I'm A Tomboy, And No One Wants To Date Me



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  2. Karina Lopez

    Karina LopezIl y a 7 jours

    I'm kind of a tomboy but i have a boyfriend

  3. Bree’s Channel

    Bree’s ChannelIl y a 21 jour

    silver cross .1082 I’m exactly a tomboy!!

  4. kit kate

    kit kateIl y a mois

    Im have never hear a story so much like my story

  5. Mounib Abbas

    Mounib AbbasIl y a mois

    Wait wtf is this?

  6. Squish

    SquishIl y a 57 minutes

    Ama Tom boy too I play basketball and I skate I always have the hoodies on but one time I actually found a friend that was a girl and she was also a Tom boy most of my friends are boys but idc the girls can think what they wanna think🥀😂🏀

  7. AestheticLord Gaming

    AestheticLord GamingIl y a heure

    I’m a tomboy as well. Nobody likes me nor cares about me

  8. Lyxaira Montanez

    Lyxaira MontanezIl y a heure

    I can relate

  9. Aamirha Hallman

    Aamirha HallmanIl y a 2 heures

    I'm A tomboy and I have a great because he's nice and accepts me for me and he is kinda chunky

  10. Alan walker

    Alan walkerIl y a 2 heures

    Not problem all

  11. Ali hussain

    Ali hussainIl y a 7 heures

    Who needs love when you have .......... Anime but still there are people who want to be loved including me but there are some people who judge other people by there mistakes . confidence or hard work are not even looked

  12. GJ Arollado

    GJ ArolladoIl y a 8 heures

    i have a side of me thats a "tomboy" and i also have a side thats a "girly girl" and my boyfriend doesnt mind it at all.

  13. NashKrys Testor

    NashKrys TestorIl y a 10 heures

    I love this story!

  14. Coolnavajo9881

    Coolnavajo9881Il y a 12 heures

    Goof job for her 👍 Still single livin the life 😌

  15. Tribecca Bess

    Tribecca BessIl y a 13 heures

    I understand the struggle I get mistaken for a boy a lot because of the way I dressed

  16. Eliana De La Torre

    Eliana De La TorreIl y a 14 heures

    Omg I am such a tomboy and everyday people call me a boy and it doesn’t really bother me. But people think I want to be a boy. Which I don’t I just have some...boy traits. Also it reallly bothers me when people say I’m a boy then i say I’m not and later we would just have a conversation like what is your favorite hobby and i would say baseball or basketball or football or like skating and they say “I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GIRL” and I would say “yea...why” and they would say something like “GIRLS ONLY LIKE PINK AND DRESSES AND MAKEUP AND BALLET NOT BOY SPORTS” that just really irritates me (sorry for this very long rant I just needed to tell someone because my sister is the most girly girl you can ever imagine my mom doesn’t like the word TOMBOY don’t know why and my dad well he has mixed feelings so I can’t really tell anyone) well...have a nice day

  17. Gregra 007

    Gregra 007Il y a 16 heures

    My sis is a tomboy

  18. Balancing The Fads

    Balancing The FadsIl y a 18 heures

    Is legit the first thing you think when you realize you're tomboy that you can't get into a relationship? Wow.... no wonder

  19. Sophia Lopez

    Sophia LopezIl y a 18 heures

    sheesh.. us girls can.. .. play coco dress up... video games.. 😔

  20. Elizabeth Espinosa

    Elizabeth EspinosaIl y a 20 heures

    This made me cry

  21. Agnika Routh

    Agnika RouthIl y a 22 heures

    "They don't see me as a girl"... Story of my life.

  22. Jacob Parkinson Xbox

    Jacob Parkinson XboxIl y a 22 heures

    U didn’t even like the boy u dated he asked u out u said yes just so u could say u have a boyfriend

  23. WhiteHorseWinter Snowdrift

    WhiteHorseWinter SnowdriftIl y a 23 heures

    My best friend is a tomboy. Me and like... maybe 3 others are her only friends. We’re all goofballs though, so that strengthened our friendship.

