Miz Cracker and Carla Make Chanukah Latkes | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


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  2. Luis Martin Galindo Barranco

    Luis Martin Galindo BarrancoIl y a mois

    Bon Appétit Common’ we all need the Carla n’ Cracker show

  3. Troykaka

    TroykakaIl y a 16 heures

    She got like, JoJo hair

  4. Alex Daniel

    Alex DanielIl y a 2 jours


  5. harmlesslittlelies

    harmlesslittleliesIl y a 7 jours

    Man, I came for Claire videos and Brad videos but now I am in a Carla spiral and I regret nothing. These two make a great duo, I need more!

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    MIl y a 8 jours


  7. júlia gavačová

    júlia gavačováIl y a 9 jours

    I'm pretty stupid because I watched this from the distance just for their chemistry and to learn a new recipe, but since I can't see clearly things that are further than 1meter, I thought for the whole video that Cracker had a sunglasses on her head :D wonderful duo these two sweethearts

  8. Maddi :p

    Maddi :pIl y a 9 jours

    Omg miz cracker flexing at the beginning had me dead 😂

  9. ahmed Qadi

    ahmed QadiIl y a 10 jours

    she sayed jewesh 3 time in 1min and im done so annoing

  10. Ri Ya

    Ri YaIl y a 17 jours

    we need her again

  11. Raii Macklemore

    Raii MacklemoreIl y a 20 jours

    I remembered Trixie imitating laganja.. Trixie: I am Jewish Mama.. I have no tree for you to decorate Mama.. 😂

  12. Renee Lefebvre

    Renee LefebvreIl y a 20 jours

    Did anyone else cringe really hard when they were using the grater. I was literally biting my nails because i was so worried they were going to gouge their knuckles🤢😷😖

  13. Vixen vapes

    Vixen vapesIl y a 20 jours

    “I love getting things off in won’t stroke” how many peoples heads did that go over 😂

  14. Beatrice Chillstrom

    Beatrice ChillstromIl y a 21 jour

    Another really great way to adapt this recipe is to replace the potatos with an equal amount of zucchini. Love this recipe!

  15. Mario

    MarioIl y a 22 jours

    We do have exactly the same stuff here. It's called Kartoffelpuffer. It's also served with applesauce. Wouldn't call it a Jewish invention, it's traditionally German food (also very common in Switzerland, Austria, and Poland), it just has a different name.

  16. LA K

    LA KIl y a 23 jours

    It’s hash browns

  17. chelle m

    chelle mIl y a 25 jours

    I am Polish, English and Irish and we make the same thing. We just call them potato patties/pancakes. Ours can be with made with shreds or with M Potatoes. But the ingredients are the same. Not sure where the family got the recipe, but, LOVE these!! I ask for them as much as I can! This potato "whatever" you want to call it, is the BEST!!! LOVED the way you two showed everyone how to make this wonderful food item so, it won't be lost to the next generation!

  18. Riva G

    Riva GIl y a 25 jours

    Miz Cracker my Dad always fried them in smaltz

  19. Riva G

    Riva GIl y a 25 jours

    schmaltz....don't know the Yiddish spelling

  20. Zach Ward

    Zach WardIl y a 25 jours

    Loving the dress!

  21. mizelene

    mizeleneIl y a 29 jours

    Ohh,nice to see some драники recipe))

  22. Tastypulse

    TastypulseIl y a 29 jours

    Please comment with at what time you noticed the Star of David on Miz Cracker's dress! :) 1:21

  23. Laynah DeLeon

    Laynah DeLeonIl y a mois

    Oh gosh, I love these two together!

  24. Weird Macaw

    Weird MacawIl y a mois

    They have so much chemistry omg i love it

  25. Ali Cogan

    Ali CoganIl y a mois

    Loved watching this lil Jewish mami makes her latkes 😩😂

  26. Toni Jones

    Toni JonesIl y a mois

    Stunning girl miz!!!

  27. Kieragirl

    KieragirlIl y a mois

    I love all of Carla’s videos but this is next level. More please!

  28. Elliott Murphy

    Elliott MurphyIl y a mois

    I watched this video already and I completely missed the Star of David on mis crackers dress.

  29. Ouranor

    OuranorIl y a mois

    Dude. I LOVE Miz Cracker. Who IS this glorious human being??

  30. Carlos Hoffmann

    Carlos HoffmannIl y a mois

    Those two need a cooking series together.

  31. Gretchen Krebs

    Gretchen KrebsIl y a mois

    Those last latkes are burning! Nooooo! Don't forget about them!

  32. Gretchen Krebs

    Gretchen KrebsIl y a mois

    Oh, good; someone rescued them off-camera. They're only mostly burned.

