Most open-world games are just Westerns without cowboys


  1. Jamin Stolze

    Jamin StolzeIl y a 17 jours

    I really thought I clicked on a watch mojo video at first

  2. Jackalope X13

    Jackalope X13Il y a mois

    What would Forza Horizon be?

  3. Joy Swanson

    Joy SwansonIl y a 2 mois

    Death stranding is now basically THE Union Pacific open world

  4. Michael Durrant

    Michael DurrantIl y a 2 mois

    Who is the gal in this video? I love her voice.

  5. Aspiring Marauder

    Aspiring MarauderIl y a 4 mois

    I love how Simone utterly failed to proselytise, and instead convinced everyone that we need MORE of these "problematic" storylines.

  6. Sector O2-10-N II

    Sector O2-10-N IIIl y a 5 mois

    I can sense the hate for white settlers

  7. Mr. Wolf

    Mr. WolfIl y a 5 mois

    Mechanics in games aren't the plot, though? Which basically eliminates fo4. I don't know if you could count the Union Pacific Story, and just because a game follows a plot indirectly that a western writer said westerns followed, doesn't make everything that follows it a western, because then *Everything would be a western*

  8. Jimmy W

    Jimmy WIl y a 6 mois

    This whole video is mental gymnastics at its finest.

  9. Zeeshan Mehmood

    Zeeshan MehmoodIl y a 6 mois

    This is just Simone ASMR

  10. Aidan McGreenie

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  11. Gabriel Silveira

    Gabriel SilveiraIl y a 7 mois

    I think that actually BotW doesn't fit any of those

  12. Gabriel Silveira

    Gabriel SilveiraIl y a 7 mois

    I disagree with a lot of points in the video, but who cares about a random viewer...

  13. John O.

    John O.Il y a 7 mois

    *Fallout: New Vegasing intensifies*

  14. Myoukei

    MyoukeiIl y a 9 mois

    I'm surprised that borderlands wasn't brought up during this. it fits so many of these troupes

  15. Mattias Crowe

    Mattias CroweIl y a 10 mois

    Simone I'm not saying you need to read more books but most places are almost giving them away

  16. contactxain

    contactxainIl y a 11 mois

    all open-world games are just westerns without cowboys, but so are most other genre's. Western serials were usually just varients of the hero's journey, and you are almost always a hero on a journey in games.

  17. Tucker Tooley

    Tucker TooleyIl y a 11 mois

    So this means westerns are the perfect story type

  18. William Shreckengost

    William ShreckengostIl y a 11 mois

    See you -space- plains cowboy... Huh. We don't have enough space opera games.

  19. RB-551

    RB-551Il y a 11 mois

    I would play the shit out of a game about the Union Pacific Railroad building. Hell On Wheels piqued my interest in that genre.

  20. Griffin S

    Griffin SIl y a an

    westerns are westerns without cowboys with cowboys

  21. Nerd Letter

    Nerd LetterIl y a an

    I'd actually say there are MANY ranch stories in open-world games, but it really depends on what you would consider an open-world game. I consider sandbox games to be a sort of subgenre of open-world games because you can go anywhere and do anything, and an essential part of sandbox games is finding or building a base and defending it and basically lasting as long as you can while you do your own thing.

  22. railbaron1

    railbaron1Il y a an

    Sadky a true _Union Pacific_ story (or at least the way I want to play it) doesn't work as an open world game it has to be something like Railroad Tycoon or a Space Opera set just after mankind cracking FTL.

  23. rick johnson

    rick johnsonIl y a an

    Could have done without all the signaling.

  24. Defaultradio

    DefaultradioIl y a an

    These aren't particularly western plots or themes

  25. Aidan Bertram

    Aidan BertramIl y a an

    Borderlands series anyone?

  26. Ry St

    Ry StIl y a an

    Don't over analyze . your obviously not a gamer.

  27. Ry St

    Ry StIl y a an

    She obviously hasn't played many video games.

  28. Ry St

    Ry StIl y a an

    Not true there are tons of Japanese RPG videogames in open words .

  29. Dante I.

    Dante I.Il y a an

    That 1:35 clip isn't from Once Upon a Time in the West, its from The Wild Bunch. Every time I catch a cold I watch cowboy movies. Ya'll cant fool me.

  30. Maijorsam

    MaijorsamIl y a an

    Love the voice over girl, she sounds so monotone at some points and she's just like "to make it the absolute shit."

  31. The Knight Sky

    The Knight SkyIl y a an

    I don't think that all stories that involve a powerful or capable outsider intervening to save local people (like red faction guerrilla, and John Carter, and superman etc.) has the problematic: "white savior " as the central thematic underpinning. Instead, the root meaning is derived from messianic heroism and the very famous and prolific story of Jesus. The many thousands of various savior stories out there don't source their themes from something as specific and small (limited in scope), and vile and unfortunate as implicit prejudice. They are derived from powerful and foundational stories, and it is unfair and itself problematic to try and paint them all with that brush.

  32. Radien

    RadienIl y a an

    Considering I love the Western setting in video games AND board games, and my favorite sci-fi genre is even the space Western, I feel... a little called out here... These are some great things to keep in mind, though. Deconstruction seems to be the most popular thing to do with Westerns these days, but some deconstructions are more self-aware than others. In particular, the removal of Native Americans (and Native American stand-ins) is especially common. On a side note, I guess Avatar is a Western, too...

