Making My Own Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity


  1. Isabella Genovesi

    Isabella GenovesiIl y a heure

    come to memphis tn for your tour, you have lots of support here!!

  2. 1009wilmer

    1009wilmerIl y a heure

    Look at this child molester

  3. smokey the fantastic

    smokey the fantasticIl y a heure

    what happened to the squad

  4. Isabela Villa

    Isabela VillaIl y a heure

    Omg James did you get burned. Are you ok? Well love you. You inspired me so much❤❤❤

  5. adrian young

    adrian youngIl y a heure

    James Charles and Kaitlin Jenner need to go on a date 2 Tran genders

  6. Hannah Dobbs

    Hannah DobbsIl y a heure

    My go to drink at Starbucks is the pink drink! 💕

  7. Bella Pugs

    Bella PugsIl y a heure

    First on trending ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Nova Star

    Nova StarIl y a heure

    4:58 to 5:09 did anyone think of simplynailogical mandatory narcissistic montage

  9. Amber

    AmberIl y a heure

    You CAN eat pumpkin bread while its warm. And you can make hibiscus tea with just regular natural hibiscus flowers instead of all that processed shit lol

  10. Angela Yunicorn

    Angela YunicornIl y a heure

    Bitch doesn’t own a leveler

  11. Dream Create And Inspire

    Dream Create And InspireIl y a heure


  12. LivTheYouTuber !

    LivTheYouTuber !Il y a heure

    Did anyone else absolutely love that laugh at 5:25

  13. Erin McCormick

    Erin McCormickIl y a heure

    This is the amount of times James said he’s a professional baker 👇🏼

  14. lorch anders

    lorch andersIl y a heure


  15. Yoshimation

    YoshimationIl y a heure

    $500? Get yourself and a friend some Billie Eilish tickets for that price. One is like half of that.

  16. Kevin Rodrigues

    Kevin RodriguesIl y a heure

    Asco tu programa amiga jajaj xd

  17. G for Grace

    G for GraceIl y a heure

    I’m get a pink drink and a chocolate cake pop

  18. ᴍᴀʀı's ɢᴀᴄʜᴀᴠɪᴅᴇᴏs

    ᴍᴀʀı's ɢᴀᴄʜᴀᴠɪᴅᴇᴏsIl y a heure

    #1 in Perú.

  19. Flxcco

    FlxccoIl y a heure

    James Charles just kissed you like to undo

  20. JessicaMermaid

    JessicaMermaidIl y a heure

    You should have came to Minnesota 😣😔😞

  21. Sienna’s Fabulous Life

    Sienna’s Fabulous LifeIl y a heure

    oh. my. goooood!!!!!!! i cannot WAIT for you to do your (not going to say what it is)!! james you deserve every amazing thing that’s happening to you i love you so very much and you’re such an inspiration to young people who love makeup like me!!💘💘 p.s. can you please come to nj for your(not going to say what it is) it’s my absolute dream to meet you💓💓💓

  22. Chelsey 28

    Chelsey 28Il y a heure

    I wish James would come to Australia!

  23. thelexinoel

    thelexinoelIl y a heure

    I love watching you bake James

  24. babyJ

    babyJIl y a heure

    Pink drink recipe starts at 10:09

  25. Danory Tabora

    Danory TaboraIl y a heure

    I get a grande strawberry açaí refresher and if not that a double chocolate chip Frappuccino and maybe sometimes a cake pop not always tho

  26. Grace Animallover7

    Grace Animallover7Il y a heure

    Another name for this video James Charles learning how things work for 20 minutes

  27. Courtlynn Thomas

    Courtlynn ThomasIl y a heure

    I wish you were going to New Orleans 😭

  28. Hawa Ba

    Hawa BaIl y a heure

    Go open a makeup inspired cafe for real loved your palette cake like if you agree

  29. Ashley Livingston

    Ashley LivingstonIl y a heure

    James when you come to Rochester Ny it’s almost all upstate schools graduation day :( 28th my school and all surroundings will be graduating and there’s so many of us sad sisters who will miss you and we beg you change the date 😭😫 (Please if anyone sees this like it so he notices!!)

