How Japan’s Lost Decade created Pokémon | Economic collapse + healing boom = Pocket Monsters?


  1. Alex Radek

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    What exactly is happening at 0:50 there? It looks incredible. That girl looks so happy. We need whatever that is here in the west.

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    How were some of those scary

  3. Teddy B.

    Teddy B.Il y a 6 mois

    I feel it's really important to mention that this "healing boom" and desire for closeness wasn't the main reason that Satoshi Tajiri liked collecting bugs so much. Tajiri is autistic, and had a special interest in collecting bugs, so he just expanded his interests by merging it with another special interest of his, game design.

  4. Patricia isha Sebastian

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    I love Pokemon 😭

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    just cried a tiiiiny bit

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    "iyashi" was pronounced wrong.

  7. Nido Hime

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    Don't you mean "e-yashi"?

  8. stewartthehuman

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    Shoutouts to Game Centre CX!

  9. Schuyler Dade

    Schuyler DadeIl y a an

    I wonder how many people with social anxiety were turned off by the requirement to trade. To quote Griffin McElroy, "It was easier to buy two gameboys than to make one friend."

  10. Henry Joseph

    Henry JosephIl y a an

    Good writing

  11. TheTrueSir0Robin

    TheTrueSir0RobinIl y a an

    How are there 35 people who did not like this, even if you don't like the game it is still an interesting way that Japan overcame eccinomoc instability.

  12. Hi There

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    When the video ended, I literally sighed, got up, got a glass of water, and returned to my desk to sit up straight. Thanks for that, for real.

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    Oh no!! What happened to the right side of your hair?!

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    I really do hate to be that person. But the pronunciation to use.. a bit more practice.

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    I think you're really reaching on this video.

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    Do-rey-mon? It's Do-rah-eh-mon.

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    Yeah nah. It's Do-rye-mon.

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    Does she have to show her face 🤢

  19. Javon The Don

    Javon The DonIl y a an

    Sooooo basically Pokémon saved Japan

  20. Josh Benson

    Josh BensonIl y a an

    I wouldn't know what to do if Pokemon never existed and gotten me through all of the tough times in my life

  21. the gaming doggo

    the gaming doggoIl y a an

    I got a Pokemon ad on this video

  22. John Gottschalk

    John GottschalkIl y a an

    Getting a real Vsauce vibe from your video essays, Jenna! It's not quite my favorite, but interesting to see you experiment with other formats at polygon.

  23. HFT Gaming

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    I've been visiting certain game websites daily for over 12 years. I never knew this was the sort of content Polygon produced. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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    The wlw power of Jenna’s haircut is too much for the str8s lookin great Jenna + this was a very interesting and informative video!!

  25. hb frts

    hb frtsIl y a an

    Why did japanese people need virtual pets and robot puppies to get attached to? Not even extreme economic depression was enough to bring their people together? Is it THAT hard in their culture to simply cling to, idk, other people?

  26. Vinnisl a

    Vinnisl aIl y a an

    Well this video does play up this part way too much. Tamagotchi the robot dog and other toys also had a practical background: Japanese houses in the cities are small and most children growing up had no chance to interact a lot with pets.

  27. Geminisign123

    Geminisign123Il y a an

    from what i know about japanese culture? yea

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    Bring back the goofy videos!

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    that lady's face scared me

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    What the heck is up with this chick’s hair?! Lol Crap looks awful. So distracted the whole video.

  32. Ross Llewallyn

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    Nice touch with the Poke Center healing chimes at the end.

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    Thanks Jenna I was very hunched over my laptop, and I will go get a glas of water!

  34. Fopenplop

    FopenplopIl y a an

    I loved this video because it expressed a new idea that connects video games with a wider culture and history, both things that are usually absent from popular video game media. BUT, although the thesis - that the popularity of simulated pets in japan was a direct result of the emotional needs of a nation after its economy collapsed - seems very plausible to me, I feel like there isn't enough evidence or really any evidence presented to show that this was actually the case. I understand that these kinds of concise explainers are the kind of thing Vox Media likes its people to make, but so much of the commonly believed history of games, especially japanese games, is based on assumptions, misinterpretations, and hearsay, and never gets corrected, challenged, or elaborated on because it's not treated as a serious field of study.