  33. zrksyd

    zrksydIl y a an

    Mother 3 sorta has a ranch story, even if it’s not “open world.”

  34. Shankspeare

    ShankspeareIl y a an

    Seven Samurai is my favorite Ranch Story.

  35. Harry Hildebrandt

    Harry HildebrandtIl y a an

    When a guy who's written that many westerns says that there are only seven plots in westerns I start to think me must not have had much fun writing them after the first seven.

  36. Brett Davis

    Brett DavisIl y a an

    I think the best version of the cavalry story would be the borderlands games

  37. Jacob Stewart

    Jacob StewartIl y a an

    This is the most pointless circular argument. A lot of the plots and archetypes were around before western themes. Your telling me nobody wrote a fictional story about crime until westerns or there was no stories written about a chosen one either? Some of your points are saying that these generic themes are like the western theme when it should be the other way around. Like the train example. The train should be compared to technological advancements, not technological advancements being compared to train themes. These arguments could and should be flipped. it should be talking about how westerns don't exist because westerns are just regular games with cowboy hats. But that is wrong . Truly what makes a game "western" is the cowboy hats and single action revolvers. What makes a game sci fi is lasers and spaceships. What makes a game a dystopian future is a wasteland plagued by the mistakes of prior humans. See how none of these examples I said anything about the plot being a factor defining the genre of the game.

  38. Jacob Stewart

    Jacob StewartIl y a an

    but yeah i do see the main point of the video

  39. Dat Boi

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  40. Parker Cole

    Parker ColeIl y a an

    TIL most video games have plots

  41. Jack Klein

    Jack KleinIl y a an

    With this logic 80% of all stories r a western plot

  42. Gabriel Silveira

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  43. Aster Davies

    Aster DaviesIl y a an

    BOTW = best western confirmed.

  44. Noah Foutty

    Noah FouttyIl y a an

    Spoilers for Horizon: Zero Dawn

  45. TheBirdThatWhistles

    TheBirdThatWhistlesIl y a an

    New Vegas is a revenge story that turns into a marshal/empire-ish story that turns into a cavalry story that turns into a ranch story.


    MAU FILMSIl y a an

    wheres the man child, i thought this was his channel im confused

  47. Tristra Gyopsie

    Tristra GyopsieIl y a an

    this could lay the foundation for what we will see next. look at the evolution of cinema, what came after westerns? when cultural tone changed other things crept in and new genera were born. if the sand box is the video game silver screen, we may see development along similar lines.

  48. Shayne O'Neill

    Shayne O'NeillIl y a an

    A lot of sci-fi fits this mould too. Star Wars (The original trilogy, and to some extent the latest trilogy, god knows what was happening with the prequels) definately, Cowboy Bebop and Firefly quite explicitely so. Star Trek was envisioned as "wagon train to the stars" and certainly the first series, and elements of the later ones too. Infact arguably its the central inspiration behind a lot of space opera.

  49. Stylesheet RA

    Stylesheet RAIl y a an

    Star wars is based on feudal japan films

  50. Jay Well

    Jay WellIl y a an

    I hate Westerns and I hate this and now I'm beginning to hate the concept of open world games and myself shit

  51. Mathew Cepero

    Mathew CeperoIl y a an

    Shocker. Polygon discovers most stories have similar themes and tropes, but are written in different ways. Did they actually read a book for once?

  52. Jason Soler

    Jason SolerIl y a an

    Isn't "the Western" the American take on the "heroes journey"?

  53. Stylesheet RA

    Stylesheet RAIl y a an

    Yes it is

  54. Greg Carter

    Greg CarterIl y a an

    What's this girl's name talking?

  55. m alv

    m alvIl y a an

    And westerns are just the classical greeks tragedies and medieval "drama" with cowboys. Because everyone knows that Agamemnon and Heracles were cowboys but with god related stuff instead of guns.

  56. Tegan Vickers

    Tegan VickersIl y a an

    Mr. Polygon plz tell Simone I love and respect her dearly

  57. OreHammer Fortress

    OreHammer FortressIl y a an

    yee haw

  58. godlike inferno

    godlike infernoIl y a an

    she looked very zooted in this video lmaohmasod

  59. Sash

    SashIl y a an

    Most stories are Western stories (or derived from). Probably why it's my favourite genre, because I often tend to find those stories in everything I watch lol. A+ to that lady.

  60. S

    SIl y a an

    talking about open world games, doesnt name the Witcher 3 once. dislike.

  61. AwesomeShtuff

    AwesomeShtuffIl y a an

    We need more Simone on this channel!

  62. Biggest Sipp

    Biggest SippIl y a an

    Think Fallout NV did a lot if not all of these pretty dang well.

  63. Kazataca

    KazatacaIl y a an

    Diminishing the amazingly intricate and well thought-out sci-fi tale of Horizon into "goes around killing people but sometimes protecting people" hurts me in the soul.

  64. Nessisma

    NessismaIl y a an

    We'll always have Breath of the Wild...