Met Gala 2018: Hair Review


  1. Ronnie dalgaard

    Ronnie dalgaardIl y a an

    U boring gurl!

  2. gypsy hayes

    gypsy hayesIl y a an

    You are gorgeous and have exceptional taste.

  3. Melo Earth

    Melo EarthIl y a an

    That woman at the end looks like a pretty and younger beyonce.

  4. LoupCaldeira

    LoupCaldeiraIl y a an

    who's this blond guy at 4:00 on the left?

  5. Ashley HW

    Ashley HWIl y a an

    I love your take on the Met Gala hair 💇

  6. jennybee

    jennybeeIl y a an

    So Jennifer Lopez combed her hair and it's the best hair style? Katy Perry rolls out of bed and took off her trench coat to reveal her wings. Really?? And a messy Bob. And a bun. A pony tail. 😑😑

  7. Tiffany

    TiffanyIl y a an

    Hi robyn...i love the girl u have on in this video. She's beautiful, shiny, healthy looking. Perfect wave, perfect thickness, perfect coloring. Just perfection!!

  8. DPIII1

    DPIII1Il y a an

    I like Katy, and Zendaya look

  9. Allgood

    AllgoodIl y a an

    Who else thinks that Michele(WW hair stylist) looks like a brown version of Emily B (rapper Fabolous girlfriend)

  10. Riley Ekker

    Riley EkkerIl y a an

    Katey perry is wack and looked like a retarded chicken. Jlo's hair looked boring and stupid.

  11. Ebony 1982

    Ebony 1982Il y a an

    Jasmine's hair was my fave. It was gorgeous. Zendaya always slays and I love that she is not afraid to switch it up, she is adventurous with her wigs. I loved Kerry Washington's fro she was my next fave and that gold dress was just heavenly. I also liked Tracee Ellis Ross's hair she was given us old school sophisticated tease.Yara Shahidi's slicked back wavy ponytail was nice too. Cardi's big fro wig worked with her dress too, she looked gorg.

  12. The Wendy Williams Show

    The Wendy Williams ShowIl y a an

    all great picks!

  13. Ebonie Jackson

    Ebonie JacksonIl y a an

    Now I saw the bob/ponytail thing .. I just thought it was a cute bob .. no clue that was a ponytail too cute .. and I loved loved loved Jasmine’s hair as soon as I saw it .. love it even more now that I see the detailing

  14. K 9

    K 9Il y a an

    Tge clips of the topics were too short. Most of what we are seing is you talking about the people vs seeing the people themselves.

  15. Sela Motshwane

    Sela MotshwaneIl y a an

    First of all girl- well done on this. Second- Wendy's hair looks fabulous. I didn't like Katy Perry's hair, if you wanted an opinion but I just enjoyed your take on it. Please do more on hair tips! Love

  16. The Wendy Williams Show

    The Wendy Williams ShowIl y a an

    We will for sure! Thanks for your comment.

  17. Melissa Buck

    Melissa BuckIl y a an

    I loved Katy’s hair but I didn’t pay attention to it because the wings stole the show. Other than that I really liked cardi’s volume but her outfit made it look hot and uncomfortable. She’s pregnant ... why did they let her get uncomfortable while carrying?????

  18. Valjermayne

    ValjermayneIl y a an


  19. Jean Nassar

    Jean NassarIl y a an

    katy perry was a canary not an angel

  20. Joseph Grajeda

    Joseph GrajedaIl y a an

    I loved Katy’s costume to the met! Ppl keep saying “longer black hair” ... yes, we understand you miss her old look but I believe her hair cut was perfect with the angel wings. The color flowed with the color of her wings just as the texture of her hair with the ruffle of the feathers. People need to forget the old her and focus on this look as an art piece in fashion :)

  21. NYMets73

    NYMets73Il y a an

    I liked Gisele Bundchen's hair she was old Hollywood chic. Jennifer Lopez haircut enhances her beautiful face.

