Karamo Brown (Queer Eye) Gives Us Advice


  1. Heather Gonzalez

    Heather GonzalezIl y a 4 jours

    This episode made me genuinely smile. Karamo is a wonderful soul

  2. Lena Monroe

    Lena MonroeIl y a 8 jours

    I'm pretty sure if he said any of this stuff to me joking or not I would immediately burst into tears

  3. Aundrea Gaddis

    Aundrea GaddisIl y a 8 jours

    I loved this episode, wholesome

  4. Bee Cask

    Bee CaskIl y a 9 jours

    Bring him back. This was so heart warming xoxoxoxo

  5. Justin White

    Justin WhiteIl y a 9 jours

    bring karamo back i love that guy

  6. Anna Taylor

    Anna TaylorIl y a 9 jours

    Sooo... Link is Cassandra.

  7. seenisabean

    seenisabeanIl y a 10 jours

    i love him sm

  8. Shane Hardy

    Shane HardyIl y a 11 jours


  9. someone3

    someone3Il y a 12 jours

    Link is dressed like a... hahaha!!

  10. Matt0409

    Matt0409Il y a 15 jours

    I hadn’t heard of this guy until the show. He’s brilliant. Top 5 guests ever easily!

  11. Eirin Halse

    Eirin HalseIl y a 15 jours

    Karamo, You make me smile 🧡

  12. mikeysrose

    mikeysroseIl y a 16 jours


  13. Adam Reyes

    Adam ReyesIl y a 16 jours

    Dam she cute bbw

  14. kinda over it

    kinda over itIl y a 20 jours

    i really just need them all on the show now

  15. Curtis Lee

    Curtis LeeIl y a 20 jours

    I like Karamo! He’s an outstanding young man, and he’s very confident!

  16. Somebody

    SomebodyIl y a 21 jour

    I’m also here! We’ve got videos too! -link Third wheeling 100

  17. Sami Dunlap

    Sami DunlapIl y a 23 jours

    One of the best guests they’ve ever had!!!

  18. MCMooshroom 248

    MCMooshroom 248Il y a 25 jours

    Karamo: Hello! How are you doing today? Me: *cries* so inspiring

  19. Liri Quack

    Liri QuackIl y a 26 jours

    I need a Karamo in my life.

  20. Pataya

    PatayaIl y a 26 jours

    Oooo.. Karamo's in the know.. I'm very glad for him. This was so genuine and beautiful. Keep on spreading that love, please

  21. Cody Black

    Cody BlackIl y a 27 jours

    Idk who this guy is but I F****** LOVE HIM! I wish I could be his friend!

  22. Alfredo Sauce

    Alfredo SauceIl y a 27 jours

    *Best Mythical More ever*

  23. t. prmnv

    t. prmnvIl y a 28 jours

    this is very cool

  24. Jasmine Glaser

    Jasmine GlaserIl y a 28 jours

    I freakin' love Karamo!

  25. Caroline Kridle

    Caroline KridleIl y a 28 jours

    * cries *

  26. Kelli Sees

    Kelli SeesIl y a 29 jours

    Karamo makes me so happy 😭 He’s so effortlessly encouraging like no one was expecting him to really take it home from a concern about house plants

  27. Elect David

    Elect DavidIl y a 29 jours

    Soon, there shall not be left alive any of the LBGTQ upon the face of the earth. David, Man of God

  28. Vaper Eyes

    Vaper EyesIl y a 29 jours


  29. Natasha Parmar

    Natasha ParmarIl y a 29 jours

    Koramo is so great, genuinely I can't handle how amazingly positive he is *heart eyes*

  30. Joshua Navarrete

    Joshua NavarreteIl y a 29 jours

    Couldnt watch the video. I had to get my WiFi

  31. Rick Sanchez is My Spirit Animal

    Rick Sanchez is My Spirit AnimalIl y a 29 jours

    I have been watching you guys for 8 years now! And you guys get BETTER AND BETTER!!!

  32. coco noot

    coco nootIl y a mois

    5:40 I *love* how mushy they were 😂😍

  33. Jaclyn

    JaclynIl y a mois

    GMMore got deep!