  33. Danzarr

    DanzarrIl y a mois

    dont throw out the juices, pour them into your plants. The starch left behind in the water makes excellent fertilizer for indoor plants.

  34. Viniaczek 69

    Viniaczek 69Il y a mois

    What if I can't eat onions.. ):

  35. Breatta Benson

    Breatta BensonIl y a mois

    This VIBE is what I am taking into 2019💁🏼

  36. HalfSweetSoyChai

    HalfSweetSoyChaiIl y a mois

    This video was very helpful! My latkes keep getting worse the more I make them. Hopefully I'll see improvement when applying some of what I've learned from this video. :)

  37. PollyPrissyPants

    PollyPrissyPantsIl y a mois

    I mizzed you miz cracker. I'm looking forward to the series of this.

  38. Ashley Demski

    Ashley DemskiIl y a mois

    Film another! I love this! It has to be a series. They are so good to watch!

  39. ImThatSAMUEL

    ImThatSAMUELIl y a mois

    this duo gives me so much life and nonstop smiles! :) great vid! Those latkes looked so DELISH!

  40. Odin

    OdinIl y a mois

    I love them

  41. ITM95

    ITM95Il y a mois

    Cracker is such an intelligent and knowledgeable queen. I love her!

  42. Pierre O. Park

    Pierre O. ParkIl y a mois

    I love Carla’s top. ‘Pretty flowers...’ 🤗

  43. Sephra Rae

    Sephra RaeIl y a mois

    Those aprons are really cute I want one now.

  44. Rick Sanchez

    Rick SanchezIl y a mois

    I love this guy. He never annoys me

  45. Isla Reid

    Isla ReidIl y a mois

    Is Carla standing on a box or something because in the last video miz cracker was wayyy taller than her

  46. Evilqueen1985

    Evilqueen1985Il y a mois

    Latkes with sour cream and caviar is amazing.

  47. Gabriella Loconti

    Gabriella LocontiIl y a mois

    It's after midnight and I'm hunting for some latkes now. Damn they look good

  48. Cordial_Lump

    Cordial_LumpIl y a mois

    Wow they're not as hard to make as I thought they'd be. Wonderful commentary as well

  49. Candy Gear

    Candy GearIl y a mois

    👏where👏is👏the👏 self👏help👏book👏

  50. lwhite530

    lwhite530Il y a mois

    This is awesome! Miz Cracker needs a cooking show ASAP!

  51. Gravitation3Beatles3

    Gravitation3Beatles3Il y a mois

    plot twist I’m a drag queen

  52. Yakuza Dakewo

    Yakuza DakewoIl y a mois

    ...nick kroll?

  53. jaystacular

    jaystacularIl y a mois

    I love this duo! Carla's chuckles are the ingredient to pure joy

  54. MelB

    MelBIl y a mois

    I love

  55. Ana Rey-Oktay

    Ana Rey-OktayIl y a mois

    That’s why I use the food processor to grate the onions! 😭

  56. Joseph Luis M.V

    Joseph Luis M.VIl y a mois

    Love u both

  57. Olivia Lincoln

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  58. Insignificant360

    Insignificant360Il y a mois

    16:27 *Organic Cruelty-Free Applesauce: They Didn't Know What Hit Them*

  59. Zjenji

    ZjenjiIl y a mois

    I love Miz Cracker! If they're not served with apple sauce and sour cream, you're not eating latkes, just potato pancakes.

  60. Francisco Baraglia

    Francisco BaragliaIl y a mois

    I just love this channel. Wanted to let you know

  61. sophie 🤩😩🤗

    sophie 🤩😩🤗Il y a mois

    yes we love jews

  62. Joanie C

    Joanie CIl y a mois

    What oil did you use? (Sorry if I didn't hear that part).

  63. Lily Sanhueza

    Lily SanhuezaIl y a mois

    So these two together are EVERYTHING!! I need to see more of them in the kitchen! Series?! YES

  64. Don F

    Don FIl y a mois

    make 👏🏽this 👏🏽 a 👏🏽 series

  65. Ariana Isabel

    Ariana IsabelIl y a mois

    The recipe linked is different than the one in the video. Can you post the actual recipe used?

  66. Christopher Bostick

    Christopher BostickIl y a mois

    Sooo no ketchup then???...

  67. Antonio Vasconcelos

    Antonio VasconcelosIl y a mois

    Omg this boom guy 😂🤦‍♂️

  68. Tatiana Nucum

    Tatiana NucumIl y a mois

    Ahhh I miss them 😍

  69. redfullmoon

    redfullmoonIl y a mois

    I never could make this crispy, but I'm gonna be using potato starch instead of flour with this next time. More potato!

