Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. Adrian Vargas

    Adrian VargasIl y a 38 minutes

    I’m watching!!!!!! Who’s in?

  2. youroxstar

    youroxstarIl y a heure

    Wow, this style looks so rad! Really hoping to get to the theater for this one.

  3. Enemy

    EnemyIl y a 2 heures

    Why da fak they used that shit song?

  4. Dandin

    DandinIl y a 3 heures

    My childhood flickered up for a moment watching this

  5. David Idiart

    David IdiartIl y a 6 heures

    The trailer music is... ifffy. But the movie itself looks AMAZING!

  6. Frida Stenfeldt

    Frida StenfeldtIl y a 10 heures

    Wow, looks like they're gonna have samis in this movie! That's a culture rarely mentioned in any media!

  7. TheUltimateBitch

    TheUltimateBitchIl y a 11 heures

    Damn Netflix on a roll with these animated shows/movies

  8. HeyImGood Shit

    HeyImGood ShitIl y a 11 heures

    This is so Smooth and There's my favourite song! High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco

  9. GDeNofa

    GDeNofaIl y a 12 heures

    Omg the animation brings me back! So fluid and smooth! The way the mouths move give a “Bluth” vibe as well. Will definitely be watching this!!

  10. Adam T

    Adam TIl y a 14 heures

    Still gonna watch (and probably love) but the original voices were nicer.

  11. Pretty P Johnson

    Pretty P JohnsonIl y a 21 heure

    Did I hear Klaus's amazing voice right?Edit: I did, it J.K. Simmons AKA I WANT PICTURES OF SPIDERMAN ON MY DESK BY YESTERDAY!

  12. DaFabULus1 [Insert Last Name Here]

    DaFabULus1 [Insert Last Name Here]Il y a 22 heures

    Everyone is talking about the movie while I’m in my corner fangirling over panic at the disco in the background

  13. EnderBoy2882

    EnderBoy2882Il y a 22 heures

    Everyone: We want 2D Animated Movies! Disney: Did I hear 3D Remakes? Netflix: We got you Homies

  14. A Weirdo And a Phone

    A Weirdo And a PhoneIl y a 3 heures

    EnderBoy2882 Claps for you 👏👏👏

  15. SUS

    SUSIl y a 22 heures

    Why does the postman remind me of Kuzco

  16. Matt Garrett

    Matt GarrettIl y a 22 heures

    Anyone else think the postman looks like Dr. Delbert Doppler from Treasure Planet?

  17. Comic Siren

    Comic SirenIl y a 23 heures

    I miss the Mailman's original English charming voice

  18. Ivan M

    Ivan MIl y a 23 heures

    If you look closely it's a 2D movie, posing as a 3D movie

  19. Igor Schmidlapp

    Igor SchmidlappIl y a jour

    Total CRAP animation! Anybody who says THIS is "old school" is full of sh!t... it's still CG. What can we reboot now? OOH! OOH! Santa Claus! Good God...

  20. Phin68

    Phin68Il y a 6 heures

    It's not CGI. The animation base is hand drawn. Shading and texturing is just CGI-like.

  21. Sajaa K

    Sajaa KIl y a jour

    WHAT THE-- So two things that really jumped out to me--the postman, the way he 'talks' with his hands...I'd seen that somewhere!!! And it hit me! Dr. Doppler from one of my favorite movies, Treasure planet!! And Klaus! He reminds me so much of Jethro from the equally beautifully animated movie, Prince of Egypt. And it's not just a coincidence--I did a wee bit of digging. Sergio Pablos is directing this film, he was the guy behind Dr. Doppler. And James Baxter, who worked on Prince of Persia, has also helped animate this film. Both guys worked on many of Disney's Renaissance films. If this trailer wasn't convincing enough, I think we're all in for a rare treat.

  22. Blue Pencil

    Blue PencilIl y a jour

    I've followed the making of this for years and now it's finally coming out! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! :D

  23. *MUST BE BOLD*

    *MUST BE BOLD*Il y a jour

    2D animation!!!

  24. Raxxes

    RaxxesIl y a jour

    Who else thought this guy was gonna start singing "Look at your life through heavens eyes"

  25. AlphaCreatura

    AlphaCreaturaIl y a jour

    This is adorable!

  26. Bloomin S

    Bloomin SIl y a jour

    FINALLY. I have been waiting YEARS for this!!!

  27. Girlie Bustamante - Formalejo

    Girlie Bustamante - FormalejoIl y a jour

    Cute 😍

  28. Ean Sudholtz

    Ean SudholtzIl y a jour

    Is it CG animated, or is it 2D animated? I can't tell what it is exactly.

  29. RoppStark

    RoppStarkIl y a jour

    Awesome 2D animation. Horrible soundtrack. Hope that song won't make it into the movie.

  30. skimven4242564

    skimven4242564Il y a jour

    only downside to this, the song they chose for the trailer

  31. dylan morris

    dylan morrisIl y a jour

    I'm in ill watch it

  32. Yaski

    YaskiIl y a jour

    (comment about the movie being 2D) (another comment about a 2D animated movie in 2019) (yet another comment about 2D animation not being dead) Me, hiding my copy of the 2017 MLP movie behind my back while chuckling nervously: Haha, oh boy, I wonder what that's like?