  24. Reindeer Gaming

    Reindeer GamingIl y a jour

    I know how it feels. I'm a tomboy too and it's quite hard for me to communicate with girls. It doesn't help that I have aspergers syndrome

  25. animation introvert

    animation introvertIl y a jour

    Thank you I needed that statement for a while

  26. Wolfpack Alpha jaylin

    Wolfpack Alpha jaylinIl y a jour

    I'm a tomboy I like hanging out with boys

  27. Hanapaw Rin-Chan

    Hanapaw Rin-ChanIl y a jour

    I’m a tomboy but I don’t only wear clothes meant for boys

  28. - Gacha Vannah- YT

    - Gacha Vannah- YTIl y a jour

    I'm in between so I'm a tomboy and a girly girl

  29. Shriaansh Chari

    Shriaansh ChariIl y a jour

    Ur story is full of positivity

  30. 1st class demo Man

    1st class demo ManIl y a jour

    Tomboy more like cowboy

  31. —Alyssa Gamer—

    —Alyssa Gamer—Il y a jour

    Okay, the actual term for tomboy is demiboy tho-

  32. boyish stuffs ranz

    boyish stuffs ranzIl y a jour


  33. leah Stasse

    leah StasseIl y a jour

    I'm not even a proper Tomboy but no one wants to go out with me either😂

  34. AlexTheCatWolfYT And ItsLaylaXD

    AlexTheCatWolfYT And ItsLaylaXDIl y a jour

    I’m a mix of a girly girl and a tomboy

  35. Swagpants 21

    Swagpants 21Il y a jour

    I kind of agree I'm a boy but I mostly hang out with girls because other boys are just mean.

  36. Looney Tunes

    Looney TunesIl y a jour

    I wanna date her lol

  37. maria laplume

    maria laplumeIl y a jour

    i have all the same problems same as in this is exactly what i am experiencing

  38. Cotton Games

    Cotton GamesIl y a jour

    I'm both tomboy and girly girl when I was little I used to thought I was just tomboy until I started liking girly stuff more often then I used to.👓🕶👟👠

  39. Im Mima

    Im MimaIl y a jour

    Remember when being a Tomboy was cool?

  40. Tarek Massoud

    Tarek MassoudIl y a jour

    wats a tomboi

  41. Terell Williams

    Terell WilliamsIl y a jour

    Idk why but I'm attracted to tomboys. Always have😏

  42. bts svt

    bts svtIl y a 2 jours

    I'm not tomboy or bisexual or anything. But ever since I met this girl,I fell so hard for her. I love her very much.

  43. Abdulrahman zahid

    Abdulrahman zahidIl y a 2 jours

    My little sis is a tomboy

  44. Malaiy Phann

    Malaiy PhannIl y a 2 jours

    @ 3:18 You said you’re against gender stereotypes, but being a tomboy in itself IS conforming to a gender stereotype. The stereotype of a boy! Let’s all keep in mind that boys and men go through the same stupid gender expectations that women do. The word tomBOY itself is indicating a gender. So only a boy acts masculine, athletic & adventurous? I know so many beautiful women who are seen as feminine and they can flip a switch and do masculine deemed things. That part just threw me off so I had to point it out. No aggression from my part intended because I know through text people can misunderstand the tone.

  45. Isabella Bavington silly stories

    Isabella Bavington silly storiesIl y a 2 jours

    Thanks that was a lovely story 😘

  46. bulldog Jr.

    bulldog Jr.Il y a 2 jours

    I am a major tomboy but I have all girls for friends. Were weirdos

  47. Irmina Buena

    Irmina BuenaIl y a 2 jours

    so your a Filipino

  48. Tikki The kwami ;3

    Tikki The kwami ;3Il y a 2 jours


  49. Iceplayz gamez

    Iceplayz gamezIl y a 2 jours

    I would say yes

  50. MyJazzyMac/Jukebox James/Jason Pleasant

    MyJazzyMac/Jukebox James/Jason PleasantIl y a 2 jours

    I Love this Story Jo

  51. Prince Ahmed

    Prince AhmedIl y a 2 jours

    It is awesome to be single

  52. Caralynn Olson

    Caralynn OlsonIl y a 2 jours

    I know just how you feel

  53. blue pillow on the lime bed

    blue pillow on the lime bedIl y a 2 jours

    I am a tomboy too my all friends are boys .