  22. 1204nedes

    1204nedesIl y a an

    I love Robyn! After A. died I thought the next person won't ever be able to fill those shoes,but Robyn has done an amazing job not only with the wigs but also,and most importantly, winning us over. She's so likable and nice. Way to go girl ❤️

  23. Maggie's Mama

    Maggie's MamaIl y a an

    Loved your review 💗

  24. Cynthia Young

    Cynthia YoungIl y a an

    I Jennifer Lopez slayed. Katie No! Bella Not really sure. Zendai uhhh warrior look !! Kayla ok mama you slayed. Jasmine hair slaaayyyed creative baby yeesssss

  25. Mo Mo

    Mo MoIl y a an

    Such a cool segment, thank you !!!

  26. z

    zIl y a an

    imagine talking about hair and not mentioning ponytail icon ariana grande oof

  27. 1tuinman

    1tuinmanIl y a an

    Good observations Robyn !

  28. Marie Nadine Pierre

    Marie Nadine PierreIl y a an

    Jahnes love sisStar. Congrats! I loved the last hairstyle with the gold rope and red flowers. It was the nicest and I would love to do that with my natty dreadlocks. And, on that note, please let me tell you how sad I am that you didn't include any woman with natural hair or dreads in your review. Were they not invited to the MET Gala-in NYC?!!! Didn't the Mayor and his wife(who has dreads-(last time I checked!)) attend? Thanks. Blessed love.

  29. Diddo Diddo

    Diddo DiddoIl y a an

    Jlo face looks like shes about to sneeze..

  30. KevinPlan

    KevinPlanIl y a an

    Some people meant to stay behind camera; she one of them...her look, delivery and energy is tired 😴

  31. Blessings 2You

    Blessings 2YouIl y a an

    Kty Perry....mmmmm

  32. Suetrue

    SuetrueIl y a an

    Robin (?) you are so soft spoken. You have a gentle, kind, and nice energy. How do you get on with Wendy?? You two are complete opposites.

  33. Suetrue

    SuetrueIl y a an

    I wouldn't recognize high people. But I can read people's energy. I guess we can only see people/the world through our own perspective. We can agree to disagree. This time I watched her without sound and my opinion remains the same, sorry. She is a nice and sincere person, but don't mess with her.

  34. Angela Bent

    Angela BentIl y a an

    Suetrue I disagree...she smiles so much it creeps me out. Seems fake. Also I'm wondering if shes high?

  35. Cynthia Rodriguez

    Cynthia RodriguezIl y a an

    Can ya get this woman a proper mic and some background music?

  36. Angela  Moon

    Angela MoonIl y a an

    Katie hair was perfect for the theme of the outfit.

  37. Aiko Mennt

    Aiko MenntIl y a an

    You are right abt Jasmine’s hair, really loved it. Also agree with you on Katy Perry

  38. Ann

    AnnIl y a an

    Katy Perry didn't look like herself, I kinda felt there was too much blonde, but then again maybe that's the point. I love Jasmine Sanders's hair as well💐

  39. Lei Arnaz

    Lei ArnazIl y a an

    Tell us about hair you didn't like

  40. mspinkytee

    mspinkyteeIl y a an

    Nothing but straight hair praised. How white of her. Not surprised look what she has on.

  41. ahmed zaki

    ahmed zakiIl y a an

    smooth talk at its best

  42. Mirko Vukoslavovic

    Mirko VukoslavovicIl y a an

    I liked katy perry look to. She is always been herself with sweet cheesy kinda persona. Versace angel is a good choice for heavnly bodies. Is there any other high heavnely body than angel ? Well the hair gives it contemporary urban touch. Glad u mentioned zendaya. I wish that hair was more stronger bloody red. Her look was gorgoues. Nobody mentioned Lana sadly. What was the name of guy in Versace white suit ? He was great too. I don' mind headpieces. On pryianka that warrior headpiece was so elegant. Rihanna was second like a pope heey in Maison Margiela. And number one Blake - etheral beauty. It could've went anywhere but that style is so medieval chic.

