Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)



    JƏCK XZYBITIl y a jour



    JƏCK XZYBITIl y a jour

    Im from brazil

  3. Kayalicious Joseph

    Kayalicious JosephIl y a jour

    Love this song, sings to my soul

  4. swazi ngwabeni

    swazi ngwabeniIl y a jour

    This is why Adam Levines Vocals sooth the soul. My fav band of all time ❤️

  5. Sankalp Sreekar

    Sankalp SreekarIl y a jour

    I do appreciate the song but that one hair from his mustache extending onto his lip is kind of distracting

  6. Maxi SpeeltSpellen

    Maxi SpeeltSpellenIl y a jour

    This brings back my memories... I remember a song called canon in D....

  7. Valentyna Ossa

    Valentyna OssaIl y a jour

    Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamed that my dad died I woke up and started to cry and than I realized that it was just a dream and I thinked about it what happen when he die one day😢 fortunately it was just a dream ❤️

  8. MrOHara2K

    MrOHara2KIl y a jour

    I just found out we share a birthday

  9. Destinee Awassi

    Destinee AwassiIl y a jour

    Ta voix m'éblouit 😃

  10. كثمثمث تثتثتث

    كثمثمث تثتثتثIl y a jour

    The man is not sweet, but his voice is amazing. Where do you like me, please?

  11. timothy dialsingh

    timothy dialsinghIl y a jour

    De end of the road 👍

  12. Editor Zueiro

    Editor ZueiroIl y a jour


  13. Sharma Joaquin

    Sharma JoaquinIl y a jour

    Very nice song ever😍

  14. Ali Alawi

    Ali AlawiIl y a jour

    Who’s wondering if why Maroon is close to the camera?

  15. Jason Stineback

    Jason StinebackIl y a jour

    I’m watching this on my birthday right after my cat died today on my birthday r.i.p yeddie

  16. Big Daddy

    Big DaddyIl y a jour

    Who's here before 1billion views

  17. Sugas Tractor

    Sugas TractorIl y a jour

    They going on tour! Wow. If I get tickets its gonna be a late b day present, and i love in Colorado springs so this is close bruj

  18. 미래의나에게 한마디

    미래의나에게 한마디Il y a jour

    한국도 이런 노래좀 만들어야지 허구한날 사재기나 하고 사랑노래 계속 하고..

  19. Reuben Maghanga

    Reuben MaghangaIl y a jour

    best song keep up

  20. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite ClipsIl y a jour

    Sick 🤯🤯🤯

  21. katty SNOW

    katty SNOWIl y a jour

    For the dude in the coments (Jeremiah ) U too buddy :)

  22. Sharon Manaig

    Sharon ManaigIl y a jour

    Ride free in heaven my dear Carlo 😭😭😭

  23. The Darkest

    The DarkestIl y a jour

    This song reminds me a lot of melancholy🖤

  24. dudinha

    dudinhaIl y a jour

    Mesmo que eu não me lembre ninguém com essa música eu choro, porque sei que um dia as pessoas se vão....

  25. Maria Guadalupe Hernandez Hernandez

    Maria Guadalupe Hernandez HernandezIl y a jour

    lo mejor de lo mejor😍

  26. Rosa te Leandra De la Cruz Andia

    Rosa te Leandra De la Cruz AndiaIl y a jour

    The best song I LOVE YOU ADAM

  27. Foxify YT

    Foxify YTIl y a jour

    Diese lied hörten wir am freitag an der beerfigung von meinem freund,er war 14😓😭

  28. Star Music

    Star MusicIl y a jour likes and subscribe

  29. Carmen Rosenzweig

    Carmen RosenzweigIl y a jour


  30. My Class Teacher is on9

    My Class Teacher is on9Il y a jour

    Canon in D?