  30. cheer up

    cheer upIl y a heure

    Your kitchen and you of course is so pretty

  31. Brittni Mitchell

    Brittni MitchellIl y a heure

    Sisterrrr this was soooooo funny to me lol James trying to do DIY, getting annoyed, spilling everything and trying normal people activity its fuckiing great 😂😂 @putting the seeds in the bad "hello"

  32. Amy Lawson

    Amy LawsonIl y a heure

    Questionable trending page

  33. ya_im_mental

    ya_im_mentalIl y a heure

    Miss T

  34. Tarrare

    TarrareIl y a heure

    no. does he want me to beat someone up?

  35. chris holland

    chris hollandIl y a heure

    Video start at 3:44

  36. G. D.

    G. D.Il y a heure

    Oh lord....😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. 2k Geezy!

    2k Geezy!Il y a heure

    Fagots everywhere

  38. Marcayla Winterburn

    Marcayla WinterburnIl y a heure

    That piece of hair that is hanging in front of his forehead is low key annoying me. But luv the video!! xx

  39. Ava Garver

    Ava GarverIl y a heure

    Thanks to James insted of being a normal person saying My people hi drink now I say PiNKITy DRINKItY and my mom said Wth is that?? I was offended

  40. Frank Sinclair

    Frank SinclairIl y a heure

    I read the title as "making my own stinky pinky" .......

  41. hillbilly dom

    hillbilly domIl y a heure

    not cute .

  42. A Human

    A HumanIl y a heure

    So I have made it to the worst side of FRreporter I thought Alfred Alfer was bad

  43. xantorrau xantorrau

    xantorrau xantorrauIl y a heure

    Isub to delmar 39

  44. Alayah Bell

    Alayah BellIl y a heure

    The Gatorade keeps moving

  45. sorcha

    sorchaIl y a heure

    I need proof that he is the reason the pink drink is on the main menu. And why does he call it “pinkity drinkity” ?!

  46. Wolfgirl233 !

    Wolfgirl233 !Il y a heure

    I don’t know if I can go to the tour because my mom would have to go and I don’t know if she is aloud

  47. Jacques Zamora

    Jacques ZamoraIl y a heure

    Your hair looks just like my hair that's pretty fresh

  48. Amanda Monk

    Amanda MonkIl y a heure

    Loved this video

  49. K

    KIl y a heure

    The iq of its fans is terrible jfc

  50. Antonio Olvera

    Antonio OlveraIl y a heure

    A la verga I want to speak English forever PERO POR QUÉ

  51. yasss_ trdelilah

    yasss_ trdelilahIl y a heure

    OMG can you please please go to north Carolina I would be a lot more sister shook

  52. Olivia Lane

    Olivia LaneIl y a heure

    My go-to Starbuck's order is a grande pink drink and a chocolate chip muffin warmed up

  53. Abby Wilkes

    Abby WilkesIl y a heure

    Guys people have said that I’m just gonna say it he doesn’t pick pricing his team does

  54. Brinay

    BrinayIl y a heure

    He Facetuned the drink- ....

  55. niki le

    niki leIl y a heure

    all the canadian sisters are petty by now because no one comes to canada 🇨🇦

  56. Analis Helms

    Analis HelmsIl y a heure

    As soon as he mixed the very berry and passion fruit I knew it would be bad 😂😂😂

  57. Christina Mc Donald

    Christina Mc DonaldIl y a heure

    like usual, nothing in idaho...

  58. Mr. Flex Fox

    Mr. Flex FoxIl y a heure

    I'm not a hater but why this #1 on trending 😂😂

  59. np4dx8

    np4dx8Il y a heure

    This is how the Avengers Endgame ends.. Iron man dies, Thanos dies, Captain America uses Thor's hammer and destroys infinity stones..

  60. Logan Godfrey

    Logan GodfreyIl y a heure

    Turn on auto captions at 9:55 and wait

  61. Duckspy

    DuckspyIl y a heure

    like porn tower 😂

  62. amaya butler

    amaya butlerIl y a heure

    James: I didn’t feel like going out and getting it also James : takes 3 hours to make everything could’ve also gone and post mated 😂😂😂

  63. Allison W

    Allison WIl y a heure


  64. Jayden Burns

    Jayden BurnsIl y a heure

    I lthink james needs a weekly cooking vid.

  65. hillbilly dom

    hillbilly domIl y a heure

    nobody: james charles: mOneY!!1!!!!!11

  66. Babygirl Ale

    Babygirl AleIl y a heure

    Love that for us

  67. Catelyn Vans

    Catelyn VansIl y a heure

    Money hungry doing another brand deal

  68. Unknown. exe

    Unknown. exeIl y a heure

    I see a gatorade. Ima go buy one.

