Dominicana, y cuando ingresé a esa institución, uno de los primeros aviones que me sorprendió, fue el P-51. Una potencia increíble y lo maniobrable que era. Espero algún día volver a volarlo.

  20. Elenita Maria

    Elenita MariaIl y a mois

    Fala tanto e não decola o avião. Melhor não ter feito o vídeo.

  21. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a mois

    You do realize it's a three part video . . . flight is in part 3.

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    Anim musicTMIl y a mois

    I wanna press the red button

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    I wanna go grocery shopping with that helmet on.

  24. Livin.615

    Livin.615Il y a mois

    Why were there a bunch of swastikas on it ?

  25. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a mois

    Answer is in first Kermie Q's episode. . .

  26. Africa Top

    Africa TopIl y a mois

    there is a youtube video of this plane making an emergency landing on the road,what a coincidence

  27. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a mois

    Of a P-51 maybe, but not this particular plane.

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    hugo cahillIl y a mois

    Do you own this

  29. ACMDE

    ACMDEIl y a mois

    does this one have an eject seat?

  30. Kermit Weeks

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  31. Life & Live In Cambodia

    Life & Live In CambodiaIl y a mois

    Very nice

  32. Fergus Dunlop

    Fergus DunlopIl y a mois

    1:29 why are there swastikas on the side of the aircraft?

  33. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a mois

    Check out my first "Kermie Q's" video . . . you'll find the answer there.

  34. Socamia J.D

    Socamia J.DIl y a mois

    He just wanted to show us his watch 😒

  35. dave runner

    dave runnerIl y a mois

    Hell of a machine.

  36. Hector Odio

    Hector OdioIl y a mois

    The most beautiful plane ever made ,fast ,sexy ,and the most perfect power plant Rolls Royce Merlin one of the best fighter used in the ll world war, Spitfire and German bf109.

  37. dnhug

    dnhugIl y a mois

    Awesome! Loved the „Kermie-cam“ !

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    ipi223Il y a 2 mois

    Really beautiful plane! I imagine in a bright sunny day crossing the sky with all the chrome..must be seen from really far way!

  39. shane54nz

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    Love the Catalina off to the starboard side!

  40. Ehnosphere

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    no checklist?

