How Red Dead Redemption 2's landscapes are connected to 19th century art


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    Holy moly, Clayton, this is absolutely stunning work! This is top-notch gaming content. Thank you for this!

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    The music is fucking me up because in conjunction with Screen Sunsets, it tells me that something bad is coming at night and I'm running out of time to prepare.

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    i love this

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    Lmao! I almost forgot this was Polygon until the paintings turned out to be racist.

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    Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. What a load of nonsense .Sorry but despite this contrived essay there is no significant connection between Rdr2 and Huson river school. Visually rockstar "did not look to art or film". Rdr2 is a composite ideal landscape just like most video games .Rdr2 does not exclusively use foreground shadow which rather is dependent on dynamic weather. The reason native Americans are a side story is because the story happens to be about white outlaws which historically existed (Duh). Not because Rockstar is somehow motivated by the resurrected spirit of manifest destiny to view native Americans as ancillary. Oh and At 1:45 You say "DECADES latter rock star Norths artist did the same thing". SERIOUSLY? Wth dude. We are 2 decades in the 21 st century Lol smh . Seems like you used the word decade instead of century latter because you thought this ridiculous premise would sound less far-fetched .Well sorry but it does not stand up to even a casual analysis .

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    I didn't expect this video for a second, but it's amazing. I needed this in my life.

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    This is really good

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    Amazing video, nice work.

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    i mean, my family were farmers in the american west, and those are not what i think of

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    Isn't it Sublimely interesting that Rockstar did not intentionally emulate this kind of art, allegedly, yet it reached similar conventions when attempting to emulate real life? Strong argument for gaming as art right here.

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    This is a spectacular video, thank you so much.

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    My new favourite art movement: *Luminism*

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    As a Hudson valley resident, and love rdr2 this is pretty cool 💯

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    Will you guys be interviewing Roger Clark? Like how you did Rob

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    What an excellent video

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    Well done.

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    Native Americans and their struggle is a huge part of MAIN story in this game, they show up as early as the end of chapter 1 and has an exntensive dialogue dedicated to them. They show up throughout the game several times. One of Arthur's best friends is a African-Indian American, he got a lot of development. The reservation story is the final act of the campaing. Saying that they are a side story is just not true.

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    Polygon be like: SEXIST!!! RACIST!!!!!!!

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    The thumbnail is showing RDR2 with HDR on and off. The left side that looks washed out is HDR on.

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    Wait, so you're telling me that a painting of the west and a video game in the west look the same?

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    Thank u for making this video!!!! I am an art history student and was so pleasantly surprised to find it on your channel. If this were a longer format it could be so cool to follow up with some contemporary indigenous artists who make work in response to settler-colonial art history. If anyone is interested I recommend Kent Monkman especially because he specifically paints in this style as a critique and also it's gay as hell. Michael Farnan, Lori Blondeau, Adrian Stimson, Dana Danger, Nadia Myre, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, and Coco Fusco are some other favs too.

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    This is the NerdWriter of polygon series

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    What I got from this video: 1. Rockstar artists use the same light and value techniques as any other artists did to create landscapes. 2. Rockstar writers focused their main story on whites instead of focusing on the native Americans.

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    This is so damn smart and good. Fantastic work, Polygon folks.

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    there was no genocide of native americans. great video otherwise

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    And thats what I call a brilliant advert

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    Great educational video here, and beautiful paintings. Thank you.

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    Informative and well executed FRreporter needs more essays like this.

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    How can i dislike this video twise?

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    Polygon, 5:18 : "Which goes by another name..." Me: "Romanticism!" Polygon, 5:20 : "Manifest Destiny." Me: "FFS POLYGON! I can't even like pretty paintings without you calling me racist!"

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    This is one of those rare instances where someone is talking about a niche interest of mine and I get to sit in a corner and circle jerk about the same subject.

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    The paintings remind me strongly of Breath of the Wild, namely the one at 3:40.

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    It really makes you FEEL like America

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    Honestly, you're being a bit disrespectful. Native Americans were typically portrayed as wholesome, honorable and innocent. At worst they were portrayed as fearsome warriors. Whereas (ashcan's) urban culture was portrayed as depraved and foolish, but also vibrantly multicultural. You can see a bit of that in San Denis and Blackwater.

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    I actually forgot this is a video about RDR2 because I was so immersed and amazed by the paintings

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    What were they trying to get away with by saying they didn't take "inspiration" from things like this? Are we to believe that this is all just pure original work? Yeah the fuck right. Even Tolkien was inspired by things in the world & from history when he wrote The Lord of the Rings. What a bunch of fools. They should be proud to admit their inspiration came from art like this, not fucking fake it.

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    woah this is cool, mainly because i’m from the hudson valley/catskills and i love rdr2 haha

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    This was a very good video essay

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    This game is a beautiful art piece! There are so many ways we can connect it to the American South in literature and cinema as well. They mix beauty and the grotesque accurately

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    It’s funny that moderns mock the idea of “manifest destiny” as a pinnacle of evil whitey delusion. Let’s not forget that the manifest destiny came true. They weren’t wrong in the end. Whitey did conquer the west.

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    Great video. Thank you for pointing out the obvious and speaking about the injustices my indigenous ancestors still deal with.

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    I’m an artist, and I actually learned something here today. RDR2 is my favorite game ever created, just for the extreme, and exaggerated landscapes.

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    Great video, but history isn't black and white, but shades of grey. There were atrocities carried out by both sides Native Americans and American settlers, just as there were great things done. You had passive tribes and aggressive tribes, just as you had settlers who wanted to live in peace with the natives and settlers who didn't. It was a terrible clash of cultures just like when the spanish went into South America up into Mexico.

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    You seem to think progress goes hand-in-hand with human decency.

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    I almost fell asleep

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    5:30 classic polygon

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    You managed to turn something so apolitical into a white people shitfest, even the most hardcore communist propagandists would be jelous

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    Talk about grasping at straws to make a video...there's an awful lot of bullshit spread throughout.

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    Stunning video

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    Click bait may I say?

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    HDR paintings ❤

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    This is a nice vieo and i love RDR2, but as a realism painter i just gotta point out that the landscapes in the game and these paintings bear similarity in light and atmosphere because they are both trying to replicate reality, and not because one is inspired by the other. You could maybe argue that the layout and scenery were inspired by wild west art, but rockstar stated this isnt the case. They probably traveled to places such as colorado or texas and took photography of the landscapes and used that as reference. This is a good kind of video to make, but id consider rewording or changing the intent.

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    Aaaaaaannnnnnd there it is (5:30). White people suck right?