How to Crash a Wedding


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    “I look really good in white” -Kelly Kapoor


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    Bxby_ Bxlla aa thats what I thought!

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    The offices yessss

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    You and ur mom are literally gorgeous

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    Your mom is so beautiful ✨

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    i made the mac m cheese and i honestly though it was going to be disgusting but it tastes really good

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    ‘ I’m pretty sure that if Gordon Ramsey saw what the heck I was making he would have a full pledge heart attack’ ~ *John Cena 2019*

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    Ok joanna your dad seems so nice and wholesome and caring but he's also kinda scary but I like him

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    I love how she still looks better than me when she's having a allergic reaction

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    Nice holo

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    The self control this girl has for food is beyond every one of us watching .

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    I patted myself 69 times on the back

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    Petition for simolynailogical to collab with joana in a nail art video.

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    me as an indian feel vary naice

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    Oh Joana, you are still so young uwu Let me tell you a lifehack: never try out new skincare products before an important occasion!!

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    "Nothing, I just wanted to sound cool Gordon Ramsay - 2006.

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    "No video ever" Joanna Cedia- 2018.

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    Are your parents French Canadian? That accent of theirs us lovely

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    Surely I'm not the only one who watches Joanna for the sole purpose of better vocabulary.

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    i hate to be THAT guy, BUT. at 1:11 you put hydrogen dioxide, which is hydrogen peroxide. Water is dihydrogen monoxide. so unless you took a peroxide shower, sis...

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    i love your parents they’re so cute

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    Joana, I have a question I have never been to Canada and I am going there next week for my aunt wedding and I want to know how Canada is like, Cause I want to know what I am getting prepared for. - From your very American friend.

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    Your mom looks so younge

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    HI JOHN CENA. I USE CAPS LOCK CUZ YOUR EYES ARE... I MEAN YOU WEAR GLASSES(haha loser) CAN YOU SHARE YOUR DIET CUZ YOU HEALTHY AF(jk i just want to know why she is like this haha)


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    Omg cristine would ne proud of this video The nails btw


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    I'm so glad this was in my recommendations! Had me laughing the entire video! I love your rhetoric!