  34. Meg b

    Meg bIl y a mois

    'failure is not the opposite of success its part of it' bruh, that was so sweet pls i love karamo sm

  35. Weasley Gaming

    Weasley GamingIl y a mois

    Whats wrong with looking like a 95 year old anyway?

  36. Frank Costello

    Frank CostelloIl y a mois

    2:05 "You have to have misting schedules, fertilizer, and peat moss in the soil *and* *I* *don't* *know* *what* *any* *of* *that* *is* ." LMFAO!... What?!?😂😂😂

  37. Randiriel

    RandirielIl y a mois

    I've never actually seen Queer Eye, but Karamo seems like an absolute treasure

  38. Jess R

    Jess RIl y a mois

    I can’t believe I didn’t know who he was. I love him! Time to start watching queer eye ☺️

  39. Nahla Aly

    Nahla AlyIl y a mois

    Karamo is probably one of the best humans ever.

  40. Bab's Uvula Who?

    Bab's Uvula Who?Il y a mois

    omggg plz get them all on

  41. Mariokart360

    Mariokart360Il y a mois

    Wholesome :')

  42. Jennifer Garcia

    Jennifer GarciaIl y a mois

    im crying

  43. Batman2567

    Batman2567Il y a mois

    Who else watched Good Mythical MORE just because of how great Karamo was in the original episode!

  44. Misha S

    Misha SIl y a mois

    This was my favorite more other than the go all the way down one Karamo is amazing I cried lowkey lowkey

  45. PorchCatProductions

    PorchCatProductionsIl y a mois

    2:50 Made me think of Sierra Boggess “You are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are”

  46. Mahnaz Ashoori

    Mahnaz AshooriIl y a mois

    My acne hasn't been cleared, my crops haven't been watered, but now I feel like I can do something to change that. Thank you Karamo and R&L

  47. ilike frogs

    ilike frogsIl y a mois

    He is wearing toooooooo much orange

  48. angelique dierckx

    angelique dierckxIl y a mois

    This was so precious. Karamo is the absolute sweetest.

  49. Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi

    Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-FiIl y a mois

    Karakoram is still rocking that hoodie! 😂 it actually does look pretty dope.

  50. iphu choi

    iphu choiIl y a mois

    Awwwwww this was so wholesome 😭😭😭

  51. purplecatonbroadway

    purplecatonbroadwayIl y a mois

    I'm pretty sure I would sob if Karamo even smiled at me, he's so precious

  52. andrea_20306

    andrea_20306Il y a mois

    This was sooooo cute!!!! I started tearing up!

  53. Paul Bagnoli

    Paul BagnoliIl y a mois

    I have never heard of Karamo before today but what an absolutely incredible human being!

  54. GamingMech

    GamingMechIl y a mois

    best guest everrrrrr

  55. Debra Mahan

    Debra MahanIl y a mois

    I’ve never watched Queer Eye but I would watch anything with this ray of sunshine in it 😍

  56. Lily Eichenbaum

    Lily EichenbaumIl y a mois

    I love Karamo so much

  57. kortnee

    kortneeIl y a mois

    i love karamo so damn much 😭

  58. Rehayel

    RehayelIl y a mois

    this guy is cool

  59. Brad kava

    Brad kavaIl y a mois

    This dude is great at not answering questions hahahahah

  60. Patrick Rayvon

    Patrick RayvonIl y a mois


  61. sound_and_fury

    sound_and_furyIl y a mois

    Me in social situations: "Hi I'm also here."

  62. sladea19

    sladea19Il y a mois

    What a feel good episode!

  63. Alieakie yawa

    Alieakie yawaIl y a mois

    Karamo is like a therapist and he is so nice and loving and he has super wow vibes and idk make him come back. He was lovely!

  64. eimajunknown

    eimajunknownIl y a mois

    this whole video was super sweet! 😍

  65. No1likeSharon

    No1likeSharonIl y a mois

    Amazing episode❤️

  66. Madi A

    Madi AIl y a mois

    I had no idea who Karamo was before this video, but I absolutely love him!!! 😊😊

  67. whatever works

    whatever worksIl y a mois

    I think Karamo is my new favorite person.

