How to Run a Kitchen (in Overcooked 2) with an Executive Chef


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    A big thank you to Sean for being such a good sport and having great advice (even if we didn’t use it). For more hectic gameplay, check out our playthrough of One Night Ultimate Werewolf!

  2. nunya businesan

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    you're all such sweethearts <3 thanks for the lovely video

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    2:04 Coincidentally, the key to running a good kitchen and having a good sex life with a partner are the same.

  4. Gurdulu

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    Wow, kudos for finding a chef standing still in his own restaurant, let alone join up on a gaming session. Definitely a good sport complimenting a great video idea :)

  5. Joseph Delahunty

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    Jeez guys chill this is still very much a comedy channel. Half the stuff they release is Unraveled and Monster Factory, the two most nonsensical things I’ve ever seen.

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    Brian David Gilbert is my fav guy in this channel

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    There’s no fire extinguisher in that level anyway. They couldn’t deal with it anyway lol

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    I stan you, Brian.

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    At first I thought this was going to be awkward and cringey, I have never been happier to be completely and utterly wrong.

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    Heyyyyy Brian

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    “What if I just start crying” Did you mean: the entirety of math class

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    So heckin’ cute!!

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    This is the cutest video

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    this was a good concept but editing was bad. Why not just show initial reactions to the game?

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    Now That's What I Call Content! also bdg is the goat

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    I love my boy Brian but this was kind of lame. It was edited down to such a short time that I couldn't follow the game, there weren't really any jokes, and it wasn't a video essay style where I can actually learn something. It was just sort of a preview of three people playing video games. Please Polygon, go back to your good good content that gave you all your fans in the first place.

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    this video was so good! i don't know if it's the editing, the good boys, or the pepper shaking at the start. i think it's the shaking

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    ..... ....."sAShImI??!" BDG icon forever

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    What great employees you have!

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    BDG eye-fucking Sean is a big fat mood

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    THIS IS AMAZING. I hope to Tara they make more videos like this. Myabe even a series. Video games have been made about every single aspect of life so playing video games with people in those real professions would be great. I want to see Polygon staff coached by a race car driver in Mario Kart. Have a UN diplomat play Civilization with them. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 with a theme park manager? The possibilities.

  22. WTFPr0m

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    Good job, chef. (but for real)

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    Tara This Is Good Video Game Content

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    i've heard of tossing salad but this is ridiculous!

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    This was great! I really want this game.

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    This makes my soul happy

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    Just a heads up if your thumbnail has a red border at the bottom it looks identical to the red bar at the bottom of videos you already watched when scrolling the home feed. Nearly skipped over the video because I thought I already watched it.

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    I feel like someone at Polygon works at that restaurant part time...

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    I would like to see gordon ramsay to play this game

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    Very educational/10

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    Polygon back at it again with that good good content

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    This is GOOD CONTENT

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    You doin good polygon?

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    This game is really perfect for switch!

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    This is good content. Big thumbs up Polygon crew!

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    "get better tomorrow" you should just go back to that restaurant every single day until you 100%

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    Y'all, this is wonderful. Greatest use of the Switch's portability I've seen!

  39. Gem of the Night

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    The sashimi bit had me stifling my laughter in the coffee shop I was watching. I was not entirely successful.

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    Love this good content

  41. Gem of the Night

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    The wild, joyful chaos of this video was lovely. I’ve been missing it so much, honestly, though I get that y’all have to produce content that makes money. More stuff like this would be great, though! And if possible, more 20-odd minute gameplay overviews. I hope this isn’t like, rude to comment but I’ll admit I’ve really, really missed that kind of comment and wanted to let y’all know.

  42. Brynn Morrigan

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    I really love seeing them analyze things in video games that they’re passionate about, especially Fiendzone, but I love the balance of some quick videos like these, some gameplay with commentary (overview-style), and some livestreams of varying lengths. Some nights you need a shot, others a bottle, and sometimes a good bar crawl.

  43. Yvette Berner

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    I agree. I do love the newer videos that are kinda like video essays, but I do miss some of the funnier content from before.

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    wholesome internet content 2k18!!!

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    Polygon, I missed your weird content so much

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    they.... always have been vox media?

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    They've become Vox Media now :(

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    I love this.

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    Good job chefs

  50. sunshineflicker

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    Actually though, I've never played overcooked so I have no idea how hard it is

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    This is *adorable* :)

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    Genuinely thought that was Greg Aronowitz for a second.

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    I don't think I knew what Clayton looked like 🤔😅

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    You've absolutely gotta watch their Overboard of Secret Hitler or Mountains of Madness then. They've obth got some good good Clayton antics. (Also those videos are just fantastic.)

  55. thank you kindly

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    "what's sushi without rice?" "......sashimi?" "that's why i hired you" gosh i laughed.

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    Awww wish there were 4 players for maximum chaos

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    It’s my man Brian

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    this chefs voice...Cooking with Mikey?

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    this made me smile a lot

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    really fun video! i'd love to see more content like this on polygon with real professionals grappling with sims of their jobs and talking through how the games size up to the real profession

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    me too!

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    i know they're gone but i would pay money to see the McElroys play truck simulator again, but with a real truck driver

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    Followed by a goat playing goat sim WAIT NO

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    Sequel should be talking to a real life truck driver for Truck Simulator 2018.

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    This has a cool premise but I feel like 2 months ago this would have been a 20 minute video of playing with the chief and learning the game. and fun facts at the same time. I miss the old funny videos, I think your channel could balance both

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    I personally need that 20min video for entertainment purposes because this ain't cutting it! I need MORE

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    Apparently FRreporter deprioritizes that kinda content.

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    This video has an energy.

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    No other.

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    Brian David Energy?