  41. Lingenfelter Zee Ohh Six

    Lingenfelter Zee Ohh SixIl y a 2 mois

    Our military has had the most bad ass pilots throughout history!! My grandfather was a P-51 pilot in ww2 providing support /protection for our B17's heading to and from their bombing missions, flew his first mission at 20 years old with nearly no experience and ended up receiving a medal for his actions that mission. for dropping back from the group on the return with another p51 to protect a badly damaged b17 with an engine failing FAR behind its group and slowly loosing altitude and fuel doomed to end up in the thick Forrest below . The other p51s radio wasn't working and as my grandfather had moved in close to the nose of the b17 to make eye contact with the crew and hopefully give them some sort of calm for a moment as they approached the most common Luftwaffe assault airspace he looked up and the other p51 was nowhere in site , he eased away looking for it knowing the pilot must have seen German fighters and spotted 2 in acrobatics way above them . He climbed to help keep them off the sitting and wounded duck B-17 spending what he said felt like hours of cat and mouse as they continued to try to get shots off on the B-17 even tho it was clearly in trouble and not going to make it. My grandfather in all the dogfighting looked down at his fuel gauge and it read nearly empty with a long ways to go and still well over enemy territory if he needed to bail. He said he knew he had 2 options, continue providing cover for the B17 hopefully fending off the 2 Luftwaffe and surely end up bailing out into German territory , OR abonadon covering the wounded B17 that was surely going down shortly and try to save the p51 and his life for another her day. Sure many pilots in other places of the world would have left to try and save the P51, himself and knwoing the B17 was most likely a lost cause but he said he couldn't leave it and it's crew to be shot down by the Luftwaffe that would surely pounce as soon as he left. He found out the other P51 also was having fuel issues from the long dogfight and with no radio he peeled off to return to the group ahead and left my grandfather . My grandfather a Young American Pilot from Idaho in a plane with virtually no fuel surely to end up a POW if not killed by the 2 Luftwaffe ,stayed and continued trying to protect the B17. One of the Luftwaffe made a good hit obliterating a machine gun turret and the gunner and my grandfather in his own words said "I was mad as hell and going to kill that son of a bitch!" He broke off and after that specific German with the other behind him. Moments later he had a good shot at a diagonal like angle and fired , it sheared JUsT the glass canopy off along with the pilots head , no other damage . The other German behind him immidately cowered and turned back even being behind my grandfather . He said the unmanned German fighter just glided smoothly and in seeming slow motion earlilly with no pilot and perfectly level somehow. He was going to finish it off and had the thought as he realized it was headed directly back in the direction of the bombing target , that he'd leave it be and with any luck it'd continue and loose altitude putting it in Hitler's bunker! Lol he always told the part with a grumpy smirk on his face. He left the ghost fighter and returned to the B-17s side. I always have imagined what a reassurance it must have been to them falling far behind their group in a doomed bomber , to see 2 p51's come and cover them and in the end a single one destroying one and scaring the other off returning to their side like he chased off the wolves. He looked at his gauge and it read empty , he knew he'd need to get ready to bail when right then he heard the b17 smoking engine sputter and stop and a sudden drop in altitude . He dropped with it in desperation completely helpless and unable to do anything. He said he got as close to the crews glass to wish them luck and the pilot salute him and began to drop. He used to tell us he'd still at 88 years old wake up drenched in bed seeing the wounded b17 slowly drop to the thick Forrest below and the helpless feeling he had and the anger for the Nazis for putting them there. It dropped down and found a slight clearing ahead but my grandfather knew he didn't have the altitude or speed to make it. It went into the trees and a fireball below . My grandpa never showed emotion ever but everytime he told that story he'd get choked up and seem to zone out for a minute like he was seeing it right then. He looked back at his gauge in amazement that he still hadn't lost power and caught up to his group and let them know he was long out of fuel and would be bailing shortly and to let his superiors know the location when he jumped. He said a God given miracle happened that flight , the P51 Jsut kept going and going, until they got near the airstrip . As he decend with an about out of fuel B17 to approach, he said "I thoght hell, the damn gage must be broke! And sure enough as I said that , that son of bitch died!" Lol. He was short of the runway. But put it ina field with no damage saving the P51 and receiving a medal that sits in my moms house still today for his actions that day. My grandfather had one sibling, a little brother that was also a pilot. They became orphans when he was 13 years old when his parents passed unexpectedly. His brother was all he had. He never talked about him though, my mom and grandmother said all they ever knew was he was a pilot and he died in the war. 3 weeks before my grandpa died one day he Jsut started talking about Jack (his brother) and we all shut up as no one knew anything about him. He went in to tell the story of how his brother was killed. He was crazy enough also a p51 pilot IN MY GRANDFATHERS SAME SQUADRON! We all looked at each other realizing my grandfather would have been in the sky it sounded like when he was killed. He went on to tel about a b-17 group protection mission they were suppose to go on. His brother was really sick with the flu and my grandfather told him he couldn't go up and to sit it out and rest. He told my grandpa , you aren't going up without me there , I have a bad feeling. As if he was worried about my grandfather. They went up and on the way to the point where they leave the b17's to dontheir drop and wait for the return having got through the typical hot zones with no issue , right then he said more Luftwaffe that he had ever seen came out of nowhere . Saidnitnwas pure hell and chaos! Grandpa said he chased off 2 NOT realizing they bait him and he soon had 2 on his tail . Long story,..long,..he heard a loud pop boom behind him trying to evade the 2 while moving all 4 out and away from the b17's . He looked back and saw one of the Germans in a fireball corkscrewing down with a p51 behind it. The other one peeled and dove and he turned to get back to the group realizing as the p51 came to his side that it was Jack that saved his life. On the radio he said jack said "told ya had a bad feelin! You always protected me in school and I finally got to return it!" They continued on B lining to the battle group when out of nowhere he heard his brother yell "ARTHUR!!!!" (My grandpas name ) over the radio and as he looked down and back for Jack it was being lit up at the moment by a German . He said before I could say his name it burst into flames and I watched jacks P51 disappear into the clouds with not a damn thing I could do about it!" He stopped talking and tears pouring out his eyes , and everyone else's that had never heard that. To think ALL those years hat he never talked of it and we wondered why, was becaue he saw him shot down after being saved by him. Can't imagine how it must have affected his life. Then he said "they said I could take a few days off but Jack was all I had and I was going to spend every day I had left killing as many of those sons of bitches as I could and bringing home as many of my brothers,.. so , I went back up the next mission and every one after that I could until the war ended. And to think now jacks siting with my sweetheart waiting for me to come say thanks for giving me a full life of joy." My grandma died 3 months before in a tragic accident and it broke his heart. He passed away 3 weeks later after I found him after a fall with his head bleeding badly. His brain hemoraged and he passed. I was extremely close to them and have an airforce bracelet he wore in every mission sitting on night stand . These are the types of pilots and brave military we have! The pilots of today's fighter jets, the p51 and b17 pilots in ww2 and all the rest are the heroes that we owe everything too! Sorry for the random story, today's the anniversary of when he passed and he's on my mind so I'm watching videos of the P51 and imagining the stories and him up there in one of these in ww2! He's probably sitting by ur side in these Jsut to get the rush again.