  69. Thatcheer Vlogger

    Thatcheer VloggerIl y a heure

    James you should definitely do more cooking videos I love them!!! also it's my birthday lol!🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤

  70. 007odc

    007odcIl y a heure

    Why is this bs on my notifications i don’t have to tolerate this

  71. Landen Emerson

    Landen EmersonIl y a heure

    I’m going to bed hopefully I wake up with 50 subscribers

  72. Babygirl Ale

    Babygirl AleIl y a heure

    #1 trending yay

  73. Alicia Alvarado

    Alicia AlvaradoIl y a heure

    My order every day is Trenta Pink Drink Xtra Ice and slice of Lemon Pound Cake!! Love this combo!!

  74. Shannon Mc

    Shannon McIl y a heure

    Am I the only Starbucks barista here trying to see if he actually can make a drink?

  75. lol okay

    lol okayIl y a heure

    seriously so sad he's coming near me and ill be on a road trip and won't be able to go ahh :(

  76. Jack Manion

    Jack ManionIl y a heure


  77. DONUT ellie

    DONUT ellieIl y a heure

    Please come to Ontario Canada in the future!!!!!!!!

  78. Morgan Orthner

    Morgan OrthnerIl y a heure

    And we are loving the peanut gallery 😂❤️

  79. Daily Insider’s Scoop

    Daily Insider’s ScoopIl y a heure

    Dude I went to Canada for spring break as saw a banner of YOU! I was sHooK! My mom asked who is was... . . . “There’s a lot of explanation”

  80. jolene bartee

    jolene barteeIl y a heure

    By the time u see me i will actually be like 6 months pregnant....

  81. Pedraza Art

    Pedraza ArtIl y a heure

    Reporting now

  82. TylarSkye

    TylarSkyeIl y a heure

    the very berry hibiscus makes what starbucks calls “the violet drink.” the pink drink is strawberry açaí refresher!

  83. Olivia Lane

    Olivia LaneIl y a heure

    Number one on trending lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Aidan Cedano

    Aidan CedanoIl y a heure

    Starbucks: sorry were all out James:😶😑 end me now

  85. Maggy Austin

    Maggy AustinIl y a heure

    Can someone call cooking Emma and teach this sister how to not make a mess- oh wait 😂😂😂

  86. Morgan Orthner

    Morgan OrthnerIl y a heure

    Please have more cooking shows! It’s so accurate it hurts 😂 I don’t mind cooking but fuck do I hate baking for that exact reason! So many things can go wrong and it takes so long!

  87. Yoobisoft

    YoobisoftIl y a heure

    xbox took a L

  88. **chacha**

    **chacha**Il y a heure

    james : ughghg this is sO hArD james literally 1 second later: im a professional baker if you didnt know

  89. Legendary gamer 7834

    Legendary gamer 7834Il y a heure


  90. Henry3 and anneury2 Youtube

    Henry3 and anneury2 YoutubeIl y a heure


  91. Skull Kid

    Skull KidIl y a heure

    what a homo

  92. Hdeel Arabi

    Hdeel ArabiIl y a heure

    Omg I laughed so much 😂😂😂😂😂

  93. jolene bartee

    jolene barteeIl y a heure

    Im going to see u sister!!!!

  94. Disha Verma

    Disha VermaIl y a heure

    At LEAsT hE SaVEd THE TUrTleS

  95. RoachdoggJR

    RoachdoggJRIl y a heure

    Why is this #1 on trending?

  96. benana7 :D

    benana7 :DIl y a heure

    i honest to god hate you all tea all shade

  97. Sis Blk

    Sis BlkIl y a heure

    $47 for all ingredients got you how many servings? I think all you needed was a blender for your drink. Now I will be using freeze dried Mango, in the blender; thx Sis.

  98. samantha jordan

    samantha jordanIl y a heure

    Bitcchhhh #1....everyone is sister quaking

  99. elena monge

    elena mongeIl y a heure

    I would love to try your Pinkity Drinklty

  100. Your Lie In April

    Your Lie In AprilIl y a heure

    James Charles kissed you Like to undo

  101. TheLadydanni

    TheLadydanniIl y a heure

    You made the purple drink. You gotta use strawberry açaí. Your doing good though