  35. Alex Dumas

    Alex DumasIl y a an

    Jenna is an absolute queen. As a father of very young girl, Thank you for being you.

  36. red teen mario

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    thank u polygon gods for captioning ur videos

  37. No no

    No noIl y a an

    This explains why Japanese engineers seem obsessed with making lifelike robots.

  38. Vinnisl a

    Vinnisl aIl y a an

    No no No? That probably is rather credited to the 1980s sci fi boom and Roboters being an essential part of Japanese main stream culture

  39. Trae Vega

    Trae VegaIl y a an

    Jenna, I love your videos and the information you share! But you may want to brush up on your Japanese pronunciation if you're going to discuss Japanese media. Iyashi is pronounced EE-yah-shee, and Doraemon is pronounced Doh-RAI-mohn. Vowel sounds in Japanese don't vary the way they do in English, and so if you see an I two times in a word, it's going to be pronounced with that EE sound every time. I normally wouldn't get too pedantic about this, but this IS an informational video.

  40. Vinnisl a

    Vinnisl aIl y a an

    Trae Vega Its funny that you write it as Doraimon when it is DorAEmon in Japanese and most European ways to pronounce it. But I guess if English is your mothertongue Doraimon is the closest to the Japanese pronounciation

  41. mitkitty

    mitkittyIl y a an

    Pokemon helps me fight depression and meet people, so the healing continues to this day. Thanks Pokemon :)

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    good but too short!

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    i'm crying?

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    Pikachu is cute but it's creepy seeing them all lined up like that.

  45. Paradox Acres

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    pikachu stormtroopers

  46. radioattax

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    This was my favorite video yet! :) Well done, Jenna! ^_^

  47. thank you kindly

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    thanks for the reminder. gonna go get me a glass of water rn. (also my fondest memory of ~2006 era pokemon was listening to my college-aged friend yell at the likely 12-year-old beating them while fighting. gosh.)

  48. Gangerworld

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    Wait wait wait wait wait.... The creator of Pokemon's name is Satoshi? ... Ash is a self-insert! That Gary-Stu motherfucker.

  49. Angela Burke

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    I love this kind of content!!

  50. Nessisma

    NessismaIl y a an

    If you are quoting a foreing word, the least you must do is try to pronounce it correctly... The moment I hear "aiyashi", instead of "iyashi", all professionalship was gone... Please, put attention to details...

  51. Nessisma

    NessismaIl y a an

    Thank you, man. I just learn new thinks about English because of your corrective comments. I am a foreigner myself, so, I do not write English very well. But, you made a proper critique about my writing skills and I took it well, because there were not pedantic, they were polite and instructive. That's why you make a critique: in order to help others improve. That was my point all the way. The failure of wrong pronunciation ruins my appreciation of this video because, in my point of view, it was delivering wrong info (or were doing it in a bad way), so I made a critique, a fair one, I thought, of they not doing sufficient effort of respecting foreign words (take this for example: a blind person is hearing the video, and hearing a wrong pronunciation of the word delivers wrong info). The contra-argument of “Japanese do not gave a shit either” is not a strong argument. Just because street people do not put attention to things like that do not means it is ok (everyone can has bad spelling or that kind of things, but that do not means that it is ok to read misspelling words in a published book). I am ashamed I cannot do a perfect critique because of my lack of knowledge, but I am not a media, and I am not earning bucks of my words, they do. So, I expected more of them. I really do not understand why it is a sin to critique other's job in order they can improve. I really do not understand that. (And, again: sorry for the bad spelling, I will try to do it better in the future. And, thank you for not being rude about it :3 )

  52. TheDarkstar670

    TheDarkstar670Il y a an

    @Nessisma Just to be pedantic: foreign, professionalism, language, laziness, Anglo, Japanese, Spanish, Korean (proper nouns have capitals), intellectual. (And I'm not sure, but you may have meant plain, rather than plane). Spell check helps, especially when criticising other people's language. Also, I was in Japan for 2 months, and can say most people don't really care about how you pronounce words, they may correct you, but not really. And they say Western words however they want. Sure, there's a correct way to say "Iyashi" but it's not like a small mispronunciation ruined the whole video.