  42. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a 2 mois

    Thanks for sharing the story. God Bless, and thanks to them for their service and sacrifice!

  43. King Samson

    King SamsonIl y a 2 mois

    Awesome plane! Is it actually dripping fuel from the manual prime pump? As someone who loves to stay on the ground, is that normal?

  44. South West Florida Aerial

    South West Florida AerialIl y a 2 mois

    simply beautiful

  45. Avi Aleatoriedades

    Avi AleatoriedadesIl y a 2 mois

    The most annoying sound in the world on pre-oiling and orgasmic sound when turning on the engine

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    Not much space in it.

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    cool :))

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    One sexy plane!

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    P51 camaro! You have ?

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    J'ai le mal de mer, avec la prise de vue... ^^

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    MAILIl y a 2 mois

    +Kermit Weeks J'ai lu, qu'un pilote comparait le ressentit d'être dans un cockpit d'un avion de chasse, à l'impression d'être assis sur l'extrémité d'un crayon à papier. O>-=-=-=-<0>-=-=-=-<O I read that a pilot compared the feeling of being in a cockpit of a fighter jet, to the impression of sitting on the end of a pencil.

  52. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a 2 mois

    Sorry! Imagine how I feel in the cockpit. :-)

  53. John A2007

    John A2007Il y a 2 mois

    So many seat belts

  54. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a 2 mois

    Part of that is the seat cushion parachute.

  55. AvengerII

    AvengerIIIl y a 2 mois

    How does the flying of this compare to the D-model? Other than the visibility out of the cockpit, I've read this model is marginally faster in level flight and climbs faster because of the drag of the D's canopy and the extra fuel weight. The main advantage of the D-model seems to the bubble canopy and extra range because of the added fuel but as I understand it these planes and the B-models (same plane; just built at different factories; this C-model is a Dallas Mustang, isn't it?) did the escort mission until the D's starting arriving. NOt every squadron transitioned to the D-model and they did modify some of these with the Malcolm bubble canopy. The one in this video obviously has the original canopy and really well-taken care of. Personally, I think the D is a prettier plane because of the canopy but when the bullets start flying you might be more comfortable in a P-47!

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    ✈ ✈ ✈ (^_^)ノ

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    The walk around on my Cessna takes 10x longer 😂😂

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    I love those Mustangs.

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    Very nice aircraft. I love those Mustangs.

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    why only 2 .50cals in the wings and not 3 each?

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    That’s the bomb release....... we don’t use that

  64. James Cockerham

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    Es inagotable basada en. la fuente mí género tres capítulo y no muestras l cultura pisco


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    One of the most beautiful aircraft ever built.