  68. Tawnie Alexandra

    Tawnie AlexandraIl y a mois

    Karamo is making me cry he’s so sweet 😭

  69. Bee Mama

    Bee MamaIl y a mois

    Cutest. More. Ever!

  70. A

    AIl y a mois

    Omg I loved both the main episode and this so much... Karamo is the BEST GUEST EVERRRR I have never wished I was a guy so much, just so I could marry him 😂 what a beautiful person.

  71. Emma Brown

    Emma BrownIl y a mois

    Link's face everytime he looks into the camera is how Karamo makes all of us feel inside.

  72. gemini star

    gemini starIl y a mois

    Bring him back.

  73. Unorignality

    UnorignalityIl y a mois

    You can tell a guest had fun when they end up on More. Loved the energy he brought, new favorite guest.

  74. Madeline Elston

    Madeline ElstonIl y a mois

    Why did this video make me sob

  75. martief1st

    martief1stIl y a mois

    Can Karamo come and end the season every time?

  76. Nona Mackenzie

    Nona MackenzieIl y a mois

    any time Karamo is like uplifting to another person, it makes me start tearing up. And that's why I procrastinate watching Queer Eye until my curiosity grows bigger than my disdain of crying.

  77. mark martinez

    mark martinezIl y a mois

    This was a great show I really enjoyed it

  78. MKH

    MKHIl y a mois

    Omg I almost cried.

  79. Rhys Walters

    Rhys WaltersIl y a mois

    I love this man such a great soul

  80. ChallengeLife

    ChallengeLifeIl y a mois

    I actually really loved this guest.

  81. S Doerr

    S DoerrIl y a mois

    what a great episode....

  82. naomie adair

    naomie adairIl y a mois

    Love me some Queer Eye!

  83. Valerie H

    Valerie HIl y a mois

    So positive! Thank you!

  84. alyssa wilkinson

    alyssa wilkinsonIl y a mois

    Tbh I've never heard of him before, but MY GOODNESS I need more of him in my life!!!! ❤❤

  85. Rachel O

    Rachel OIl y a mois

    Okay, new favorite guest! What a sweet guy 🥰

  86. Baron Samedi

    Baron SamediIl y a mois

    Wow. I wish I could be THIS charming. Karamo.. What a man.

  87. Emily T

    Emily TIl y a mois

    So wholesome :'))

  88. Ohmi Dios

    Ohmi DiosIl y a mois

    Karan’s could crush me and I’d ok with that

  89. Elizabeth White

    Elizabeth WhiteIl y a mois

    I LOVE this guy!!!!

  90. Megan Simons

    Megan SimonsIl y a mois

    Omg!!!! Can I be best friends with him?!?! ❤️❤️

  91. letitsnow4xmas

    letitsnow4xmasIl y a mois


  92. AmazingCheetos

    AmazingCheetosIl y a mois

    I feel better listening to him give someone else advice 😂

  93. Cathryn B

    Cathryn BIl y a mois

    That was such a lovely episode. Karamo was so genuine and everyone was just so happy.

  94. imarielmermaid

    imarielmermaidIl y a mois

    ummm can I have Karamo as my therapist please lol

  95. John Krobot

    John KrobotIl y a mois

    Karamo needs to be on more please he is so uplifting

  96. SandStorm XII

    SandStorm XIIIl y a mois


  97. Jason M.

    Jason M.Il y a mois

    To eliminate the temptation of having one of the gays from “Queer Eye”, they could’ve done another episode of “Year Eye with Two Straight Guys”🙄🙄🙄

  98. Jennifer Robinson

    Jennifer RobinsonIl y a mois

    anyone that disliked this video is not a mythical beast

  99. Vasko Games

    Vasko GamesIl y a mois

    don't forget y'all, link is here too

  100. x heitsmae x

    x heitsmae xIl y a mois

    Oh, my god! How did I miss this? I love GMM & Queer Eye so much~ Rhett, Link, Karamo, Tan, Antoni, Jonathan & Bobby are amazing!