Maroon 5 - Memories


  1. Sannat kumar

    Sannat kumarIl y a 41 seconde

    Luv🖤 this one

  2. Shadow Fighter

    Shadow FighterIl y a minute

    Calling all Adam Levine fans! Share this song to all of your loved ones and make this video reach 100 mil

  3. Mr. Teleport

    Mr. TeleportIl y a minute

    It's odd to see everyone lost something or someone on the Day this was release. Well, I lost my house and i am homeless with internet

  4. Oliver Zuokang

    Oliver ZuokangIl y a 3 minutes

    Welcome Pachelbel's Canon in 2019, 339 years after the original song. And it's still as brilliant and original as its predecessor 👍

  5. EC SeAn

    EC SeAnIl y a 3 minutes

    Drink bring back memories... Memories bring back memories bring back you

  6. deaFChord

    deaFChordIl y a 3 minutes

    Everyone who thinks they've heard this song. They might have listened to cannon in D by pachbell

  7. EC SeAn

    EC SeAnIl y a 4 minutes

    I love it

  8. reiii 69

    reiii 69Il y a 4 minutes

    Kratos 😅

  9. C3 BETTA

    C3 BETTAIl y a 5 minutes


  10. OneMichael98

    OneMichael98Il y a 5 minutes

    Where's the guy with the lyrics!?

  11. Shiyver Fn

    Shiyver FnIl y a 6 minutes

    Fortnite Rewind 2 anyone?

  12. Symbiote Sweg

    Symbiote SwegIl y a 9 minutes

    Jesus Christ what a beautiful song

  13. Phan Hưởng

    Phan HưởngIl y a 9 minutes

    2 0 1 9

  14. TV Chanel

    TV ChanelIl y a 9 minutes

    Like maroon 🖒

  15. HiTech Reparing

    HiTech ReparingIl y a 10 minutes

    Memories bring back do❤

  16. Rio Rensima

    Rio RensimaIl y a 11 minutes

    Love maroon 5 like me?

  17. Truyennfakefitness C

    Truyennfakefitness CIl y a 11 minutes

    I remember all my memories and they will bring back the old days. My feeling is very intense after listened to this song



    The first time that i hear this song its like canon rock HAHAHAHA

  19. いあ

    いあIl y a 15 minutes

    canon? ↓

  20. CarlosneitoR15

    CarlosneitoR15Il y a 15 minutes


  21. Ig ur1senpai_

    Ig ur1senpai_Il y a 15 minutes

    Who came from the fortnite 2 from liquid chap. (❤💔)

  22. Adelyn Mendoza

    Adelyn MendozaIl y a 15 minutes

    Tears just fall down while i listen to the song and i dont know why

  23. Gaame Dick

    Gaame DickIl y a 16 minutes

    Here before a Billion views 🇳🇬 Lovely song Maroon 5 What a band

  24. panji yudistiarno

    panji yudistiarnoIl y a 16 minutes

    MC Gregor can singing too

  25. Hadid Faruqi

    Hadid FaruqiIl y a 18 minutes


  26. Camilo Luque

    Camilo LuqueIl y a 22 minutes

    Kratos levine :v

  27. Paul James Brady

    Paul James BradyIl y a 23 minutes

    1. My friend said he hates Adam. 2. My friend got hit by a bus. 3. I lost my bus licence.

  28. Yasmim Pinho

    Yasmim PinhoIl y a 23 minutes

    Sensacional 😍

  29. Sebastian Oliva Valenzuela

    Sebastian Oliva ValenzuelaIl y a 24 minutes

    this song is like canon in D...

  30. ZgT

    ZgTIl y a 25 minutes

    I like.

  31. Ansel Tadena

    Ansel TadenaIl y a 25 minutes

    Here's to the ones that we got the living autotune :) #Maroon% still the Best!

  32. Jeric

    JericIl y a 26 minutes

    R.I.P manager 😭

  33. Mr. Mysterious

    Mr. MysteriousIl y a 26 minutes

    Hello would: 👇 #save_the_Iraqi_people 🇮🇶

  34. Lindsay Hemmer

    Lindsay HemmerIl y a 26 minutes

    who came here from a canon in D video where all the comments talked about this song

  35. Prithviraj Chauhan

    Prithviraj ChauhanIl y a 27 minutes

    I miss his old look though

  36. Cica Dewi

    Cica DewiIl y a 27 minutes

    Good among men

  37. keke dwiyasni

    keke dwiyasniIl y a 28 minutes

    Is it just me or this songs beginning sounds like Canon in D song ?

  38. Charmcen Salangsang

    Charmcen SalangsangIl y a 29 minutes

    Boiii.. Never knew Kratos can sing that well.

  39. Marshall Piol

    Marshall PiolIl y a 31 minute

    hello captain price

  40. ahmad cahya

    ahmad cahyaIl y a 31 minute

    merinding anjirr ... . . jadi inget temen-temen gua di masa kecil hikssss .... (Bandung 16 Okt 19)

  41. Elvia Girsang

    Elvia GirsangIl y a 31 minute


  42. Intan Maharani

    Intan MaharaniIl y a 33 minutes

    I love this song. Really love song❤️❤️❤️

  43. zame khan

    zame khanIl y a 33 minutes

    Now i miss my ex.

  44. TK-V3

    TK-V3Il y a 34 minutes

    Who else is wondering what the frik is up with the "like to activate" comments and "Who is here before (blank) views? I legit don't know why there are so many of those comments here.

  45. Master V

    Master VIl y a 35 minutes

    I'm selling Replay button of every chorus : 0:10, 1:05, and 2:09 👇 Thanks for this

  46. Savira Nanda

    Savira NandaIl y a 36 minutes

    Yang dari indonesia mana suaranya? Subscribe channel aku guys, aku sub balik~ :D

  47. John Sulit

    John SulitIl y a 37 minutes

    Canon 💕

  48. Sarah Maitland

    Sarah MaitlandIl y a 37 minutes

    This song had all the makings for a great video..

  49. Rosebert Discipulo

    Rosebert DiscipuloIl y a 38 minutes

    Berta's Hit Chart 10/16/2019 Top 10 Last: 15 Peak: 10

  50. Reece Kennedy

    Reece KennedyIl y a 39 minutes

    What you done man, why wtf your hair man? Why? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  51. The Anonymous

    The AnonymousIl y a 39 minutes

    Thanks Adam

  52. Hidayati Maulida

    Hidayati MaulidaIl y a 40 minutes

    3 minutes of watching Adam's fullscreen face 😍

  53. nuhahime

    nuhahimeIl y a 40 minutes

    My God this song broke my heart to 10000 pieces 💔💔💔

  54. Laura Perry

    Laura PerryIl y a 41 minute

    This tune sounds like that one vine, do you know what I'm talking about?

  55. Zachary Bromberg

    Zachary BrombergIl y a 41 minute

    Honestly best song in a long time.

  56. Rasoul

    RasoulIl y a 43 minutes


  57. Lorraine Habulan

    Lorraine HabulanIl y a 43 minutes

    production : How many close up shots Adam? Adam : YES!!!

  58. jenzen kho

    jenzen khoIl y a 46 minutes

    Now he look's like kratos

  59. Kimo Sabe

    Kimo SabeIl y a 49 minutes

    97 times i played this song..... 97 person for success...

  60. Shiroge Ryuhei

    Shiroge RyuheiIl y a 50 minutes

    He's getting old