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    come on... i keep waiting the fly moment

  69. Inverted V12 Powerhouse

    Inverted V12 PowerhouseIl y a 2 mois

    Do you guys adapt modern hydraulic parts or do you use original/refurbished parts?

  70. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a 2 mois

    Original as much as we can.

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    Great video!!! Such sensitive people on youtube....


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    God ! So many controls

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    7:31 too long

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    Goiânia brazil

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    It has an ejection seat ?

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    Hermosa nave

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    guauuu,the polish surface what steel is?

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    What kind of loser dislikes this video...I hate people

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    Произведение искусств!

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    Thank you, didn't knew the Submariner works in planes aswell :D

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    How could you jump out when it's twisting around and falling toward the ground? Seems like it would be very difficult.

  83. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a 2 mois

    It would be. Hopefully, neither one of us ever finds out!

  84. Pappy Stern

    Pappy SternIl y a 2 mois

    In P-51C, what does the "C" designation mean?

  85. Jnl B

    Jnl BIl y a 2 mois

    These letters were used to denote subtypes of a particular airplane. The first one, with the Allison engine, were P-51A's. They stuck that Merlin up front and they were P-51B's. The C's were simply B models that were built at North American's new factory in Dallas. I don't know why that demanded a change in sub type letters. They put the new bubble canopy on it, gave it two more 50 calibers and made changes to the wings, and you had the D model. The last one was the H.

  86. Kermit Weeks

    Kermit WeeksIl y a 2 mois

    It's just a model version name . . . A, B, C, D.

  87. Trenton Jennings

    Trenton JenningsIl y a 2 mois

    So, if pilots had to scramble during the war did they really go through that long procedure of flipping switches, priming stuff, etc. or was that already set and ready to go?

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    That is the most beautiful piece of machinery I have ever seen!

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    That’s pretty much the same procedure I do when I strap my Z06 Vette on but I have to simulate the sound of pre oiling the engine by squeezing a hogs nuts in a vice. 🇺🇸😎🏁

  92. Pete Urbann

    Pete UrbannIl y a 2 mois

    I built many Mustang models growing up. Thank You for the tribute to the TAM.

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    The pre oil engine process sounds like a mosquito repellent... God damn! That hurts my eardrums.

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    "That's the bomb release, we dont use that" 😂😂

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    My bad Will look for part two and three

  96. Kermit Weeks

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    Check out this clip too . . . I do a voice-over of the flight.

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    Wtf Thought you were going to fly it

  98. Kermit Weeks

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    Guess you didn't note that it was Part 1! There are 3 Parts. Flight is in 3.

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    Beautiful machine. Have you ever found a leak or damage during a PMCS? Cheers

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    It's a beautiful airplane. I like the whistle it makes.

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    That is a beautiful airplane!

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    What are the swastikas for?

  103. Kermit Weeks

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    I guess no one reads any further than their comment in the thread. It's been answered numerous times. The swastikas on the plane side are enemy aircraft the pilot shot down.

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    Does it have an ejector seat?

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    +Kermit Weeks Sorry I didn't hear that the first time I watched I had the volume turned down. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Let's hope none of us ever have to face that decision.

  107. HumGuitar

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    +Kermit Weeks Yes, I guess you would have to make a quick decision as to which would be safer, staying with the plane or bailing out.

  108. Kermit Weeks

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    I think I'd be worrying about a lot of things if I ever had to bail!

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    I'm sitting on the chute. You can see me buckling in when I buckle up the seat belts.

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    What's with the swastikas at 1:29?

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    +Kermit Weeks Thank you!

  112. Kermit Weeks

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    The symbols on the plane side are enemy aircraft the pilot shot down.

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    So beautiful lady 👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻

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    In tears Kermit. Thank you!

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    👨‍💻That pre start pinging noise is what you here After a loud Rock concert Tinnitus ? TOOK 10's of years for it to slow down comes & goes

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    You have it for 10 years?, and what concert of rock was the one you damaged your ear?

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    The Battle of Britain pilots would have been in trouble with that starting procedure when "scrambled".

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    At 5' 24" and 5' 27", what is dripping out onto your leg? Fuel?

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    The greatest plane ever made, in my opinion.

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