  70. Rosemarie Collins

    Rosemarie CollinsIl y a mois

    I rinse my onions under cold water to avoid tearing . If I forget to do that, I don't know how this works, but it does, I run my fingers up and down the knife under running cold water . My eyes instantly feel better

  71. rozzz f

    rozzz fIl y a mois

    latke on the walke

  72. Gwydion5 LP

    Gwydion5 LPIl y a mois

    isn't it just "reibe kuchen" a typical German meal

  73. Dante Ferrise

    Dante FerriseIl y a mois

    CARLA AND CRACKER ARE THEE MOST EPIC DUO!!! I like Cracker but I loveeee her when she’s with Carla!! Throw Shangela up in the mix and it’s a partyyyyy...ohh Hey Adore.

  74. Screwed up mess

    Screwed up messIl y a mois

    Isn’t this mash brown potato ?

  75. Johann Cris Pillejera

    Johann Cris PillejeraIl y a mois

    I love the chemistry between there two queens!!

  76. TheWhiteleather

    TheWhiteleatherIl y a mois

    As much as I love Carla and even Ms. Cracker....sexual innuendo about handling pudenda in a cooking vid is gross and inappropriate. Also, the recipe link is not the same as the recipe or process used in the vid. Get it together folks!

  77. Noway022

    Noway022Il y a mois

    Just tried it, it's delicious ! Thank you for that recipe

  78. LitratoNiPatricio

    LitratoNiPatricioIl y a mois

    More videos with Miz Cracker please!!!!

  79. Lucas Vitor

    Lucas VitorIl y a mois

    this could really be a series.

  80. Katniss777

    Katniss777Il y a mois

    this show makes me wanna cook

  81. Stacey C

    Stacey CIl y a mois

    4:48 Also washing the onion seems to help the juices that cause tears to also be cleansed.

  82. Michael McCall

    Michael McCallIl y a mois

    Love watching both of them it’s a great mix of two personalities

  83. thespqrguy

    thespqrguyIl y a mois

    So latkes are basically just oniony Jewish hash browns

  84. Anna Raehal

    Anna RaehalIl y a mois

    more more more more more please

  85. Aaron Alexander

    Aaron AlexanderIl y a mois

    Carla! Put a piece of slice of white bread in your mouth when you cut onions. It absorbs the fumes as they rise up before they can reach your nose and eyes.

  86. Mathis Van

    Mathis VanIl y a mois

    '' plot twist, I'm a DRAG QUEEN ''

  87. victoria m

    victoria mIl y a mois

    these two.

  88. Felix Stenson

    Felix StensonIl y a mois

    True to your roots. Accidental pun queen

  89. Felix Stenson

    Felix StensonIl y a mois

    +Sweet Roll I was more thinking tubers and bulbs

  90. SigMisilen

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  91. Pattie Francis

    Pattie FrancisIl y a mois

    Tater Tots.

  92. José César Lira

    José César LiraIl y a mois

    thats why we have internet

  93. Elise Blair

    Elise BlairIl y a mois

    We love an educated queen

  94. Camila Racero

    Camila RaceroIl y a mois

    Can we all appreciate the editor of this video?

  95. Travis Smith

    Travis SmithIl y a mois

    I love them. Great chemistry to watch.

  96. Fazy Lucker

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  97. Ash

    AshIl y a mois

    yall hear the plate break at 2:41 LMFAO

  98. DuckiestSloth 43

    DuckiestSloth 43Il y a mois

    This is my fave

  99. Dev Levine

    Dev LevineIl y a mois

    Miz Cracker will you be making more cooking shows? You explain everything clearly and are a pro. Hope to see more of your videos on you tube. Keep cooking

  100. Maddi :p

    Maddi :pIl y a mois

    15:18 to 15:58 😂 this is why miz cracker is one of my favorites

  101. Maddi :p

    Maddi :pIl y a mois

    +Caitlyn Brunner your welcome 😂

  102. Caitlyn Brunner

    Caitlyn BrunnerIl y a mois

    Maddi :p bless you I was looking for this time stamp

  103. Starr Portman

    Starr PortmanIl y a mois

    I love how Miz Cracker gave some history and culture lessons in there, too!

  104. Nancy Ngo

    Nancy NgoIl y a mois

    Okay. But Miz Crackers ARMS DOE

  105. Vegan4Christ

    Vegan4ChristIl y a mois

    Why are jewish men so much more heavily predisposed to gender-dysphoria than other white men, I wonder.

  106. Lasagnasticks

    LasagnasticksIl y a mois

    Vegan4Christ um what?

  107. Rebecca Walton

    Rebecca WaltonIl y a 2 mois

    So much respect for being in full drag and cooking in a hot kitchen