  54. Super Gamer

    Super GamerIl y a 3 jours


  55. Refanov Constantin K.

    Refanov Constantin K.Il y a 3 jours

    I hate that u make her look like a Boy...

  56. BIRL Girl

    BIRL GirlIl y a 3 jours

    Same I also figured out I’m Bi

  57. Jr Ortiz

    Jr OrtizIl y a 3 jours

    Its ok im a tomboy to and no one wants to date me too😁.

  58. Abigail Luo

    Abigail LuoIl y a 3 jours

    I’m also part Tomboy but I like dress

  59. Maria Franco

    Maria FrancoIl y a 3 jours


  60. Maggie Grace

    Maggie GraceIl y a 4 jours

    Don’t let anyone stop you being yourself and if someone doesn’t like you as you are then there not a friend

  61. Teresa Musgrave

    Teresa MusgraveIl y a 4 jours

    Tomboys are great crack!

  62. Zander jess Reyes

    Zander jess ReyesIl y a 4 jours

    It's a Gay


    CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!!!!!Il y a 4 jours

    I relate to all of this!!

  64. Mahya T

    Mahya TIl y a 4 jours

    Im normal and no one wants to date me

  65. Michelle Sithole

    Michelle SitholeIl y a 4 jours

    You got friend zoned by everyone

  66. Madison kwick

    Madison kwickIl y a 4 jours

    Imma tomboy im 9

  67. xxmooniestarxx

    xxmooniestarxxIl y a 4 jours

    I am also a tomboy and I like wearing boy clothes and I like boys but my friends are boys. but I have long hair and cut my hair sadly for strict rules in school ;(

  68. Bella _Playz

    Bella _PlayzIl y a 4 jours

    im tomboy... only at makeup xD

  69. Nancy Yassin

    Nancy YassinIl y a 4 jours

    Ur mom is just like my mom

  70. fashion

    fashionIl y a 4 jours

    I'm a tomboy but people want to date me but I haven't ever loved anyone and I don't know what I am if anyone knows can you tell me what I am

  71. Ella Kuffer

    Ella KufferIl y a 4 jours

    I have this same problem boys only like me as the best friend that i am to them

  72. melanie reyes

    melanie reyesIl y a 4 jours

    I'm a tomboy

  73. cutepuppy playz

    cutepuppy playzIl y a 4 jours

    I'm a tomboy to...

  74. Super wolf The Ezio Auditore

    Super wolf The Ezio AuditoreIl y a 4 jours

    She looks like amber from life is strange before the storm and both of them are hotter maybe joe more then amber

  75. Alex Glitcher

    Alex GlitcherIl y a jour


  76. IsaacThaFinneser

    IsaacThaFinneserIl y a 4 jours

    I wonder what she did to get the bandaid 😂

  77. Haley Martin

    Haley MartinIl y a 4 jours

    I can completely relate. I am like you all the way and have had little attention if anything at all from people around me. Mostly because I'm a introvert and no one actually pays attention to me or notices I'm there. But also because I don't act like girls either. So I understand ☺️

  78. kellen silva

    kellen silvaIl y a 4 jours


  79. Yuki Nighmare

    Yuki NighmareIl y a 4 jours

    im a tomboy too

  80. KlickKlack Tifu

    KlickKlack TifuIl y a 5 jours

    Great animation

  81. The Stickopia

    The StickopiaIl y a 5 jours

    I don't care. I prefer tomboys but no one wants to date me

  82. Imazuin Deraman

    Imazuin DeramanIl y a 5 jours

    Me im not a tomboy im a boy and no one like me

  83. Ong Junxun

    Ong JunxunIl y a 5 jours

    My liitle cousin .have this kind of things he is a boy but like to be a girl

  84. Thechlomon3y Money

    Thechlomon3y MoneyIl y a 5 jours

    I’m a tomboy I feel you my real name is Chloe I wear boy clothes everyday

  85. Thelma Cruz

    Thelma CruzIl y a 5 jours

    I am like you . I do not like girl stuff and nobody likes me but there was some one like me a d we became best friends