  33. astrologicalCedars

    astrologicalCedarsIl y a jour

    Me: Oh hell yeah 2d animation, I'm pumped. Me: *looks up SPA Studie and sees that Sergio Pablos did Treasure Planet.* Me: WHAT HELL YEAH WHAT!

  34. Maria Mendoza

    Maria MendozaIl y a jour

    More like santa klaus!!!!!!!

  35. regbot18

    regbot18Il y a jour

    Really cool art style but the high hopes song seems why too out of place

  36. Jonathan Wallis

    Jonathan WallisIl y a jour

    I want to see an animated tv series on the “Harry Potter” books with this animation style!

  37. cerf referf

    cerf referfIl y a jour

    A movie about white people... ON NETFLIX?! What sorcery is this?

  38. Kevin Lockhart

    Kevin LockhartIl y a jour

    Why don't people make 2d Animated films anymore?

  39. Dogquack

    DogquackIl y a jour

    looks kinda promising, but i wont hold ,y breathe and neither should you

  40. Nicholas Waldrop

    Nicholas WaldropIl y a jour

    A beginning of greatest legend of winter night

  41. adrian rossell ruiz

    adrian rossell ruizIl y a jour

    this 2d animation is mind blowing

  42. Iron Vlogger

    Iron VloggerIl y a jour

    At long last 2d animation at its finest. HAD TO HAVE HIIIIIIIGH HOPES!

  43. Brad Lee

    Brad LeeIl y a jour


  44. Jacob Rucquoi

    Jacob RucquoiIl y a jour

    Why the hell would an unhappy town want to stay unhappy? I've heard of being stuck in your ways but what the actual crap?

  45. Pyromite

    PyromiteIl y a jour

    The Animation looks awesome! The style of the postman reminds me a bit of the dr. form treasure planet, or milo from Atlantis. The setting reminds me a lot of the santa-claus origin story "Joulutarina" or "Wonder of a winternight", a Finnish christmas-movie that is pretty brilliant, and that I would encourage everyone to watch. I will definately watch this one.

  46. Anne Cometa

    Anne CometaIl y a jour

    I remember seeing clips of this years back, oh my goodness it looks stunning

  47. Pasquale Dorsi

    Pasquale DorsiIl y a jour

    Did anyone thought this was related to rise of the guardians

  48. BRUHuSmellLikeSCAT

    BRUHuSmellLikeSCATIl y a jour

    I feel like this is a remake of some older movie. I think it was Finnish. I'm pretty sure. There was a boy and a mean old man who gave away presents. Can anyone please tell me the name?

  49. Moon Corona

    Moon CoronaIl y a jour

    2D animation?! This is gonna be a Christmas treat!! cannot wait!

  50. VirtualRealityTurtle ฅ'ω'ฅ

    VirtualRealityTurtle ฅ'ω'ฅIl y a jour

    Finally a good Netflix animated movie

  51. Gabrielle Winterleaf

    Gabrielle WinterleafIl y a jour

    I want 2D movies to make a comeback so darn much! 3D movies don't do it enough for me! DX

  52. I’m NOT a block head

    I’m NOT a block headIl y a jour

    This is gonna debut 2 days before my birthday

  53. Gabrielle Winterleaf

    Gabrielle WinterleafIl y a jour

    Klaus looks so much like Santa Claus from Dreamwork's Rise of the Guardians.

  54. Linus Kalajoki

    Linus KalajokiIl y a jour

    Two reasons why I want to watch this movie then it comes out: no. 1 Another lovely story about how Christmas was made and no. 2 J.K. Simmons is the voice for Santa claus.

  55. Theron Langhorne

    Theron LanghorneIl y a jour

    Glorious character design!!! I love it!

  56. Gintoki San

    Gintoki SanIl y a jour

    People now a days are confused of 2D and 3D animation. . Once the animators used 3D as basis or as a reference for the animation and add 2D layer of drawings and filters it already becomes 2D. . Remember rotoscoping?? Then if it is Pixars or Dream Works like animation it is 3D. 2.5D on the other hand if you mashed them together like "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" But the live action aesthetics are in 3D.

  57. Emotional Gamer

    Emotional GamerIl y a jour

    Cute but still waiting on the witcher

  58. dungeonmaster16

    dungeonmaster16Il y a jour

    interesting side note: the charaacter designer for this film is sergio pablos who did character designs for disneys hunchback of notre dame and tarzan.

  59. Yunie TheThird

    Yunie TheThirdIl y a jour

    So is this supposed be based on that other Santa Christmas special claymation?

  60. WonderPyxel

    WonderPyxelIl y a jour

    FINALLY A 2D ANIMATED MOVIE? *starts tearing up* It’s a Christmas Miracle...!

  61. Boris Turk

    Boris TurkIl y a jour

    Can I get one lemon joke in this movie

  62. Heaux

    HeauxIl y a 2 jours

    One of the key animators from Treasure Planet, you can tell he looks like Delbert