  43. Grace Silaban

    Grace SilabanIl y a an

    I like Lily Collins' hair. The whole look, actually.

  44. Cellia Mugwanyi

    Cellia MugwanyiIl y a an

    I can imagne wendy in the next room whispering " can she talk any faster,Suzanne?"

  45. Clare Radical

    Clare RadicalIl y a an

    On most days I hate Katy Perry's pixie cut but on this day I think her hair looked perfect. It seems to me like they built the costume around her hair with the color and feathers matching perfectly. Best haircut and clothes of the night for me was Zendaya

  46. One Journey

    One JourneyIl y a an

    🎬 1 🎥 🎞 🗣 🎙 👍🏿 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💇🏿‍♀️ 💇🏾‍♀️ 💇🏽‍♀️ 💇🏼‍♀️ 💇🏻‍♀️ 💇‍♀️ 💄 💅 💋👗👠👠 💁🏾‍♀️ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing ❤❤❤❤❤

  47. Pinky

    PinkyIl y a an

    None of that hair made a sense or looked special....And funny a black woman talking about white women's hair......ha ha ha

  48. Mokoshh

    MokoshhIl y a an

    Pinky why it's funny hair is hair? You Americans really love to put race to everything

  49. paige anguish

    paige anguishIl y a an

    the last one was the best omg everything about her look and face is perfect

  50. fedor shefer

    fedor sheferIl y a an

    What I think about it - this is all a big fat steaming bullshit and sooooo irrelevant!!!!!

  51. aboytoo85

    aboytoo85Il y a an


  52. poshpearls23

    poshpearls23Il y a an

    The last one absolutely took my breath away. By FAR the best, idc what ANYONE says.... Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  53. Antoinette Skeens

    Antoinette SkeensIl y a an

    Robyn you was on point with your assessments on the Gala and glad you didn't feel like Wendy!

  54. Introextrovert Me

    Introextrovert MeIl y a an

    I fell like stylists around the way can execute these styles way better. Jus sayin.

  55. meleniad

    meleniadIl y a an

    The last hairstyle is amazing

  56. TiMalice2009

    TiMalice2009Il y a an

    Who cares about this

  57. Jackie Glasgow

    Jackie GlasgowIl y a an

    Robyn you create pure artistry with Wendy's wigs and look! Zendaya's hair was a favourite for me and i felt the same about her costume.

  58. Ms Beautifull

    Ms BeautifullIl y a an

    Jasmine Sanders hair looked AWESOME!!! I loved how her hair was an accessory. Well done!!

  59. TruthBeTold

    TruthBeToldIl y a an

    I loved Katy Perry's hair too. It complimented her outfit very well!! Yes Ms. Sanders was on point with her hair and dress, just beautiful!! She was one of my favs along with J-Lo!!!!

  60. Hyasmine

    HyasmineIl y a an

    Zendaya's hair was f@vking amazing. It made it clear she came to slay. Her and Rihanna were the queens of the night for sure.

  61. thewyrdest1

    thewyrdest1Il y a an

    YEAH! I saw her behind Rihanna and it looked amazing!

  62. What's The Frequency

    What's The FrequencyIl y a an

    Robin you are as beautiful as anyone at the met gala. I like all your picks except Katy Perry who looks like a Victoria Secret model from the 80's with a bad mall haircut. PLEASE rethink this choice, it brings all the other girls in your group down.

  63. The Wendy Williams Show

    The Wendy Williams ShowIl y a an

    Say it like you mean it.

  64. Platte puss

    Platte pussIl y a an

    Loved this segment!

  65. D JF

    D JFIl y a an

    Best hair: J.Lo and Kim K. Worst everything (hair, dress, makeup): Kerry Washington.

  66. Mas Cass

    Mas CassIl y a an

    This was awesome. I like the ponytail and flower hair too but JLos hair was drab to me. Thanks for sharing more gala !