  86. crystal bonafede

    crystal bonafedeIl y a 5 jours

    i am a tomboy too and i understand your problem


    XO ALYSSAIl y a 5 jours

    My battery is at 30% ACTUALLY HAP- wait let me check

  88. Kimberly Humala

    Kimberly HumalaIl y a 5 jours

    this is me I’m a tomboy us girls don’t need to be a girly girl we can be what ever we want I love this thx for doing this story I’m Know love who I am

  89. Jon Ismajli

    Jon IsmajliIl y a 6 jours

    665+1=put the answers in the comments

  90. Morgan Smith

    Morgan SmithIl y a 6 jours

    This is me right now!🙀

  91. Kyra Hilbert

    Kyra HilbertIl y a 6 jours

    I’m a tomboy and my friends think me as a boy a some girly girls says I should be transgender and be a boy. And also when u said Hoddies and jeans i agree

  92. Rain Jacinto

    Rain JacintoIl y a 6 jours

    I used to be a Tomboy too, And I fell inlove with a guy. Guess what? Im a straight girl again HAHAHA

  93. angdelucca

    angdeluccaIl y a 6 jours

    Omg I'm a tomboy too!! Wanna hear my story? My names lilly I'm a very kind and polite girl mostly my friends are boys and girls but my friends that are girls they talk about me all the time I just feel betrayed I wear baggy pants and a big shirt and I have gorgeous brown thick hair and Idc what they say about me idc if I'm a rumor either I'm myself and I'm proud!!!

  94. Osvaldo Martinez

    Osvaldo MartinezIl y a jour

    Well hi my name is Alyssa and I love to be myself I'm glad u are yourself .I have long black brown yellow hair from top to bottom. I also love dancing, painting, coloring, and singing

  95. Osvaldo Martinez

    Osvaldo MartinezIl y a jour

    I'm happy that your yourself I love to paint I have long black to yellow hair it's myself and I also love saving and singing and dancing. 😎😋😄🤣🌌🖌🖍🖋🖊❇️🇩🇴.

  96. Brandie

    BrandieIl y a 6 jours

    I'm gay

  97. Lloyd Veluz

    Lloyd VeluzIl y a 6 jours

    I'm a tomboy to hahahah 😂😂😂😂

  98. Auntine Holland

    Auntine HollandIl y a 6 jours

    Im a tom boy🐴🐥🐣jk

  99. princess a

    princess aIl y a 6 jours

    I am aslo a tomboy and i am proud if it😇

  100. Kian Kian

    Kian KianIl y a 6 jours


  101. Keianna Jenkins

    Keianna JenkinsIl y a 6 jours

    And I am...bullied for it but I have some really good friends

  102. Keianna Jenkins

    Keianna JenkinsIl y a 6 jours

    I am a tomboy too no joke

  103. Lanie Corley

    Lanie CorleyIl y a 6 jours

    I'm a tomboy but I am not looking for a boyfriend because I am still a 10 year old but I understand that some girls parents don't like them being a tomboy because girls are supposed to act girly but I believe in being a tomboy

  104. Lanie Corley

    Lanie CorleyIl y a 6 jours

    I'm a tomboy but I am not looking for a boyfriend because I am still a 10 year old but I understand that some girls parents don't like them being a tomboy because girls are supposed to act girly but I believe in being a tomboy

  105. Olivia Behill

    Olivia BehillIl y a 6 jours

    Same story for me

  106. Maleah's Diary

    Maleah's DiaryIl y a 6 jours

    SO I'm not the only one that thinks boys have more fun? Excellent story by the way.(Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

  107. •itsGacha Vìc•

    •itsGacha Vìc•Il y a 6 jours

    I am also a tomboy