  31. Savage Hostel

    Savage HostelIl y a jour


  32. tieldric bolton

    tieldric boltonIl y a jour

    funny story i was sat in the car the other day sleep deprived as shit waiting on my friend getting out of the shop so he could drive us back to his bit and this song came on and my sleep deprived self for some reason connected with this song on a deep emotional level and i cried my eyes out no idea why it made me cry or what it was reminding me of but clearly not sleeping is a bad idea

  33. kübra Bayram

    kübra BayramIl y a jour

    dear Stranger, If you haded memories whit someone but the Person is a memorie too 😔than you gonna see this Person again if you dont live anymore❤

  34. Ayyoub Poulpin

    Ayyoub PoulpinIl y a jour

    كاش دزيري يسامني هنااا 🇩🇿

  35. Hlias Gavalas

    Hlias GavalasIl y a jour

    Οι αναμνήσεις μας είναι το παρελθόν, το παρόν και το μέλλον μας..!

  36. Rishi The Great

    Rishi The GreatIl y a jour

    Most expensive video song.

  37. Rishi The Great

    Rishi The GreatIl y a jour

    98K dislikers must be die hard fans of JB🤪

  38. asulike it

    asulike itIl y a jour

    Let it go

  39. maths BY SIR AHSAN

    maths BY SIR AHSANIl y a jour

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  40. Şafak Öztürk

    Şafak ÖztürkIl y a jour

    PERFECT❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ MAROON 5 _ MEMORİES😊😊😊😊😊

  41. Kacie Lou

    Kacie LouIl y a jour

    This is a epic song

  42. AdiósSoyDaniel

    AdiósSoyDanielIl y a jour

    This make me remember my best friend, I haven't seen him in 7 years since he moved to Marseille, but if you are reading this let me tell you that even if 100 years pass, I WILL NEVER FORGET U

  43. Garfield animations

    Garfield animationsIl y a jour

    Sounds alot like the song in 1680

  44. music freak

    music freakIl y a jour

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww.... Mesmerizing

  45. DoraTheDestroya 666

    DoraTheDestroya 666Il y a jour

    This song has the most emotion I history I think, the back round music has a feeling of hope and the lyrics make me feel emotion from how they’re talking about future or past experiences.

  46. 정희진

    정희진Il y a jour

    나만 계속 돌려보나

  47. Laurynn Love

    Laurynn LoveIl y a jour

    Same Maroon..

  48. Laurynn Love

    Laurynn LoveIl y a jour

    I live you Maroon 5!! 💙💙

  49. Annette The Crow

    Annette The CrowIl y a jour

    Adam Snap out of it! Love is an illution between two fucking idiots! Memories,,,, That is all they are! Shave lose ten pounds .. you looking old and fat friend! Have a great day!!

  50. Adriele de Oliveira

    Adriele de OliveiraIl y a jour

    Que lindo asa música🎵🎶🎵🎼

  51. XJKPR5

    XJKPR5Il y a jour

    Oh beautiful song!

  52. BOB McMuffins

    BOB McMuffinsIl y a jour

    This song is my #1 favourite song!

  53. luna max

    luna maxIl y a jour

    JES YEA!!!! 😎

  54. Vinh Võ

    Vinh VõIl y a jour

    I from Vietnamese

  55. JohnPaul Simon

    JohnPaul SimonIl y a jour

    This song is literally Pachelbels canon... Like listen to the melodies they are the same

  56. Maya Merhi

    Maya MerhiIl y a jour

    Go sub to Faze rug

  57. BL Yap

    BL YapIl y a jour

    Hi maroon 5. I your fan.can you make a new song please


    BETH MOABIl y a jour

    Não entendo nada de inglês Mas sei lá ouvi essa música, esse hino E derrapante me veio a vontade chorar e voltar pra casa😓😓😓😓😓

  59. Zaw Paing

    Zaw PaingIl y a jour

    Very good song

  60. Hannah Horoky

    Hannah HorokyIl y a jour

    when you lose a friend it can be sad but you have to move on with life. my friend moved to missasaga i new her sence kidergarden im in grade 4 now she left january 21

  61. Hannah Horoky

    Hannah HorokyIl y a jour

    i am 9 new her sence i was 2