  53. Nessisma

    NessismaIl y a an

    Michael, I am not an anglo-speaking person either, for that matter... but I know phonetics of several languages, western and eastern ones, maybe that's the reason I got so easily pissed of the lassiness of pronouncing the vowel "i" as an aglo-speaking person: "ai", when in japanese, and in many other languages, like spanish and korean it sounds just like plane "i" (like "in" in "made in US"). I am sorry if you felt bad or something, but I did just a fair critique: do your job and deliver the info correctly. I think the purpose of these videos are the grow of the intelectual level of the content...

  54. Nessisma

    NessismaIl y a an

    If you try to look smart giving a cultural inside, and you fail because your lack of knowledge, I think is a fair request the one I asked for... please, do the proper job: learn the phonetics of the languaje you are quoting or don't quote it at all. Please, guys, do not be a blind fan, if you are, Polygon will not grow...

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    Are you even Japanese

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    nothing like blood sport and trophy hunting to relieve anxiety!

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    Bug-type sucks anyway

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    I bet the bugs weren't too happy about it either lmao

  59. Fantallana

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    Edwin Contreras pokemon battles are definitely more like “magic duels” than “dog fighting” or anything.

  60. DarkVampireDee

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    It's pronounce "Dor_ae(ai)_mon", not "Dor_ray_mon" -_-

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    Fopenplop Can confirm.

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    Andrew, you wouldn't say that if you knew how much awesome sex people who correct Japanese pronunciation in FRreporter videos have.

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    You must be fun at parties

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    Why don't they stream or make any funny content anymore?

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    If you haven't already, watch Brian's Zelda timeline. One of the funniest videos I've seen from Polygon. And I care 0% about the timeline.

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    Gem of the Night omgggg that is the best news, thank you for sharing!!!!!!!

  67. Gem of the Night

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    Tanner Watford I think they’re in the process of producing that content, pat’s said so on his personal streams! They’ve just been in a bit of a video games season lull and a lot of folks have been on vacation. They should start producing more of that content soon!

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    "an interviewer" how DARE you insult the Kacho like this!

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    lol I was just coming down to the comments to say the same thing

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    Really enjoyed this video. One thing I'd suggest is standing a bit father away from the camera. Check out how people are framed on Feminist Frequency. A white background generally works better than black as well. Hope to see more videos like this in the future :)

  71. Paradox Acres

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    Wait..wasn't the 90's technically the *Asian Financial Crisis* decade?

  72. BufferHater

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    In Japan it happened years earlier

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    less face, more just talking be good

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    lol you have bad tastes if you think an ugly butch lesbian looks good.

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    actually that's wrong, it's good, and you are hideous

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    Yes I agree that hair style is hideous.

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    its a good face

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    *insert comment about how we want less serious videos like the old days of polygon*

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    careful, or they'll go back to the OLD old days where they rattle off headlines flatly with the occasional unenthusiastic G4-style joke.

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    luv this new jenna content!!!! also the reminder about posture because i was literally hunched over like a gremlin with a leg on my desk and my foot on my chair.

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    You guys should change your thumbnails. The pink border makes it look like I've already watched the video because it is similar in color to the red bar that appears under a watch video.

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    But some color blind people, not so much.

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    I would agree but the pink is so clearly a different color from the red that i have never had that issue with them

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    ok yeah that's a good point.

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    Jenna is best!!!

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